: Cleanse, Lissandra and some more champions
: Screen Flashing/Flickering In Loading Screen and In Game.
^ changing it to windowed or borderless fixed it for me in its settings
: Screen Flashing/Flickering In Loading Screen and In Game.
hey useless employees can you answer? we aren't the only ones encountering this bug.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Mid laners ban champions not because they are worried about themselves, but because they know at least one of the other four players on their team will probably not pay attention and feed/snowball the assassin if they aren't banned. If they ban because its a bad matchup for **themselves**, then they probably weren't that confident as a mid laner in the first place.
definitely shouldn't be speaking on behalf of all midlaners and if that was the case talon would have the highest ban rate
: > [{quoted}](name=Saint Lauren Don,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XoNareIo,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-04T19:12:25.068+0000) > > You realize you're literally a lane bully to Zed, right? He tries to roam he loses his lane, his game, his lp. I can't do that anymore because of the E mana nerfs on Ryze. Before them I was happy when the enemy midlaner locked in Zed. Also everytime I try to lanebully him I run out of mana, then 1 out of 2 things happen: 1. Knowing I have mana left for just 1 or 2 combos, probably even none, Zed goes all in me and I get 100-0 or 2. If I got Zed low enough the enemy jungler ganks and since I lane bullied him I'm too far away from my turret to retreat in time, thus I die. Probably just my personal experience but he is still frustrating to play against him because of his free W escape and point and click R
only in eune does a d3 argue with a s2 over macro and balance
Hoxi (NA)
: Thats how i feel, Assassins doing one shots are not healthy and should be nerfed. Mages on the other hand, its just called a glass cannon; nothing special.
The best assassin in the game got nerfed (Kat) so did alkali and talon is barely above a 50% wr champs like zed can't even make it to 50% wr because league of stopwatch so plz complain else where there's a lot more problem then an assassin assassinating someone
: Patch 8.3 notes
Can you fix the zed w bug I've literally lost a game because I put my mouse of the wall click w and it doesn't go over I've tried it in practice tool and it happens way too often


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