Vanic998 (NA)
: Wow Sovereign deleted his comment on this post and my link doesn't work anymore which means he deleted his old Darth Vader concept that was eerily identical to this one. Very suspicious.
This is the account I made my first concept for Darth Vader on (with my friend at the time).
Geneseid (NA)
: Selena, The Phoenix Born {Champion Concept}
I want this champion right now. Rito plz
Cocho (NA)
: what role/niche does this item fill?
I'd assume it would be for AP tanks/bruisers, at least that's the vibe it gives off.
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GGLineaR (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=REMe7aaf,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-14T16:33:57.611+0000) > They don't take too long to rack up damage, I have no idea where you are pulling this from.
This video was hilarious yet sad at the same time, i cried. Thank you.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: How are they garbage?
They die ridiculously fast, take to long to rack up damage to counter consistent dives, and lets not forget the Herald.
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awdaf (NA)
: These are the kind of losses I hate
This is why I dodge when a Teemo is picked on my team lol
: You aren't pushing them in with your bullying power...
This so much. I love playing Wu top with ignite and letting the enemy top push me in thinking they are winning, but in reality I'm just waiting for the right time to all in with ignite + ultimate since people gravely underestimate Wukong's all in at level 6.
: [CCCCC] Crossover Custom Champion Creation Contest Entry Time! Enter Here!
Still waiting for you to enter [Darth Vader.](
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mauyoa7 (EUW)
: It looks a lot like the gameplay of diana
Howso (I'm not being sarcastic, trying to make her as unique as possible)
: Ayakashi was simply too overloaded and too good at what he did. There was not enough room for his opponent to outplay him and all the agency of the matchup was in his hands. Interesting thematic, but not the most balanced execution.
Yeah that was a problem, I also stopped working on him mid contest when I could've fixed some of his problems.
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] May CCOS Entry Time! Enter here!
[Entering Nyxia, The Night Reaper for this month.]( I actually intend to try my hardest this time around, I feel like Ayashi could've made top 5 if I kept working on him.
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: Lee isn't that much of a problem. He struggles once people start to get their tank items. The problem is people love to play squishies which is what he excels at killing. {{item:3026}} is a really good item for carries now and counters people like him really hard. The people he does not want to ever fight or go after: {{champion:32}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:154}}. If you notice the trend he doesn't want to ever go near bruisers and tanks.
I honestly stopped reading when I saw Amumu, a good Lee will **always** invade an Amumu.
: The worst idea, i took three turrets and an inhib the first time i got it around 15 min
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: or they get cocky af and get themselves killed, i've seen it happen.
Yeah that's the thing. When you're that far behind your chances are winning are based upon the enemy team's folly, not whether or not you can group and defend. Once its 30 vs 8 the enemy team just has to group as 5 and take objectives and you cant do anything to stop them unless again their only folly screws them over (3 get caught for example).
: [CCCCC] Crossover Custom Champion Creation Contest Entry Time! Enter Here!
[Would like to enter Darth Vader, The Wrath Of The Empire.](
: It would mess up last hits a lot.
So you make it when a tower attacks a champion they gain bonus attack speed, stacking up to x amount of times. This means prolonged dives (normally occurring when a tank tanks the fuck out the tower) get punished.
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: [CCCCC] Crossover Custom Champion Creation Contest Entry Time! Enter Here!
Pretty epic, might enter Darth Vader or a concept I had from Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
: All cleared up now.
: I love frozen mallet, especially on Yasuo!
Why didn't you fight back? Lol?
: 10 bans on the horizon, lets bid farewell to Lee Sin and Yasuo
I'll trade {{champion:103}} for {{champion:157}}. As a jungler main, I can normally shut down Yasuo early and making him useless for a bit. However, doing that for Ahri is near impossible especially after 6.
: Tell everyone how to beat your main.
{{champion:62}} - Nothing hurts the monkey more than having good vision of your flanks. If you have your nearby brushes warded while your team is grouped preparing for a fight, its highly unlike Wukong will get a good ultimate off.
