: disregard FuryofThornsRedo post completely he has 13 normal wins clearly newly level 30 player With Diana this is how you should be building. Vs. AP in an unfavorable match up {{item:3001}}{{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3116}} Vs. AD in an unfavorable match up {{item:3157}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}{{item:3026}} {{item:3001}} Vs. any favorable match up {{item:3285}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} I wouldn't focus on nashors tooth because of diana's passive very little damage actually comes from her passive in a fight her passive is mostly just nice for farming and tower damage. You want to be dealing good burst on your QRWER. Generally you should be able to kill a single squishy target with a QRR. Zhonya's is extremely important because in a team fight you will be using this until your CDs are back up mainly for another W shield if they decide to focus on you.
Her passive does a truckload of damage, just need a lot of ap and mpen to make it work. Obviously the qwrr combo will vastly out do her passive.
: Need Diana advice
Generally 2 {{item:1056}} into {{item:3020}}. Then a combination of {{item:3001}} , {{item:3157}} , {{item:3089}} , {{item:3135}} , {{item:3285}} and {{item:3026}} . {{item:3100}} doesn't have enough oomph for me. {{item:3027}} isn't bad, the problem is it takes time to build it's power and leaves you with lower mr and armor which Diana needs vs health. {{item:3115}} is fun to build and gives your auto's fluidity as well as cdr which is really helpful for Diana but means you sacrifice burst for sustain fighting. The build you listed above would work but the problem is it takes forever to get to that stage. Using the items above it lets you hit your power spike much sooner and you can start deleting people around level 10-16. Could you define 'certain' mid laners? I could try giving more specific tips if I knew whom you needed help with. I'd recommend in general starting w first to give you a shield to help with last hitting. Dominated by ranged mid laners the shield will help mitigate their autos. 1-5 is pretty much just trying to survive. You might be down in cs, but it's ok. Once you hit 6 look to fight. 4/5 times if you hit a Q at 6 follow it up with a dash and shield. Use e to pull em back for your passive. And now you have presence as they're chunked. Generally wait for q to be up again, hit and repeat with ignite and you may get a kill. I'd still be cautious in team fights when going all in. You usually need more levels in your shield as well as defenses to withstand the counter attack. However around 15+ you should have the items to chunk/kill any squishy. Keep an eye on how much mr they're building to determine when you should work on a void staff. It's going to suck, and you'll die but try going all in a lot. It'll teach you about how much damage you can pull off but also teach you about whom you can't safely all in. Eventually you'll figure out when you can go in safely.
: {{item:3504}} stats and utility are very laughable {{item:3222}} was nerfed and it has higher cost supports make no money at all so the only way to be useful is to build full ap to be useful late game in order to compete with tank supports who are useful just by being around to soak up damage plus not to mention their cc
I...what? *looks at champion history* Dear god you're building health on soraka? You don't have to do damage to be a good support. Using your cc correctly should be enough. Building ap is like challenge mode. Much higher risk but a better potential reward. Censer is fine, Mikaels is a good pick up on hard cc ie ashe arrow. Maybe instead of bashing how others play you should try it. You might find you're able to do more.
: Who's a Fun 3150 IP Champ?
Hold for lulu. Trust me on this one. She's worth it. :)
: With Bilgewater wrapping up next...where do you think the lore team's headed next?
Ionia would be cool, maybe that's why we keep seeing the really cool irelia splash update in lcs. :D
: Which Champion is Your Favorite From a Visual Standpoint?
{{champion:432}} Did you know his arms are patched and stitched up? :D
: Tahm Kench has a 37.4% winrate as a support and a 30.4% winrate as a top laner (Plat+)
The outplay potential is there but, like Bard, needs a lot of communication to execute. I personally think he's fine but would rather play bard because BWWAAAAWAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWAWOWA.
: My champion pool. Who should i focus on for solo queue? Strengths/ Weaknesses? Additions? Cuts?
Right now, it's league of devourer so try out kayle jungle. Even in the patch notes, they said it's disgusting.
Amici (NA)
: Support question
If you can get him, {{champion:223}} is pretty brain dead. "oh you are getting caught? *eats*" {{champion:40}} is another good option as well. In general, avoid going for plays and just make sure the adc makes it through the laning phase. Ask for a gank or two to help relieve pressure.
