MrHaZeYo (NA)
: Why be in the club?
> [{quoted}](name=MrHaZeYo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=3XK4EwAA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-16T05:32:41.268+0000) > > Why be in the club? Who doesn't like a good club tag? The tag is good, I don't *really* mind muting the chat, but it's kind of a QoL thing to be able to permanently mute it.
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: What games are you playing?
Warframe just released their long-awaited Plains of Eidolon, which essentially brings the game out of it's dungeon-crawler-esque feel of loading into a randomized map, killing some enemies, and leaving, and brings it into a free-roam type of game, which is insanely fun, so I've been playing quite a bit of that recently. Murder Miners is a dollar on Steam, it's a fun, relatively competitive party game that I've put about 50 hours into so far with my friends, serves as a good tilt-break game. PUBG is also a pretty fun game to just mess around in with friends, not much to say about it (because you've probably already heard of it) but I think it's enjoyable.
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Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: I feel like this was copied and pasted by nevertheless cool
Wasn't copy-pasted. Thanks, though!
: How does that relate to Lord of the Flies?
*Lord of the Flies* has a reoccurring theme about Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis of the psychic apparatus, AKA the Id, Ego, and the Super-ego. The Id represents the human's innately uncivil side, such as savagery (which is a main theme in the novel), or the want to do something society would normally frown upon, like stealing. The Ego represents the organized, more realistic side of the human, the part that deviates the desires of the Id and the Super-ego. The Super-ego represents the human's ability to stop the Id's nagging tendencies. --- Behind a computer screen, people tend to lean towards the tendencies of the Id because they don't necessarily realize or make the connection that whoever they're talking to is a real person. If you don't realize that consciously, the Super-ego is not used at all so the Id takes control. Think of it like a balance scale - the Id being one side, the Ego being the stand that holds them up, and the Super-ego being the other side to the Id. If you take off the Super-ego, the Id weighs down on one side. --- Another theme prominent in *Lord of the Flies* is how half of the tribe used face paint as a disguise. In the novel, whether they realized it or not, the face paint represented both savagery and anonymity. With the anonymity, they felt that they could get away with a lot more than if they didn't have the face paint. The screen of the computer acts as the face paint, in a sense - for instance, internet trolls get away with a lot under an anonymous alias because nobody can recognize who they are. It's unbelievably easy to put on a fake disguise and troll people on Facebook, and likewise, League of Legends.
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Nice "tank" update Riot
Tank update? more like, ***prank*** update.
Qwinn (EUW)
: Go play some Jax and you will learn to appreciate good quality skins.
I thought Nemesis Jax was good?
: And he had that ban rate in.... lower elos... Stupidity of bad players =/= Overpowered. See Illaoi.
No, I'm fairly certain I had my set to Plat+ games.
: Zed isn't even that broken. Talon same thing but he actually has the busted laning phase. Xayah? How about ban Lucian. Kled? Guy has never been a strong pick.
Zed may not be that broken, but he *isn't* fun to play against. In S6 he maintained a ~60% banrate despite being nerfed to the ground for several patches in a row, just because people didn't want to deal with him.
: Because Warwick, even though CertainlyT was behind him, was somehow a success.
Gonna be real with you, WW's rework was really good. They maintained the idea of a "new-player champion" that also has high-level play. Of course, that's mostly just follow the red lines and you get kills, but he's really fun to play. Playing against? Not sure I like being run at at the speed of light because I took a few unfortunate skillshots, but he doesn't really become a problem in the late game.
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Venomar (NA)
: I pitched an idea to make him use "wind" as a resource. Becuase you know, every one of his abilities use it...Movement generating resources instesd of a gimmicky shield sounds pretty thematically on fucking point for him... But that went of like a fart in church in that particular thread.
