: I am completely demoralized by the levels of trolling in low elo
> [{quoted}](name=000 CRAMPS 000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tp08d67d,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-30T16:37:35.571+0000) > > >80% of my games have premeditated trolls in them. That isn't an exaggeration. > > I am at my wits end with the game culture - and I think it is only the last 2 seasons where it has been really terrible. > > Nothing gets done. There is no recourse. Reporting yields less than 1% return on banning toxic/premeditated players. > > This should be the greatest game available, but the game is now about trying to hold your composure while under duress. The gameplay itself is abstract and in the background. You know what?? Fucking MERCY. MERCY. I can't take this shit any more. I have freefallen from troll effort in my games and League is unplayable now. Delete everything to do with my account. I do not want this constant barrage of hate and shit and lack of accountability any more. Just repulsive.
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: Dunkey was right!
Prisoner's Island exists. There is no way it doesn't. This game is bloody intolerable right now. 80 pct of the games have a premeditated troll. Either someone is attacking this game en masse, or Riot has stopped caring. It has NEVER been this bad.

000 CRAMPS 000

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