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Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
I agree but some players tilt very easily from simple constructive messages. For example I had a soraka one game that LITERALLY afked in a bush and died while not moving. I asked her "Soraka why'd you afk in the bush?" wondering if her internet went out or something. She responded "You want to see AFK?" and went afk the rest of the game. I agree there are really toxic players but there are also very sensitive players who will grief without a real reason. We need to fix both problems.
: then again you're breaking one of the main rules of the internet: never feed the trolls, they live to elicit a reaction. if they're inting but no one notices they just look stupid.
Except on the internet you can just close the tab and move on. On league you're forced to sit in a 30 min game playing alongside them or you'll be punished by leaverbuster.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Except it actually doesn't in this scenario. You can argue that context makes you seem like a good or bad person (meaning if you didn't start the flame and you were just defending yourself, you would be seen as the "good" person to some) but **Riot's** ruleset clearly states that rule breaking is rule breaking, regardless of who started it.
Context matters in every scenario and its ridiculous to say otherwise. I'm aware it breaks Riot's flawed ruleset. I was speaking in general.
: Trolling is becoming a Serious Issue.
Flamers get banned more often than actual trolls, while they affect the game less. It's pretty ridiculous, Riot should focus on banning inters/griefers because there's already a fucking mute button. You can't mute 0-15.
: Context doesn't matter. This is negative enough overall to merit a chat restriction in my opinion. Asking for reports isn't necessary as one report does the same as 9 in a game. Just mute and move on.
"Context doesn't matter" One of the most stupid things I've ever read.
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