I've played a fair bit of Yasuo myself because I do find him fun (let me just say that I hate going against him but love playing him), but I feel like using his flow as a resource would make him less annoying to deal with, and more fun to play - I don't want to play a champion who is basically free in every aspect. Let's say Yasuo has 200 maximum flow, so it's like Energy, but instead of passively restoring, it restores through moving. Perhaps they can make it so he can dash through an enemy every 2/1.7/1.5/1.3/1 seconds. The first dash uses no flow, and the consequent dashes on that target within a time frame of 10/9/8/7/6 seconds uses flow that increases in amount the more dashes he does (10/20/40/80). So that would mean Yasuo would be able to dash around through a minion or champion more, but he'll use resources as a consequence - the player is now forced to make the decision: "Mobility, or damage?" He'll be easier to gank as a result because if he's using all of his flow on dashes, he won't have the flow to use his Q. His W could function the same as it does now, but it uses 100/95/90/85/80 flow, and he regains 20 flow for every projectile that hits it. Q would use 50/40/25/15/10 flow and deal the same amount of damage, functions the same, but the tornado uses a constant 50 flow. This would mean at level 1, he would use 150 flow for all 3 Q's. I feel like this is true for most non-mana champions - his ult shouldn't use flow. It has enough restricting factors and let's be real, it's an ult. It can still regenerate his flow and maybe his shield passive could be moved to his R - if after using R, the next ability to hit him procs the shield. --- This was just an idea I had, of course it would mean a rework for Yasuo but maybe he'll be more fun to play against *and* more fun to play.
: In B4 People Lose 1 Game Against Rakan/Xayah and Rant About How OP They Are
What's funny is that the title could mean two things: "In Bronze 4, people lose 1 game against Rakan/Xayah and rant about how OP they are", or "In before people lose 1 game against Rakan/Xayah and rant about how OP they are".
: Yasuo isn't even a popular pick or ban worthy in high elo. If a champion is not used often or banned often in high elo it means people have a very wrong impression of a champion. Yasuo's and Zed's kits allow for some nice damage and safety. Even though their skill cap is considered high they're simple enough to do decent with, which is why lower elo people complain. Zed, for example, has a low win rate right now. People stopped bitching about Zed. I wonder how much would change if Yasuo had mana.
> I wonder how much would change if Yasuo had mana. There are a lot of proposed change to Yasuo that involve not his abilities, but his resource as well as itemization. You see, his double-crit passive (and the %armor pen on his ult) actually limits his itemization, in the sense that in order to do good, he has to build crit. Without a double-crit passive and limiting factors like that, you'd be seeing Yasuo building items like Black Cleaver, Ravenous Hydra, and generally he would be a bruiser/fighter (a little like Fiora). If he used mana as a resource, you would see Yasuo building items like Manamune and Essence Reaver, because those items reward him for spending mana, and because his abilities are on such low cooldowns, he would abuse the Tear passive from Manamune and he would get crit from Essence Reaver, as well as cooldown reduction and mana restoration on autos from it's passive. Let's just take a look at what Essence Reaver would do to him: > +70 Attack Damage > +20% Critical Strike Chance *(now at 40% from 2xcrit passive)* > +10% Cooldown Reduction > +20% CDR because he gains additional CDR from crit chance gained from other sources *(this item gives him 40%, he would need 60% more for 100%, which can be gained from Phantom Dancer), and according to [the Wiki](, 30% crit translates to a bonus of 20% CDR)*. > Critical strikes *(of which he would be doing 100% of the time, from both autos and Q)* restore 3% of his maximum mana pool. The CDR that Essence Reaver gives him is *really* valuable to Yasuo - his ult is on an already low cooldown (80/55/30s), and this item alone would give him 30% CDR. Let's do a little math: > 30% of 80 is 24, 80 - 24 = **56 second CD** > 30% of 55 is 16.5, 55 - 16.5 = **38.5 seconds CD** > 30% of 30 is 9, 30 - 9 = **21 second CD** His R would be, from rank 1 to rank 3, on a 56/38.5/21 second cooldown. - His W, with no CDR, is on a 26/24/22/20/18 second cooldown. > 30% of 26 is 7.8, 26 - 7.8 = **18.2 second CD** > 30% of 24 is 7.2, 24 - 7.2 = **16.8 second CD** > 30% of 22 is 6.6, 22 - 6.6 = **15.4 second CD** > 30% of 20 is 6, 20 - 6 = **14 second CD** > 30% of 18 is 5.4, 18 - 5.4 = **12.6 second CD** His W with 30% CDR from rank 1 to rank 5 would be on a 18.2/16.8/15.4/14/12.6 second cooldown. So, if Yasuo had mana, Essence Reaver would be a **must-buy** item for him. It would be absolutely busted on him.