Elfezen (NA)
Like Lustboy said he has 'conditions' that must be met for him to be the best support. If you can get these conditions correctly (stuns, using journeys right, not doing silly ults) then Bard is potentially the best support in the game. Don't mind the people who complain, they're probably having terrible flash backs from their last game where their bard ulted and made them lose the game.
: Alright, here we go: {{champion:432}} <-- Base {{champion:37}} <--- Passive {{champion:25}} <--Q {{champion:7}} <-- W {{champion:245}} <---- E {{champion:103}} <--- R
Now that would be interesting. How exactly would the power chords work? Would they have the same effects as current (ie q = more damage, w = less damage dealt and e being slow) or would they have completely different effects? o.o
: Does anyone else think MF's arms in her attack/ult animation look ridiculous?
Makes me think of her as a windmill. Hopefully at 2.5 attackspeed her arms just swing in circles. Nothing more demoralizing to lose too and more hilarious to play as.
: > [{quoted}](name=03MegurineLuka03,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=dsEEMwJN,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-07T19:53:39.247+0000) > > But...I don't have a shitty attitude, I just like to occasionally have a game where I can just have fun. :( > Seems like you're having a hard day, so just hang in there. There's only 2ish months of summer vacation. :D wait i don't understand the purpose of your post. i was not telling a specific person to stop playing ranked? im confused rofl
I'm not sure I understand my post looking at it now. Sorry, I'm a very confused person. :/
: Which champions are your parents?
Jayce and Akali. Well, I'm definetly not as attractive as jayce, but I'm ok with this.
: I'm still nervous trying to use him in a pvp match, even though I'm good with him now. I think it's the fact that I might have to run all the way to mid for a chime and SO much could go wrong between the trip there and back: _jungle finds me jungle ganks adc mid finds me our mid goes in expecting me to gank other adc follows me_
Don't be a victim of Chime syndrome, the {{champion:432}} version of {{champion:64}} syndrome. Honestly, I should start a charity to work on ending this condition. It is really serious. :/
Bleediss (NA)
I like how they magically add more people on the left after the oil hits.
: Your champion is on a losing streak
{{champion:432}} Too busy rushing to save some relic from Noxus.
: Your favorite champion is running for President of the United States
Candidate: {{champion:432}} Slogan: *bard noises intensify* e: I dunno what noise or how to really imitate it so...sorry. :( Promises to make the Secret services job a living hell as he travels around the world with magical journeys.
: http://i428.photobucket.com/albums/qq9/_HashiMada_/Final%20Fantasy/wallpaper_final_fantasy_xii_02_1600.jpg Sky pirates, but still pirates
Viera are best sky pirates.
: How do you keep your lead and avoid throwing?
The thing is, they have 3 champs that scale obscenely well. No matter how 'behind' Irelia is, she just farms, completes a tf/mercs/randuins and dives you. Kog and jing are the hyper scaling carries and Leona, wuk gave them the initiation and cc to demolish any team fight. Granted, jinx didn't do so well, looks like kog rekt face with 50k total damage done to champions. What would have had to happen was your front line (diana/mao/gragas) getting a miracle play and killing kog before he pokes your team. Their simply put wasn't enough initiation on your team to get to kog, and they had the protect the kog comp down. This was a win in the early/mid game asap or have to pull off a perfect teamfight in late game. Seems like neither happened. :( Also, just a pet peeve of mind, always upgrade to {{item:3341}} when you get {{item:2049}}. :D
Jari (NA)
: So you start with Q? I haven't had any level 1 ganks happen in a long time and the tether is easily broken. Besides that I would go for Chalice if I was having mana problems, and I almost always feel like getting my Zhonyas second is important. And ya I'll counter build enemies, that's the best part about him is he can get pretty tanky building offensively.
