: Honestly the rift scuttler change is the best thing they've done to the jungle in a very long time. If you're playing a tank jungler (God bless you) and the enemy jungler is, say, Vi or Kayn, you just might as well not even walk over to the river because you know they are going to eviscerate the scuttles the moment they spawn, and you too if you dare challenge them. Pushing the scuttle timers back gives junglers with less power a chance to set up some vision or coordinate with an ally to actually have a chance not to be behind for the first 15 minutes because they can't 1-shot scuttle crabs. I would still really like to see purple and/or green smite come back. Smite color options are really stale now. Old purple smite allowed so many cool niche junglers.
This will help out lower ELO junglers as well. It's so frustrating at level 2 if your mid-laner doesn't understand that you need help to contest scuttle, while the enemy mid-laner knows this and helps out. Even when you proactively communicate in low ELO about this, you'll either get no help, or get flamed for asking. This puts a bit more power in the jungler's hands, with less dependency on whether or not you receive assistance.
chiptm (NA)
: can´t login in na server
I cannot log in. Server: NA Current Behavior: Stuck at 'Login Status' with 'Approximate wait time: 47 min 40 sec' EDIT: Just got in
: Why not Lunar Wraith Lissandra instead of Morgana ?
I don't understand why Riot is neglecting Lissandra so much. I fell in love with the champion during season 4, but it seems as though she's been tossed to the back burner: * No new skins in a long time. This is particularly sad because she has such a unique kit that you could put some awesome VFX on. * Her win rate is plummeting as each patch goes on (plat+ ranked) http://champion.gg/champion/Lissandra * A useless passive that makes her otherwise unique kit feel bland. I would love to see something better from a Red like Meddler, than "We had some ideas for a new passive, but they didn't work." and then leaving us hanging. She's in a rough spot right now.
: Once again, that is an old skin, which doesn't represent Riots idea of skins today.
Wut. Please share with me the "Riot idea of skins today." I've seen posts within the last 2 months that say that they just look for original concepts that fit the champion, not anything that has mentioned the idea that skins have to be so different from the original champion theme.
: Gun themed? Caitlyns theme isnt just a 'Gun'. Her original theme is Sniper Sheriff that stems off into Rebel fighter, Safari Hunter, Cop, and a Artic Operative. Emperor Nasus, aka Pharaoh Nasus, is an old skin and as such would not apply to what Riots standards are today. Mundo Mundo is something else entirely. Its a joke of a joke.
There's a Sheriff Caitlyn skin...
: So tell me why it is false. The Burden of Proof is on you to provide, not me. Otherwise you present a Logical Fallacy.
Oh look, someone took a Logic & Reasons course and is trying to show off. Seriously though, Red's have stated many times that they just want a theme that matches a champion's existing art, concept, and/or lore. Here's just one sample of it: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/y09aB0Rm-riot-its-been-33-months-since-cassiopeia-received-her-last-skin?comment=00000001000300000000000000010000 Additionally, we already have plethora of gun-themed Caitlyn skins, Emperor Nasus, who's already Egyptian themed in his art/design, Mundo Mundo..., and tons of other examples.
: Meanwhile we could also get Sniper Caitlyn, or Emperor Azir, or even Gem Knight Taric. A skin is supposed to move away from a Champions current personality or theme. Nasus is already a farmer. A farmer skin for a Farmer is repetitive.
Completely false.
: Is Minions block getting worse for anyone else?
I agree that it has gotten worse. If I'm playing a melee champ and have the enemy down to 1 AA or 1 ability before they die, it can be ridiculously hard to reach them if there are minions in between you. Something has changed for the worse.
: What the actual fuck riot?
PSA: {{champion:19}} was an unkillable monster in Preseason 5. Please do not overreact to Preseason 6 balance.
