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: Honestly I agreed with everything you said up until you started complaining about adc nerfs and mage buffs. After that it just started to sound like "I'm an adc main and I don't like these nerfs." Well they were well needed when just like two months ago adcs were some of the best performing champions bot lane, top lane, jungle, and some like corki or Quinn were also played mid. They were just overwhelming. And I don't recall any assassin buffs recently so remind me if I'm wrong and most mages that were buffed still aren't that strong at the moment so I really don't know why you are complaining about their changes.
Thats just a side note man, I also play top and I enjoy playing tanks but all im saying is that ADC isn't as good as it used to be. Even though i have more than 1500 ADC games I win playing top tanks more.
Llanite (NA)
: So you're mad that they do not buff the class you play but another? And cite it as possible LoL reason of declining? 0/10
The main reason of the post isn't about ADCs its about the Macro > Micro mentality that Riot is trying to drill into us.
shyv (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Orthopedist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gu0mfoxz,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-16T15:24:46.093+0000) > >I still play league it's just not fun anymore you should really quit. i know it was hard for me to quit too, i've put a lot of time & money into this game (i've been playing since season 2 as well) but once i quit i felt a lot better i still log on to league to talk with friends and i've played.. 2 normal games in the past month i think? but both times we got bored and opened mid. playing felt like a chore. i feel a lot better now that i don't care about this game. i kinda hope it dies out tbh. riot fucked up their own game & they deserve this.
The worst part is that the players, even pro players, tell them what they are doing wrong. Yet they ignore all that.
Pika Fox (NA)
: I have an answer for you; Goodbye, see you next week. People keep complaining about DQ when in reality it is far better for the vast majority of the playerbase that actually has friends and plays the game with friends, making forced solo play a massive barrier to entry for ranked.
If you wnna have fun with friends stick to normals which always let you 5 man. SoloQ was made to show your individual skill not the skill of your 5 man. Thats why people grinded soloQ, they wanted to test and show thier "solo" skill.
: no dude, the answer is patch 6.0. nuff said. shutdown nerfs, item buffs, snowballing irreversible, they broke the fun in the game and all the veterans hate it they lost most everyone i know. they keep changing the game to "Remove players old habits and replace them with new ones" -Rito. Riot is pretentious and do watever they want, not what the players want.
Exactly, they keep wanting us to shift metas but there comes a point where they change the entire reason we play the game.
Shonjl (NA)
: I agree with most of what you said but that last part of your post is laughable OP. ADCs were broken as hell when Season 6 came out, Graves, Quinn and Cait I believe were literally insanely broken, with Graves being basically an Assassin, ADC, and Bruiser all in one with no drawbacks, having the 3 highest winrates in 3 roles at the same time, and it wasn't a small number either, he was like 70% or something huge like 3 roles. Mages were a joke for a long while, even now most still are, only some mages are actually good right now, and that probably won't last long. It doesn't help that one item completely ruins a Mage, and the common mid picks and most ADCs pick Maw up easily. Also when has Bruisers got a buff recently? Naut got nerfs recently, Mao will most likely get more nerfs. Those are actual tanks and they don't hit hard anymore. Of course champs like Garen, Darius and Irelia will do a ton of damage, since that is what they are meant to be, they are all Juggernauts, they are heavy damage dealers that are capable of soaking up a some damage but in return have a slow way of getting to you. Irelia has an easier time with her dash, but the other 2 have to literally run at you to get to you, no dashs or anything.
It was just meant as a joke, but on a serious note I hate how I have to depend on peel from my tanks/support because of the Macro meta. Like I have to sit down and type "HEY IM JINX I NEED PEEL AND I CAN GO OFF", but when do premades listen? Never
: > [{quoted}](name=Orthopedist,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gu0mfoxz,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-06-16T16:55:12.904+0000) > > Do you know how hard it is for that adc to blow up everything as compared to the zed blowing them up? It is SOOOOOO much harder to blow up shit as an adc then to be blown up. right clicking real hard.
