: Two more chances to grab an MSI Capsule
50 bucks and no one gemstone, pretty bad luck huh.
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: RGM, IP, and tons of damage in Ask Riot
Any chance for a profile background of your lv7 masteries champion? or maybe something else that can be purchase by rp/ip?
: MSI 2016 hits the Rift
2014 SSW Team Skins, 2013 SKT T1 Team Skins, 2012 TPA Team Skins, 20111 FNC Team Skins, Challenger Ahri, Challenger Nidalee 20111 FNC Team Skins. GJ Rito
: the time difference is a bit too much this year to my knowledge not many ppl watch espn at 6 am (central time)
good point. i have not yet thought of the time zone thing {{champion:26}}
: looking to make ranked 5 team (anyone welcome)
Age:18 Rank: Diamond Role: Support/Mid Top 3 Champs{{champion:91}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:7}} 3 champ wanna learn : {{champion:157}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} why join : need more points for ward skin offer: vision control. roam more than the jungler. anything else: i can play passive or aggressive on support but i will need a adc that can follow up, as a mid laner i will dive for kills if i know i can kill them in full combo.
Howldoom (NA)
: Having Problems with Silver II
ur not using op.gg thats what is wrong. jk in low elos, jungler can usually carry the whole game, so try to duo up with a good jungler that u know and tell him to camp ur lane often and get u fed, heim can be good but try not to get anthens because u dont really need mana plus ur duo jungler will give u blue buff (hopefully) tris is great at carrying games but i will not trust my support to help in low elo.
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: I just realized only 1 person is left in the run for CS Riven in the Worlds Pick'em


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