: Hey 2xHero, We should be fine with NordVPN. Can you send us a crash dump when the game runs into that issue?
Ok. I don't check the boards very often. How do I submit a crash dump?
: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
I use a VPN (nordvpn) to play on the NA server from China. In China, Internet peering to foreign hosted web services is pretty bad. By using a VPN that pays for bandwidth with CN2 peering, I can get a faster and stabler connection to League servers than I would get without using a VPN. However, my client often crashes at the load screen. Could this be a conflict between the VPN and the anti-cheat engine?
Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
I don't know if it has been answered yet, but I have a couple of questions about how Smite interacts with a couple of the new runes. The Perseverance rune in the resolve tree increases bonus and magic resist based on the number of summoner spells on cool down. Will smite trigger if it has one charge and the second charge is on cool down or do both charges need to be down. Also, does chilling smite apply the slowing field from active items on the Glacial Augment rune in the Inspiration tree? I'm going to guess no since chilling smite is still a summoner spell, but it does require an item purchase to use. It might feel pretty cool to special rule that interaction in.
GigglesO (NA)
: So you are nerfing morde?
The HP regen nerf is going way too far. The other champions that use HP to cast abilities have higher base health regen than this AND they have built-in healing mechanics. {{champion:266}} 6.6 HP per 5 {{champion:36}} 7.8 HP per 5 {{champion:8}} 7.0 HP per 5 {{champion:154}} 7.0 HP per 5 Do you really think it is drop Mordekaiser's health regen this much? This puts him at the health regen level of champions with FREE spells. On top of that, Riven has a shield that can block a lot of damage from trades, and Rengar has a built-in heal. {{champion:92}} 3.34 {{champion:107}} 4.27 Mordekaiser's shield is not comparable to Riven's because he has to constantly spend HP to keep it up. Early game, where HP regen is most valuable, Mordekaiser will definitely not be able to afford this with the HP regen nerfs.
Meddler (NA)
: Hey all, Wanted to throw in some of our thoughts on displacements here for a bit of context, given they're definitely a CC type we're using more that has both some costs and some benefits to the game relative to other types of CC. First off, some details on why we've been using displacements more/what we feel the benefits of displacements are: * Displacements are clear. Having the unit(s) affected move makes it clear who a spell's hit and, provided the displacement arc or knockback distance is understandable, helps all players involved track the duration of the CC as well. * Displacements are visceral. A knockup can often feel better for the caster than a significantly longer duration stun, leading to better satisfaction from the same power budget. * Displacements, if there's a noticeable amount of knockback included, add some extra play to how a spell's used, giving players more ways to optimize and more options to play around. Not all hits are equal basically (e.g. a great knockback, versus an ok knockback versus a terrible knockback that helps the enemy), giving another point of mastery for players of the champion in question. On the cost side: * Displacements over large distances can make it harder to track where champions, your own especially when moved suddenly against your will, are in a busy fight. Using relatively short range displacement helps avoid this being a significant cost however. * Displacements diminish the value of Tenacity and Cleanse. That means players have fewer responses against them. * With regards to Tenacity, item based counterplay tends to be relatively poor if the item's not one that changes your gameplay noticeably (e.g. Zhonya's via its active, Bloodthirster since sustain modifies how you look to trade/fight, Boots of Mobility significantly impact how you initiate, ward etc) since it's otherwise just a single decision, based off team comp and lane match up. Tenacity items don't have a particularly significant impact on playstyle however, so the loss of interesting gameplay there's pretty limited.Tenacity's also harder to access for many classes (deliberately), so often irrelevant, and the vast majority of the counterplay associated with CC is almost always to avoid the skill in question (whether by dodging, staying out of range, not being a tempting target etc). * Cleanses not removing displacements by contrast is a higher cost and one it's important to be aware of, particularly with regard to champions with burst who'll potentially kill a target within the duration of a single CC. Some other notes: * CC durations on new champs/major reworks nowadays are generally significantly shorter than those used on the original 40 champs. In terms of raw numbers new champions will tend to have more displacements than the original lineup, but those will tend to be of shorter durations (we're trending away from abilities like Morgana's Dark Binding, Rammus' Puncturing Taunt or Fiddlestick's Fear with extremely long CC durations via a single skill). * Displacements do interrupt dashes/leaps in progress which gives them extra power relative to most other CCs. Having counter mobility options like that in the game as a common tool's got significant value however and as above that power's offset against shorter CC durations. * Like many other effects displacements do lose some of their value as a tool when used too often and we have certainly gone through a solid run of champions with displacement on their kits. The next champ up after Rek'Sai will almost certainly not have a knockback or knockup and it's highly likely that the champ after that won't either. We'll definitely continue to use displacements where, as above, it's appropriate, they're not something that should be found on every new character however.