Ok just by you saying that i know your a low elo player
: Ironically there's not really solo macro play either. You can't get premades to listen to you if you have good decisionmaking. I used to pride myself on my macro: when, where and how we contest objectives, what to do in situations and how to close out games or stay in them. And if I got fed or got good engages/picks, solos would listen to me. But now you can be 10-1-5 and the premades will still not listen to you, still feed, and there's literally nothing you can do about it, since they won't listen to a random over their buddy Mike.
That's exactly why SoloQ existed. I have stopped using the chat to make calls because I know there will be a preamade somewhere who wont listen.
: stfu about adc already. theyre binary. balls to the wall op, or they blow up before they can move. this will never change. they are nowhere close to weak. every couple of weeks adc mains demanding buffs. you know what happened the last time they buffed them 2 month ago? heavy assassin and dive comps and you still complained. there are champions who have actually not seen play in years.
Do you know how hard it is for that adc to blow up everything as compared to the zed blowing them up? It is SOOOOOO much harder to blow up shit as an adc then to be blown up.
Flaherty (NA)
: It's baffling really, my thoughts are that these people are just spoiled and entitled and have such a good life that they have to find SOMETHING to complain about, so they complain that the game they get for free doesn't give them more free things.
Do you understand how riot works? How do you think Riot has been able to provide league for free? When people play the game for free it hooks in companies who want to advertise. Even if we just play the game we hook in companies that want to advertise. Also why would anyone buy skins if they didn't enjoy the game? It's true that the game is for free but Riot games is as depended on the players as the players are on it.
: Well no, they did it for profits for the previous 5 seasons too and they did well. THey are declining because they are realizing they need to expand the demographic to wider audience. To do that, they have to make it more casual friendly. To be honest, the hardcore gamer group is still so small that even if all plat and above players unanimously were to put their foot down about something (like Dyn Q) and say no, they'd still only make up like 5-8% of the entire playerbase with the rest 92-95% being bronze-gold players who are among those casual players who can now rank up easily to ranks they don't truly deserve because the game has now been catered that way. If you were here in season 1-2, there were A LOT of bad players but no one refused to believe they were bad. However, if you did not improve yourself and change, you will get stuck below 1200 or in bronze once tiers came out in s3. NOW, they realize how demoralizing that is for casual new players who aren't willing to spend 50+ hours a week playing a video game shaping up their mechanical skills and watching videos. So if they could see some progress, it would keep them hooked in the game. Thus Riot is adamant about keeping Dynamic Queue. It helps their company benefit profit overall. Why shouldn't they take this approach? Dynamic Queue along with decisions and balancing choices this season is driving away the loyal players who were here to make what Riot and LoL is today. But even if they all left, Riot stands to profit MORE and couldn't care less losing such a small niche demographic. I agree catering towards casuals ruin the game but are you surprised Riot is going after money over anything else? I mean majority of the years they did so little and only really focused on skins. It's always been their motto. Realistically they COULD have multiple team design multiple champions to be released every month or have actual balancing done immediately. But not doing so saves money, spreading them out like that insures they won't over invest for a small return thus taking less risks. I fkin hate Riot for doing everything they did this season but this is textbook business. Riot is big time money making machine now and they have serious investors who want more money. Honestly they say money makes the world more competitive and better but it ALWAYS turns out that money gets in the way of progress.
True hardcore league players don't really make up much of the community, but thats where soloQ came in. If you just want to have fun with friends play normals and then soloQ would be left for hardcore players. It just doesn't make any sense that the casual players get to decide the fate of soloQ when they don't even play it seriously.
: Can you cite any data for declining player numbers? Unless you can provide supporting information from a legitimate data source (not some third party data magnet), I don't buy it.
Most of the "growing" community comes from smurfs. I have 6 different accounts, each counts towards the monthly players.
Quepha (NA)
: ADCs literally got a buff yesterday...
