: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
I miss that so much and old masteries. Old league was a gem. You could do so much with that system, alot of options.
: Old games and old runes were funnier and less problematic...
I miss old league, Im not even playing anymore as much as I used too.
Stratixx (NA)
: League of legends boards is useless if riot doesn’t listen.
There is no hope for this game. Always when they cant fix or improve something they remove it. This is how we got new league, by removing what made this game in the first place. Now Riot caters to the people who defend this broken game no matter what.
: New death recap is as competent as riot
The design is really bad lol
abca98 (EUW)
: "Stop complaining about mobility, you just have to aim your skillshots properly"
: So Riot can make a Dota Chess clone in less than half a year, but at the same time they...
: NB3 and Nubrac both deserve to be ban, LOL
: Which champion is the least played
{{champion:427}} {{champion:72}}
: Qiyana: Awesome visuals, but one big missed opportunity.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Rowanstar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wErmpQWE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-31T13:53:29.064+0000) > > Oh please no. Look I am just tired of that. Plus we already have to check our email on a new device. That and having your own unique login info should be enough. I dont want to make this a hassle just to log in and play. Check my phone then my email etc. Too much work to just login. Two step verification is optional everywhere. You arent forced to do it. It is also very good if your account has everything.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: League of Legends [GUIDE] Detailed Ward Spots| Ward Tricks season 9
Zardo (NA)
: I think i'm starting to see why everyone gets all these "trolls" on their teams
Exactly, well said! Just had a match like that recently..
: FIX the client pls!
Super buggy client, it freezes all the time for me and it becomes black after freezing. I always have to restart or repair otherwise I cant see anything on the client.
: I have to change my name because it is deemed as "inappropriate"
I reported long time ago 2 players that actually had inappropriate names and they were basically troll accounts. Riot said that they would look into it and get the names changed, but nothing happened. After last month since my report, these 2 play with the same names and troll games, my ticket was ignored. They would int and afk on my game, then come back and start flaming on chat as well as spamming ping. Yours is not even close to the names I encountered, Its either some employees dont care or some finding trouble out of nothing and not really looking at the real issue..


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