: {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:56}}
: Honest talk about Fiora
I play Fiora sometimes, but I don't really think she deserves a nerf. This isn't coming from a standpoint of "omg dont nurf my main", but as a top lane player. She just isn't as problematic as you say she is. After reading this post, it just feels like you're exaggerating exactly how strong she is. You're using anecdotal evidence (referring back to past patches of nerfs where she *actually* was tough to deal with) and saying that her kit is fine. I could do the same: Kassadin takes 15% REDUCED MAGIC DAMAGE! His Q gives him a shield against magic damage, on top of his passive? Oh, and he also gets a channel interrupt! RIP XERATH PLAYERS His W costs **0 mana** and regenerates mana? WHAT? It's also an auto-reset! His E? Damage slow and punishes you for casting abilities. WTF RITO? Now here's the **absolutely fantastic part!** His ultimate is a FLASH ON A 6/4/2 SECOND COOLDOWN! It does more damage the more you cast it consecutively! BROKEN. I don't mean to be "in your face" about it but there's no reason to beg for a nerf by exaggerating a champion's power when said nerf isn't even necessary.
: To be fair, most assassins are that way. The only assassin I find quite FAIR to play against is, surprisingly, Zed, even though I hate his kit.
I've always had a little bit of an issue with Rengar. His entire identity is one-shotting people from invisibility or the fog of war. Not fun IMO.
: riot if you're going to match silver 1s against plat5's why have the rating difference?
I don't see why we can't have a rating system like Overwatch.
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: I play league with my voice!
#WOOD do you have an accent? RossBoomsocks tried this a few months ago and his thick accent was confusing the voice-recognition software, so he had to say "wood" to place a ward.
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B00B00 (EUW)
: lee sin isn't a generalist, wtf ar you on about. maokai is boring to play, simple.
Maokai is *not* boring to play. I normally like to play mechanically-intensive champions but Maokai? If I'm in the mood to just sit back and have a good time, I'll play Maokai and I'll damn well enjoy it.
: I just can't play League anymore....
I'm with you 100% on this, but I would like to bring up perhaps it's that Riot realized how cancerous Season 5 was. Tank Meta? 4 tanks and one carry, you practically won every game. I know you said you didn't play during that time, but it consisted of more aids than Malzahar. Riot wanted to reduce how abusable tanks were by nerfing defensive stats, buffing offensive stats, and ultimately this reduced the longevity of games which resulted in a lack of strategy, because, well, you don't have *time* to strategize now. By nerfing tank stats and buffing damage stats, that made mages strong for a time, then lethality was buffed and that made basically every AD champion strong. ADC's suffered for a short time because the damage buffs were more applicable to assassins than AD carries. Then lethality buffs roll out and you see ADC's being played top lane against tanks with absolutely no problem. So, I think the issue is that Riot wanted to reduce game longevity but inevitably failed by making games *too* short.
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Aptest (EUW)
: I thought about it a little bit, and my conclusion is this: Ekko, Riven, Yasuo and Camille are basically variations on the same core design: multiple small dashes to control fights, shield for advantage in trades, some cc on low CD to control fights. the biggest issue is that champions that are not designed around having this level of control over their opponents, and have different but also flexible advantages (for instance reksai or tahm kench who's fight pattern is pretty simple but is flexible in other ways) still need to not get demolished by "a good riven" (otherwise they can't play out their advantages). this is not a simple challenge to solve.
I would add Fiora to that list. As a Yasuo and Fiora player, I can definitely see the similarities between the two, and Camille is more like a combination of both.
: So i played Sion, and ulted to the otherside of the map and. . .
I went against LeBlanc the other day. I have a 4K monitor and her damn chain range indicator was off my screen.
Rikari (NA)
: We should call this meta "The Burst Meta"
come on guys...i was gone for 1 week and ziggs is good now?
: >(6) Support takes skill, **more skill than other lanes** Lol.
I know, right? Have you seen that post about the veteran support main? In that post, the guy said over and over that supports are useless outside of just warding. Seriously, supports don't require very much skill.
