: > [{quoted}](name=łeemo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qEI0r7LU,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-10T20:00:12.039+0000) > > Hi, I'm a master tier Teemo one trick with over 3 million accumulated mastery points on teemo, I've been playing teemo since season 5, and I have a little bit of a suggestion for Riot, and I was told this was the best place to post said suggestion. > > A lot of you teemo mains are excited about the teemo mushroom changes that are coming out in 9.18, but small percentage of us know that the changes isn't really a change since we usually use teemo's mushroom as soon as it gets off cooldown, very rarely do I even let it get to 3 stacks. > Anyways, my idea is that riot should make it so that as soon as teemo gets his r lvl 6, he instantly gets full mushroom stacks, and every time he levels his ultimate up in the future, he gets full stacks(since the stacks scale) they did the same with heimerdinger. Heimerdinger used to only get 1 stack of turret when the game started, but now he instantly gets full stacks. I don't know if it's still the case but I do remember that even sylas got full mushroom stacks when he steals teemo ultimate. I feel like this idea would actually bring the change that riot was probably thinking with this qol buff. > > The current change is more towards low elo where they don't use their mushrooms on cooldown, every high elo teemo player that I know uses it on cooldown because it's the best thing to do, so I don't think you should be rewarded less for playing at a better level. > > I think it's not too much of a change (since we will most likely instantly use up our five stacks and stay at around 2 stacks or less until we can level up our ultimate again.) > But it's a big enough change to make the scaling mushroom cooldown changes noticeable. I think this would be a bit much tbh. Imagine plopping down 6 shrooms in less then 30 seconds going from lvl10 to 11. Nty teemo is an annoying champion as is and his MS with dots blind slow stealth the amount of cheese and kiting he can do with burst and blind is just cancer. His really the only champion in league everyone hates he was the yasuo of the day in the terms of F*** Teemo.
1. you don't instantly get the five mushrooms, that's only for the last ult point, which is basically when teemo reaches lvl 16. Compare what other champions can do to stay relevant in the game at that point, teemo's mushroom is the best thing that he has to stay relevant late game. 2. just because a champion is hated, doesn't mean that I can't give suggestions on what I think about the QOL change. 3. teemo's entire kit is countered simply by items and runes. Teemo's blind? qss removes blind. Teemo's poison? doran shield and second wind makes it irrelevant. Teemo's ultimate? just drop a 75 gold control ward, or better yet, buy a FREE red trinket that you can use to collect free gold from teemo's ULT.
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: instead of giving more max shrooms, they should have increased the timer of shroom life by 50 or -100. I was actually afraid of this buff, because I feel like he is gonna be nerfed for something we teemo mains never asked for. Adding 2 more shrooms will only help people who don’t know how to play against Teemo. Great buff on the scuttler not running through shrooms in river though!
this change will in no way cause a future nerf on teemo, barely anything will noticeably change to those that play teemo decently. If you stay on 3 stacks as teemo for a long time then you're not using the mushrooms correctly/efficiently.
: why aatrox and not riven i mean doesnt aatrox have slower Qs while riven has 1000 dashes?
the problem with aatrox is that it's very hard to determine exactly where he's going to land his attack because his dash isn't a set direction, and if he lands all 3 qs, it's enough to kill teemo/hard win trades against him, even with armor so it's very annoying to deal with, especially since his ult gives him movement speed, so even if I'm ahead, I can't permashove against aatrox, I would have to play it slow and passively. His lifesteal is also really annoying to fight. I recently learned that going towards aatrox when he qs you is the best thing to do but I don't like getting in the melee range of champions as teemo, and I don't want to build that bad mechanical habit, so I ban aatrox. riven is pretty easy since what I typed above can apply to her, you can just poke lvl 1 to get an hp advantage while being cautious of her q range, then you don't die to jg and she loses trades and dies to you if she tries to engage onto you. you want to get either tabai or armsguard against her before lvl 6 so that she can't one shot you, because even if you were stomping the lane pre6, she can still one shot you post6 if you have no armor. as long as you don't greed and play slowly until you have a high hp advantage, the match up favors you. I like taking taste of blood instead of cheap shot because it allows me to poke me while healing up the minion aggro. But it's weaker outside of the lane phase.
: i feel teemo is weaker now since the movespeed queints are gone how do you still play him with all the top laners having some kinda burst power on you (riven and her flash/burst example here) i used to play teemo alot until i seen his power is alot weaker then before.
Here's a long text of advice for those of you who want to main teemo at a high level: I think teemo is still decent during the lane phase because na players don't fully know how to play against him, even in high elo. It's true that it's really easy to gank teemo with his current movement speed, but I learned that as a top laner, drawing so much jg pressure is worth it. Don't get me wrong though, I do think that teemo could use a bit more movement speed because without his w, he is one of the slowest moving champions in the game naturally, and with his w, he still moves slower than some champions.(of course they have movement speed items like phage but still. Teemo's auto attacks are also supposed to be a seperate ability but they still deal less damage than almost every auto attack champions(it didn't use to be the case because we had runes like double edged sword but now it is) which leads me to realize that teemo really only has two abilities, his q and his ult, and his ult deals less damage than his q at times. But with all of this, I can still make teemo work. Just wanted to let you know about a few things that I noticed. Since teemo is not that strong I realized that you're not supposed to win all ins against most top laners, but your goal is to slowly and strategically poke their hp down to the point that they cannot all in you. It's way harder to do that with riot having so many things that counters teemo's poke damage, like the resolve tree, cosmic insight, and especially doran shield, but it's still possible. I guess I just adapt because that's all I can do. The BIGGEST thing that I learned about teemo is that his lvl 1-2 is a HUGE advantage window that can win you the rest of the lane, that time is important because it's the only time that you can safely get an hp advantage against your laner to stop his later all ins, which means that you can get yourself a lead later on because of it. Most people lose their hp lead by dying to the enemy jg ganking teemo lvl 3 and the lane phase goes down hill after that because you can't lane bully as much. Which is teemo's entire kit. at a point I got tired of playing passive just because I have to respect the enemy jg, and ending up not being able to solo carry my inting teammates on the other side. So I stopped playing as respectful. what I like to do is permanently shove the wave to enemy tower so that I: 1. have more minions than them in case they decide to all in me. 2. draw jg pressure constantly, and that allows me to learn how to escape enemy jg more since I'm so vulnerable. 3. it's easier to get poke damage because the enemy laner will be focused on stopping minions from reaching his tower. 4. I level up faster than them so there are times where I'm a lot stronger. 5. I have lane priority at all times. 6. I always get the top tower a lot faster and the platings make me even stronger. 7. I have a lot more bush/ward control. experiment permashoving as teemo yourself, it's hard at first and you will die a lot to enemy jg, but the more you play it, the better you are at escaping enemy jg. I can win against every top laners during the lane phase doing that, except for aatrox. Who I permanently ban.
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