: > [{quoted}](name=Aneirin,realm=OCE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=000f00000000,timestamp=2018-08-22T22:42:04.447+0000) > > ranked is my testing grounds for new builds and playstyles/strategies this this is what makes a troll
Anything works in silver (I've played Soraka top for more than one occasion).
GuardDX (NA)
: LoL is a competitive game with both teams trying to win. Children that play traditional sports are taught to line up across from each other and say good game. It has nothing to do with how the game went, but is to show respect for the effort the other team put forth. Trying to decide what you can and can't get away with instead of just being nice is incredibly rude to the other people involved and shows immaturity and disrespect.
I can agree with being immature and disrespectful in game.
Gamewiz1 (NA)
: If you act like that is 2 games what do you act like in the rest and based on the chat for the second game it looks like you wanted to trade and no one would do you decided to choose a champ you are bad on and feed. The first game you were verbally abusive to the other team. And also your paste bin does not show any other team input which tells me you purposefully left stuff out to make yourself look better
You must be new to how chat logs work here. The player report card only shows the messages that the player in question has sent. Look at similar posts to mine.
: Eh, there is no point of smurfing if I don't have fun. And unfortunately, having fun for me often means stomping and gloating about my victory.
Turning off all-chat sounds like a great idea, except I wouldn't be able to see the opponents' tilted responses to me.
: Lol I was permanently banned for telling an afk he was useless. Do I think that itself warranted a permanent? Hell no But I've been given contless warnings, my friends told me to stop and I didn't. Went from a 10 Chat to 35, 14 susp straight to perma. Cried for two weeks, made a new account, chat banned there, decided to turn off all chat and mute all. I lost over 1k I'm sure. Long story short. Just don't talk and use pings lol... Edit: yes it was deserved. Don't be like me, and just don't talk. Seriously. I wonder if Riot can do Permanent Chat bans?
Feelbadman. I can definitely relate to you.
: > [{quoted}](name=2girls1Michael,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2018-08-23T13:36:13.965+0000) > > Lol. I'm the guy who wins mid lane so hard to the point that not even a fed bot, top, and jungler can stop my team's inevitable victory. Then, I spam "GGEZ" in chat, essentially telling them that their efforts were useless. It's definitely the most satisfying feeling in the game. It's kind of sad that you get offended by people who say "EZ", but that's just my opinion. Riot Games, and the player behavior squad, actively frown upon saying GGEZ as opposed to "ggwp" or any other variation of "GG" so it isn't like im just nitpicking, you however, are. You made this forum post asking for advice and, after reading some of the other responses and your replies to them, I'm finding your request for advice highly dubious. My prior post is full of sound advice and specific examples of things to avoid, if you wish to retain your account and continue playing league of legends I strongly suggest you follow it. If, however, you simply want to contest small parts of the whole and insult me then by all means, continue this behavior so that we players who enjoy the game don't have to see you on the rift. :)
Eh, there is no point of smurfing if I don't have fun. And unfortunately, having fun for me often means stomping and gloating about my victory.
: No, I play Nunu or Anivia to pass the time.
: Let's begin shall we? As I break this down for you, try to remember that I have been playing the game for more than 8 years, and that in that time my account has received _maybe_ one warning from a time when punishment was based on the Tribunal of your peers and not the current system. Game One and toxic behavior: "Sorry bout the afk" leads me to believe that you were actively and intentionally afk at some point during your ranked match. can't tell how long or what the reason is, but AFK is reportable. "ez game noobs" can't tell if this is all chat or team chat, but it isn't likely to matter. noob is not exactly a term of endearment and while I personally do not find it all that insulting, other players will, and even if they don't report you for calling them noob, it does nothing to improve their attitude toward you. " get clapped, garbage, back to bots boys" All phrases that, like noob, actively insult and openly shame players. This is the beginning of toxic behavior, so while you're not using profanity or calling anyone out directly, it IS toxic and WILL negatively impact your teammates. Then there is the absolute atrocity of the post-game chat. Don't do this. Post-game is not safe. if you won, move on to your next game. if you lost, move on to your next game. There is absolutely no reason to behave this way in post chat. Some key phrases that will easily get you reported: "Go back to bots. You guys are terrible. you should go back to normals. stay in silver." making fun of other player's rank. "you guys are garbage, you should uninstall" This is the picture of toxicity in League of Legends. Game 1 alone easily earned you at least 3, probably more like 5 or 6 individual instances of bannable behavoir, and