Aneirin (OCE)
: If you say so, but at least I'm a thin skinned pansy with full chat ability. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I call cringe. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: banned
Yes, you can actually get unbanned if you want to appeal your ban, submit a ticket. Riot used to never unban players but they decided to give it a shot. A lot of people are submitting so you might need to wait approx 3-4 days to get a response but it's better than nothing. I myself have submitted one so it is true.
Kei143 (NA)
: Like anything within the Riot's systems, they allow a few games of slip ups. Minor and moderate punishments are based on consistency.
There are no minor or moderate punishments for afking. The only punishment there is to afking is low priority queue. Even if you were to be consistent, your punishment would still be the same.
Cocho (NA)
: All that matters is whether or not you're getting reported. automated systems dont look for context. The difference between fuck you and fuck me, is that with one of them, I'm getting reported lol
Even if you get reported for saying "fuck me", that doesn't mean you will get banned. Notice how all the chat bans and bans that are posted on this forum all have to do with them berating and belittling their teammates? Nobody gets banned for saying, fuck me or shit my bad. That's factually incorrect. I'm done talking about this now bc if you want to stick with your false idea, it's fine.
: {{champion:136}} {{champion:34}}
: thats toxic and i chose to ban him because he was hacking
"I chose to ban him" I didn't know you had the ability to ban someone.
: Option to Limit pings to one per 3 seconds.
What if your teammate has poor map awareness and needs that extra boost of pings to understand that danger is coming? You can simply ask the spam pinger to stop spam pinging if it bothers you and if they don't stop, you can mute them. You don't need to receive their pings if they are trolling like that.
: How to unlock honor?
It's not a matter of waiting. It's determined by how many games you play with positive attitude, or at least no negativity. I've heard from previous posts that you should at least have 50+ games to where you are constantly positive and rarely negative.
: Got a 14 day suspension for leaving a game because another guy left (PLATINUM 1)
Riot doesn't care what the context is, it's solely based on your actions. Game 1 you kept arguing and berated your teammate Maokai. No matter how bad he is performing, you should not be negative. Being negative doesn't solve anything. Even throughout the game you kept pointing out things in a negative manner. You also kept calling them "garbage" and "useless". Game 2 you blamed your team and talk crap about the jhin and tried influencing your team to open with you which is also a negative behavior as it doesn't give any positivity.
Cocho (NA)
: You can but you'll get punished if people are reporting you for it.
Actually nope. Read this post and you will see that the majority say it's ok to curse as long as it isn't geared towards someone.
Kei143 (NA)
: It doesnt bypass the system. Players think they can get around it, but they still get punished for it.
Well I've done it in the past, not anymore but I have done it a few times and I've never been punished so what's your explanation to that then?
: Dude you're literally trolling, the only thing that factors in elo is SKILL . attitude means nothing in ranked, stop trying to be ignorant and make up random lies.
I do agree that ranked is based off of skill. Long time ago it may have been attitude but this game is geared so much towards random dice rolls that even if you're positive, if you get a bad teammate you will most likely lose. I also think there's a lot of misunderstanding. The reason why people think high elo players are toxic is because the ones that got famous were recognized for their toxicity. Notice how in pro games you see high elo players not even chatting? It's because they don't care to get recognized. My brother is currently a d1 jungle main and he's been d3-d1 the past seasons and he's played with a lot of famous people like Bjergsen, Imaqtpie, Doublelift, Biofrost, Scrubnoob, and many others. Notice how if he was toxic in any of those games, the twitch viewers would get their attention to him at least for a short amount of time? Many positive players go unnoticed and the ones that stick out are the toxic players because it makes the game seem entertaining in a twitch viewers perspective.
aphidd (NA)
: trolls and afk greifers
If they are moving around in spawn, the system won't automatically punish the player so you need to send a [Support]( ticket under "I want to report abusive behavior, cheating, or a malicious link" and a Rioter will manually check and give them punishments accordingly. Someone afking can be frustrating, but you have to mute them and ignore them. All they are trying to do is get in your head. Remember that trolls do it for the enjoyment of people raging. I talk from experience as I used to be one of them. You can only get a 10 game chat restriction, 25 game chat restriction, 2 week ban, and a permaban. There is no such thing as a 9 game chat restriction.
Arammus (EUW)
: afks get punished by the leaverbuster (doesnt mean he has to leave the game, ik the name is a bit weird) the punishement is just different. low priority q.