> Displacements do interrupt dashes/leaps in progress which gives them extra power relative to most other CCs. Having counter mobility options like that in the game as a common tool's got significant value however and as above that power's offset against shorter CC durations. Honestly, this is HUGE and one of my biggest problems with displacement CC. I think this aspect is far more powerful that most people recognize. It is incredibly frustrating when you save a dash gap-closer to... close a gap, and the enemy uses a displacement to interrupt your dash. There isn't an effective way to play around that. :( I will still say that mobility creep is a problem, but displacements are not the answer. I am worried that league will escalate to a fighting-game-speed game filled with primarily dashes and displacements where the fastest reflexes/connection wins.
: First impressions on thr new Singed
I think Singed will still need some more changes. On top of the nerfs to proxy farming in general and the direct nerfs to Singed (removal of CC reduction, nerfs to fling damage..) the buffs to Tiamat and Ravenous hydra make it a lot easier for more typical, high damage top laners to counter his split pushing which was one of his signature strengths.
: Relevancy does not dis-equate mana gating. "Don't be an idiot" is actually a bit of an interesting statement. That has the potential to mean quite a bit. If we made it so that all mana champions were only gated by the effect of "Don't be an idiot" and then we removed mana as a cost entirely, what would that mean to those champions? Would they suddenly be able to do things that would otherwise be idiotic to do? If so, then that means that mana *did* do something when it was an effect.
I am having a hard time following this conversation - it might be partly because "don't be an idiot" has not been explicitly defined. So, let's make a couple scenarios. Scenario 1 - "don't be an idiot" means don't use more than 2 spells on minions per wave. As long as you follow this rule, you will not be mana starved. In this case, removing mana entirely would allow champions to use more than 2 spells on minions per wave - doing something that previously was idiotic. Scenario 2 - "don't be an idiot" means don't use more than 1 spell on anything per wave. In this case as well, removing mana entirely would allow champions to break the idiotic rule. I think the point that these players were trying to make is that whatever the "don't be an idiot" rule is can always be broken by manaless champions and that they do not have any relevant trade-offs for this advantage. Currently, a chalice can virtually eliminate all mana problems, allowing them to play as a manaless champion. The worry is that the proposed change will only make the "don't be an idiot" rule more lax - they will no longer be able to break it entirely. HIstorically, energy-based champions had higher energy costs and more frequently went empty. Now, they have free ultimates, energy costs that scale down and additional energy recovery mechanics - they rarely run empty late game. Entirely resourceless champions like Katarina had high cooldowns as the price for no resource cost. Now - their cooldowns are much lower. TL;DR players perceive that manaless champions no longer have their historical weaknesses/gates and are strictly stronger than mana users who always have at least one gate.
