: Riot had the perfect opportunity to give Xerath a skin next patch, but nope, not even after 4 years
Arclight Xerath would have been a good choice, what with the random Arclight Brand they popped out. Though it may be too similar to Guardian of the Sands. Dark Star would be absolutely gorgeous for Xerath, and a far better choice than the champions they chose. ~~Also Kassadin even though he has a Cosmic skin.~~ Knowing Riot, though, Xerath is likely to end up with a 1350 skin for a line that is fitting, but otherwise skimped out on. It'll be just enough to get us to shut up, and nothing more. @ Eternum Cassie, girl, you deserve Bewitching.
: We need a {{champion:91}} Lore update between him and {{champion:50}} idk if it was intentional but swain doesn't even recognize him unlike literally every other Noxian. Also {{champion:69}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:91}} are supposedly all in the same family but i dont believe any of them have any Voice lines to one another. Its not really anything major but it a little disappointing.
With Talon being as loyal as he is to the General, I don't believe he would be keen on Katarina disobedience, as well as how she no longer follows his teachings. I would love for them to touch more upon Talon's lore now, since everything's changing. Maybe Talon is just **that** good of an assassin that not even Riot can find him.
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: It's like gambling, because you have the chance at getting other goodies along the way, plus at least 1 gemstone. So while you need to put in 140 to get the skin, you'll get other things with it, it isn't just 140 for the skin, it's 140 for the skin, 1-3 gemstones, and like 20 Epic skin shards and 60 other skin shards.
> [{quoted}](name=MrHaZeYo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JUBp4chl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-11T01:56:17.122+0000) > > It's like gambling, because you have the chance at getting other goodies along the way, plus at least 1 gemstone. > > So while you need to put in 140 to get the skin, you'll get other things with it, it isn't just 140 for the skin, it's 140 for the skin, 1-3 gemstones, and like 20 Epic skin shards and 60 other skin shards. Yep! That's why I clarified (or tried to, I'm bad with words) that this was viewing them as worth for the Tokens on their own! You'll get a __lot__ out it, but if you're looking for the Aatrox skin alone, it may be discouraging. Especially if you own the majority of skins already!
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: > [{quoted}](name=A Talonted Yasuo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k0EMpEi9,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-19T05:54:08.030+0000) > > How do you convert BE to Gemstones in the first place? During the bi-annual Blue Essence Emporium events you can buy icon/gemstone packages for Blue essence
> [{quoted}](name=Hexs Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k0EMpEi9,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-11-19T06:15:36.023+0000) > > During the bi-annual Blue Essence Emporium events you can buy icon/gemstone packages for Blue essence Ahhh, thanks! Didn't know about that.
: You can sorta do that by converting BE to Gemstones then use those gemstones on hextech crates
> [{quoted}](name=Hexs Fortune,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=k0EMpEi9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-19T04:19:37.307+0000) > > You can sorta do that by converting BE to Gemstones then use those gemstones on hextech crates How do you convert BE to Gemstones in the first place?
: Why is the community SO much more toxic than ever before, by far?..
Hm. There was something I read that mentioned about how our age and society (dear god, another 'society' post) has become so addicted to the internet that our attention spans have shortened, blah blah blah, but we've also become more moodier as a result. We spend less time outside with friends, and more times alone in our rooms wasting life away at these games. It's unhealthy and for some reason leads to people being complete assholes in game. If that doesn't satisfy you for an answer, there's always the "insecure people using their online identity to insult others and make themselves feel good" which is kind of true? But, that's not League-exclusive. It's just a general thing on the internet. Personally, I believe it's because of how the game is, opposed to say, Overwatch. The games are longer, and you're usually stuck with the same 4 (9) people for 20-50 minutes. If you have an issue with one of the 4 / 9 players, you're stuck with them for a while. It's a competitive, team game, requiring everyone to play their parts. Some people take it too seriously and end up holding grudges against certain people for the entire length of the game. Not to mention bad plays, off-meta champions and other things that affect their chances of winning. It can be annoying to have a, say, LeBlanc support who's new. People who take it too seriously because they're competitive in nature end up getting tilted, and it carries on for multiple games. With people's shortening attention spans it's harder to keep them stimulated in the same game for long and they stop trying after a while which can also be tilting for some players. It also means they can only tolerate a person they don't like for only so long before getting mad. I'm not entirely sure if that's the reason why this game is so toxic, but hey, you can always blame the Yasuo mains! ;) (i mean this as a joke)
: League of Legends confession thread
I have 50 friend requests because I feel bad if I decline them, but I also never want to see most of these people again. Now, people can't add me if they wanted to so it's actually a nice way of not having to deal with the guilt of declining, unlike Blizzard's way of racking up requests (some of which are from wayy back when I played WoW). Dunno if that counts as a confession but aye. As for in-game, I very rarely finish support items on Shen and Pyke, just because I'd rather get the respective Knight's Vow and Duskblade (I rush Mobis on Pyke for whatever god forsaken reason, so I need the like 150 gold). Tends to annoy some of my ADCs, but it's not like I'm not building any support on, say, Thresh.