: I am so tired of seeing lee sin in EVERY game i play
He's cancerous, there's nothing more to it. A good Lee Sin is impossible to play against, because his kit simply allows him to be unstoppable in the right hands.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Śovereign,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=B0imo8iz,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-04-25T02:23:45.767+0000) > > Stopped reading there. Well you're gold 5 for a reason. Talon can literally end games in 20 minutes if he gets a single kill early on, ahri can only kill you without hitting skillshots only if she gets a over 3k gold lead on you, if you can flash or even cleanse the charm she cannot kill you.
I play Talon, and getting a kill early on doesn't necessarily mean a guaranteed victory (except if you are playing Katarina). His entire play style revolves around simply killing one person and then getting out or dying in the process - this is why he begins to fall off hard late game and even against remotely competent teams, and why I stopped playing him. The **ONLY** way Talon is taking out your entire team is if he is absurdly fed (something like 6 kills at 5 minutes) or if your entire scream is entirely squishy with **ZERO** cc. He's also way more vulnerable to be cc locked than Ahri because she has more reliable mobility than him (Q movement speed, 3 dashes that don't reliable on terrain). Try playing Talon against a comp that has Lulu, Kayle, or Janna - you are utterly useless because whenever you go in (you have to get a kill) you get locked or your target gets insane amounts of peel, shields, etc. Ahri on the other hand, she doesn't have go to completely ham to get kills. This is because she is a hybrid champion, she's not entirely a go ham and either get out or die assassin (Rengar), nor is she a entirely squishy immobile pushing mage (Anivia) - she's the best of both worlds. > Ahri can only kill you without hitting skillshots only if she gets a over 3k gold lead on you. Have you ever played a mage into Ahri? She hits level 6 and then proceeds to just ult spam around you, dodging everything. Even if you manage to dodge her charm and Q (which isn't an easy task if she dashes in your face) she can still take you out with Fox Fire and Spirit Rush. > if you can flash or even cleanse the charm Again, this is totally untrue. Ahri isn't required to land her charm to necessarily kill a target, albeit does help, but it isn't a massive requirement for her to kill you. Also, how does Talon solo carry? Normally champions that can solo carry have a ridiculous amount of aoe (which naturally makes them unstoppable in team fights) tied in with massive damage with amazing scaling which rewards them for getting an early lead (Katarina/Riven/Yasuo), Talon doesn't have this. His kit is mostly about killing one person, normally a squishy, and then getting out (This also applies with Zed, but unlike Talon Zed has a more guaranteed and reliable means of escaping). I'm also waiting for you to back up anything you previously stated about Ahri before, specifically her laning phase. She pushes you into tower constantly while nearly wasting no mana, and when your jungler comes to gank her even pre 6 she presses Q and then gains a free Yi Highlander. She has natural built in sustain, and when she Q's you even level one it chunks you for a ridiculous amount of damage while she gains movement speed to dodge any retaliation you throw at her. Once she hits 6 its just over for you if you're squishy and even remotely pushed. [You can go ahead and read this thread, it gives clear reasons as to why Ahri is currently broken. Numbers cannot lie.](
Rexxiee (NA)
: Whats wrong with playing against ahri again? She cannot solo carry games, she doesnt snowball as hard as champs like talon or zed when they get a kill, shes not obnoxious in lane, shes basically just an all around good and safe champion.
> she doesnt snowball as hard as champs like talon or zed when they get a kill Stopped reading there.