: Top lane is probably the least fun to play
I treat top lane as a "if all else fails, push" lane. As a top lane main myself, I feel your pain and sympathize. Most junglers don't really have a grasp on what top lane is, especially if they're on your team. It doesn't have much impact overall in the game other than "go here for farm and maybe take a tower while you're at it in the mid to late game" but it takes so little effort from a jungler to make or break the lane. Most of the time, I find the lane is very one-sided and it's usually who can get a kill first. After a jungler ganks and gets a kill on the enemy laner, the lane quickly shifts early game as a farm/poke lane to a dive and farm the enemy top laner lane. It's not very fun if you're on the end where you're the one getting dived and farmed on. I don't know what caused this momentum effect when you get a single kill in lane, and why it continues to be this way throughout several metas. Could it be itemization? The nature of the lane? The champions? I really have no idea. I do know, however, that with all of the constant jungle changes and seeing junglers rise and fall from power indirectly affects top lane as it's the only lane that is so easily ruined by a successful gank. By one role being fuckall good (I'm looking at you, jungle), it breaks another. Yeah, bot lane is having some problems too, with assassins and ADC's instakilling one another, but top lane really needs to be looked at as it just doesn't feel healthy or fair at times. Many times I just find myself saying, "Welp, I'm 0/5 against a Jax who really shouldn't have won that matchup, so now my next best option is to try and be as useful to my team, regardless of score, as possible". Most times, however, that's really difficult because you're using your TP to save your tower. Possibly it was the TP nerfs a few patches ago that caused this dilemma, but even if you don't take TP you're left in a relatively useless spot.
Zen Fury (NA)
: "So, what does a support do?"
"Why 2 bot? I thought it was 2 mid."
Chaos689 (NA)
Treeson, you say? I know a guy they call Ed*wood* Snowden who can help you out with that.
: And how often have they left unintended 'bugs' in the game because 'its cool and adds skill-ceiling'? Lee/kat (before rework)/jax wardhopping Riven animation canceling Riven CC canceling Displacement over-riding via ez, trist, etc. ______ Riot doesn't fix everything. They're kinda known for that selective treatment.
> unintended 'bugs' in the game > Riven animation canceling > Riven CC canceling > Riven Problem solved.
: Riot why does Yasuos windwall block the whole nami ult if it blocks one H molecule in the H2o
Well, if it helps, don't get mad at Yasuo. Get mad at Riot for programming it that way.
AhmCha (NA)
: Lucian chased an enemy all around the Rift
{{champion:254}}VA LA REVO{{champion:236}}
: does anyone else like to spend all their gold when they back
I try to do this as well if I'm a more than 150 gold short, if not I'll just sell DBlade if I have it. More than 200 gold short and I'll look for side items to build like Cloth Armor, Mantle, Boots, etc..
: I haven't seen him banned that much today actually...
Wuks (NA)
: Share your 2016 Season in Review Highlights! (Megathread)
TMW you've Q'd 20,000 more times than E as Yasuo
: actually by basing his opinion on his personal experience you have to realize that this is how he feels based on the players that he's played with. It is a relatively small sample size so you can discount this easily (one player's experience) plus those occasions where things get toxic or go poorly always tend to stick out in people's mind so while the vast majority of Yasuo and Riven mains don't get toxic because a few have then he has come to that conclusion. There are other factors such as how much yasuo and riven are played compared to other champions which makes it more likely that you'll see a toxic yasuo than urgot given how little urgot is played even if the percentage of toxic urgot players is higher than yasuo (probably not), how having a higher than normal kills and damage on the champion (as yasuo and riven usually do) affects the psycology of the player (feels like they are contributing more than support/tank etc...) I'm not saying he is correct, what I'm saying is that you can't discount his personal experience and/or say that he is wrong because it's simply his opinion based on his personal experience. He could be lying about his experiences but why would he?
The way I interpreted his comment was that he was generalizing Riven and Yasuo players based on his personal experience, effectively just reversing his closing statement of "opinions are based on personal experience, not stereotypes". He stated his opinion but the way it was portrayed in the comment was very matter-of-fact sense and included persuasion (how many times have you (x)?), which commonly is used in argumentative writing. Essentially, the way his comment is worded is very aggressive, and while it may have been written to explain his opinion, it sounded *very* much like he was being factual.
Almighty (EUNE)
: The real reason nobody likes Riven and Yasuo is because of their playerbase. Riven and Yasuo players take even the most regular non-importnant games overly seriously. They believe that the entire game revolves around them and the entire team comp has to synchonize with them. How many times has an instalocked Yasuo told you to pick knockups? And if you by any chance displease a Yasuo or Riven player, get a gas mask because you will probavly be bombarded with toxicity. _Opinions are based on personal experience. Not stereotypes._ _**Almighty.**_
> Opinions are based on personal experience. Not stereotypes. This entire post was a complete stereotype. There was no matter of opinion. You listed off everything as fact based on the context given as well as tried to find personal examples (Pathos & Logos) to back up your statement. To me, it sounds like you're just participating in the circlejerk without any real evidence and claiming it as opinion.
