: It is sad ASSASSINS can't do their job when you have ADCs 1shotting people lategame.
Uhh katarina, zed, rengar, and khazix are one shotting adc's no problem right now. Fizz, talon, akali suck doe.
: Well there is flex q for you but it seems you haven'T noticed? Noone forces you to play a true solo q (if it existed in the first place) you can still enjoy your premade heaven in flex q
> Noone forces you to play a true solo q (if it existed in the first place) you can still enjoy your premade heaven in flex q No you are wrong. Flex queue is fun for 3's and higher, and a place to compete competitively as a team. Solo queue no matter what is the most distinguished queue, and will be the most played queue. Having 2/5 of the team controlled by me and a friend is fine and makes each and every game carry able without having 4 man gank cheese, 4 man flames etc.
: Flex queue is probably the worst thing I've seen on this game.
LOL yeah the matchmaking is broken rn. But it's still a fun queue if you have friends to play it with. If you're a solo queue player only, then you shouldn't need to worry about it.
Parceval (NA)
: PSA: Real SoloQ
I disagree...Despite the obvious point of the solo queue ladder showing who the best individual players are, sometimes carrying 4 people depending on matchmaking is very difficult considering you are 1/5 of your team. Although, if I'm confident in my duo, then that is a much larger impact on the game and it seems to be less of a "please don't match me with plebs" system. I feel like pure solo queue all the time would become a roulette for some such as myself. I'd rather have someone I know is going to perform but that's me personally i can't speak for people who live on soloing solely.
psieks (NA)
: An account playing ranked for the first time has roughly silver 3 MMR. Since flex queue is an entirely new ranked queue, that applies to EVERYONE on the flex ladder right now. I haven't played it yet but after looking at the matches my friends have played, there is usually at least one bronze player in the game while there's also a platinum or higher player on their team or the other team. It's a trainwreck that I hope will sort itself out after people have placed. Good thing it's not a serious ranked queue.
You actually get the same rewards for flex as solo queue and if u finish gold at end of s7 in both, you get bonus rewards.
14for14 (NA)
: Flex Queue Matchmaking Doe....
Lol u guys are right cuz of right now, it's roulette :)
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Queen Ram (EUNE)
: Season 6 rewards
Ur friend is probably trying to worry you for no reason xD
Queen Ram (EUNE)
: Season 6 rewards
I highly doubt that
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deku Foxx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yqzU4101,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-07T11:08:24.136+0000) > > will the new season have the average plat 5 mmr or my personal gold mmr active. When the new season starts you'll have Gold 5 MMR and probably be placed into SIlver 5, at worst; Silver 1, at best (after placements). If you start winning in the pre-season you can up your chances in the placements. But at the end of the day it doesn't really matter where you are placed; what matters is where you "give up" :)
Alright thanks :) Gl to you next season fam
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Deku Foxx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yqzU4101,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-07T10:03:48.438+0000) > > 1. Does preseason affect mmr the same as the normal season?, or less?, or not at all? It does. MMR is soft reset at every start of the season. What this means is that a Master player doesn't suddenly get Silver 5 MMR when the new season starts. He'll still have "High" MMR compared to the average player, thus it being a soft reset. > 2. If I'm plat 5, and I tilted and my mmr is gold 5(True story fml), will a soft reset of my personal mmr be taken or the average mmr for the rank in general? If you end-up in Gold 5, during the pre-season, your MMR will be influenced at the start of the new one. For the sake of match-making, the MMR can't be stale while the new season doesn't begin, so it does increase/decrease with every game you win/lose. *** There's one tiny little detail that I need to mention. Season 7 will have 2 separate ladders so there may be some adjustments there (maybe an Hard Reset). Hard Resets are almost never a good idea, but with the introduction of 2 separate ladders it may work out. If that's the case, expect to have the hard reset done on the Solo/Duo queue ladder, since that's the one where "skill actually matters", thus having the same state like everyone else is more important (I'm poking fun at people that argument against DQ).
Alright thanks, that was very helpful. What I mean't by the 2nd question though is that if I'm plat 5 and I have a gold 5 mmr but I'm plat 5, will the new season have the average plat 5 mmr or my personal gold mmr active. So I'm p5 with shitty mmr basically.
: Goals?
