: The whole 'pushing minions' is a Dota mechanic. Experienced Dota 2 players will push approaching friendly minions out of the way so they take longer to r each the lane, thus the lane ends up closer to your tower and you have a safer time CS'ing. We could allow this, although this will DRASTICALLY change league, even more so at botlane. I believe its best not to do this.
That exact mechanic was removed from the game a few years back due to abuse cases in the pros
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Oh hi it me. Am interested in getting Nid back into a solo lane. Seems high value if we can achieve it given her gameplay and thematics. The issue I'm running into is that her current kit doesn't seem to support lane play without a number of game health risks or risks of making her jungle bonkers. As a result I expect getting lane Nidalee back would take a number of larger mechanical shifts on the champion as opposed to simple numbers changes. This is doable, but would take time (Similar scope to the work we did on Rengar). Was thinking of doing some exploratory work on her once I wrap up work on my current VGU. No promises however, the exploration could end up yielding nothing of value (Would only make changes if we were confident Lane Nid AND jungle Nid were being made better).
What about giving nidalee the jayce treatment. No more ult ranks and cougar abilities scale with ability rank. On top of that change, give her e an ad ratio and slightly buff her base ad and atk speed. Then Ad nidalee could be played in the jungle and lane.
Ender L (NA)
: Would you mind linking a video of this happening?
This happens quite frequently and not just with wolves. What happens is, you start the camp with an auto then Q to dodge incoming auto attacks. After your Q finishes you reapear next to the monsters and they lose their animations. You can no longer use Q to dodge attacks because their attack animations aren't there. The camps it seems to happen most with are blue, red, and wolves although I also had it happen at krugs/raptors. The game just patched else I could have uploaded a video clip
: Making vi a top laner
Generally you just walk into bushes and charge Q right around the time they are walking up to last hit
: @Riot: Athene's/Chalice compensatory buff since Mana regen is getting lowered on spellthief's line?
: Master Yi is NOT Over Powered!
He can still get an high amount of damage from a tanker build with items like maw deadman and frozen mallet. Its probably due to guinsuus being bugged on all champs with a % increase to ad and riot deciding to have jhins with 1500 ad being balanced lol
: I broke my 10 game losing streak of ranked around 20 games ago, and I'm not gaining much LP for wins
How much you gain is based on your win to lose ratio. If you have lost more games than you have won, you get less lp for wins and lose more lp for losses. At a 50% win rate you should be gaining/losing 20 lp per game. I personally have a 53% win rate and I gain 23 lp for wins and lose 17 lp for losses
: > Didn't want you to see If I was worried about people seeing them, I wouldn't have directly engaged players to talk about some stuff. There's some stuff coming to the PBE today most likely, and I'll be putting up a post soon with what's going on. It's been nice to get some early feedback from strict Ryze players before going broader first, mostly to talk through some options.
How about remove this unbalancable ultimate and bring back desperate power. I hate how Ryze is forced to be weak af just because his ult is op in the pro's. Never understood why you would give a champion which has been historically hard to balance a global ultimate
: Is Transcendence ever worth taking?
I usually take it on Nasus so that I can build FH, Tri and Spirit Visage. Not only that but you hit level 10 around the time you have sheen, kindle, and glacial giving you 40% at that time. Alternatively you could go inspiration/resolve and skip this rune all together then replace FH with Righteous Glory
: How do I physically deal with Nasus?
Play an early game champion then freeze the wave/all in him when he comes in for stacks. Don't make the mistake of pushing into him because he can easily farm stacks under tower. If he is using his w on you in most trades early he will oom himself and you can easily push him out of lane or kill him. Avoid standing in his e since it cuts your armor. If he goes sheen/glacial/kindlegem he won't be too tanky unless he ults. Go in on him to make him ult then disengage and wait from it to expire. You now how time to all in and kill him before he get it back. The harder you prevent him from stacking early the better off you will be.
