: 1000IQ BigBrain, I think that this ban was deserved. Two wrongs do not make a right.
Rofl cool I don't give a shit you must have never done anything wrong in your life. People shouldn't be allowed to get banned just because someone got mad at you in a video game or hurt your feelings. Riots current report system is a legit joke.. There are even ways to be toxic currently and completely avoid a ban.
Nasarie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=1000IQ BigBrain,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=JEqA8sF9,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-03-23T17:10:59.770+0000) > > too bad all the riot fanboys are downvoting me because they think the report system is flawless. For someone named 1000IQ BigBrain you seem to have a basic lack of the common rules. Well since I am a kind soul I will enlighten you with the words from riot themselves. If you look around the support page they state that they do not care who started the argument. It does not matter if you use bad words. Arguing disrupts yours and your teammates game play. If there is someone feeding or being an asshole. The team does not need you to add on to the problem that already exist. You are only making the match harder by getting into it with them period. That is why riot decided its better to punish both parties.
Just keep in mind if this was a match of league and I reported you for what you just now said you would get flagged rofl. You can get flagged just because someone got pissed at you and reported you as long as you said something that the automated report system can pick up. You just wouldn't get in trouble unless you get reported enough.. I guess im allowed to report you since you said the word asshole feels bad man.
: Not surprised. The only appropriate action here is to mute team and afk farm. Doing anything else will get you reported/banned by riot. AFK farming will atleast hopefully get you fed and give time for the other teammate to cool off.
too bad all the riot fanboys are downvoting me because they think the report system is flawless.
: ***
By the way I the only reason I pointed out he was feeding was because he was blaming me for us being down like 30 kills lol..
: ***
Rofl practice what I preach? explain.. I don't report people and when I do its because they are actually toxic.. I don't just report someone because im mad at them like half of these 12 year olds..
: ummm the salty silver players thing wasn't in game..
also the only reason I said that I cant wait til I get notified of his ban was because I didn't expect to get flamed all game by some dick then get banned for it.
: ***
ummm the salty silver players thing wasn't in game..
Vreivai (NA)
: Did you get banned or chat restricted? And if it was a ban, was this your first punishment?
banned at it was not my first but still don't even care because I never really flamed the guy. I don't even think saying im better than someone is ban-able but its whatever the ban system is terrible anyway. People use it as a weapon.
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