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: Well, get hung up on the definition of leadership however you like, but sej is most certainly strongest in a pack of melee
Not if any of her pack have the names of {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} just to name a few
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Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] April CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
Did judging begin yet? It says entries are still open
: A showcase champion concept? Damned it has been well about a year sense I have seen one of these. This is actually quite exciting. If you don't mind I will drop off a review of the kit for you. Innate Going for a weapon master sort of feel for this champion I see. Being able to switch weapons even with the ability on cool down is a nice touch to the ability. As well you get incentive to attack with certain weapons granting that cool down reduction. Even though the incentive is there to use the melee weapons, I feel as though many players are going to stick to the cross bow, just due to the range it provides. Which by the way for a ranged basic attack it does have quite the long range when compared to most marksman. It is like similar to Jayce being that most of the time you stay within the ranged form. If there was more incentive to be melee this might be a little better. Like perhaps maybe doubling the cool down reduction for the melee attacks? Just a suggestion. A great start none the less. Q Honestly I enjoy this ability. It reminds me of one I put on a champion a long while back. Though this one has in built sustain. Now while the dash range is extremely low and even with the extended range that can be provided to it, I feel this ability it in a good place. Mainly this is due to the overall range and the damage it offers. W Now while in theory I do like this ability, I have a concern with this one. You have the mechanic of spreading it out in a cone for each stab, but I feel as it wont gain much use. Mainly because I don't see a reason why to spread out the strikes. Sense it deals so much physical damage over a short duration of course. The reason why this mechanic works with Heim so well is that it has far more range for one, but not only that each missile deals reduced damage after the first when striking a single target. Sense this is more of a closer range ability you could do one to several things. Either add an additional effect to spreading the spears out, reduce the subsequent damage for striking linearly, or make the linear thrusts come out slower. These are suggestions that you can take or work with. E It is a bit funny seeing that the ability to bring out the cross bow as much less range then the actual weapon provides. What I suggest is simply equalizing the ranges for a simple fix. Though as for the ability as a whole, it actually isn't bad at all. I like the persisting AoE slowing field that follows targets hit. Making the slow build up does give it a ghastly feel to it. Making it unable to travel through walls is an interesting choice...not sure if I would make the same call if designing an ability like this. Then again it does add an extra layer of depth for mastery when playing him so I am okay with it. R Alright the ultimate is something that has a few interesting regards about it. Basically sacrificing a weapon and ability for this geist to deal the damage is unique, I will give you that. One thing I don't exactly see on the ability is how long the geist lasts. There isn't a duration for how long the ultimate lasts. Which this may have been an over sight who knows. Though gaining critical strike chance, critical damage, and attack speed for the ultimate? Now I will admit that is a bit over kill. Basically not only does this do damage over a large area, then you gain this massive steroid which just increases his damage output by a ton on his own. Not only that but you have the Grieved effect on targets that causes attacks from him to in a sense chain to nearby grieved units. What I can see is this ultimate ability is a bit overload, this can simply be said about the steroid. You already have something that can grant an impact, you should put more focus on that and remove said steroid. Either that or you can make the weapon choice given up to grant a stat but not all three. Like you could have the rapier give crit chance, the spear give crit damage, and the cross bow give attack speed, or what ever stats you desire. Overall You have quite the interesting concept. There are a few things that can be done for balance of course. While being fleshed out, I feel as though there are some things that need to be worked out. The innate passive for example kinda gives a feeling for the kit as a whole, "Choice". This of course how I look at it. You should maybe go about the kit giving the feeling of impact for their decisions. What does a player gain from doing one thing and what do they lose from it? Asking that question may open up a bit more in regards to how some changes to the kit can go about. Anyways I hope this helps out a bit. I wouldn't mind some feedback for one of my concepts if you don't mind dropping on by. [Skipper, The Stream Hopper](
I like the way you review. If you don't mind, would you review [Nyxia?](
: It is exactly the same?
Its not, the speed at which he dashes is so slow that you can practically out run it forever.
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: [Champion Concept] Leilani - a New Wave in Bilgewater
This is gonna be shorter than normal because I'm kinda busy at the moment, but I wanted to return the favor in some way. Passive - I really like the passive, its pretty interesting and would make for some unique plays. Q - I had an idea for this on another champion of mine, even thought of having Ayakashi do something similar. Nonetheless, cool ability. W - Unique ability, I see nothing wrong with it to be honest. E - This is kinda odd, but because of her passive it works I guess. R - I really like this ability, I would leave this unchanged it's really neat. Sorry I couldn't be more in depth, perhaps later I could add more. Also, thank you for reviewing Ayakashi (I literally just saw your review).
