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: No, I would mute them and report them at the end of the game. You’re free to mute them. That’s the ultimate safety - completely blocking any abuse they can possibly throw at you. You instead chose to respond to their rule violations with rule violations of your own. That’s not okay. It does not matter *why* or *when* you started to flame others - it’s not acceptable.
As I said, this is a violation of your freedom of speech by using mute command. The only thing that riot should fix is their ban system. It is actually the only game where players behave badly. The reason is no one can speak freely.
: Dude, I'll start off by stating I hate SJW liberal snowflakes to the max extreme. They hate liberty and personal freedoms and free thinking. That said, this game is managed by them and they hate the 1st, it is private game and forum, so they can restrict any thought they don't like.
At least one person understands what I am inferring. And you are right, this company will always violate our rights. I hope that one day, this company will realize what they have done was wrong.
: Oh. I can explain how they can violate it. You don't actually have it because it is a private company and not part of the government.
So, from your reasoning, I can threat people as I want and violating their rights ?
Chermorg (NA)
: Because the first amendment starts by saying: **Congress shall make no law**. Last I checked, Riot wasn’t congress, and congress still hasn’t passed any law on Riot’s gaming issues. You’re in a private area - a private company - and private companies **have always and will always** have the right to control speech and actions within their bounds (so long as they are not being discriminatory based on protected classes). He treated you like a “bully” because you **are** one. It doesn’t matter you’re sorry - you were punished because you violated the rules. If you want to post your logs from the support request, I think you’ll find that the agent was **more than nice** to you until you refused to listen.
Actually, I did not say anything until the team started saying bad words to me and threaded me to be reported. What would you do in my case ? would you respond and stand up to defend yourself ? Agent 007 saw only my log and did nothing to punish the players who started flaming and being toxic. So sad that we have to play in unsafe digital environment.
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