: FPS outrage after patch 8.6
FIX ____________________ Go to setting(video) Check vertical setting, hit ok Go back to setting and uncheck then it ok You should now have your normal FPS _______________________ Problem is you have to do this everytime it drops to 30fps I have comp that has i7 and 1070, this happens to me also. Dont think it has to do with shit comp.
Chermorg (NA)
: Can anyone else see this post because i spent like 2 hours writing it and it won’t finish loading for me and i honestly can’t be arsed to rewrite it..... :(
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4dtO2Air,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-04-01T18:16:46.657+0000) > > Can anyone else see this post because i spent like 2 hours writing it and it won’t finish loading for me and i honestly can’t be arsed to rewrite it..... :( nice april fools joke rofl
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: Saw Tornadoes shaped like Cthulu on Facebook....
: unperma ban
cy@ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ElScythe LV (EUNE)
: I already see that riot is too arrogant to admit their mistake. I accept that. I also accept that this snub community thinks they know better than everyone else. I also accept that. Hell, i even lost the appetite to be part of this community.
ElScythe LV (EUNE)
: Worth Perma-ban?
rofl, prob no one cares your excuse, and no one will believe your excuses. Try hards to get out of permaban, Just upload the original text either way cy@, goodbye~ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: i took pictures and saved all your accounts and sent to riot. thanks for providing me info on your accounts bro. have fun with ban
lolol dont know who that anivia is, but he made u get demoted!
: In ranked that would be called being overly cocky and naïve.
Indeoque (NA)
all pax skins + all vic skins on my main + king rammus gtfo
: i took pictures and saved all your accounts and sent to riot. thanks for providing me info on your accounts bro. have fun with ban
? why u mad bro {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} edit: ah i see u mad, cuz demoted to silver 2:]
Gurtaj (NA)
: Will Draven Draven Come Out Again?
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Slythion (NA)
: wait but PUBG has actual broken servers lol at least say something believable if you're gonna be so toxic on the boards
thats cuz ur comp sucks. i get no lags with ultra setting {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Ranked Tiers according to the boards
guess the board is full of garbage, since they all are bunch of hardstuck bronzie or silver then rofl
: New Ranked Restriction
How about no, cuz ur stuff pretty much ruin for those who smurf. rofl Not every fresh 30 means "new" players. There are some smurfs
: Now, those are REAL JHIN BUFFS
made all the 4upvotes into 5:] get rekt
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: Can we seriously just get rid of promos?
whats the point if you just boost the required LP that is needed to rank up to 140lp? still 2 games bruh (If you get 20lp per match)
: For the love of all that is holy, STOP calling 'gg' before the match is over.
lol you wouldnt be saying that when u face a game that is 8v30 3inhib down, baron gone, 3infernal drag and 1 wind drag gone You are not gonna win those game just because u try.... a GG is a GG Move on to next game
: This guy calling me trash while he quits after one ranked loss http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/926/994/729.gif
LOL, im saving this gif bruh
: Banned for saying the "N" Word
lol i guess it dont matter if u r really black.. but how r we suppose to know that bs?
: @Riot, give me reasons why
and this fucking support dont even open at weekends.
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: i got banned on my other account yesterday as well around 5pm est, while i was opening fucking chests. Did not get any chat logs or any emails from riot, just plain "your account is perma suspended" when i try to log in. I wonder if this is related to toxicity as i sometimes flame on my teammates Let me ask you this, what honor level do u have?
same, idk the reasons why got banned. No chat logs
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Amazing that you can post on the boards even while in the kitchen, technology has truly come a long way~ Haha i kid. That said, to me i literally dont care what you have down there- all that matters to me is if youre feeding in my ranked game or not, i know a few girls that play but they are honestly pretty bad, so i dont play with them much cuz theyre around b5 elo. Only know one or two that are at least silver 3 so most of the people i play with are other dudes. IMO if you dont want anyone to treat you like a special snowflake just dont even bring up your gender. I duo with my girlfriend all the time and she dosnt have any of these problems because she just never brings it up and dosnt have a name like "xXxkatieXxX so its not blantantly obvious. The thing youre missing here, is that most league players are not overtly social people. Theyre the type to sit at home at night playing league instead of going out and doing things so when theres a female around the thirst is real af. If that wasnt the case streamers like kaycetron and celestiavega wouldnt exist. So just dont act overtly girly and it shouldnt be a problem really
> Amazing that you can post on the boards even while in the kitchen, technology has truly come a long way~ ayyy lmfao
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dominusx (EUNE)
: Can we remove Vayne's stealth
yes, either able to make control ward see her stealth or remove it. Like what the hell is camoulfrage and invisible? why make this shit? vayne already has bonus attack dmg in her ult and they give her extra stealth. LMFAO GG rip pink ward -2016
Avios1 (NA)
: Speculation: What If Flash Was Made Into A Standard Ability Like Recall Was?