: What are your top 5 favorite champions and what do they say about you?
{{champion:91}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:555}} (Based on mains/who I play) {{champion:38}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:202}} (Lore) im that 12 year old emo kid who threatens to shoot up the school bc they think that they're bad ass /shrug
Shıma (NA)
: @Rioters You're gonna wanna read this.
'Tis gonna be extremely fucking laggy and crash everything but you know what? I love the idea so I'm down.
: Tell me your favourite champion, why, and how you want Riot to develop their lore.
{{champion:90}} and {{champion:38}} - Have always been my favorites, since before I even really got into the lore. I was digging Malzahar just because my emo-self loved hoods at the time (thus leading to my current Talon obsession) and I started playing him. Kassadin came at a later time, but I found him cool since the first time I ever saw Kassadin in game, his ultimate really amazed me and that's basically how those two became some of my favorites. Now lore? Ah, geeze. ___ I'm glad that they gave Kassadin some love with his daughter coming to League, as in just a minor lore update. I mean, hey, it's better than nothing and now he's being a bit more recognized by the community because he's the father of one of now most popular characters of League. His lore now, as many people have said, is basically Varus' old lore. Lost everything and now lives only to combat the void and literally nothing else. Revenge, essentially. He also got a small story recently so that was pretty cool. It definitely gave us some really cool insight onto his mind and everything, and not gonna lie, I am LIVING for it. But I'm going to go into a bit of detail about why I kind of dislike his new lore. We know little to nothing about his "past" as in his childhood. What kind of family was he raised in, did he have parents for most of his life? If not, what happened to them. All we know is that he guarded caravans and guided them, and these fellas basically named him because their Shuriman is shit. He doesn't have a name? Or he did? Did he forget it? Why doesn't he have a name? Will we ever learn it? That part confuses me, but I still really love how he has a story behind his 'name' and how he got it. Kassadin doesn't sound like your modern-day Shuriman name so it's nice that we learn how he got that name. I really don't have a lot of quarrel with his new lore! I actually love it so much. It's when it gets to the point where he swears to kill the void, etc. To be fair, what would you do personally if you lost everything you loved and cared for to the void and you know the person "responsible" for it (Malzahar). Of course you're going to give your life in an effort to stop him... Maybe... Depends on the person. I think it's honestly super cool that he goes "crazy" in collecting artifacts to combat the void. At least he isn't bat-shit crazy and running in unprepared... But he still is. He's gathering resources, stealing shit from old ruins, having armor made, blessed, crafted. Going out of his way to get his hands on things no mere man should end up wielding. The way he's going about it, not too long before he stumbles upon a Darkin, I'd bet, but that's besides the point. So, he's gathered all the stuff and now he's going to fight the void. He still knows very little about the void itself. He knows little about how to properly combat it, what methods to use. At least, that's how it seems to be, but he can still fight off the void pretty well regardless? So um, I guess it really doesn't matter. One thing I want to know; his connection to Horok. I also want to learn more about Horok in general, but we can wait. In his new story he's basically obsessed with the guy, mentioning a lot of stuff about him. My theory is he's a descendant of Horok. It happens that he leads a caravan to the place in which the blade is, and later comes back to retrieve it/knows where it is. He says himself he believes that it's fated. He also says this which makes me think that Horok and Kassadin are related. > The desert knows Horok. His name shall live forever. and > Kas sai a dyn. Whom does the desert know? > The desert does not know you, beast. You are not welcome here. You are lost in this ancient land of gods and men. > But the desert knows my name, for that is my name. I just want them to expand on that a bit, and maybe not make him old Varus. As for Malzahar, his new lore is cool as well. Not much you really can do with a man obsessed with bringing forth the end times. I do wish they kept the relationship he and Kassie had. Now it's just Malzahar spreading the void, Kassadin hearing about this and going, "Well, guess I'll risk my damn life to kill this guy." Rather than the 'old tricking-me-into-murdering-my-daughter-you-silly-you' thing which gave each other more of a reason to fight rather than, "I'm going to kill everything related to the void remotely." ~~Which may result in him accidentally murdering his daughter again so hey!~~ also its like 9 in the morning and i haven't slept yet so if this makes no sense bear with me please
Zapzya (OCE)
: Which two unrelated champions would you like to see interact?