Ypherion (NA)
: Preseason 2015 Q&A [Completed]
While global, jungle, and other items will have some effect on tanks, do you have any plans or projects to directly address tanks in league? At the moment, they seem generally pushed aside for high damage fighters and utility supports. {{champion:111}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:154}}
: I think it should be based on this: If this is a rework of an underplayed champion to increase play and viability. I.E. Sejuani Trundle Heimerdinger Karma Twitch Evelynn. The criteria should be based around. Does it increase play? Does it alienate people? Some are resounding successes. (Eve, Heimerdinger) Others are mixed. (Karma, Trundle both alienated fans mostly due to a lack of care about the champion being obvious on Riot's side, but were generally good reworks mechanics wise or glorified QoLs in Trundle's case) Others are failures in the longterm. (Sejuani's winrate has been lower then pre-release since her rework was nerfed, while having an easier and more forgiving kit.) Finally there's objective failures and what seems like a colossal waste of time (Skarner.) Then there's reworks of champions with much maligned, hated abilities or who have kits that are simply harmful on the game as a whole. I.E. Rengar Nidalee Kassadin Sivir (original) Master YI Gragas Most cases, these are problem champions that are overplayed due to their strengths, so reducing their players isn't a huge problem. Nor their viability. However it shouldn't ~gut~ them. Even still, most don't have fantastic winrates. They're often one-trick ponies used to abuse the game. These are mostly successful. The exception is Nidalee has been a case of Riot repeatedly ignoring AD Nidalee, balancing her around AP Nidalee, causing the entire problem with Nidalee's toxicity in the first place with these decisions, and then was shocked that AD Nidalee came back when they reworked Nid into an assassin-bruiser. Without even solving the problems her kit had in the first place, often making them worse then they were before.
> Finally there's objective failures and what seems like a colossal waste of time (Skarner.) It's ~~sad~~ funny because it's true! Humor aside, I think your analysis is pretty spot on. When a kit is made more interesting/usable/fun, less toxic, and/or more balance-able. Some of the problems occur when balance is off and Riot delays to adjust it (Sejuani, Gracas, etc.) or when Riot takes too much away from a fun champion without adding new (Skarner). That said, I think that some of the best reworks are Xerath, Evelynn, and Sion; and the worst is definitely Skarner.
Morello (NA)
: Sure - not hard to admit, and that's why we wanted to follow-up. In the end, Skarner turned out well because we did so - I see this similarly.
This is a bit off topic, but as someone who was a BIG fan of pre-rework Skarner, can you explain how you determined that Skarner turned out well? From what I can tell, his pick rate and win rate have not improved at all, and now his mana costs virtually prohibit him from laning. And in my opinion, he is a lot less fun to play. CC tanks like Nautilus, Singed, and Cho'Gath are my favorite champions, so I was really disappointed when you pushed Skarner into a bruiser role. I would have preferred that you kept the pre-rework Skarners CC and toned down his damage. IIRC, his kit was deemed too toxic because he had too much damage and CC, along with the mobility from his MS steroid. Playing old Skarner, I really liked using his mobility to stick to enemies while positioning to slow as many enemies as possible with Crystal Slash. Now, his CC feels too unreliable and unresponsive *to peel with* since you have to hit a moderate - cooldown skillshot to get 1 slow and then follow up with two hits of Crystal Slash to get a chance to proc the stun. With the old Skarner, you simply had to hit one dude with Crystal Slash and then the next Crystal Slash would slow the dudes. Also, Impale would be up more often because his passive could reduce its cooldown. You already have examples of enjoyable high-CC champions including Alistar, Leona, Braum, an Nautilus. It is OK for champions to have high CC as long as they do not deal good damage, right? Even they *can build damage* with AP. And bruisers can buy CC with Blade of the Ruined King, Frozen Mallet, Randuins Omen, and Iceborn Gauntlet. In fact, building Iceborn Gauntlet gives Skarner a simiar feel to his older self - it's just not as satisfying. To be honest, I am worried about the tank class as a whole. A lot of the older ones like Cho'Gath, Nautilus, and Singed are already struggling against mobility creep, and for they most part they are pushed out of top lane by mages and fighters, and pushed out of the jungle by fighters and assassins. There still are some exceptions and season 5 might change a lot - particularly in the jungle, but that doesn't change that they seem to have been in a relatively poor spot for a while now. The ones that are still good work as supports or are the more boring / semi-bruiser / wet-noodle ones like Dr. Mundo, Maokai, and Malphite. There already are far more fighters than tanks - we didn't need to remove one of the former to make a latter. Skarner was a very satisfying tank, but he is not a satisfying bruiser - he was his own champion, but now he merely sees like a less-fun Hecarim. TL;DR I do not think that Skarner turned out well. He was a very fun tank. He is not so fun as a fighter.