: i do and i am climbing 50% , and it was higher, winrate but sometimes the climb is ruined by some dumb shiet and i fear im gonna be at a 45% winrate if too much dumb shiet starts happening....i hate when ppl dont think while they play and its like everyone is on reactionary autopilot mode...playing just to play and reacting to whatever comes their way and reacting poorly causing a loss for the team...i try to prevent the feeding and snowballing by directing the team but fck no one gives two shiets to listen and when i call them out on how i was right on a specific outcome or some dumbshiet im so suddenly toxic...and i dont want to switch lanes because most of the time if i dont adc that game the botlane gonna feed or really in general someones gonna feed anyway..i can play every role and manage to not feed cause its really not that hard...im just annoyed...i can play kalista to perfection (lowkey she doesn't even need buffs or a rework in my opinion) but fck shes not a one man army..i can't ward for everyone, i cant play for everyone..just because i dont feed and make the right decisions doesnt secure a win...cant win every game but many are winnable if ppl wouldn't play so fcking dumb dumbb.....i look at your smurf games its like things are close, on each side someone is somewhat fed but idk the type of desicion making that went on in the game so i cant compare much but to stay your probably a lot better than me and im just trash and idk what im doing wrong...propbably be trash for a few more months before i hit b4...fcking sad
just farm and try not to die, and group as a team. i find bronze dont tend to group. There is one game i went 14/4/9 and ekko on enemy team went 16/4 something. If u see the match our mid fed enemy ekko up to 10/0. But they never grouped. They just goofed around. Which gave me enought time to get big by farming. I think i got around 370cs in 38min. which gave me enough time to get full build just by csing. Dont ever miss cs, each minion gives 20g. 10 of these will cost you 200g, pretty close to the cost of the kill
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joead2011 (EUNE)
: afkers in ranked:( (they intended to do it) #riotpls
prob they would not even give fuck as it looks like its their smurf.
: There is a difference between trying new builds and just building something really dumb.
: LOW ELO thoughts and discussion
lmao bronze/silver is really ez. maybe u r just bad. there are some game that u cant carry when ur mid/top goes 2/11 but that does not aways happen tho. If u have higher skill than ur current elo, u will rise. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=10saekki my smurf, even though i suck since i have 70%winrate in bronze. GG boosted as hell edit: seems u have high winrate with kalista, why dont u try using kalista?
: Increasing map and mouse size?
there is a way but what resolution are u using? my laptop came with 1440p display in 12inch, which shows really fucking small ui. Changed the resoultion to 1330x720? something and size increased. but the problem is since im using low resolution, image quality isnt that great. i suggest you to use different resolution
im glad, u finally know
TS Media (NA)
: If You, As A Jungler, Screw Up Someone's Lane
isnt obvious that you should gank one more, if u screwed up ganking?
Spookeh (NA)
: I find Ranked system broken AF
prob u were bronze/silver last season and matched with bronze. thats why. Losing when mathced with bronze. deserved to be in bronze If not upload the screenshot of ur enemy tier. GGEZ
: It's obvious why support's "boring"
play anvia support, and go wall block ur team. lmfao ggez so fun
463 (NA)
: How do you have a 97% win rate, but you're still a BRONZE 5 smurf?
becuase i dont find the point to climb in my smurf?? i aint got all time to play hundreds of games in bronze like u
: Really Rito?
gitgud bronze=silver3, silver2<silver1<<<<<gold
: buff the gold output of support itmes
why dont u gitgud so u get gold from assist
: Can we delete Evelynn from the game?
Elohaven (NA)
: Elo Hell Tips?
elo hell dont exist. I have 97winrate on bronze 5 smurf gitgud
: Gold 4 is in top 12% of players rn
yeah im that top 12. gut gud
: Anyone else using the legacy client for item build access?
using it, as i find legacy more comfortable?? ldk what to say. for me, legacy is better
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