My and my unbiased self; {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} Not sure what they would have to discuss, if anything, but I love them to death so it'd be neat. {{champion:141}} {{champion:91}} Lot of potential for Rhaast to nag at them for being edgy. {{champion:39}} {{champion:91}} You gave Irelia and Sivir an interaction, yet slept on my mans. {{champion:81}} {{champion:91}} For all the Ez & Talon lovers/shippers. Dunno, this one could be neat as well I guess. {{champion:38}} {{champion:81}} I'm so sad that Kass isn't getting any interactions. Anyway, Kass has explored a bunch of shit and still does for artifacts for combating the void. No way he hasn't snagged an artifact before Ezreal and there is no way Ezreal is not interested in this guy. Armor from Zaun (I believe), the Void Stone, Horok's Netherblade! And, with the loss of his daughter, having someone young and full of energy around would probably grow on him and help repair his '_I don't care unless I'm fighting the void_' attitude. {{champion:38}} {{champion:555}} Sandwraith Pyke, to be exact. Any Shuriman, honestly. I just love Kassadin. {{champion:81}} {{champion:157}} "Noxians, I hate those guys." and, "Ninjas, I hate those guys." IT'S AN EASY, "You stole my line!" from Ezreal! I know that these three are related but _please_ Kassadin needs love! {{champion:145}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:38}}
: 4/1 Should ALWAYS be a surrender
If you go into a normals game, and you have a party of four, you can surrender to troll even if you're winning. That's why I believe Ranked Flex doesn't support 4-mans. Besides, early surrender votes are for if the game is totally lost and everyone agrees that it is. Otherwise, you could still win, opposed to giving up. Yes it can be annoying when one person votes no, but is it too hard to wait five more minutes to surrender at 20?
: > I will admit, he does take little to no skill, **but people can still manage to do bad on him.** I mean, I lost really hard to a Yasuo once as Malz, so yeah. I felt ashamed at myself for screwing up so hard on a very simple champion. This comes from a former Malz main btw.
Yeah. When I mess up a lot on my (current) mains, Talon and Malz I get a little pissed off since they are considered "easy" champions.
: > [{quoted}](name=Forever Talone,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EUWBviWs,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-04-14T17:16:34.520+0000) > > Malzahar's W is what summons the voidlings. Do you mean his E (Malefic Visions) which is the DoT ability? > > I will admit, he does take little to no skill, but people can still manage to do bad on him. Zed's also fairly easy to play. Just hard to master. The game is not instantly lost if a Malzahar is on the enemy team, as with all champions. he does have a bit of naunce in keeping his dot up. since it refreshes if you hit q. unless they removed that in his rework im not to sure but i think its still there.
His Malefic Visions refreshes when his target is Q'd or R'd. If you place the silence behind your enemy, chances are they'll walk back into it, refreshing the DoT. Pop a W, and watch the voidlings chase.
: Poll: What compelled Zed to decapitate his master?