Actually, there are ways to bypass it by running around in the base. In that case, the system doesn't give you low priority queue so a Rioter has to manually see it.
: To CertainlyT, or not to CertainlyT?
I honestly thought Zoe wasn't op at all as people said she was but after vs'ing her a couple of times I realized she's op af. She gets free spells from minions and 1 false move from your part and she could burst you down with it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Projection8,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tYnOkt1A,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-26T06:04:09.274+0000) > > Honestly the punishment is way to hard on players.. > > So according to riots report i flamed 1 game and i got 10 game chat restriction, fair enough so far right? But my honor level dropped from honor level 2 checkpoint 2 to honor 0..? Getting your honor level up takes time... Months.. Someone made a post about it just a few days ago I'll try to find it. > > I think punishment this hard does not encourage players to behave better. I think having this kind of chat restriction for all would be much better, I think it would decrease the flaming from players drastically.. > > If not a easier version of chat restriction for all then maybe a warning before the chat restriction? Like a warning before a ban. There is a misunderstanding. You do not receive a restriction for flaming in one game. The games on your card are examples that are given back to you from recent games. It is a not complete record of all games that were counted against you and games that were negative but not counted against you. You received from that and other games, like other games in which argued flamed. The restriction is the warning and reminder to keep chat to in game. "i got 10 game chat restriction, ...[and] my honor level dropped from honor level 2 checkpoint 2 to honor 0..?" Are you sure about that?
Not sure what you mean by "the restriction is the warning and reminder to keep chat to in game." He shouldn't be negative at all even in-game.
Cocho (NA)
: well you called someone 12 and used the word retarded. Just dont type "trigger" words. Its your own fault. If i use curse words to myself, I'd expect a punishment coming my way. That's just how automated systems work. Someone else in the lobby could have been offended by your "trigger" word lol. Being punished for what you type in chat is something I dont really like. I just care about what players do in-game.
You can actually curse and say stuff like fuck. It becomes a problem when you try to offend someone by using curse words in a way that's berating or belittling them. For example: You retards can't even play the game ffs. I swear to god I get at least 1 of you fucks every game.
Bürek (EUNE)
: Should chat banned players get their honor out of level 1?
You are clearly bullshitting us lmao. Instead of explaining what you said why didn't you just show the full chat logs in the in-game player reform card? It's very rare to get banned for saying **1** word buddy. I don't buy it.
: Reports are like punch cards at coffee shops. Nothing happens until you get that last punch in the card. So even though this is showcasing only one game, you didn't _just_ get banned for one game. You got punished for being reported over a series of games. But then, just getting reported doesn't get you in trouble. If the reports are falsified, the system discards them. So since you are punished, this means that the reports filed against you proved to be true, and consistently so to have landed you a permanent ban.
Actually, if the system caught multiple violations over a series of games, it would include up to 3. It's possible to get banned for 1 game especially if you just got off your 2 week temp ban with a warning that says "If this behavior continues, your account will be permanently suspended".
Cunky (NA)
: Thank you, @RiotGunny
So you get to play after 2 weeks or do you get to play right away?
: > [{quoted}](name=SweetRainTv,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KnpUi5X4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-26T00:09:03.188+0000) > > why you play game when you drunk and this doesn't make sense cuase most times i when i play drunk i play better for ranked dont know why or how
: Generally, you'd want to file a [Support Ticket]( to appeal a punishment. If they feel that the punishment wasn't placed in error, though, they're not likely to overturn it. Otherwise, if you'd like a peer review of your chat logs, feel free to post them here on the forums - some of us, like myself, know what would likely cause the system to issue a punishment, and may be able to tell you ahead of time what the verdict would likely be for the Support Ticket.
Just fyi, I've spoken with a Rioter because I have a ban appeal I want to discuss and the Rioter told me it would take them 2-3 days so approximately on Friday to review my case. So it will take a few days.
MidZelen (NA)
: lets say u do a civil crime,u will never go to jail for it,ur jsut gonna have to pay more and more money for everytime u do it,and anyway,i gave u the real life exemple of what happens ina competitive environnement,if we had the same rules in everysport,we would have 0 profetional athletes in sports,cuz thats just something thats bound to happenm and riot and everyone need to realise that this isnt just a fuking game anymore it has become a sport where ppl play seriously,and that trashtalking and being tilted by other ppl inting or really underwhelming performance is part of a real life culture
Actually, if we had the same rules which we do have similar rules in sports, the toxic/negative players would be gone. Keep in mind there are WAY more people who have good sportsmanship and it's just a hand full of negative players. This is a good opportunity for you to practice typing properly. You clearly play too much LoL to the point where you can't spell simple words.