True, I haven't played ranked this patch but the buffs seem pretty cool, especially IE ADCs. Have to try them out myself
: You need to stop basing your assumptions off the player history on my ARAM account. You also need to stop subscribing to the belief that the 'measure my dick' mentality that was solo-queue is what makes you successful in League because--while it may have been successful previously--it isn't the best way to play the game. If you want to be part of the success premades are carving out, join a club and install Curse Voice or [insert alternative here]. I have 4 different clubs I can hop in and out of to set up those premades. There's no reason not to, and there's no sense in looking at the game as it is and pretending that it's still solo-queue. SQ is gone. If climbing the ladder in League was _that_ dependent on solo play, there wouldn't be a single jungler or support higher than Gold.
Solo-queue is what got me hooked into the game. The whole attitude of being better than someone mechanically is what made me love the game. If premades take over that than I just need to get that much better mechanically because those premades will win a few games here and there until they reach a point where their skill level can't keep up.
: More than that, I'm confused why he thinks that Riot was wrong to design a product intended to make money. How _**dare**_ companies do things for _**profit**_?
They did it for profit and now they are declining. If your going down don't take the game down with you.
: I'm not sure what led you to believe that the League community is declining short of personal outlook, but I highly doubt that's a factual statement. League has only been growing in international exposure, and I'm willing to bet that that exposure has led to huge growths. That being said, League was _never_ intended to be a solo game; it was _always_ based on team play and macro choices. That statement proved to be true even before League existed. I played a ton of the original DOTA in WC3, and team play _always_ trumped mechanics. Riot never changed that---they only encouraged it. You're asking for the game to be something that it was never meant to be and telling the dev that they're doing it wrong. You're also implying that the majority of players don't enjoy playing in a macro-oriented game, which is wholly arguable. If you legitimately don't enjoy the more macro-oriented playstyle being encouraged in this game, then you should probably do as you say and move on to another game with more micro-oriented goals. however, I think it's naive to claim that League was ever focused on micro-oriented play, because that's absolutely false. There is no such thing as a team-based game/sport that promotes individual play over teamwork.
You need to get to high elo and understand what I mean by solo play. Yes i agree that league was always a team bases game but how many times have you heard a pro player say he got to his/her skill level by depending on the team. Anyone would love to have an amazing team, that would make up for their bad mechanics but thats often not the case. You need to rely on your own solo play if you want to climb in solo queue.
Flaherty (NA)
: For investors?
So let me get this straight, they would hide their player statistics because their expanding?
Flaherty (NA)
: I would like to see official statistics that show a decrease in the number of players, just because you and some people you know stopped playing doesn't mean that's the general trend everywhere. League has seen substantial growth even in the last couple of years, so I would honestly be surprised if there was any significant decrease in its player base in recent times even with the drastic changes this season.
They haven't released total players statistics since 2014. Why would a company do that?
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Dawnesha (NA)
: I hope they fix this soon!!!
I send an email to RIOT and they said they will try, but mainly they were saying they cant do anything and I should revert back to Win 7. Then i told them Win 7 users are also having the issue and they said its working for the majority of people but they will try to fix it.
: I realize I'm just repeating what so many have already said, but RIOT really should have been testing it on the new os considering the launch of the new os is not far away. Now I do understand that Windows 10 is still in beta but the stability of the os (which is pretty stable right now) shouldn't be an excuse. Finally i don appreciate riot throwing us under the bus on this one. You are a company start acting like one. Also I am unable to submit a support ticket do to a bug in the system.
Exactly my point. Windows 10 is in BETA for a reason, and RIOT should have checked if it worked with it. What shocks me is that it was working fine in 5.4. They fked up real hard in 5.5
LitoJ (NA)
: How bug is it
I knew someone was gonna say that lol, i noticed it after posting. Srry,
SmknWdl (NA)
: mac master race no crash XD
Yea, but i read in the boards that MAC is also having the same problem but with lesser people. The thing that gets me is that LOL was working perfectly fine on patch 5.4.
: Idk why you are trying to run League on an experimental OS. I wouldn't try to do anything serious on an OS is the stage windows 10 is in. Taking it is like bug testing for them and that may be heavily related.
Like i said, If we don't try to run big programs like League of Legends then when windows 10 comes out there will be a huge mess. I'm not criticizing RIOT for this, I'm telling them to fix this because they would not want LOL to not run on the most used OS.
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