: a tank is tanking alert the presses
end your league career if u think poppy is balanced.
: I don't know why there is this great need to play this "us vs them" mentality between top and bot lane. When there is something imbalanced, the aim is to fix it. Ranged top laners being able to bully down melee tops isn't the goal, and ADC's having little personal say over how the game flows pre-25 min is also not a goal people want. There's no secret agenda to making ADCs take over and replace every other role's champions, people just want to play a good game of Jinx without feeling like they're gimping their team.
and id like to play 1 game of riven where im able to acquire more than 2 cs every wave without losing a quarter of my hp to a ranged creep or poppy. how about that one?
xevi (NA)
: Jayce is the only "hard" matchup out of the 3 you mentioned. Kennen's kill pressure on yasuo is pretty much limited to his ult. Yasuo can easily deny Kennen q by dodging it with e/or blocking it with windwall. Yasuo's flow shield can eat a charged {{champion:85}} auto + {{item:3145}} + TLD Proc. I'd argue this is a skill matchup considering how well {{champion:85}} can set up a gank with his ult. But {{champion:85}}'s ult is a fairly long cooldown and won't be able to do much to Yasuo without it. Poppy is also a skill matchup since she can effectively cancel {{champion:157}} utlimate with a well timed ultimate over her own (so Yasuo is cc'd and can't cast it) or dodge it via the extra movespeed from her w. But Poppy W CD is fairly long and yasuo will consistently out trade poppy when it's off cooldown. Yasuo easily has the early game advantage here and can stomp Poppy 1v1 when she's "unkillable" if he lands an ultimate (50% Bonus Ar Pen) Jayce is personally my hardest matchup but I don't see him as much as the other two. As yasuo you can still e through melee Jayce while he q's you to dodge the damage and and from there you'll pretty much out trade with your lower cds plus windwall for when Jayce decides to eq as a marskman. But jayce has some decent mana costs and can't continually spam his skills. If he ever misses an eq as ranged Jayce then you go in on him with an e-q-aa then e back whenever Jayce decides to switch to melee form q or e-q you. {{champion:122}} is easily the harder matchup in the top lane for Yasuo
poppy is not a skill matchup for yasuo llol. she gets sunfire and he instantly loses after. he does no damage to her while she melts him.
: Does the game seem less strategic to you?
more about who gets what champ and which champ goes through banning phase.
: TFW you get autofilled support then the enemy team has to remake and you get autofill protected
Rioter Comments
: In case you didn't know, they were on holiday. Now they're back and balancing can begin again.
for 2 seasons? guess we can expect actual changes to happen now. doubt it tho.
: They nerfed her Ulti insta-click just for pressing R damage. She 1/2 healths people with an uninterruptible combo that chunks based on %hp damage while cc'd; all the while having a huge passive+CotC shield that few can break through before the passive comes off cd again mid/late-game. Nerfing instaR damage and passive duration seems pretty logical actually.
but not nerfing the pre 6 cancer that is her kit is logical as well? fuck her ulti i could dodge that shit easy. her q e and her passive are disgusting. add that in with cotc and u want to commit sudoku
: you forgot {{champion:150}} You cant touch him after he levels jump, and even if you were 5/0 in lane, you will lose as soon as he gets {{item:3022}}
Nah now he's actually killable. Now his laning phase is enjoyable to vs because u can dodge most of his shit and his autos don't do as much until he gets to proc
Eedat (NA)
: Doesnt even matter. Even if you're up 30 CS on poppy somehow, she's still going to shit on you
ye thats true but atleast you have your dignity when she does destroy you. jayce however takes that and all the cs and 0 enemy minion harass when hes hitting u.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tidal Tyrant,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=X6qx8h2n,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-01-05T22:33:34.480+0000) > > Fuck. I don't want to be ''just another shitposter'' > But for Fucksake. > Why the fuck does it feel like Riot does not give a shit about Toplane? cause it's a afk lane boring as hell
only boring when u pick jayce/kennen/poppy which ironically enough are the broken champs of the lane.
: NO, the damage is flipped. The same damage but it ramps instead of lowering. It means people clipped by a couple hits won't get chunked, while people who bathe in it will still get roasted like they should. The change is actually big.
did they change kennen aa'ing someone everytime they go in for a cs? no. they changed his ulti. poppy was hated for how tanky and disgusting she was in terms of her stupidly high base stats and they nerfed her ulti. her ultimate. her ultimate. balance team is just ridiculous.
