: Someone earlier apparantly """""leaked""""" the next upcoming skins
I thought ASol (alongside Urgot? I forgot who they mentioned) is getting a skin that is not part of any skin line? Or did I misheard that from a dev talk about skins? If I heard wrong, hopefully the ASol skin will meet ASol mains’ dreams. Also, I wish Nami will get, if not that skin any skin will work, this year. It’s been two years :( Edit: autocorrect put Author instead of Urgot. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Blood Moon Evelynn Skin Spotlight
Is it the only blood moon skin coming out this year?
ëbb (NA)
: Can {{champion:267}} be part of these other cool skin lines too? other than just Definitely not? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
and Deep sea? (Sorry, I forgot that one.)
: Learn more: April Foods Event
Can {{champion:267}} be part of these other cool skin lines too? other than just Definitely not? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: If you're in a pre-made...
I see what you mean but what if you only like playing with a pre-made team? Lately, I've drifted apart from League because of all the changes but when I would play it here and there I would play with a 4 man premade team just because I think it's more fun. Although, I don't always honor the same person. I honor the one that really made an impact in the game and doesn't show any toxicity at all. What if that person is one of my premades and knowing that the honor will not mean anything? I'm not going to give it to a random person who did nothing all game. (Obviously, I'll honor them if they were that person who made an impact and showed great sportsmanship and such) but do the honors you give to a premade really mean nothing? Just wondering :D
: So, about those SKT skins... 2017 Edition
I clicked on this just to say that the Nami skin is not terrible, but her loading screen splash art is. Just like what the other people were saying, I'm not purchasing it because of the splash art.
: Research Paper Help!!!!!!! And some free RP Giveaway
Not really sure if you read the extra comment but I left a pretty good chunk lmao. Good luck on your report!
Porocles (NA)
: I don't believe switching clients would do anything with your ping, since the issue is specifically with the game server and not pvp.net. I suggest running a [log reader](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743-Connection-Troubleshooting-Log-Reader) to get a better overview of what's going on exactly. Let me know what you find!
I did its what my friend first suggested.. I checked everything and it was all fine. Although when the patch came out, I could switch just fine now. I don't know why it did it, because that was the only time I would get ping spikes up to 5000. Thank you though! :D
  Rioter Comments
: Ya meanwhile you are getting reported and flagged by leave buster which adds up to an account suspension/ban if it happens enough.
: Hextech and Token Bug
Same here. I was playing Poro King and I got an S- on Morgana but I didn't get a chest. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}


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