I more or less use it for help with last hitting since it instantly applies the damage when you cast it vs delays with other spells. You could honestly run with either e or q, I've run into too many {{champion:120}} and q makes me laugh. Oh, you're charging towards me? Lemme just slow you with a bird. Get's me every time. :3
: Don't Play Ranked If You Don't Care About Winning
> just go play bots if you have a shi**y attitude please. But...I don't have a shitty attitude, I just like to occasionally have a game where I can just have fun. :( Seems like you're having a hard day, so just hang in there. There's only 2ish months of summer vacation. :D
: Pros: Long range, consistent damage, powerful slow, vision spell, good initiation and peel Cons: Immobile, lacks burst Since her recent rework, Ashe has been all about huge damage in long engagements. Ashe doesn't get random crits, but the damage of the "mini-crits" she gets from her passive is actually higher than the expected damage anyone else's auto-attacks would do at the same AD, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. The flip side of this is that she can't burst people down with lucky crits at the start of a fight. In fact, she can't crit on her first attack unless she already landed her W or R. Her Q is an amazing steroid. It makes her slow stronger, it gives her a pile of attack speed, and it greatly improves her auto-attack damage if she uses it with five stacks. As Ashe, try to either build up five stacks before engaging or wait until you have five stacks before using it. Don't be too afraid to pop Q early if someone dives you or might escape without the extra slow though. Against Ashe, try to either burst her down before she can get her stacks up or whittle her down with short trades. W provides good poke and slow. Its range is a little longer than her auto-attack range. The idea trading combo for Ashe is still auto -> W -> auto, but feel free to poke with W alone if you get a chance. It's also good for kiting opponents because you can slow them from well outside auto-attack range. Against Ashe, try to stay behind minions or tanks so she can't hit you with it. E is a very versatile global vision skill. I like fire E up the river to check for incoming ganks, or check on jungle monsters like Dragon or the enemy team's buffs. It's also great when chasing enemies to stop them from juking you in a bush or to see if they're baiting you into an ambush. While it does have an ammo system, most Ashe players won't level it until late game so it has a long cooldown. Try to keep track of when she uses it during laning because she's more vulnerable to ganks without it. Ashe's R is great for forcing kills in lane, picking up assists from across the map, and initiating teamfights in the late game. If you can land it on a carry out of position, that carry is either dead or out of the fight. In lane, use it to chain CC with your support either by initiating with the arrow or waiting for your support to CC them for the guaranteed hit. Keep an eye out for opportunities to help your allies in other places too. Against Ashe, try to bait her into firing her arrow and missing, then engage when it's down. Also watch out for stray arrows: it's a global skillshot, so even if she misses her intended target she could still hit you. For Runes I run flat AD marks and AS quints. Because of her passive 1% crit chance cheese is useless, and you'll get better scaling damage with scaling AD runes than critical hit chance runes. I'm not sure about crit damage runes though - I heard there was a bug where they were multiplying her damage instead of stacking the way they should but it might have been fixed. Like most ADCs, she should be running something like 21/9/0 masteries. I've been using the new Tenacity defense mastery. You definitely want Fury in the offence tree because Ashe's passive helps it rev up faster. Ashe probably works best with the standard ADC build because it provides huge single-target damage. Infinity Edge is too good not to rush, and you usually want to follow that up with a Phantom Dancer, some lifesteal, and a Last Whisper. If you've got another heavy source of physical damage on your team then The Black Cleaver can also work well on her because she can stack it quickly with Q and scales well with cooldown reduction. If your team needs waveclear or you are very confident in your tanks' ability to peel for you, consider building Runaan's Hurricane. It deals reasonable AoE damage, but more importantly it lets you get stacks for Q quicker. I try to rush IE and a Zeal, then consider whether building Hurricane will be a good choice that game. If you build it too early you don't get enough damage from it, and if you wait too long the game will be over before you can finish it. I generally try to build BC and BotRK instead of LW and BT when I build Hurricane, but really anything goes.
A lot of people have been going {{item:3072}} over {{item:3031}} for more sustain to pump out more damage over a fight. Not for everyone, but just something I noticed. Some really awesome tips, though I get too paranoid to not build a defensive item, such as {{item:3102}} or {{item:3140}} depending on what you're worried about.
: As a support, which items do you finish first?