Eedat (NA)
: To be fair its not any worse than getting completely shit on by Poppy every other game
not really. id kill to lane vs poppy over jayce. atleast with poppy u can run from her much less get atleast 1 cs out of the wave after 2. althought poppy is as broken as jayce if not more shes still a melee .
JMoormann (EUW)
: To everyone who claims that the game is currently more imbalanced than it has ever been:
as a top main now is the time where balance is the worst. ive been playing for 5 years and ive never seen such a shit state for league every lane has broken champs that riot refuses to touch. jayce/kennen/poppy on top syndra/ryze/and syndra again cait for bot and cait and cait and cait again. fuck cait.
: He's RANGED. He'll always be a bully by default due to that. I don't want him going even or even falling behind and then winning because he flash ults into my team. He used to blow them up in the first few ticks, now he needs to keep them in it for longer to get the same damage; and doesn't take them to 1/2 even if he messes up.
Eedat (NA)
: LMAO qtpie and Scarra are having a talk on QT's stream "Jayce is ***stupidly*** overtuned" -Scarra
but will riot ever balance him? nope. fuck those melees - riot games
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Fuck. I don't want to be ''just another shitposter'' But for Fucksake. Why the fuck does it feel like Riot does not give a shit about Toplane?
DaNinad (NA)
: I usually destroy anything with Renekton, what are you talking about.
in what elo exactly? have u seen a diamond jayce? poppy?
: You'd rather they say nothing about anything? They already addressed Kennen 4 weeks ago. He has a change on pbe that is going live next week.
its complete shit. it doesn't address his early laning phase bully. thats all i care about.
Crett (NA)
: They posted to say they won't be changing anything
Rioter Comments
: currently in a game yet whining on the boards? lol
his jungler is duoing with him so i pretty much auto die everytime i walk into tower. hes just doing half my hp with a q and then his lee comes in for the clean up.
: i feel like i just had a game with you with jayce. that dude is cancer
im currently in game with a g3 trash can that gets to abuse me everytime i go into lane because riots balanced team has extra chromosomes.
Ralanr (NA)
: You can. Just let go of your anger.
or riot can fucking nerf this champion already and make their game semi balanced for jsut 1 month.
Rioter Comments
: Me seeing pretty much zero balance changes in the past 3 PBE updates when the game is so broken ATM
jayce kennen still allowed to make melees miserable but ya know u gotta complain about some heartseeker lucian skin to have fun in this game haha :) who cares about balance when we got skins!!!
Flaherty (NA)
: If their support is wasting exhaust on you then that's good because your mid and adc can just win team fights for you
lol? i dont think u understand hwo exhaust works. basically if im the carry im going to be focused and exhausted so im dealing no damage. so if u have a shitter for an adc going 2-10 u wont care if hes able to do damage
: Reneketon still is tanky while doing some damage and has cc. Riven has a ton of cc, can sustain, still outputs damage. Yasuo still has a knock up, windfall, shield to tank a bit, still good damage output. Zed can still do a lot of damage, go untargetable, and poke. Tryndamere can still slow, do a lot of damage, and tank for 5 seconds. Darius can still tank, do damage and get his stacks built up for ult, still can pull. Aatrox still can slow, knock up, and sustain through fights. Just because someone debuffs you and you can't one shot someone, it doesn't make you useless. It just means you need to readjust your strategy for 2.5 seconds.
1 shot someone? u mean DO any damage.
: Looking at the roster I was unable to find any ad melees who would be completely useless when exhausted.
what in the FUCK lol.... {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:266}} retard alert.
Flaherty (NA)
: If you're a top laner that is complaining about exhaust then I assume it's because the enemy top laner has exhaust? If that's true then why can't your jungler camp them or use your tp and go bot lane? If you're talking about anyone else having exhaust how does it affect you as a top laner?
no its because late game you're shut down in teamfights. early game need to help bot lane and late game enemy bot support makes me useless.
: It doesn't make champions completely useless.
actually it makes most ad melees useless.
Flaherty (NA)
: If cleanse counters it how is it not worth taking? There are plenty of ways to work around exhaust but you just reject them all and keep banging your head against a wall saying it's too good
because if u take cleanse over tp you're going to get camped and you will fall behind 4 levels without touching a single creep. also your bot lane is going to get dicked by the enemy top laner and i wont be able to help or show presence with tp.
Flaherty (NA)
: Cleanse removes it and you can just disengage for 2.5 seconds until it's gone, and quicksilver items will remove the slow at least (not sure about the other parts)
cleanse over tp as a top laner haha xD
dominusx (EUNE)
: Is it me or is exhaust a really toxic spell?
relax janna has the best peel but she also needs exhaust. whats it like to be a melee that has to flash in to do damage late game you say and still get negated completely with a point and click ? feels awesome and rewarding. caitlyn players however have it real rough when no one can touch them.