My theory is, rather than destroying the box, he embraced it and the shadows. Surely something like that has to hurt, or have some sort of effect on him, hence the cry. Then he beheaded his former master, because there was no purpose in keeping him alive, and because of the master's favor over his son, rather than Zed. It could've been an ambush as well. Coming this far, it was very unlikely that Zed would've destroyed the box, especially with all of his emotions he had, so it could've been planned.
Phridolin (EUW)
: Malz has two dump spells who doesn't need skill at all: His point and click ult - which is easy countered like zed ult but you need an unnecessary item for it which delays your power spike unlike hourglass. And his ... W? which is also point and click and hits cruse the enemy with an isane amount of sustain dmg - nearly as toxic as Mordes overbuffed ultimate. Ofc a Zedplayer is salty, cause Zed player who are good and tryhard need actual skill - unlike Morde, Malz and Veigars.
Malzahar's W is what summons the voidlings. Do you mean his E (Malefic Visions) which is the DoT ability? I will admit, he does take little to no skill, but people can still manage to do bad on him. Zed's also fairly easy to play. Just hard to master. The game is not instantly lost if a Malzahar is on the enemy team, as with all champions.
: Your favourite carry supports?
As of late, I've been going with Shen support. Wouldn't say he can "carry" a team, but he can help in fights for sure. Not my favorite picks, but I've seen Sona does well for carrying, only issue is, she's squishy and susceptible to CC. I've also seen my fair shares of Janna in the botlane which is rather annoying. As you mentioned, Zyra is fantastic for that kind of thing. I'd have to recommend Lux. Similar to Zyra, high damage, rather easy, isn't considered a troll pick in the botlane and does rather well. Bard, if you can play him can be equally as annoying or deadly if you build mostly AP. There's also Zilean, who can do really well, but also really poorly. And for Taric, he's great fun. He has a heal, shield and a stun. Mind you, they're not that substantial, but with his passive, you can keep your ADC alive, while dishing out damage and CC. Mana is a slight issue if you keep spamming abilities to get your Q to go off cooldown. His ultimate can be fantastic in team fights and for diving, but it doesn't last long and can be messed up easily.
Onotori (NA)
: So what champ can legitimately 1v5?
I'd say Fiora could be a good pick, if you can get ahead. The vitals help for sustaining in a fight, plus that ultimate, but aside from that, Illaoi is a solid pick.
Seen (NA)
: What's the difference between an ADC main and a pregnant women?
I was expecting a joke about how a pregnant mother can carry at least one person.
: 10 bans now live in Ranked
No. {{champion:91}} is gonna get banned a lot more now D:
: #A Corporate Matter **Episode: _An unstable portal leads to an unstable work environment_** {{champion:240}} "You sure there's nothing for me to kill?" {{champion:89}} "I have checked three times. Everything is all peaceful today." {{champion:240}} "What about Shurima's new emperor, wasn't he supposed to be starting Rune War 3. Or something like that." {{champion:89}} "The memes have greatly exaggerated the current state of things. Turns out most other countries don't want to be bombed anymore." {{champion:240}} **"WELL WHY NOT? I'M SO BORED! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO KILL!"** _**Suddenly, a mysterious blue portal opens up in Korporate Kled's office.**_ {{champion:240}} **"FINALLY, SOMETHING TO KILL! DIE DIE DIE!"** _"Begins stabbing portal frantically."_ {{champion:81}} **"WHOA, WAIT WAIT, STOP TRYING TO STAB ME! OW!"** {{champion:240}} "Who are you, **AND WHY ARE YOU TRESPASSIN' ON MY PROPERTY?**" {{champion:81}} "My name is Pulsefire Ezreal. I have come here from the future to enlist help. One of my dearest friends has been captured. And I need help to rescue her. So I have come to get the one person who can save her." {{champion:240}} "Finally, something for me to-" _"Gets pushed aside by Pulsefire Ezreal."_ {{champion:81}} "And here you are, the one who can save the future." {{champion:96}} "What, me? Oh dear." {{champion:240}} "**HIM?