44k (NA)
: The first question, In China, you will have a very high delay in the server that you are playing in North America. Even if I use the VPN accelerator. So, I chose the champion is: 1. it's skills to be able to control 2.CS efficiency is high (skills have a reduction effect) If you let me use 180+ms in the Riven game, it is impossible. I can use the same hero every time, but it will not be very boring? And every time I get the right place? Second questions, Modify password, because I use the VPN accelerator, which will allow me to all data directed by a server, which is not safe for my account mailbox. Different computers, but they all have my login information. I was playing LOL at the beginning of the flash is on the F, when the game started I noticed this problem. So when I played first game, I wasted a lot of flash, Until later I got used to it. So until my holiday finished, I did not change the keys. Third questions Each person's skill is not the same. You can see that my main position is MID and JUG. I am more proficient in Brand than Yasuo/LB. My Lee and Kayle also more than other Champions. I have explained, I play games just for fun, not for the purpose of the pursuit of what a champion. I can get the diamonds with a few champions, but I would like to play different champion with my friends, get more happy. Just like this. I don't wanna lost to Silver, and I don't want to stop playing the Ranked. And I'm just playing games alone. So I can only take a boring game mode for me. My server in China is diamond three. Do you think I can watch a person playing games with my computer for 6 days from morning to night? :) I have submitted all the LOGS records. I hope my answer to you can be satisfied.
Riot also has other data and metrics they can see, but we can't. I would bet that these also prove that you were boosted. For example, they have the data on how many times you left click, right click, what settings were used, click coordinates per game, CS style, ward patterns. This would easily be automated, and if it were available to us, we'd probably see a major change for those 5 days in almost all of those data sets. You boosted.
High5 (NA)
: I like Cass, but she's not a good mid to start with. Think of her like an AP jinx. Great when protected, dead on her own. Cass has high burst damage, but no utility or escape except for her ult. Same reason Malz hasn't really been playable in a long time. Both are, at best, team comp dependent and very situational picks that are highlly susceptible to assassins and decent ganking junglers.
In bronze-silver, Malz is FREELO in most cases.
44k (NA)
: Wrong MMR boosting accusation
You have to realize that you have so many things working against you that you'll probably be banned for a while, and the evidence points to "rightfully so." 1) Your champion select pattern completely changed for a week, favoring a "spammy" pattern rather than your previous pick diversity. 2a) You decided to change your Flash keybinding for 1 week 2b) During that week of having Flash on a different key, your KDA, Kill Contribution, and CS farm were considerably better 2c) After this success, you decided to change your Flash binding back, and your stats tanked (why?) 3) Your connection changed it's origin due to "VPN" 4) You went from Gold to Diamond in a week **Disclaimer**: If you didn't boost and Riot agrees with you- overturning the ban, I will publicly apologize to you. Let's face it, that won't happen because you boosted 100%.
EnvyFox (NA)
: i hate that, ive been Stuck in Silver for 3 years now Cus of the MMR system, i try and i try and i try my best, i get Paired with Trolls, jerks and Feeders, and i go against like.. High Silvers to gold players and im like.. come on.. ive seen some Plat and Dia players in my match ups. but im like.. are you kidding me?
This is going to come across kind of mean, but you're not in Silver 3 due to Riot's system. Does Riot's system make it HARDER to level up? Absolutely. I was in the same boat as you for the last 2 seasons, always in silver 1-2 and blaming the matchmaking or LP system. While those can be obstacles in their own right, I took matters into my own hands and decided to focus on improving the things that I had control over. This season, I improved some of my gameplay and although it took me several hundred games, I finally reached Gold 5. Stop making excuses and focus on improving the things that you have under your control!
: Nice catch. It's really weird that someone found something like this. It really doesn't strike me as something you'd think of trying. Still, have a +1 for your clever manipulation!
People do this all the time with Red Buff on Red side. Red dies in the brush many times, so this was just a matter of time before it was found.
: Please, stop pissing me off
Well. this isn't the only example of this happening in League. For example: http://i.imgur.com/rFACCeh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8j4ktsc.gif
: Kindred delayed until 5.20
Maybe Riot will release her at 6300 IP rather than 7800 IP. That would be a good gesture that would cost them $0.