For Blitz, I'd say start {{item:3302}} , {{item:2010}} (if you don't have biscuits you can just show yourself out. Biscuits are love, biscuits are life.) Rush {{item:2049}} and leave it at that, get mobis. Then I'd recommend dropping shield for {{item:3069}} and for general initiation, {{item:3800}}. After this it's what the team needs, things like {{item:3190}} , {{item:3110}} , {{item:3102}} are decent options. Keep 1 slot open for {{item:2043}} until super late game. As always, swap to {{item:3341}} when you have ss or you anticipate to get ss on your next back and upgrade at 9 or close to it.
Jari (NA)
: So I got Swain for the mystery champ, looking for some help.
I'd recommend starting q and using it to help with last hitting or helping halt an early gank/the level 1 riven who decides to dive you into minions and takes a crap ton of damage. Otherwise its R>E>W>Q. Each rank in W reduces the cd on w by 2 seconds which is a godsend, despite the mana cost going up. Q would just increase the damage and slow, which isn't bad. But assuming you build a little cdr your W is up so frequently. Item wise {{item:3027}} is good, but I'd recommend picking up either a {{item:3165}} or {{item:3174}}. Regardless of which item you build first between the 3, make sure {{item:3157}} is rushed after your mana item is built. Then honestly after this, build what you feel is needed. This has always been my favorite part about swain because so many items can work on him. What I suggest is counter building. If they have a strong ap champion build {{item:3001}} , or if you're going super tank bird god {{item:3065}}. Want to shred tanks? {{item:3151}} & {{item:3116}} are viable too due to you having to have some bulk for being in close.
Magnati (NA)
: I like building ie then phantom dancer almost every game. Once you hit this power spike you are extremely strong because of how much you crit. If I'm behind I will build stat shiv instead of IE because it helps you get that power spike (not as strong) sooner. Then if the enemy team is building a lot of armor I go straight for last whisper, but if they aren't I like to build vamp scepter then LW. After this consider finishing either BT or Bork, or if they have a lot off cc build qss.
This, all of this. {{item:3102}} can be an alternative to {{item:3140}} depending on the cc you have to worry about.
: Real bad tilt; please help.
Relaxing music can help, also playing a more safe laner and just relaxing can help. I've lost plenty of games and it definetly is frustrating, if you find yourself losing a game, try and find something to learn how to do, ie last hitting under tower, learning to ward your area to watch for dives. Try and come away from a losing game learning something you can apply to the next game. In your case, like Teemo mentioned below, try out some of the other game modes. Back capping {{champion:40}} is hilarious in dominion assuming your que ever pops. She's like the {{champion:222}} of dominion, cause chaos by distracting as much as possible.
rexha (NA)
: and also if she can play a decent support.
In response to both of your questions, it's...eeeeeeeh. {{champion:99}} is not really easy. All of her spells are skill shots, it will be a learning curve figuring out how to land them but when you land a q e r combo it's just...glorious. Like I mentioned, you don't have point and click damage (nunu's e) a speed up or sustain (Nunu's w and q respectively). But you get outrageous range. Make sure to pick up a {{item:3028}} /{{item:3070}} /{{item:3114}} early cuz you're gonna eat through mana fast. She's an ok support, the main issue you'll run into is mana. Another decent mid/support is {{champion:43}} , she does take a bit of knowledge and understanding on how to play, but you can poke well with q, use w to pressure and set up kills, e gives you a shield/speed up. And your mantras are awesome as well. Her mana costs aren't as high and you get a little more mobility. You won't deal as much damage as {{champion:99}} , though with Lux you have to build some damage items to be worth a damn.
: help with support Lulu?
A lot of really good points brought up below. Lulu is quite the jack of all trades support. Depending on your adc you can adjust your play style. {{champion:104}} likes to all in usually so be more aggressive with him. {{champion:67}} will start passive but around {{item:3144}} /ult or {{item:3153}} they'll go a bit more aggressive. Flow and work with your adc. {{champion:81}} will want to poke so you can focus on maxing q, or still max e or w if you're going against a very hyper aggressive bot lane. tl;dr too many options, honestly any way you level your skills/who you play with you'll do well. One combo that seems to always work for me is {{champion:236}} /{{champion:117}} . All the speed ups and extra attack for more pix damage, dashes etc. make for a frustrating lane. It just works and I don't really have a solid explanation for it. Regarding a build, I don't usually get past it but the double vroom vroom combo is pretty awesome. {{item:3303}} to start. Into {{item:2049}}, {{item:3158}}, {{item:3069}} + {{item:3800}}. Then {{item:3222}} or {{item:3060}} /{{item:3190}} based on your teams needs. Hold one spot open for pinks and if it gets super late game, disregard pinks and pick an item. {{item:3143}} or {{item:3102}} gives you some bulk. {{item:3050}} is beneficial for a heavy ad team.
