: Where i can find the rules for this game?
thx for the post btw i wasnt able to find them ( they should be like in the client instead of all this lcs garbage and the little annoying tips in the game loading screen)
: Where i can find the rules for this game?
the problem is that they dont chat or be toxic they splitpush the entire game after telling us they gave up or split even if their team is in the base already, other thing is they start taking cs on all lanes as a support like on purpsoe so what im getting at is if i reprot them and get no feedback about it how do i know it matters im just gonna be jaded by ths game if this keeps hapenning, tbh at this point i think i dont love myself enough by comming back to play a game in ranked where everyone is tryng to get you mad, people spaming easy in all chat flexing ranks trolling you cause they are smurfing and dont care about their own lp... and things like that i send tickets and everything and ask them to tellme if they did something and they flip me off telling me they cant do that... wtf can you imagine if you get asaulted in the street and the police tellyou yeh you cant know what happen to the guy.... and then you randomly see him again next day smiling at you cause he knows they cant do anything about it... it feels exactly that way
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