: Laughing Fish's 40k lifetime upvote spectacular! (Come and get your free skins!)
http://i.imgur.com/kBRwlsL.gifv The Laughing Fish is very generous. Congrats on those upvotes. **New goal:** 100k
Craig (NA)
: PSA: You are at risk of being banned for MMR boosting even if you've never done it. Here's proof.
I'll slap on an upvote for visibility. Hopefully a Red drops by the explain the ban, or to look into it more and possibly reverse it. Good luck.
: Lamb and Wolf: Teaser Reveal and Speculation
Riot Came up for the concept of {{champion:432}} back in August or September of 2014. After they finished him as a champion, they knew he'd be a trolly champ that most people despise, thus we shunned him. Knowing how terrible Bard is, Riot created this new champ to take his place. Lore-wise, Elderwood Bard took an axe and split himself in two, becoming the new champion(s) that will be released.
: If you want to win more often DON"T OP.GG the game
op.gg and similar sites are incredibly valuable, especially in ranked games. As a jungler, it is great to see enemy runes, as well as their KDA with their champion, and also their match history. 1. If someone with a high average deaths-per-game is mid or top, you can bet I'm going to camp them early to get my lane snowballing. 2. If an enemy is on a losing streak, you can bet that I'm going to camp their lane to put them on tilt even more. I may even use all-chat in a non-negative way. 3. If an enemy laner has a very high KDA, I will let our lane know to let them push a bit so I can come in for an early gank. It can be a useful tool if you know what to look for, completely useless if you get discouraged by seeing that your opponent is X # of divisions above/below you.
Rioter Comments
: Kalista ignores polymorph
Summary of thread: Kalista can still AA through -Bard Ult -Malz Ult -WW Ult -GA Statis SendVid has a terrible buffer rate. Stick to Youtube. Also, Riot, please fix this champ. So dumb that she can ignore some of the most reliable Kalista counter-play.
: surrender at 20 says that when they dig into the files for those, it brings up {{champion:223}} and {{champion:432}} and both of those are pretty magical people. http://www.surrenderat20.net/2015/08/826-pbe-update.html
It doesn't say that at all. It says: > Several files named "TheyAreComing", including visuals and and sounds. While we don't know exactly what this is referencing yet, we've seen similar mysterious files pop up teasing Tahm Kench and Bard prior to their releases. Summary: This is likely a new champion teaser, because similar things happened before TK and Bard were released. Reading comprehension has gone to hell these days.
: Any news on Eve's and Malzahar's VU ?
Malzahar needs some INTERESTING skins. He's my favorite champ to play right now, and I still use the stock skin because the others are too similar to his stock. There's so much potential to change his outfit (in meaningful ways) and have some cool minion changes as well. Plz rito.
: Hey y'all, First I want to thank everyone for providing this information, in situations like this the more we can learn about the configurations that are having problems the better insight we gain into the issue. We believe that the issue should now be fixed on all regions, but if you're still experiencing either the red textures in the shop or instability with your game client please let us know and we'll continue to work on getting the problem resolved.
Thank you for the update. PLEASE use this situation as a learning opportunity for next time there is an issue like this. A) QA a patch before you release it to Live. B) Communicate more efficiently with your players. Even a "there is no progress" update is better. A game-warning would have been even better to prevent frustration and accidental LeaveBusters/Bans.
JaangHo (NA)
: Patch 5.14 Constan Crashing Mac
Can we get an update? Even if it's just "We are able to reproduce this issue and are working on finding a cause/fix."
: RIOT - Please give Mac users an update on the patch 5.14 crash bug
Signed Also, how can they NOT have an alert up for this?
EJCare27 (OCE)
: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sally is {{champion:90}} ???
nooooooo. The Doctor is {{champion:90}}, who was also the stranger that Sally was intimate with at the party. He gave her Space AIDS and then took her to the void.
iLuma (NA)
: iLuma's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" Contest! (Win a FREE Skin/Champion!)