: Master Yi
I'm going to get back to Plat with a Master Yi top. I take Ignite and all in fb every champ in the game except {{champion:80}} {{champion:24}} . I have like 75% win rate with it in the past week with like 24 games played. Build is generally Ravenous Hydra>Guinsuu>Maw and or Deadmans> Frozen Mallet or Qss or Ga. If I get really fed and the enemy has low lock down or shit that's easy to out play with q and w I just go crit with IE and PD. My old Yi top build that took me to plat 3 in season 4 was Rav, Statik, IE and then Lw. It was glass cannon thus harder to execute vs some team comps. Definetely easier to yi when u got some tank and you still do crazy damage to everyone with guinsuus.
: The Problem With Lethality...?
Lw only penetrates bonus armor so only if u have 100 bonus armor would it reduce your armor by 35.
Eedat (NA)
: Because shes gaining the damage amp on her charm back? Did you expect to keep the Q movement speed as is while also getting a hyperbuff to her E and by extension her entire damage output?
I never had understood this damage amp. Like Ahri's best damage is from Q return which doesn't get amped due to being true damage. Is it just about making the insignificant damage she gets from W and R actually meaningful?
: Presence of Mind would be better on mages if it didn't force them to having Attack Speed.
I personally use it on malphite since you go oom a lot and the attack speed helps on ur w
: It seems nobody knows how Ultimate Hat works.
AP Malphite with ultimate hat and presence of mind. Ty Rito gods for giving Malphite the same Ap ratio on his E that his Q has but for less mana and higher damage. Op balance
: Asking this here is considered a sin, but...
As far as talon goes his wall jump is a stupid ability to play against and is basically worthless in terms of straight up kill pressure but makes his roaming/evading ganks too rofl
: Asking this here is considered a sin, but...
What about original Kat where her q had good ad scaling and her e was a single target nuke. Although the version afterward with spin to win w was funner since her previous w just enhanced q and e
spri01 (NA)
: @Riot -- Presence of Mind changes are a key example of mishandling of runes (Opinion)
I think Karthus will destroy with this rune. That 10 ult cd refund on takedown doing some major work
: A Veteran Silver Player's Take on the Patch
They didn't bug fix Rage blade Jhin? Guess I might as well afk for another patch cycle. Although I should try to squeeze some win through with AP malphite. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
pistoria (NA)
: if you were to remove any ability from any champion what would it be?
FridgeD (EUW)
: Vi "buffs", are you kidding me?
I used to play a lot of Vi top many seasons ago. Items for her were a lot better back then. Black cleaver gave lethality and didn't have phage passive. Bork was way stronger. GA gave much needed armor and Mr. I don't even know what would be priority to build nowadays. You want trinity to kill squishys but you want tbc to kill your lane opponent. Maybe with conquerer you can just skip Tbc all together and go trinity sterak s and titanic
: Lissandra’s passive
Reduce the mana cost on q by 20 at all ranks. Make slow on q 20%, stacking an additional 20% with every following q up to mac 60%. Make her passive: Landing hard cc on a champion re sets your q cd and makes it empowered dealing 25% bonus damage
Laydra (NA)
: Udyr needs some help
W is never worthless as you heal based on ur max hp. Attack speed is a good stat regardless of whether you go tiger or Phoenix and tankiness is mandatory due to being pure melee
Dadu (NA)
: Lets talk about Jax
As a person who has played a lot of Jax I actually preferred the squishier hybrid build of seasons past. Tri>gunblade>rage blade was a sick build. Although it made it harder to team fight but better to split push. Split pushing in general just seems to be a weaker strat and you can deal a lot of dmg with the tri>titanic>sterak s build while being able to team fight. I think riot should nerf the base tank stats on Jax r and make them scale better with dmg.
: Lack of hotfix on Jhin Rageblade Bug is astounding
I think the bug is with the math. He is gaining too much ad per stack of Rageblade. Consider this: Rageblade fully stacked gives +24% bonus ad. 3 fire dragons give +24% total ad. Now a Rageblade jhin can get well over 1000 ad while he never could achieve those numbers before with triple infernal. Hence the bug
: Jhin has the slowest attack speed out of any AD carry and can't even fully stack it before he needs to reload. sounds like you need to git gud.