MidZelen (NA)
: thats the same dumbass reply a riot employe give,this is adressing passionate competitive players who get banned out of frustration,if we would be permamute we would just keep playing and we never int cuz thats the thing we despise the most,and for the ping,ppl already abuse it daily without getting banned so its not like that would change
Well you already have the option to not chat. You can remove the chat bar and hide it so you don't see it ever again. Or you could turn all chat off if that's your problem. If you were truly passionate, you would seek out for help and ask Rioters what you could do. YOU would be able to know how to hide chat if you really wanted to keep playing without getting suspended. It's pretty clear you think you did nothing wrong and it's normal for you. I suggest taking this free time to practice typing lul. No additional comments will be made because it's clear you are stubborn and you don't have any thoughts on reforming. "dumbass reply"
RawwRs (NA)
: How does a 14 day ban affect my PBE account?
Never had a PBE account but no, they do not ban by email. Punishments are given only to that specific account that did the action. You probably didn't get a chat restriction because you previously got it. If you didn't get a chat restriction previously, you probably did something that got you instant 2 week ban like saying racial slurs, inting, or severe toxicity. 4 punishment tiers: 10 game chat restriction 25 game chat restriction 2 week temporary ban permanent ban **You can skip any of the chat restrictions depending on the severity of your actions**
MidZelen (NA)
: i counter argue by saying that ppl who are passionate about the game react certain ways when ppl do dumb shit,but instead of just escalating punishement(like u dont get death penalty no matter how many times u would lets say shit on some ons property u will always get the same punishement just multiplied)even tho u can argue that even if ppl deserve to be called that way for they in game behavior(their actions)in a competitive environnement,u could argue that its detrimental to the community in general,fine,just perma mute me or something or keep giving me 25 days chat restrictions,i remember vividly 3 years ago,i was the same person and i would only get chat restricted a few times a year,but now ppl are jsut abusing the fact that riot for some reason changed their ban ways and u get get banned at anything negative
Shitting on someone's property is different. If you were to harass and belittle your fellow employees at your work place would they be ok with it? No, unless you work in mcdonalds or some crap. They would warn you first and have patience and if that behavior continues you will most likely be fired. Also, shitting on someone's property is trespassing which would result in a warning, ticket, then possible jail time if you deliberately continue doing it.
MidZelen (NA)
: ?tell me what is bannable in anyway,i dont care that it dosnt follow the summonders code 100%but ,as a person,that certain situation happens ina competitive environnement,as i say,i gladly take a perma mute if thats necessary but in what real world would someone look at that and be permabanned
Even if you got a perma mute, you could still impact games negatively by inting (hard/soft) or spam pinging. You already got a 10-25 game chat restriction and a 2 week ban. This just tells me that you thought your actions were completely fine and that you didn't reform or change your attitude. You deserve getting permabanned if you have no thoughts on reforming even after getting 2-3 warnings.
MidZelen (NA)
: bans are getting ridiculous
You first get a 10 game chat restriction then a 25 game chat restriction into a 2 week ban. After the 2 week ban, any negativity will result in a permaban unless you show that you have reformed. **Game 1** You were constantly arguing with your teammate, arguing in itself spreads negativity because it sways you and your team from objective: winning the game. **Game 2** > juanmaXD: REPORT THIS BARD juanmaXD: FUKING RETARDED juanmaXD: PIECE OF SHIT juanmaXD: BAIT WHAT juanmaXD: IF NO ONE GOES IN IT DOSNT BAIT SHIT juanmaXD: U JUST THREW THE GAME Calling someone "fuking retarded" after you just got off your 2 week ban? What makes that ok just because they made 1 mistake. You should have known better if you've been given at least 2 warnings prior to the permanent suspension. **Game 3** > juanmaXD: ur retarded alistar u only needed to q flash and we get fb now my whole jg is ruined cuyz of ur dumb ass swain overstaying juanmaXD: nice corki afking for 20 sec before flashing too late gj juanmaXD: how can u guys have that little of a brain a lux go in dragon pit and swain uy dont think of going behind alistar wow juanmaXD: u are so useless juanmaXD: how bad can u be Now keep in mind, if your toxicity was severe you would have been banned with 1 game. In this instance, the system was being patient with you but your constant negativity in each game displayed by the in-game player reform card is enough for this permaban. **You were given multiple chances** and you still decided not to reform and displayed negativity in chat so yes, you do deserve this. REGARDLESS of how severe it is, once you get a 2 week temp ban your punishment will be escalated. If you genuinely think this type of behavior of belittling and spreading negativity in chat overall is ok, you need to fix your behavior. simple manners that go a long way...