as people have already said: Coming off another punishment without any correction in behavior shows that you require more punishment. Tyler1 should not be who you strive to be. Game Two and toxic behavior: Pre Game: generally speaking nothing in pre game chat is all that bad on its own, as it appears to be directed mostly at yourself, once again however, acting this way does nothing to make your team like you. if people like you, they usually wont report you if you have one or two disparaging comments at the state of the game. In Game: "i like that attitude of yours, might cost us the game" now i know that we cant see what he said, but this is highlighted as another statement that does not make people like you. special note: this is the first time i see profanity, i assume that these were mild games for you in the profanity department, but just don't curse. just don't. best advice. So here we come onto a stream of comments that appear to be you arguing with another player that was upset with how you're playing. this was catalyzed by your pre-game comments as clearly the first thing the other person said was something like "no wonder you have garbage winrate" while I don't feel that it is toxic to attempt to defend yourself, many many people will simply report both of the people who were arguing. if another player is being toxic to you, make use of the mute button found by holding tab and looking for the megaphone near their name. "2girls1Michael: guys 2girls1Michael: want a dance party 2girls1Michael: I got disco 2girls1Michael: singed 2girls1Michael: come to your red 2girls1Michael: I'll bring you a treat" Clearly, this is you in all chat either attempting to bait the enemy team into a bad fight in their jungle, or you attempting to start intentional feeding. Turn off all chat. you'll vastly reduce your number of reports if you do, as long as you also follow my advice and never talk in post game chat. more all chat more all chat more all chat ggez spam. spamming is also a bannable offence, not to mention that doing so is 100% likely to bring unwanted attention to your account. It's almost like you want the entire enemy team to report you... Post Game: Just dont talk in post game. stop it. why do people do this. you start off begging for honor (not bannable but certainly dishonorable and uncool) after a game where it appears that you were feeding early, drawing unwanted attention to yourself, and then at the end of the game trying to dance with the enemy team and broadcasting your location in all chat. none of this is honorable gameplay. You proceed to put down another player, talk about how you're better than them, and then insult their ranking again. pretty consistent toxic behavior. In Summary: Yes. your 14 day ban is deserved if and only if you're coming off of prior punishment, which you are. No, I would not be sad to see your account perma-banned. If you don't turn this kind of behavior around you're going to be permabanned. End of Story. My advice is this: TURN OFF ALL CHAT. STOP SPAMMING. DON'T SAY EZ. seriously, i report so many people for this, often times members of my team. just don't do it. i dont care if the score was 58/2 and you took all 9 towers yourself. I dont care how easy the game was. say Good Game and move on. DON'T TALK IN POST GAME CHAT. I really can't emphasize this enough. **_DO NOT TALK IN POST GAME CHAT._** nope... still not enough emphasis. + bonus edit: You should probably think about changing that name of yours as well. At best it shows that you're the cocky playah type that mostly just comes off as douche-ey. If you want to turn your account around and not be permabanned you need to ACTIVELY start improving your relationships with random players. First impressions matter, and I'm alot more willing to be understanding with a player who doesn't have a name that makes me think of a meathead with frosted tips and a way too tight white polo.
Lol. I'm the guy who wins mid lane so hard to the point that not even a fed bot, top, and jungler can stop my team's inevitable victory. Then, I spam "GGEZ" in chat, essentially telling them that their efforts were useless. It's definitely the most satisfying feeling in the game. It's kind of sad that you get offended by people who say "EZ", but that's just my opinion.
: It's painfully obvious from your chat log and from your comments within this thread that you are the archetypal toxic player. It seems to me that you should maybe quit league for a few years and come back when you're a little more mature/less insolent. And looking at your op.gg, I bet you dodge if both Yas and Zed are banned. Good riddance.
No, I play Nunu or Anivia to pass the time.
: so if you are high elo then you gotta realise trash talkin doesnt get you anything. all it does is take away from someone else. without a single doubt if you have skills and mechanics and macro awareness then why limit yourself to the chat box. i guess i cant talk much because the moment i realize someone is trolling while im giving it my all i lose my shit. but why step on lesser players? thats like in an mmo you make it to max level then you go kill people who are new and leveling. why? why kill your games fanbase? why smack talk silvers?
I'm by no means high elo; I'm d5 with barely over a 50% win rate. I trash talk mainly when I'm playing with friends; both of us can have a good laugh at the things we are saying in /all.
