: Jinx is fine, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn fine. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: > [{quoted}](name=ßoy,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=cU5YcALf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-18T21:03:33.760+0000) > > U STILL USE THE SIGNATURE I MADE YOU???? I FEEL SO HONORED. Yes I do. I am unfamiliar with this username. Did you change it recently or have you just been posting everywhere I haven't been reading? http://www.auplod.com/u/pdolua802d6.png
Yes I did change it. However I haven't been on the boards in months so that would add to the confusion :P
: Ezreal and I need matching outfits
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Zen Ineth (EUW)
: You're a good man.
> [{quoted}](name=Zen Ineth,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a93Ehma3,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-01-08T13:41:24.714+0000) > > You're a good **man**. _never assume_
Zen Ineth (EUW)
: Yyyyes...and no. They can still do their job by providing CC and being a meat wall, all while being a nuisance for the enemy team. A support, however, is necessary not because the team needs another damage-dealer, but for someone to provide utility. Utility comes in the forms of vision, damage mitigation, and a way to reduce the effective damage of the enemy team. If the support isn't able to do that, then they're not -really- doing their job.
what do you have to say to all the sightstone-less lux supports out there?
: Speak for yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: I haven't seen this one before, is this the next one they're releasing? Looks kind of dumb.
: Yowch. Its amazing that I never see Fizz down here in the Bronze Basement...how is that possible?
Hes shrouded by all of the thresh relic sheild bugs. ;-)
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: dont ask questions you dont want the answer to. throwing the word cancer around so carelessly and comparing it to such frivolous things as a character in a video game is foolish and ignorant. I find it offensive and it makes me angry. I cant stop you from being foolish, but i can voice my opinion on the matter.
Missing a joke is also your decision. I cant control what you get offended by. I didnt post with the intention of offending anyone. Im sorry you feel that way.
: Hold my beer
http://img.aws.livestrongcdn.com/ls-article-image-400/cme/cme_public_images/www_livestrong_com/photos.demandstudios.com/getty/article/111/247/skd182392sdc_XS.jpg Go for it.
Vesemir (EUW)
: Sigh.. Again people talking about stuff that they have no idea about. What makes you think Yasuo is unbalanced? How many games have you played with him? Surely it must be 50+ so you can properly give a legit argument right?
Why are so many people taking this shit seriously lighten up xD
Gelmous (NA)
: saw the joke 10 miles away even before opening the thread, try to get creative.
thanks for the suggestion it helps a lot
: serious, and my niece doesnt think her leukemia is a joke and certainly would never compare it to bullshit in a video game.
dude that's not even what i'm referencing. Shit happens in everyone's life. I'm not directly targeting someone and their illness, i'm referring to the tendencies of the disease. If you can't lighten up a bit I don't even know why you're here. Don't hit me with that BS Card because me and you both know i'm not meaning any harm towards anyone.
: I wonder if you will all still ignorantly compare video games to cancer like moronic children if you actually get cancer {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: I saw Yasuo and Biology class in the title and i instantly knew its a Yasuo-cancer joke. So much originality.
we actually had that lesson today tho, no joke. yasuo came to mind. :P
: Why didn't he see any pro play then? He has a ~50% winrate in plat+ and the average games per player is around 110 in top and 126 in mid. He's nothing very major at the moment, he's only worth banning if you're intention is to play a champ that he counters/you seriously hate him. Edit: Ayyy lmao the salty Yasuo QQers found me proving their bullshit wrong so they downvoted me!! xd
Dude,, its memes and games.. Chill a bit.
: As a Yasuo main, take my upvote OP.
: Maybe because, he isn't that strong but he is a balanced pick?
_balanced_ pick? http://i.imgur.com/jkx9Ziz.jpg
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: nah, it's already too far past the 4 mark. we need to give it 44 upvotes. ... then it decides to not authorize me
I was the 44th. 444 in our sights...
: What do you call the offspring of Azir and Kalista?
nep2une (NA)
: To gut assassins?
No. the whole point was to make sure they had counterplay, that they couldnt just 1 shot willy nilly whenever they felt like it, that is, without counterplay.
: Assassins can no longer fight ADCs?
That was the purpose of the reworks.
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: Thank you :D so do you think i should start maining her again? i know she can carry games but lots of ppl are picking cc supps like thresh who can immediately cancel your ult, what do you think?
Honestly you can pick kat into a nautilus support and be fine. If you think about it, either they are saving ther cc for you, keeping your team safe, or they are using it on your team, leaving an opening for you. If you can stay hidden for the first portion of the fight and blow up the next, that thresh wont even do anything to you. The only time I dont pick her is if they have a hard counter in 3+ roles.
: the rework seems cool, i mained kat for a bit, hence my name LOL and my level 6 mastery with her.
Meh, mastery doesnt mean anything to me. Your overall mastery points do however.
: {{champion:30}} : hi
{{champion:16}} oh, hello :)
: I need ideas, help
Read my name and you already know <3 ~ except rework coming soon :(
: This post contains 16 Jhins. You know what to do.
Kotex (NA)
: The first ever finals that actually felt like a finals
: Or /muteall
Tilt can be induced by more than just chat (e.g. Dyrus's LCS career)
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: The moment you pick one of those champs you have taken your first step to the dark side. Some of you will realize your error and turn back. Some of you will flirt with the darkness from time to time but never fully commit out of prudence or fear. But some.... some will give in to the darkest urges of their souls and will main these champions for the power. To bask in hatred. To thumb their nose at decency and humanity and give in to the blackest of sin. Do not cry for these people. Only learn from them, and know how far you can sink if you delve too deep into certain unwholesome champions. Be wary. Be afraid. ~A Teemo main.
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: MF support will NEVER work in solo queue. You have to duo queue with your ADC and preferably play with an entire 5 premade. I'm bronze 5 and even I realize how terrible MF support would be in solo queue. I for one am heavily in favor of tank Vi top seeing as I forced a jungler to camp my lane in my last four games with it. (Ignore the fact that I got overly aggressive late game and ended up feeding. Vi's early game damage is on par with bloody Riven and that's where all my early solo kills came from. -,-)
The only reason they picked it was to out range the zyra. Literally no other reason. Its so conditional its not even worth picking up.
Ress (NA)
: it takes a lot of practice, and also a lot of looking to find an art program that works for you.
: I don't know how I'd ever be comfortable with that.
My dad playes league. Actually, he is the reason I got into it. The only difference is im silver 2 with a 55% win rate and hes bronze 2 with a 48% win rate
: Assassin Rework be like
Bae turned into a Bae-Blade D:
: Girlfriend climbed from B5 to S5 as a Sona support main. If she can do it, you guys can do it too.
: https://img0.etsystatic.com/028/0/6727862/il_570xN.543510038_jxql.jpg Skaarl is a girl, god dammit!!!
I still know people who call rek sai a he :-(
: I love that name of yours!
I love you (And Kat)
: Everyone give your energy to this person! We need this post up voted to the maximum!
I was the 200th Upvote :D
: I don't actually pay much attention to The world of sports/Esports, do you know what the date it starts is?
It starts tomorrow, however a lot of in game stuff associated with worlds is expiring on november 6th, so that might be the deadline.
: When does the Championship Bundle go away?
Most likely once worlds is over.
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