: Skills < Behaviors. Skills mean VERY little when it comes to League due to the fact it's a video game. No one in League wants an asshole. Not your team, not your enemies, no one in your community, not even Riot. You tried the hardest in something that comes last when playing league. A positive attitude is a primary thing everyone should focus on this game. If you can't express positivity, then don't express anything at all that could be negative. Play your best and don't type. If you can't do that, then don't play at all. Also, the system only penalized on Consistency and Severity. In your case, it was due to consistency. You were consistently negative and griefing, which is just as bad as intentionally feeding and flaming. You weren't banned for that chat-log, you were penalized for it. You were banned for your consistent negative attitude.
Actually, even pro player doublelift has said League is a skill based game. If League wasn't a skill based game why would the game be fun. I'm playing the game to improve my skill. If you play League to improve your behavior, you should maybe go do something else for that.
: Permanently Banned... Fun.
You talk too much. Start of the game you say, > GuardOneShotKill: GG GuardOneShotKill: "end GuardOneShotKill: Ebd okease GuardOneShotKill: end please GuardOneShotKill: end please GuardOneShotKill: don't see why GuardOneShotKill: mid is 0/3 GuardOneShotKill: Bot is 0/6 GuardOneShotKill: top is 1/3 GuardOneShotKill: The games over Saying GG and wanting to end will not help your team win nor will it boost your teams morale, more so lowering it. Also the KDA part is a NO NO. And just by the text I can see you gave up and inted or at least didn't give a shit about the game resulting in your team wanting to report you.
Astroden (NA)
: Unfair/Troll ban from RIot?
I feel like you cut some sentences out. Where is the pre-game chat?
Rioter Comments
Voldymort (EUNE)
: I like how you ignore both the fact that he isn't talking about soft inting but inting as a whole and the fact that he says that they DO get punished. That's some top notch selective reading you've got there...
I never said they don't get punished did I? It still proves my point that inters do it in a way that gets them less likely banned. And it's common knowledge that there is a difference between soft and hard inters. If you don't, you clearly need to do some research before saying my statement above was false because it was my "own testimony" lmfao. So please, research about it before you answer about the topic because you clearly don't know the difference buddy.
: I've always suspected their were people like his. I know for a fact though, that they are people who just click onto every post and downvote it without actually reading or even seeing what the post is about.
That brings up the question, "Why would someone waste their time down voting when they could do something better?"
: Second Chance
You should have definitely been banned. The words that were censored with % usually indicate that it's a racial slur and you usually get an automatic punishment for racial slurs. It doesn't matter about the hours/money you put into the game Riot can delete your account anytime without an explanation if they wanted to (states in the ToS). But obviously you got permabanned for toxicity. >I feel like riot should at least look at the other peoples chat logs to see what elicited this kind of behavior instead of just perma banning someone solely based off of what they said which frustrates me. It doesn't matter what the other people said, you have the option to mute and if you can't control your anger, it's an issue you need to solve.
: I totally agree with you but seriously? Kaisa sup with smite? I mean, kaisa sup could work somehow, especially if you were going ap, but smite?
That's not considered trolling. Also, Riot even encourages players to experiment. Problem happens when players these days think they could label "troll" on anyone that goes out of the meta and plays something non-meta. There's also a clear difference with genuine trolls and someone who failed with their non-meta build.