The Tale of Dark Consequences Sally Martin was always known as the "good" girl in her high school, a role model if you will. Little did Sally know, the one lapse in judgement she's ever made would have such dark consequences. A week ago, she had one too many beers and was very intimate with a stranger- a man she had never seen. She is now very ill and has found herself in a dark, damp doctor's office awaiting the results of several tests. The doctor walks in with a clipboard in hand and a mask over his face. He doesn't say a word. Sally: "What is it? What did the tests say?" The doctor remains silent. Sally: "TELL ME WHAT---" A flash of purple light engulfed the room. The doctor's eyes began to glow, dark energy began to flow into Sally. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't find words. She wanted to run, but her limbs succumbed to the energy. The doctor spoke three words before he and Sally disappeared into a plume of purple smoke- "For the void." From the smoke fell a scrap of paper from Sally's medical chart: **Name**: Sally Martin **Age**: 18 **Diagnosis**: Space Aids {{champion:90}}
iLuma (NA)
: Oh hey, it's me again. With more FREE SKINS/CHAMPIONS!
Telling a story about facing or playing Nocturne.
: Guys I don't know how this will help,but a [Rioter](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3cme6m/78_pbe_update/cswxv67) hopped on Reddit saying they're testing some things out with this & it will have several iterations over the next few days.
How dare you use logic! After all, we all know that every single PBE change is going live, every. single. one. </sarcasm>
Asdeft (NA)
: All of their recent splashes have been top-notch, art team always delivers on that end.
Eh, Kat and Trist splashes could have been better.
: I wasn't stating odds of getting a 6300 IP champion, I was saying I currently own a higher percentage of the 6300 IP champions that the 450 IP champions.
Exactly. So even if you own more lower cost champs, you still probably have a higher chance to get them vs 6300 since the odds of getting them are so slim.
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: I think only 520RP+ champions are eligible. So, basically you cannot get 450 IP champions.
: I did the math a while ago and realized I've got a higher percentage of the 6300 champions than I do the 450 champions.
Eh, unless you know the formula that Riot uses, I doubt you have a higher chance at 6300 champs. The nature of Free To Play RNG "mystery" boxes is usually: Cheapest item - Highest % to drop Expensive item - Lowest % to drop So even if you had 1x ~~450~~ 1350 - 4800 IP champ left to buy and 10x 6300 IP champs to unlock, the odds are still probably higher that you get that ~~450~~ 1350 - 4800 IP champ rather than any 1 of the 6300 IP champs. Edited: Removed 450 IP champs because you cannot get them from Mystery Champ Gifts.
: promos are the DUMBEST THING
Just had this happen. I went on a 5 game win streak, then 2 games in a row I had bot lane trolling with feeding and spamming "LOL." The 2nd loss in my promos came with a bonus: A racist Vlad top that kept dropping N-bombs everywhere, then feeding. Promos need to go, or only exist between the leagues, not divisions.
: I hate to tell you this, since it's something you could have easily looked up in the item description, but the execute doesn't work with ranged champions. Thresh is a ranged champion; even if he uses his melee auto attack animation it still counts as ranged.
Well never mind then. Thanks for the information!
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=TheLastShadow45,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nrJ5nxt3,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2015-06-21T23:34:49.333+0000) > > You make a valid point. Looks like Riot didn't take into account of Fathers day. Well.... I think that they planned it during this week to retain players. Steam sales draw people away, E3 draws people away, Father's Day draws people away, "how can we keep our customers and sales up during this week? Why by making an event where you earn rewards only if you win with a premade 5 team! and you earn points by buying things! that'll keep our sales/playerbase up during this busy week!" idk at least I imagine that is the idea.
Well yes that's the idea; however, there is a main flaw in their design. They set the goals based on normal play/gifting levels, and then increased those goals. In a week that has so many non-LoL events, they should have at MOST, left the goals at "normal play/gifting levels" since there are so many things drawing players away. It was a very poor design from the players' point of view. They set an unrealistic goal in order to increase revenue. Free Pool Party Mundo was never attainable.