Qarekeo (NA)
: What's the "meta" Build for Bard?
{{item:3117}} {{item:3069}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3060}} ({{item:3110}} or {{item:3143}}), {{item:2043}}. If it gets to a point where pinks aren't needed (super late game or someone else picked up the pink ward trinket), then it's kind of what does your team need. Hard cc? {{item:3222}} need more initation power on top of your speed buffs and magical journeys? {{item:3800}} or {{item:3023}} Wanna make your ad carries and bruisers scarier? {{item:3050}} {{item:3089}} Why? Because you can. :^) As always {{item:3341}} once you get {{item:2049}} . {{item:3364}} once 9 or when gold allows if you're finishing a major item. I'd say don't build{{item:2045}} until the very end, {{item:2049}} is good enough
: promos are the DUMBEST THING
Random is as random does. :/
3tyson (NA)
: suport utility items
I'm not sure if I should be scared or wondering if this is troll. Just because an item has cdr on it doesn't mean it's a support item.
: Suggestions for support Lulu runes?
I usually run armor reds and yellows, mr blues and flat mana regen quints. Get all the mana regen!
Takazaki (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=03MegurineLuka03,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=Mbi6KKpt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-22T20:45:29.042+0000) > > Freelo.gg can be a bit finicky and is meant to offer general improvement. It does try and factor in things like how long the game is which is probably why it ended up with a lower ranking. I would say the early trinket swap is what did you in. I'd recommend keeping your yellow trinket until close to level 9 where the cd is lowered greatly, or just build a sightstone. Heck, most junglers are secondary supports and ward everywhere. > > tl;dr I think you did fine in both considering the circumstances. Freelo.gg doesn't need to be followed religiously but to just keep it at the back of your head like 'oh i have 75 gold, lemme just snag a ward to drop in their jungle/dragon/bot river area. > > **To give you an idea, I mostly play support and freelo.gg tells me I need to go for more kills and take more. :|** not enough "suppport" {{champion:1}}
http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1831579885/41644175?tab=overview Excuse the scrub normal game, but ye old double vroom vroom ({{item:3069}} & {{item:3800}} with {{item:3117}} ) into tibbear stuns mean you don't need to do damage. :D
Takazaki (NA)
: Vision
Freelo.gg can be a bit finicky and is meant to offer general improvement. It does try and factor in things like how long the game is which is probably why it ended up with a lower ranking. I would say the early trinket swap is what did you in. I'd recommend keeping your yellow trinket until close to level 9 where the cd is lowered greatly, or just build a sightstone. Heck, most junglers are secondary supports and ward everywhere. tl;dr I think you did fine in both considering the circumstances. Freelo.gg doesn't need to be followed religiously but to just keep it at the back of your head like 'oh i have 75 gold, lemme just snag a ward to drop in their jungle/dragon/bot river area. To give you an idea, I mostly play support and freelo.gg tells me I need to go for more kills and take more. :|
: My objective isnt to get kills its to support. Not buying sight stone doesn't make me any less of a support either, the only damage item I prioritize is {{item:3116}} and it's mainly for the slow and extra peel I can get from it. Aside from that I'm building straight utility or more damage if the team needs it. Like I said this only on Annie support but for most others I buy the sight stone.
*shrugs* vision seems to be highly underrated for you then. I'd rather make plays based off what I can see vs prioritizing {{item:3116}}. Even on Annie support, you need the vision in bot lane to make sure you can successfully make plays without the threat of the enemy jungler camping you. To be fair, if it works for you, don't stop. I just feel you're undervaluing vision on a squishy, heavy focus support.
Griefer (NA)
: Bork doesn't work wel on him, yet I've seen him perform real well. Why???
He'll perform well if he can cash in on his passive. It let's him snowball much faster. Alternatively, if you die or lose stacks it cripples him. Odds are they are rushing a {{item:3035}} and abusing their mid game power spike.