My goal was Plat V at the start of the season but then i got greedy and my goal became Diamond. I got to plat 2 63 lp and tilted back to Plat V 0 lp.. I'll still consider it a win xD
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: Vote disband in champion select
Nah bad idea...you could literally just do this any time the enemy team comp looked better and queues times would be even worse..
: Why don't marksmen have some kind of real gating on their damage like assassins are getting?
All of you are salty but if I'm playing {{champion:21}} and the enemy team has a {{champion:238}} or {{champion:91}} or {{champion:84}} . Do I look like I'm surviving? No, my booty cheeks have been surrendered for most of the game. Especially if my support took ignite smh, then i'm literally doomed. I stg I built a zhonyas on miss fortune adc. It needed to be done.
: Diamond players think Plat and below are garbage, guess What
D5 and D4's are literally the survivors of the toxic elo of self proclaimed gods that is plat 3-1 elo. Congrats you guys dodged a terrorist attack.
: The problem with Shyvana isn't her human form
Everyone says Shyvana isn't viable but anyone I know who plays her more than 50 games has a 4.0 kda or higher with at least a 60% win rate..?
Eyesack (NA)
: Personally I'm excited for a hard reset in solo/duo rating
I've already seen a topic like this get a ton of upvotes and I don't understand why. A minority getting boosted doesn't mean the majority should be punished for it. Just because someone is D5 doesn't mean it wasn't hard af to get D5, you guys think they can just magically travel back to there from bronze in like a week. No. Also bronze and diamonds shouldn't have to face each other smh.
: People think I'm Trash
Reach for dem stars
Rioter Comments
: If somebody performs poorly and ends up making the enemy team into a monster, then it is their fault. The blame is on them. That doesn't mean you get to be an asshole. People have bad games. You will lose games that you did well in because your teammates did not do as well. Get over it and move on to the next game. Because one of these days, it will be your fault your team lost, and you probably don't want to get cursed out by the whole team. Show some respect and show some kindness
I don't flame people for being bad. I flame people for dying and going "gg" or "ff 20", "glad you have a jungler" If you're feeding and your team was nice enough not to complain but your gonna try and tilt everyone, ur attitude is that of an immature child.
: Don't blame supports for your defeat.
My support had last pick and chose Blitzcrank into a comp of udyr, ekko, ezreal, thresh, and Alistar(mid). Tell me who he should hook out of the 5 :)
: GG SSG, You Fought Hard, You Fought Well.
ROX and SSG put up great games :(
: Why most ADCs don't like their supports.
I just played an MF game where the enemy comp was Alistar mid, thresh supp, ezreal adc, ekko top, and udyr jg. My support picked blitzcrank. 20 minute ff. I really wanna know who he was planning on hooking.
: what do i put it under ? technical issues or question about league ??? ive never submitted a ticket T-T
Ugh I actually have no idea because after reading they said suspensions cannot be lifted but I know if you dispute it in email they send you chat logs or they are to provide you with proof or justification of ur ban.. Sorry not sure at this point :/
: yea, if you go to op.na.gg you'll see my item build order, i sold everything at the end
Alright did you submit your ticket? Do it ASAP.
: Petition To Remove Champion Mastery
You want to remove an entire system because ONE person in your game tried to do this... AND IT WAS A NORM. FAMMMMMMMM
TBakes (NA)
: Which Champ is Your Kryptonite?
{{champion:154}} Lol honestly can't ward against him, he has too much range on e, he can one shot squishies while also being a thousand times tankier. I dodge every game he goes through but I always tell my team to ban.
: Suspended for intentionally feeding
Submit a ticket, I'm sure rioters can check when certain items were purchased?
iBlump (NA)
: Coaching Offered, Can coach lower elos (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
He offered free advice, what's with the downvotes..
00lli0o (NA)
: BEST ITEM in the game?
Morello. I main mages. I can use abilities without running out of mana while getting 100 ap, and an effect that cuts a large percentage of healing.
: People think League is in it's worst state ever...
The ladder integrity should be fixed in season 7 due to the new queues so that will get better for sure. Not gonna complain about itemization's on certain champs being broken because that happens almost every season in a new way. Not gonna lie tho, this season had way too many people who were must bans. At one point in the season I had like 10 perma bans in my head lul.