Nipplez (NA)
: No, you can see in the announcement of the event a rioter even makes a pun stating that points will be "pooled together from all regions" (excluding China because of legal reasons).
This is correct. http://www.leagueoflegends.co.kr/?m=contents&id=58 http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/features/team-up-pool-party The progress is exactly the same.
chipi99 (NA)
: Add One More Day to Pool Party @Riot
I am not going to bother asking for another day- it will not happen. I will, however, ask for these changes to be made in the future: 1) Don't hold an event like this during a week such as this. It was E3 week, finals week for many our Canadian friends, Father's Day on Sunday, and in the middle of the Steam Sale. I understand that it may be a lower traffic time, but this was just horribly timed. 2) Spread the points around a little more fairly: -Winning a 5 man game: 10 points -Losing a 5 man game: 5 points -Playing any PvP game (excluding customs): 1 point -Gifting in the post-game lobby: 15 points -Gifting a friend: 20 points When there is a forum post from a Red explaining that they made the goals based on normal population of players and then increased the goal so that we would have to play more (in a week filled with so many events outside of LoL) that's awful marketing. What's worse, is that the ways to earn points are so terrible, that gifting a RANDOM person 1 item is worth 4 WINS with a premade 5's team. I appreciate the free items we will be getting, but please refine the next event that works similar to this.
: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: MoltresRising Skin: Mecha Malphite Region: NA Even if I don't get selected/win, this is very cool! Thanks!
: Banned 15 minutes after the game? You're one of those who mashes the report button with a fancy little message in there and everything, and thinks it does something lol. Well, at least some still believe in fairy tales.
Well, some guy was RAGING at our team earlier today. He was BMing in all chat and being super toxic. Everyone reported him, and a few minutes later I received a system message telling me something to the effect: "Thanks to the reports from you and your peers, the Tribunal has punished the reported player according to their actions." So yes, it's within 15 minutes and it actually works.
: Except the four year old doesn't try to kill you. Usually.
Usually, neither does the Nasus. How we still don't have a Farmer Nasus skin, I will never know.
Yokomson (NA)
: Mac Problem: Cursor Stuck on A-Attack, can't buy items, can't use "B" to teleport home
I have had this too. It's unfortunate, and the only sure-fire way to resolve it has been to leave the game and reboot LoL.
Pisdov (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MoltresRising,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Z2r2x7jW,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-06T12:21:31.449+0000) > > Yet in none of your matches, you did poorly. LCS material! i appreciate the trolling attempt, but please point out where i said anything about how i played in any of the games? there's a big difference between not doing well, and blatantly trolling or intentionally feeding. i've had some horrible games, everyone has.
I'm not trolling at all. I was using sarcasm. Although we all get trolls, it's still possible to win with troll/feeding teammates at least a % of the time. It looks like you've fallen into the online gaming trap of: **If I win** - I did well **If I lose** - the other team was good or my team sucked.
Pisdov (NA)
: Your last 10 games in Ranked
Yet in none of your matches, you did poorly. LCS material!
Rioter Comments
FHMarshy (NA)
: So, I was jungling on my smurf and this conversation happened.
I sadly think that this goes deeper than anything the ADC said. I have noticed lately a HUGE trend in "afk's" over the last 2-3 weeks. I believe it's a new type of trolling. **Conditions leading to the "AFK"** -Your team is ahead in objectives -Your team is ahead in kills -Player that "AFKs" is usually very far ahead Then out of nowhere, some ridiculous thing happens and they AFK/RQ. I thought it was just an isolated incident or two, but this has happened SEVERAL times over the last few weeks. I'm afraid we're in a new age of trolling.
That is perfect. Riot can't possibly be against this. **Pros:** * Millions of players instantly stop receiving spam/scam invites like crazy * Millions of players' block lists aren't getting filled **Cons:** * New players/accounts will temporarily be unable to add friends until they reach level 2. The positive effects outweigh the negative by a lot.
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