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: League gameplay changes over the next few months
I just wanted to ask what the current riot philosophy is when it comes to champion balance. Is there an intentional meta you guys look to balance for or do you look to make every champion as equal as possible? The recent buffs to yasuo that got pulled from the PBE make it seem more like you guys are balancing for a set meta for the end of this season since he is a champion already being played a lot in soloQ and pro play. Tanks and the lower tier champions seem to never be touched once at the half point of the season. I believe a lot of the community frustration in the game is that the champions at the bottom of the barrel never seem to be touched while the ones at the top always are if that makes sense. I just think a little transparency would help.
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: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
I like the 2nd path as well. Maybe though his dash could be replaced with some type of ranged or guardian soldier to make him feel more like a commander instead of just putting himself in fights.


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