: permanently banned
After you take a break or something, I suggest sending a support ticket for a ban appeal. They are appealing bans now if you have genuinely reformed. That being said, don't send them a support ticket right after your ban, because it clearly shows you are trying to use the opportunity to get your ban appealed. Anyways, I hope you learn what you did wrong. [support.riotgames](
Voldymort (EUNE)
: > I talk from experience that I used to soft int and I've never been banned for it anecdotal evidence is proof of nothing *The black-swan fallacy is an inductive fallacy that states that if something has not occurred within the speaker's experience, it cannot occur. In other words, the fallacy states that just because something has always been a certain way in the speaker's experience, it is always that way as a matter of universal principle. The example that gave its name to the fallacy is "Every swan that I have ever seen is white; therefore, there are no black swans."*
It's not only my testimony. It's a statement based on research facts that I specifically did. If you search a little you will see the many posts with Rioters explaining the same thing. So please, before you bring up "anecdotal evidence", research about it and you will see it's not only mine. :) > Trolls and inters do get banned but because they're getting smarter about how they avoid detection (and because Riot wants to try to avoid punishing innocent players as much as possible) it's harder to catch them in the act compared to simple chat-related offenses. Gameplay related offenses when proven to be on purpose are assigned a 2-week ban as the first punishment. In case you don’t believe me on this point here are a couple examples of gameplay trolls being banned. Yes it’s just a few examples, but it proves that they do get punished. [Player Behavior Link to post](
Rioter Comments
Prandine (NA)
: Trolls and inters do get banned but because they're getting smarter about how they avoid detection (and because Riot wants to try to avoid punishing innocent players as much as possible) it's harder to catch them in the act compared to simple chat-related offenses. Gameplay related offenses when proven to be on purpose are assigned a 2-week ban as the first punishment. In case you don’t believe me on this point [here]( [are]( [a]( [couple]( [examples]( [of]( [gameplay]( trolls being banned. Yes it’s just a few examples, but it proves that they do get punished.
Yea well I'm pretty sure he knows that few players get banned compared to the number of players in-game and he is just exaggerating.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Since reporting people for intentionall feeding, trolling has no effect you were saying?
It's easier to get banned for hard inting, buying boots and running it down mid. Soft inters are harder to detect and punish because you never know if they are having a bad game or not. I talk from experience that I used to soft int and I've never been banned for it because I make it seem like I'm just playing bad. I did get banned for being toxic but that's a different story.
Chermorg (NA)
: Funny.. I literally just reported someone for inting, they were not very obvious at it, reported them **only** for intentional feeding (not chat), and got a feedback report within 5 minutes. Riot does ban intentional feeders when they exist (and they happen to all of us every once in a while) - you can find examples of that on the boards.
I'm going to have to disagree with you Chermorg. Riot doesn't ban soft inters. I've seen rare occasions. The only time they ever ban soft inters is if you give them proof which you would need to send a support ticket. Hard inters like the infamous ones don't get banned until they reach the top page of reddit. How can you explain that? How does that even happen? You literally see them go 20+ games nunu with 14+ deaths and they manage to ruin that many games. I'm pretty sure players report him but Riot's system didn't do anything until a Rioter manually banned him. You don't want to admit it but the system is poor. It's hard to detect, I agree. But for you to defend Riot when you clearly know it has major flaws is disappointing.
: You honestly should never get banned for typing in a fkin video game. Feel bad for you bro. They can mute you and all kinds of shit. Imma be 100 with you this games ban system has been flawed. Soft and hard inters roam the rift freely while people using words fking words. Get banned. Play matters so much more than talk but riot has been unable to create a system to counter act true toxic players. Inters.
Yea, I really think it's unfair but there's nothing Riot can do about it. It's hard for robots to detect soft inters and there are too many games for Rioters to get to all of them. Which means, most will get away with it. It's really sad but it's the truth. Then when you flame an inter you can get banned like my brother who flamed this inting J4 in his diamond 1 promos and got permabanned. Of course, he shouldn't have done it but to think that the J4 got away with it is disgusting.
Jamaree (NA)
: You were flaming your allies, also, doing poorly isn't inting. Also, I assume this isn't your first time being punished?
To assume he was doing poorly and not inting is poor in itself. The OP even said, > so i get reported for not being toxic but the the tahm who said he was inting to get away from me doesn't get punished in anyway? Which if that's true, the Tahm should get punished. See the thing that's bad about Riot's system is that it can't detect if someone is actually trolling/inting or playing poorly. So, a Rioter has to manually see the game and determine it herself/himself/itself. That being said, I'm not saying it's ok to flame, I'm just saying it's hard for inters to get punished and just because they don't receive one doesn't mean they aren't a troll/inter.
: i just got suspended for something i shouldn't have been????
