: Volibear
Looks like Master Yi got a little busy with the current volibear
iSuzuken (EUW)
: Zhonay's hourglass
They balanced it by adding stopwatch to different items like guardian angel and Stoneplate. Also, its the only ap item that grants Armor. Whereas Maw of Malmortius and Mercurial semetar are two strong AP counter items for ad champs. They cant nerf something that is the only saving grace for AP champs that have to deal with AD assassins. If they want to nerf it, they would need another item that grants mages armor in order to compensate. Also, its a 90 second cd. And most of the time, burst abilities are up before that cooldown anyway. Hell you can even get karthus ult lower than 90 seconds.
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Nyandere (NA)
: Yas Ulti is AoE. If he could hit them with the AoE while being outside of turret range it lets him. The fact that you can't control it is a bad thing, so they give him this small thing to help in that situation. If you think about the hitbox of it like a Malphite Ulti, it makes a lot more sense. If they remove it automatically doing it, and simply allow us to choose which side he goes (kinda like Kat's E) to that would HELP good Yasuo players, and hurt the already bad ones. If they simply make it so you go behind them in every case, then it's just stupid and clunky for an AoE ability. No champion should be made intentionally clunkier.
"No champion should be made intentionally clunkier" Lol throwback to the LeBlanc rework.
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OkoiA (NA)
: Poop Champion Concept - Mudd
Hahaha holy shit. Im crying
: Vote Fiddlesticks so That They Can Give Fiddlesticks the One Thing he TRULY Needs...
Holy shit I laughed waaaaay to hard at this. Hahahahahah
: If Fiddlesticks gets Reworked like This, he has so Much More Potential for Skins!!!
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Tofu Egg (NA)
: change/nerf vlad thresh
If its a "terrible fucking game terrible fucking company" then stop playing. Problem solved.
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: Alright...so this is somehow punishable now?
Throwback to like 10 years ago when you could say whatever and people didnt get butt hurt about it
DearPear (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=21mackd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ROZxudwo,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-03T07:57:31.145+0000) > > If they're so concerned about having so many toxic players in league, and have really tried to make an effort to make people act better in game (honor rewards), then why the hell would they make a champion that will inherently piss people off? Yeah I get it it. They're trying to be unique and keep the game "fresh" but what the hell makes them think "....yeah this leblanc/lux/ amumu/ trickster glass hybrid won't irritate anyone? Even if Neeko acted as a trigger for these people's toxicity, it only means that these people were already toxic to begin with. Trying to justify one's behavior with a champion's kit is as stupid as it gets.
So you're saying that it's ok that they're not helping their cause? That it's not a bad thing they just added something else for people to get pissed at? In order to get out of the hole you need to stop digging first.
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