Arabed (NA)
: Can we reset the mmr of all d5 players next season
Yeah man! Punish the majority for the minority of people who are boosted because you got a couple bad teammates... That would put diamond players against bronze and silvers. That's much better!
: The queue gap is 1 full rank. Silver V can queue with Plat V and or Bronze V. On a side note, the only thing that splits the plats from the silvers is learning how to play from behind.
> On a side note, the only thing that splits the plats from the silvers is learning how to play from behind. Also the fact that silvers like to first time champs in ranked to find a groove but plats are all one tricks.
: So in the past four seasons it's been
Then get gud, and rep NA next season at worlds. I'll be waiting for u my friend
: Why can silvers not que with plats but can be placed vs them???
It's very unlikely that will happen in the first place. The system is mmr based so its possible but only in special cases. Also, why would we want silvers playing with plats on a game to game basis? It would be stupid..
nomeL (NA)
: What if using flash gave the enemy xp?
Uhh nah...The reward is them not having it for the next 5 minutes. Also without flash, they have that added pressure because they know the next gank will most likely mean a death so they won't push lane as hard and will lose cs.
: Thanks ROX Gorilla for completely ruining solo queue for the next week.
I did it three times. I stomped the first two games as it. Stomped the 3rd game in lane and then simply lost because of an int top laner. It's not that bad lol its fun too. P3 elo btw
JoroA (EUW)
: ROX what have you done.......
I just played the mf ashe bot lane in plat elo with my friend. I went 2-0-8 and me and my friend each did more damage than enemy jinx by over 10k.
: Muting All of You Improves My Games
I do this when i'm tilting or someone is extremely toxic but for the most part, the game is more fun with chat. It's the real experience
: People who call you "trash" and say that you "suck" do not deserve your cooperation...
Honestly I think you're decision is stupid af. I've had people in my games do this after arguing with others and it's a bad decision. At the end of the day your lp matters more than anyone you get matched with or against. Cool. Some other toxic person loses lp. Guess what? You'll never meet them again and you've just dug yourself a hole gj..smh
Kittenguin (EUNE)
: Guess who requires skill to play now?
Kat looks a lot harder to play now but I'm a weaboo and shes way too cool so i'll have to develop mechanics that use my brain.
: AP MF Broken
Smh...really lol. If i could face an AP MF everygame, I would be challenger.
: How to play Kalista, Azir, Yasuo, Zed, Vayne, Riven, Lee Sin etc. as a first time in ranked.
When the enemy goes first time lee sin, it warms my heart that they would freely give me elo :) Every kick is a free flash And every landed Q is a free kill for me
: If they have a 20% winrate on their intent pick, what makes you think they'll do better with a champ they're less comfortable with?
> [{quoted}](name=KiyoSpirit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qabEvhLq,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2016-10-16T06:54:36.972+0000) > > If they have a 20% winrate on their intent pick, what makes you think they'll do better with a champ they're less comfortable with? This is for the people who have 60 syndra games with a 60% win rate but decide to play taliyah who they've played about 10 times with a garbage win rate and KDA being shown. If they had that 20% win rate on their best champ, they wouldn't be in my elo lmfao..
: Okay, listen. Nobody thinks your good.
The worst are the solo laners who blame the jungler not ganking to be the reason they are 0-20. The jungler not ganking deprives you of kills. It doesn't make you die over and over again. Especially the "He tower dove me" excuse. He may have tower dove you but that was after you already gave up 5 kills lul
Eggbread (NA)
: Riot Is Adding All These Highly Requested Things...
I love a lot of the changes riot has made but I thought the jungle was personally already in a good spot. I wouldn't quit over this though. If it becomes unbalanced in preseason, i'm sure riot would modify or remove it anyways so who cares.
: Can we get a confirmation button if someone bans a champ a teammate has declared?
Nah then it looks obvious when I ban so and so with a 20% win rate and a 0.5 kda in a decent amount of games...before saying oops they're op.
awdaf (NA)
: Why can't we see the armor pen of our opponent? Or how much life steal they have?
Tbh, you can just see what items they built. If you want runes, then use op.gg/lolnexus, or sites like those in loading screen.
msk51 (NA)
: NA Fans, I'm Embarassed
Bruh away teams always get boo'd in sports. If I was an away player going to korea in the LCS, i'd laugh and start dabbing during the introductions. Y'all needa relax.
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