Riot Eno (NA)
: Looking into it...hang tight =)
I want it, too! hehehe
NeoScout (NA)
: Please don't remove Atma's :(
At the very least, Riot should rework it into a better designed item. There are much fewer offensive armor items compared to magic resist and health. We've got health: {{item:3071}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3050}} {{item:3056}} and to a lesser extent {{item:3068}} Magic Resist: {{item:3001}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3139}} and then Armor: {{item:3005}} {{item:3157}} and to a lesser extent {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} It seems kind of thoughtless to remove an item that tries to fill an itemization gap instead of reworking it to actually fill the gap. Simply replacing the crit chance with the attack speed would go a long way toward improving the item. Many bruisers scale better with attack speed than with critical strike. You could also change the item to give HP and convert armor to AD or throw in some CDR by putting a Stinger or Kindlegem in the recipe. There are plenty of options to improve the item instead of simply removing it.
: Are invading and counterjungling fun?
We will still have to wait to see how the other changes to the jungle will affect invading and counterjungling, but here are a few things to at least consider. * Jungle monsters will do a lot more damage. Will Udyr and Lee Sin have enough durability and sustain to invade or counterjungle with no risk? * AoE junglers had an exceptionally fast clear speed thanks to the damage boost from Spirit Stone, which is being removed. * Some of the new monsters offer bonuses to vision. For example, killing the crab in the river gives a speed shrine that gives vision of enemies that walk over it. Smiting the wolf camp spawns a ghost wolf that scouts your jungle for you. This vision will help you to know where the enemy jungler is, allowing you to avoid him and counterjungle him. Currently, I would agree that invading and counterjungling are not fun to go against because there are not enough options to counterplay. However, in season 1, there were more options based on the higher difficulty of jungling and the less available vision (no trinkets or sightstones). Although the article is old, Stonewall008 wrote about the [Season 1 Triad of junglers](http://www.reignofgaming.net/blogs/stonewall/21498-history-lesson-the-classic-types-of-junglers) which accurately describes the season 1 jungle. He classified them as gankers, farmers (which may include counterjungling), and control junglers (which included invading and counterjungling). The summary is that gankers beat farmers by putting more pressure on lanes than the farmer could make up for late game; farmers beat control junglers by clearing their own jungle so fast that they could not be counterjungled effectively, and control junglers beat gankers by denying them farm, ganking power, and ganking opportunities. More recently one style of jungler completely dominates the other styles, or a few champions do EVERYTHING effectively. If the jungle rework addresses these issues, I believe that even invasion and counterjungling will be interesting options with proper counterplay available.
: > {{item:3050}} {{item:3056}} **Forgotten items** > These items have issues. Ohmwrecker has an update coming up on the PBE right now, so I will not address that at the moment. Zeke's probably should just be removed. It looks like a support / bruiser item? But it does not give nearly the team support that Stark's Herald used to give. Or, it would be cool to give a healing/sustain active. Something like a high lifesteal / spellvamp zone. i have a comment about both of these items. Didn't they change their mind about Ohmwrecker on PBE?? They changed its active. Then reverted it back to its original state and left it at that. Also for Zeke's Herald, no, don't get rid of it. I actually literally just used that last match and helped my ADC for more damage and lifesteal. I found it to be very useful given the situation. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/1575530003/41138796 That match though. A bunch of level 20s x.x Our random was the level 28 Aatrox. I was playing with the Ashe and Gragas, and the level 8 Teemo is a friend of the Ashe. So yeah. Zeke's Herald is fine as is. It's more of a very situational item that's rarely used. I agree with Ohmwrecker being completely forgotten in the dark though. It gives, what? Health and AP but not enough? Health on support, they Liandry's (like if it's Zyra support). AP on support, Lich Bane (like on some Sonas). Its active is nice but it just doesn't give much else. Plus, people go tank support for easier turret diving like Thresh/Blitz/Leona/Alistar and go for Randuin's which then leaves Ohmwrecker kind of useless.