Constantly fighting and arguing with Tahm Kench will not help you win the game. More so you will be swayed away from it and your focus will be towards flaming others. You could have easily muted whoever you were arguing with and continued the game. Even if the Tahm goes 0/15. I've had games where there were more than 1 inters going around feeding my laner, does that mean I argue with them? No, I try to just ignore them and hope for a better next game. Arguing with them does not benefit you at all but, I do think a 2 week ban for this is a bit too much. If it's true that you've never gotten punished before, try submitting a ticket to [Riot Support]( and hope they reduce it. I've seen way worse chat logs that have gotten 25 game chat restrictions so... --- Also, the punishments go like this: 1st punishment: 10 game chat restriction 2nd punishment: 25 game chat restriction 3rd punishment: 2 week temporary ban 4th punishment: permaban There are no in between punishments like a 1 week ban unless Riot changes this.
: Can you even get banned for that?
Yes, if you get caught for account sharing, you get 2 week ban if lucky. I've heard of players getting perma banned for account sharing but if you do tell a Rioter nicely, they will just give you a warning as I had done that before. I shared accounts with my brother before and when I said I didn't know it was an offense, they gave me a warning. But since you said it was for toxicity there's nothing you can do about it in this case as you didn't get hacked rather, you chose to give it to people that had a bad attitude in-game.
: welcome to the's a lot of luck. your elo is fine, there is nothing embarrassing about being high silver and if your friends won't play with you(at least in norms) because you are silver they're being jerks! everyone has a champion that just clicks with them and sometimes that might be the only one, it's fine. there are a lot of 1 trick players. However, don't use disabled and retarded like that. it is disrespectful and insulting to people who struggling with having disabilities. I get that it is what society uses as another way of saying "bad" but that doesn't make it okay or appropriate. and just because someone has a disability doesn't mean they're bad at something by default. also SUICIDE IS NOT A JOKE AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. if you want to harm yourself over a video game please talk to someone whether it be a professional, a suicide hotline, a parent, friend, sibling, or teacher.
Ranked isn't about luck. If you are good enough, you can solo carry in bronze/silver even gold. If it was truly on luck, people wouldn't be able to climb. If you're a support main in silver, you should probably rethink your role because it's hard to carry as a support especially if your teammates can't respond to simple pings.
Glory97 (EUW)
: And sadly "playing to dominate" seems the correct motivation nowadays. Ranked games are coinflip. Matchmaking puts vastly different skill levels into the same game, just to stop one guy who is on a winning streak. And solocarrying feels impossible if only one teammate is performing horribly. Being in a good matchup is more important than ever, so that just alone by the pick position (and random autofill) the game is already favoured for one team. If you can win by just doing nothing (brain-dead farming, no shotcalling, and sometimes going to where your team pings), and then loose the next game no matter how hard you try, how well you play?, And your ladder climbing is not based on your performance, but only based on win or loss of the team? You might aswell be motivated to dominate you opponent and ff, next when it seems to not work out.
I agree. I'm on a winning streak in plat 5 and Riot places me against diamonds+ and I also get unfortunate teammates which result in my losing. It's really sad, even if my mmr was high enough to be diamond 5 I doubt it's fair for me to go against them lmao.
: Honor Skins to fight toxicity
It may be good to reward toxic players for reforming but even if they make that skin, i'm pretty sure the casual non-toxic players would get the skins rather than toxic players. Swaying the focus of the whole "honor skin" idea. Also, Riot has given 2nd chances before but it didn't work and I'm sure most people agree with me that the majority of toxic players in this community will be toxic and only some will reform.
: Both behaviours are subject to variation, so some AFK-leaning players who dangle their champs in fountain because they're petty can be just as harmful as people hurling insults at you. That being said, it can be very hard to care about a team that is more devoted to mud-slinging than working past differences in order to secure a win. So at that point, it isn't *unreasonable* to not put in a winning effort. If you're the only one doing it, it will be draining and difficult. That being said, it's preferable to keep putting in any kind of effort, over just afk'ing in base. So, TL;DR, neither one is inherently worse, as they're both subject to degrees of severity. Leaving a game, while understandable in your case, is still inappropriate and likely got you reported. The lesson here, most likely, you've already learned, which is if the behaviour gets out of hand, muting them is the right call, and reporting them after. It may help prevent that much tilt in the future, to some degree.
Can you get punished for running around in the fountain though? Especially since Riot has a hard time determining punishments for players that troll and if it's obvious they do get punished but I've seen players that straight up say they are inting yet don't get detected by the system. Not going to lie, I've ran around in the fountain as my team blamed the loss on me for not ganking when I was in my opinion doing well. So I decided to just afk but I've never gotten banned or punished. Not even a warning even when trolling is an auto 2 week ban.
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