: I feel like maybe you shouldn't talk so much trash. like instead of saying "ggez trash noobs stay silver" _while your in silver_ you could just. kill them. take their towers. then their nexus. then your lp. like ive never understood why people talk so much trash in this game. like i understand if you bot is legit greifing and inting your lane going 0 and 18 together. then you can trash talk them its only fair. but why to random people. just trying to play. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=exiled+summoner hers mine. i also main yasuo. but i dont play much ranked cause people tend to ban my champions and criticize my pick. plus i get nervous. i was also recently punished like you but i got a chat restriction because i called out a raka in a normal game for running it down my lane twice and feeding everywhere and i used colorful language. my point is I get where your coming from but i still say. just dont type.
This account is mainly used for trying out non-niche picks (AP Yasuo, double jungle) or just playing with pals. https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2851011856/235322811?tab=overview is a pretty good example.
: I've never had anyone chat so much in any of my games. Honestly, that first game made you look more toxic than the elephant's foot. I would totally report and chat ban you for just that. I'm not aware of any of your previous games, but if it's anything like this and happens more than a few times, I think you should be banned. Second game had more of a sillier tone, I don't know the context of it, but that alone shouldn't have gotten you banned. You do do the thing I, and I'm sure lots of others hate most, and that's being a sore winner. "Stay in silver", "I did better than you amumu", "honor me fellas", and most annoyingly, spamming "GGEZ" in post game. I have a feeling you do this in every game. Sure, RIOT might not ban you for being a sore winner, rubbing it in so hard puts you in the cusp of being reported. Combine that with the utterly disgusting toxicity of the first game, and you deserve to be banned. I wouldn't go as far as to say permabanned, but a temp ban just as a warning. TL;DR: You chat too much, you're a sore winner, and that first game pushed you into the banning point
Your feeling is correct. My best sensation is winning mid lane so hard to the point that not even a fed bot, top, and jungler can stop my team's inevitable victory. Then, I spam "GGEZ" in chat, essentially telling them that their efforts were useless. Of course, I would also spam "GGEZ" when we lose, though that's more in a sillier context.
: I read your stuff man and it wasn't that bad, definitely not 14 day ban worthy. I honestly hate this game. It's statements from employees like yourself that just cloud league of legends in hypocrisy. It's clearly one of or if not the most toxic communities for any game. The punishments you give out are more than unjust. I was banned because I had a "negative attitude" towards my teammates by saying "let me out" or "this one is over"...like how do you want me to respond to a child running it down mid or inting, I'm wasting my time and efforts. The tribunal is a joke, I know people that just report other players after every game for the sake of just wanting to get people banned and more so then not, they get those instant feedback reports. It doesn't matter because people will keep offending and get banned, then guess what? People buy accounts and move on but who cares right because Riot still get paid. So laughable.
> I read your stuff man and it wasn't that bad, definitely not 14 day ban worthy. What do you think about the second game? I was underperforming, but IMO I wasn't been that negative.
: > [{quoted}](name=2girls1Michael,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2018-08-22T23:11:53.587+0000) > > :-) Responses like this to questions like that one really hurt your case. You're not setting yourself up as a sympathetic character.
Hmmm, I can agree on that. I apologize that you were caught in the crossfire of my Nunu double jungle strategy. We might have stood a chance had our other jungler (Wukong) decided not to rage quit at 3 min.
: I appreciate that it's your opinion, but it comes across as a bit whiney and petulant at best, if not deceptive and lying at worst. Just saying how it appears to the reader
: As a player in your 0/0 Nunu game I'd say you deserve a 14 day ban regardless of reason.
Aneirin (OCE)
: > ranked is my testing grounds for new builds and playstyles/strategies Tbh that's (in my opinion) borderline trolling. Don't play something new and untested in ranked without trying it in normals, it's not fair to the rest of your team.
I try it in normals for one game before spamming it in ranked. For example, I have this strategy where I play anivia support with smite and secure the blue buff so that I can win early trades without losing all my mana. I hard carried in normals, but in ranked I have below a 10% winrate.
: First off, I'd like to say I don't report people often. This is mostly because I've had bad days where I've flamed and usually take a minute and apologize. But yeah, if you've had previous reports that have been enforced, I'd wager that gets taken into account. You seem like an intelligent, thoughtful person so just try not chatting, keeping your head on straight and taking a day or two off while you're on tilt. Cheers, and GL.