** But he's just some dirtbag I caught sneaking around my property." {{champion:96}} "As I told you, my name is Gentleman Kog'Maw. I own this establishment. I just wanted to make some tea without waking anyone who pulled an all-nighter." {{champion:240}} "Yeah right buddy. The people here barely work during the day. Let alone all night." {{champion:81}} "Okay, I'm sensing some tension between you two. But nonetheless, I need Gentleman Kog'Maw to come with me." {{champion:240}} "There's gonna be some sorta battle where you're taking him, right?" {{champion:81}} "Oh, definitely." {{champion:240}} "And killing?" {{champion:81}} "Probably." {{champion:240}} "What about heavenly bloodshed and glorious violence?" {{champion:81}} "I'd bet on it." {{champion:240}} "Then why aren't you taking me?" {{champion:81}} "I only need the thing in the top hat." {{champion:240}} "Well, he's my prisoner. So anywhere he goes, I go." {{champion:81}} "Fine, you can come too. Just don't do anything crazy." {{champion:240}} "No can do, crazy is my middle name. Kled Crazy Jenkins. And this is my pet. Skaarl Yellerbelly Jalopy. Now let's get going." {{champion:81}} _"Sigh."_ "Alright, get in the portal." {{champion:240}} "Whoa, this ain't like nothing I ever been in before." {{champion:81}} "Well, it's definitely not a portal to Dalaran. Let's go, **TO THE FUTURE!**" _**They walk through the portal and then it disappears.**_ {{champion:89}} "I guess I'll just stay here. Man the fort and all that. I definitely didn't want to go. Just leave the secretary here. Just me myself and I." {{champion:427}} "Oh, and me." {{champion:89}} **"AHWAHAHAWH! I KEEP FORGETTING HE HIRED YOU AS A STUPID SECURITY GUARD!"** {{champion:427}} "And I promised Korporate Kled I wouldn't fail. Do you need anything secured?" {{champion:89}} "No, I don't need anyth-" _**"Knock knock."**_ {{champion:89}} "Ughh, it's that stupid God Fist guy again. Ivern, I found something for you to do." {{champion:427}} "Right away." _"Opens door."_ {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "Hello, do you have a moment to talk about my godliness and why you should accept me into your heart?" {{champion:427}} **"GET HIM DAISY!"** {{champion:64}} {{summoner:11}} "Wait, hold on now. Back up, **HELP!**" {{champion:427}} "Don't run, she just wants hugs!" {{champion:64}} **"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I'M BEING RAPED BY A GIANT STONE MONSTER!"** {{champion:427}} "That's my girl!"
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
{{champion:245}} won't be sleeping tonight..
: Academy Adventures Series 2!
I see Takumi there...
: New free champion rotation: Fiora, Talon, Zyra and more!
Draven was enough last rotation, now you're giving us Twitch? Alongside Talon and Shaco as well, do you wish for the end of ADCs?
edog (NA)
: Dynamic Backgrounds Help
Same. I no longer play Support, and previously my background was my frequently played champion but now it's Sona who I have the most mastery on. This really pisses me off because I'd rather have Kalista or Zed appear over any support.
: I might be a little late, but when creating a custom match, you have an ''All Random'' option listed, so you will get a random champion if you have that box ticked.
Ah, alright. But I don't have any option for the Practice Tool yet it still selects a random champion for me. EDIT: Never mind, selected Blind Pick in the custom game then going into the Practice Tool fixed it. Thank you very much ^^
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Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BurkeTheKilla,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=y8PfiENq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-19T19:15:29.869+0000) > > lmao I'm not spending money on this. Even if you're willing to spend money, there's no real exciting value here. You randomly get these little trinkets that don't do anything until you get a bunch of them and still just turn into more random, unexciting stuff. It's all random and I learned pretty clearly from the winter chests that random stuff doesn't usually go my way (3 copies of galaxy azir, a skin i don't want from a champion i don't own or want to own when I wanted star guardian shards).
I wanted Galactic Azir but I got Star Guardian Janna. I could care less now though since I have Warring Kingdoms Azir ;^;
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.1 Jungle Nerfs
Any upcoming ideas for Kalista or Azir? Are you going to give them a mini-rework or just play around with things over the course of the future patches to see what works and what doesn't.


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