: Your favorite Champion now works in Customer Service
: Your Favorite Champion is know getting a Doom bot version, what is he/she like
{{champion:432}} Passive: Always has meeps q: Travels indefinitly and will continue damaging and stunning past the first 2 targets. Also explodes in 8 directions. w: Restores 20% health with no charge time. e: Doom bots travel instantly (basically a flash) and can go back the same way they went in. r: size increased by 200% and you can take damage while in stasis.
Griefer (NA)
: How does Draven fit in??
Since draven can kind of dictate where his axes go plus a spammable (if you're smart) speed boost plus an aoe knock aside he has the potential to do well. The reason why draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaven's are really strong is simply because he can just about win any 1v1 trade due to raw strength. And if you get a kill with enough passive stacks your damage in mid game is so strong (so too early for tanks to really get there) that you could group and win or just roam mid and push.
: Yes there was and i love your name btw <3 but yea i was asking if you recommended essence reaver or bloodthirster as the lifesteal choice? Or is that situational?
I would say {{item:3072}} over {{item:3508}} 100% of the time. Though I've seen a lot of very high elo adcs (looking at you C9 sneaky) build {{item:3153}} . So...take what I say as a grain of salt. I usually have more than enough mana from {{item:3042}} and {{item:3078}} to not worry about mana too much.
Griefer (NA)
: If tank meta render burst ADC's useless against tanks, why are champs like Draven, Lucian and Ezreal still strong?
Because they can kite well, as can {{champion:67}} . But these champions have a stronger early game ({{champion:81}} is questionable as its more skill on how many q's you can hit). Focus on getting your bork then start to trade.
: Ezreal mains halp me!!
Is there something in particular you were asking advice for? Like buildwise?
: Supports And Vision, Help Your Support
Unless you have as a team smashed the enemy team going 15+ kills in the first 10 minutes, I see no reason to delay {{item:2049}}. Supporting is about doing the most with very little. You don't need damage to carry. If that was the case, go play {{champion:55}} support or something ridiculous. As the others posting, I'm a support main, so I'm also biased towards {{item:2049}} . Hell, I build it on junglers now whenever I go cinderhulk. If it works for you fine, but you are going to get your butthole ripped open almost every game because you don't want to fork over 800 gold for unlimited wards plus being able to get a sweeper to clear vision then catch people out. You're not really supporting imo this way. You're just a secondary carry that donates farm to another carry and has to pray you get enough kills to be able to snowball and win.
3tyson (NA)
: good duo combos
supp/jungle is a good combo since supports can roam with the jungler and 3 man gank mid or do a deep jungle invade.
: Should I have a cap on my champs for one lane?
I don't see a problem with expanding your pool. Odds are some of the champions you won't play as much will become comfort picks. Where you don't have to play them all the time but can still do decently with them.
rescued (NA)
: Totally agree with this ^ As a support main, you CAN carry but you have to work your butt off. Roam and snowball other lanes whenever you can. Peel for your carries, etc. Finding a great duo partner also helps a ton.
> Peel for your carries A lot of this. Janna is a godsend in the peel department, but can still be aggressive with flash nado's or monsoons. She can trade well with her shield and the list just goes on and on. Glancing over your match history I see a lot of heavy engage supports which is fine if that's what you like. I just get worried taht no one will follow up on your engage vs playing janna and throwing a q to stop the enemy team.
: Void Zyra
Haunted Zyra is about as close as you can get. Look at their faces and hair though. I can't be the only one that sees it... ;_;
: Roaming as a support champion and manipulating minion waves
Regarding wave manipulation, generally just removing a caster minion or two is enough for the wave to push since they do the bulk of the damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Da1knownaz X,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=AvWYIsrM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-17T13:21:05.659+0000) > roaming raka is pretty childish Excuse me? 1) Silence prevents flash/CC escapes and often gets the lane killed 2) Healing your midlane/jungle can turn a potential dive into a safe lane again, or even force the enemy to back if the enemy is also low HP 3) Raka's slow on Q is quite strong and a coordinated gank with your jungler can get an easy kill. Don't underestimate the Raka. http://vgy.me/Q3vYdW.png
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