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=AirbIade,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=idQmMzmf,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-12-10T05:48:10.803+0000) > > Yasuo is my favorite champion to play. > > I don't have a problem with him getting nerfed. In fact, I want him to get nerfed because maybe, just *maybe*, there'll be a chance he won't get shat on at every opportunity. you have no honor.
Perhaps so, but the point is, I could care less what state Yasuo is in. I'll still play him.
Ralanr (NA)
: Stupid idea: What if we just removed crit from the game..
> I'm not sure how to change Yasuo so that he still builds like a melee ADC with the removal of crit. Well, it would be interesting, but essentially Yasuo wouldn't be a melee ADC anymore. He would build like Fiora. Essentially the two would be the same champion because of how similar their builds are as well as they have similar kit aspects (a dash, block of some sort, etc.). I don't think Riot would adhere to this kind of similarity between two champions. So, basically, by removing crit, you give Yasuo more opportunity to build tankier damage items (like Black Cleaver, Titanic Hydra) and a few parts of his kit would definitely be altered (now his ult would offer 50% armor pen on every auto to compensate for the removal of crit, or the 50% armor pen would be reduced to perhaps 35%) and ultimately, I believe this would put him in a state the community wouldn't like. I'm not saying you don't hate him right now, but he would be a super-mobile bruiser with several auto attack resets and two forms of shields, as you like to put it. Would it be healthy for the game? Probably not. You guys complained about Tanksuo, I wouldn't vouch for making him a bruiser. --- **edit:** Here's a possible Bruiser build for Yasuo if Crit Chance was removed: {{item:3111}}{{item:3071}}{{item:3812}}{{item:3742}}{{item:3022}}{{item:3748}} Doesn't look fun.
: A simple nerf isn't going to stop him from being banned though, people ban him because his kit is overloaded and he's obnoxious to lane/play against.
(see Zed) Had a 70% or so banrate months after he was nerfed because of the toxic nature of his kit. However, now, he's hardly seen in Champ Select or in-game. Seriously, I haven't seen a Zed being played or banned for maybe 2 or 3 weeks.
: Honestly, i think the only problem with him is Windwall, and i even tell my friend whos a yasuo main that it needs to be removed. IT isnt healthy for the game, and its the main reason hes such a late game menace. He makes the enemy ranged champs in teamfights so useless, and that kinda just isnt fair to play against. The only counterplay is to walk past it or wait the 6 seconds i think for it to disappear, except 6 seconds is long enough for them to win the fight, and if you walk past it you are dead... Its sortof like Cait, i dont agree with the kit cause its super strong early game, and late game as well. Yasuo is more the same thing and takes little to no effort to make really good. There is a reason that players like Apdo and Faker say that hes impossible to not lose lane against. I see it at low and high elo, he destroys almost every lane and just seems to not really have counters. Im fine with the rest of his kit, just make the windwall into something else.
Either remove it or rework it. I play a large quantity of Yasuo myself and I admit his Windwall is the problem. It does indeed offer too much utility and defense for such a glass-cannon oriented champion. It's exactly why I didn't like Tanksuo.
: The abuse is as such -> They win lane and proceed to be useless at teamfighting even though they have a lead, teamfighting being the most difficult stage of the game for yasuo if he doesn't have a knockup comp. Alternatively, they crap on their lane and get carried lategame / have a knockup comp. Lastly, they outplay themselves in lane and start feeding uncontrollably. Then you have the good yasuo players knowing what they are doing AND abusing an overloaded champ.
If the "good yasuo players" know what they're doing on a champion of that caliber, surely they deserve to stomp you for not knowing how to play against it?
I can't tell if you're generalizing the population as a whole, or talking about the majority. There are a few, like me, who don't mind the nerfs. Of course, I still get upset at the hate (but hey, he's my favorite champion so of course I'm going to defend what I like).
: *silver players whine nonstop about how they can't beat yasuo* *as soon as nerfs get announced it's "HAHA CRY HARDER BABIES XDDDD"*
Well put. There's a lot of contradiction in arguments with this whole Yasuo shenanigan.
Snuby (NA)
: Seeing Yasuo mains upset over the possible nerfs
Yasuo is my favorite champion to play. I don't have a problem with him getting nerfed. In fact, I want him to get nerfed because maybe, just *maybe*, there'll be a chance he won't get shat on at every opportunity.
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