: ***
I did that quite a few times at Gold 5 0 lp before getting suspended for the first time. Never going to do that again, but that gave me a good laugh :)
: You sounded like a complete D-bag in game 1. Game 2 sounda like a having a laugh but you must've done something for someone to report you. Never say disco while playing nunu I guess
Thanks for your feedback. I was definitely being unfriendly to say the least in Game 1, but I feel that what I said would be slightly more understandable if you could view the words in the actual context. Then again, fighting fire with fire is never advisable.
: Maybe wait until you actually get out of silver before you start flaming people for being silver. You clearly have issues with your attitude, and this isn't something that Riot can do anything about. Use the time while you're banned to take a break from League, get outside and get some fresh air, spend some time with friends and family and reassess how you treat people.
That's a good point (just recently dropped from Gold). One of the problems I have is that ranked is my testing grounds for new builds and playstyles/strategies such as AP Zed, double jungle, smitenivia, etc. I've have been successful with hybrid / AP Yasuo and Zed recently, but a bit less successful on my Nunu and Anivia picks. I don't like playing normals because nobody takes them seriously. Is there any advice you can provide to me?
: I went 5/8/5, I wouldn't consider that inting.
I am pretty bad at Nunu though: http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=2girls1michael%27
: Its funny. You int fed on nunu but only got in trouble because of abusive chat logs. You could probably int dozens of games before getting caught if you didn't type mean things
I went 5/8/5, I wouldn't consider that inting.
: I don't like when these posts start out saying “unfairly” because that's obviously up for debate
That's just my opinion, but I'm welcome to the feedback that the community has to give :)
: > [{quoted}](name=2girls1Michael,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=000400000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-22T17:32:48.669+0000) > > You don't have to take my word for it, You're right I don't, that's why I'm asking you to provide your chat logs so we can see if your punishment was unjust. > but I was suspended previously for intentionally feeding. Really? Ouch dude. They only do that when they're extremely confident that's what you did. It should have nothing to do with your current punishment - at least in my mind - because chat and inting are separate kinds of behavior. But regardless, I feel sorry for you; I'd hate to go through whatever you went through to mess you up enough to intentionally ruin games - keyword _games_ - like that. Games are for having fun, not for making other people feel miserable.
Thanks for the sympathy, I am definitely going through some difficult times right now. I think I already hyperlinked the chat logs in my post, but here it is: https://pastebin.com/jdiyH2G8
: Then why did he say that you "continued with this behavior" ? Wait you haven't provided chat logs. It's possible to skip immediately to a 14-day ban, so you're going to have to prove that you didn't do something deserving of that, such as use zero tolerance language or encourage others to harm themselves.
You don't have to take my word for it, but I was suspended previously for intentionally feeding.
: > [{quoted}](name=2girls1Michael,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-08-22T17:24:32.658+0000) > > I did not have chat restrictions before. [redacted] > [{quoted}](name=Riot Tantram,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=86svuo7m,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-22T17:26:23.591+0000) > > You just came off a penalty days ago, and are continuing with this behavior. To be honest, you're lucky this time was only a 14-day ban.
It was not related to chat at all.
: > I felt like a chat restriction would have been more appropriate in this case. You just came off a penalty days ago, and are continuing with this behavior. To be honest, you're lucky this time was only a 14-day ban.
Thanks for the reply, Tantram. I got punished for a complete different reason from this one; I didn't realize that it had anything to do with the suspension I just received.
: Insulting other players is against the rules. You break the rules, you get punished. Because it is an escalating punishment system and you previously had chat restrictions, you now have a 2 week ban. That's how this works. After the end of the two week ban, your account is *very* close to a permanent ban. People *commonly* get permanently banned in the first 1 or 3 games they play after the ban. Avoid any chat that could be reported, regardless of the circumstance. If you want to keep your account, you should stick to the kindergarten rule: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
I did not have chat restrictions before.
: Game 1 is nothing but flaming and rankshaming. Game 2 you are clearly trying to troll your team, also gg ez spam after loosing makes it even more look like you wanted to loose the game.
The second game was when I was 5/8/5, not a great score but it shows that I am at least trying to a certain extent. I was playing Nunu, a champion I am not very comfortable on because my other teammates refused to switch roles with me, which I perfectly understood. I actually almost won that game as well.
Chermorg (NA)
: Have you had prior chat restrictions? And if so, when?
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