Arakadia (NA)
: Hey! I'll start with the passive, its actually really cool and thematic. The fact that they aren't all limited to the jungle helps Wan'No's who are behind still benefit from their passive, unlike Skarner. However there are a few things I would change. The slow cleanse doesn't seem too necessary, I think something more obvious and less niche would be further appreciated, such as a MS buff. The vast majority of the time you won't notice the slow cleanse, either because your using it for the heal or xp. And when you do benefit from the slow cleanse, it won't be noticed nearly as much as some other buff, like a MS buff. In addition, why would he offer XP if he is a roaming support, but doesn't get any himself? A solo ADC already gets more xp than a duo ADC. And it would seem the roaming support, who is out of lane and would be lacking xp, should get the xp. Second, the Tears of the Traveler seem to offer too much. Because they off an xp bonus, slow cleanse, heal, AND mana heal each buff has to be weaker than you'd expect because thats 4 buffs packed into one passive. Lets assume how much power a balanced champion has is represented by "power points". If your only allowed 10 "power points" in your champions kit, and you only want 4 "power points" in your passive, well these 4 buffs now have their power spread among only 4 "power points". Meaning each buff gets maybe one "power point" each. However if you had 2 buffs, well each buff can benefit from two "power points", making each buff stronger, while being appreciated and noticed more. My final problem with Tears of the Traveler is that Wan'No gives his allies xp, health heals, mana heals, and slow cleanses all at the cost of a recharge rate. Sona has only a health heal and shield, and thats at the cost of a cooldown AND mana cost. His Q is real cool, I love abilities that are insane in a certain condition, but still counterable. Like Aurelion Sol being able to theoretically create an infinitely sized Q. Or Bard's portal allowing the user an insane amount of options, with access to really long portals. I also love the grounded mechanic, and this ability includes it in a healthy way. His W is interesting. I like polymorphing, and haven't ever thought of self-polymorphing. Although it seems lack luster. However, similar to Bard, I think the rest of his kit is strong enough to the point where there has to be a weaker ability. His E is an extremely strong ability. I can imagine who awesome this ability would look. It sounds like a near guarenteed escape if you double tap against an enemy who isn't in melee range. It needs some delay. There might be one, but I've read it over and despite my exhaustion I don't see one. His ultimate is another ability I can clearly visualize. This ult is really cool actually, I've thought about similar ideas where the champion is "self stunned" and summons some avatar somewhere else. I'm not sure what its purpose is though. It sounds really good in team fights, but if your whole team hops for the ride, well no one is there to attack the CC'd enemies. In addition, it seems like a disrupting tool, but it has a good amount of its power forced into the hope your allies will join for the ride. In a real team fight, your tank, or mage, or ADC, or whatever can't afford to go for the ride unless Wan'No's ult offers even greater power in the team fight than they could. Which would make his ult batshit overpowered imo. My biggest beef with the ult is that it seems like a distraction or disruption tool, yet it encourages allies to drop what their doing. It sounds like either its so strong with allies joining, that you would never NOT jump in, or your allies could do more in the team fight if they didn't drop what their doing and jump in. Jeez, I didn't expect a comment this long, but its happened. Tell me if you disagree with anything, His overall kit is fine, but I would definitely clean up the ult and passive. His problems aren't apart of his core either, like adding a delay to his E.
I like the way you review, can I get a review on [Ayakashi?]( that is if you don't mind.
Echoing (NA)
: You can't just enter the entire forum as your concept! That doesn't make any sens- [Oh wait I found it.]( Entry confirmed!
Echoing (NA)
: [CCOS] April CCOS Entry Time! Enter Here!
I'd like to enter [Ayakashi, The Ronin's Remorse]( I know the concept seems small for now, but that's because i plan on improving and adding when i get some feedback. However, I'd still like to enter before all entries are filled.
: Numbers don't lie: Ahri is a broken champion
Her kit is to safe while also having great sustain in lane, wave clear, and amazing all-in/assassination potential. I can dodge a Fizz R and then be confident that he won't proceed to still all in me, but dodging an Ahri E doesn't mean she just won't R spam circles around you with her W active. Fuck this champion, seeing her instantly tilts me.
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: Renekton vs darius who wins
Darius auto wins the lane if Renekton makes one mistake early (its very easy to die to Darius level 1), but otherwise Renekton should win.
: he falls off late game also he has a skill shot he's semi reliant on. im sure there is more but I dont play him myself.
But, the thing is he doesn't fall off late game and that's not even me saying that's just his scalings.
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