Are you trolling or???? It's the core item with the highest win rate on him. By the time u hit ur 4th shot you will have 1000 ad. Doesn't matter how slow you attack when you gain that much ad per auto.
: Brand mini rework idea
I'm not sure I like the change to his W because in the scenario where u get passive on someone stun with q then w, the increased radius wouldn't matter. In a team fight scenario you could q e r w for the highest dps. Assuming they are clumped enough to have ur e spread and u could hit a multi man w. Radius increase could be more beneficial in this case. The change to his e and r would take him gaining more base stats. You need to be closer to enemy's and for longer. Rumble has his q but it works because his w give ms and shield. Also sun fire effect is best on tanks who have the defenses and cc to stay in melee for a long time. I think having all these changes would make brand feel worse in lanes he would have won but better against melee/assassins. Don't think these changes is a complete enough list to make work. Also brand should be primarily balanced for mid>support. Here's a good idea for helping brand mid. E passive- auto attacking an enemy 3 times gives them a stack of blaze. This change would be good because it would help his wave clear.
: Is this a joke?? or legit...?
Xin+Pantheon Bot lane is the ultimate kill lane. Just gotta make sure u got someone who is ranged to take towers from another positions. Corki or tf mid would be good.
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: Insights and advice on Mordekaisers' unbalanced game flow (from a Hardcore high elo Mordekaiser OTP)
As someone who mained Morde in season 2, the Morde update was bad. The 3 biggest problems I have with it are: 1. His Q has too much windup. Attacking 3 times is just too much and it doesn't seem to do great damage anyways. Besides, in teamfights you are probably using this ability on their tanks. 2. In order for his W to do damage you must be close enough to an ally that you cast your W on. This is probably the most aggravating change they made to him. In lane you cast it on a minion and if they have a ranged ability they kill the minion and your W is gone. If the jungle comes u gotta stand in your minion line and pray to survive. Later in the game there isn't always going to be an ally that close and you will probably get fucked in that situation. 3. Your E is short ranged and doesn't do enough dmg. Back when they updated Morde they obliterated his E base dmg and gave him the gain x% of max shield when dmging a champ. This change hurt because its harder to chip away at ur opponents in lane and also you must always use both your W and E to wave clear. Honestly I could probably stomach his E if it was both slightly wider and longer. His ult is his only saving grace. With a 3 item spike of Liandry Rylai and Morello, your ult will do (20% from Liandry + 30% base + ~10% from ap + 3 Aery procs, all applified by up to 10%) best case scenario thats over 66% of their carries hp. In a match I played earlier I had over 900 ap meaning my ult did 100% of their hp (when liandry was charged) before their resistances were taken into account (I had Sorc, Morello and Void so I did basically true dmg to their ad). Furthermore here is how i think Riot should change Morde: 1. +5 base armor 2. Revert Q back to pre-update version or at least give Morde bonus attack speed when this ability is used 3. Make W deal its damage over time when Morde is alone/ make it stay on Morde even if the ally he casts it on dies 4. Buff E range slightly and give it more base dmg 5. Nerf dmg on mordes ult. Maybe the ap ratio? Liandry took this ult to an extreme. Perhaps make the dmg more front loaded then reduce the duration so the Liandry dmg goes down. These changes would go a long way to make Morde feel better to play in a solo lane.
Riot Jag (NA)
: What Do I Build On Kai’Sa?
If your goal is for burst damage, is it better to go ad or ap? Also in an assassin style build, would you want to still get atk speed items?
: Mid Season Tanks Update - Sejuani
Hey any thoughts on small tweaks to Leona to allow her to jungle? I'm not saying she should be a top tier jungler, but it would be nice to play her without having to worry about all the poke you take in lane from the mage meta.
: Patch 6.4 notes
I don't really understand Riots thought process when it comes to {{champion:5}} . I feel like Xin was fine in 6.2 and didnt really need the W buffs. Now 1 patch later they are gutting his late game dps as well as removing the potential of his full AP off build. It seems like Riot doesn't know what to do with Xin and need to think about some alternative other than increasing his ability to stab people. RIP {{item:3115}} {{champion:5}}

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