Bhagswag (NA)
: My house is on fire, what do I do now?
no more league so rejoice.
: > [{quoted}](name=KraDEsluP282,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Bs7HYYi8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-05T18:02:25.152+0000) > > doesn't stop my teammates from feeding though. then pretend your teammates are burning inside the candle flame.
best comment ive seen in a while.
Penns (EUW)
: I mean at least top lane there many meta melee champs, meanwhile even Yasuo dodges mid and goes top xd
and then has to go vs kennen/jayce/poppy and gets his ass destroyed
: without exhaust what would supports do?
Ralanr (NA)
: What advantage does top lane have?
my advantage is not clawing my eyes out vs kennen/jayce/poppy. its bettered me as a human being to have more patience than anyone else in the game.
Rioter Comments
: they are good champs but that just playing broken champs doesnt get someone into the top ~750 players on the server
i played vs the guy 3 times and he plays like a monkey. when naut with cotc was meta ( still is) all he did was rush zzrot and shvoe into tower. i destroyed him. he won naturally because his mid laner got syndra and they had a cait and i had the kalista adc but hes still an awful player.
: d1 player playing the meta = 'awful'. Guess the bronze 4 fiora with 2 million mastery points couldn't take advantage when fiora was strong enough for lcs play :/
fiora was nerfed pretty early . after her first nerf kennen was more viable in lcs. fiora didnt see too much play in lcs regardless lol. kennen/jayce are 10x better in every aspect.
: We already know who's annoying, let's talk about matchups that we love instead.
{{champion:114}} as a riven main its always so god damn fun to fight a fiora. if i make a mistake i die and if she makes a msitake she dies. the thing is we never fall off in terms of 1v1ing. it only becomes a hindrnce when she gets a huge gold lead. meaning if i die to her once i still have a chance to outplay her and thats the belief that makes me enjoy the lane. laning vs kennen/jayce tho? elegiggle i dont even have to die to them to be behind.
Rioter Comments
Moetaro (EUW)
: Flagged to lose
did u lose 3 games in a row today with teammates going 0-15 in every single one? did you hate the game and leave for a week? how about for the next 2 games when you come back we give u an inting jungler for one going 2-9 and the next game u get a 30 percent winrate 60 game plat 3 elise who goes 4-14 invading the enemy jungle when shes 0-6. how about it? then when you claim you're being targeted we will have our forum users who have yet to play ranked to let you know you're just bad and cant carry to make you hate the game evn more.
: If yasuo can destroy almost everyone in late game ..
{{champion:85}} {{champion:126}} because ranged champs have the same exact problem? and yet yasuo is bitched about more often by low elo mid laners? who would u rather face, a jayce that sits behind his creeps aa'ing you every time u go for a creep or a yasuo that has to e to get to u and allows u to actually hit him back?
: no offense, but riven players should not be complaining. at least you can somewhat deal with the ranged top lane, and as proof there are many challengers who main riv. if they can do well in challenger she is fine.
Adrian wants to kill himself everytime someone picks poppy. He hates her so much he plays her when riven is picked or banned and is disgusted with how strong she is. Go ahead and ask him what he thinks of top right now. Irelia poppy have an easier laning phas vs ranged
: I never thought I'd see the day where defending assassins and whining about how weak they are is the new circlejerk. Part of it is ADC balance being fucked up, and part of it is a legion of salty assassin mains who have to use skill and knowledge to kill now instead of rapidly left-clicking and spamming ctrl 5.
Wow at the fact that u think adcs are harder to play than assassins . Fuck me who knew right clicking was mlg status
: I read your post multiple times and I can't tell what you want to say, your post is all over the place. At first it appears like assassin hating on mages then you whine about Syndra being broken then says all mages are better than assassins then crying about Riot's balance team then how this game is a joke then about meta sheep then your ranked adventure, you are really busy... So I guess this post is about what you hate in your league adventures?
Assassins suck dick Mages are disgusting and more broken than zed will ever be Poppy is broken Matchmaking is shit Ranged champs and poppy are the only ones being picked top and winning every lane Intent feeders and trolls are not dealt with 10% as much as people saying "stop feeding moron" are to a 2-15 mid laner
: Could we get a developer series? like footage of the balance team discussing the current game state.
Have u seen a table where monkeys sat around? There's your footage my dude
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