Ok, I understand your point on Zeke's Herald. The stats are useful for your team, but the AD and lifesteal are not very useful to the support. *What if it gave AP and health regen or some sort of healing passive plus an ACTIVE that gave a large boost to AD, AP, Lifesteal, and Spell vamp in an area?* That way it would have stats more relevant to a support, but still be able to give the AD and lifesteal to your allies.
: Make support a more desirable role. Increase the power of assists.
I ran out of space in my first post which discussing support itemization, but I have some other problems with support. Currently a support that falls behind has very few options to recover and catch up. Other roles are allowed to split push, farm, and start to catch up on gold and XP, try to sneak a dragon, or go for a super sneaky gank. However, a support that falls behind it usually too weak to effectively do any of those. They almost all have low wave clear and low damage, so they are not good for clearing waves, pushing/solo protecting towers, or taking dragons. Your only real options are to put up the few wards that you can and try to sweep what you can. If you want to get "easy" gold and experience, you have to stick with at least one ally that is pushing. Chances are, they need all the XP they can get; you are "leeching" from that teammate and leaving the rest of your team to 3v4 against opponents who are probably stronger - you are already behind after all. However, sticking with the larger group of your team, you are incredibly likely to die repeatedly - because you are under-leveled, squishy, and try to do **everything** that you can to keep your team alive, which will often include taking aggro for your team - espeially if you are a tank support like Leona or Braum. When playing support, I feel like there is no reliable way to catch up - and even when my team is winning, I am pretty much guaranteed to be lower level than the rest of my team.
: Most people won't identify themselves as being a thing unless they're opting into that thing. For instance my dad loved taking me hunting when I lived at home but I didn't self identify as a hunter just because I was forced to go hunting. You are correct that this data point deserves more scrutiny, and it is no guarantee that someone on your team will always be chomping at the bit to play support. It is however, an indicator that there are folks that are satisfied with the support role! But by asking why folks think it needs to be improved we learn more about why they find it unsatisfying and gain greater understanding of how to make it better. That is why I'm much more interested in why OP wants to improve support than I am in his solutions, because I don't yet know what he is trying to solve for O_O Once I have a better understanding of that, I can really get down to understanding his efforts to address the problems.
I am the support for my ranked 5s team and I "identify" myself as a support, but it is not because it is my favorite role or even because I like the role. I would wager that there are at least a few other players with similar sentiments based on my experience with team builder and draft mode. While i will say that supports usually get a fair amount of gold know, I often feel gold deprived because I **must** build a sightstone and at the upgrade of the relic shield/ancient coin/spellthief's edge. I also have to keep these items throughout the game, and they often don't give or upgrade into the stats that I want. This is also annoying if I would want to get a Rod of Ages or an Archangel's Staff since I feel completely compelled to buy the "core" items first, which menas I have to delay buying items that gain power over time. {{item:3069}} **Talisman of Ascension** I really like the mobility active on this itme. The champions that I most like to buy Talisman of Ascension are back line supports that do not necessarily do a lot of attacking such as Janna and Soraka. However, this item has an *excess of mana regen* and cooldown reduction. On these champions, I often build other mana regen and cooldown reduction items such as Mikael's Crucible or Ardent Censer. {{item:3092}} **Frost Queen's Claim** I think that this one is in a pretty good spot. Personally, I am not a fan of the active, but it still seems strong and useful. My only real complain about this item is that it still seems like it gains much more gold than the other support items. {{item:3401}} **Face of the Mountain** I like this item, but I often wish that it had some sort of mana or mana regen in it. When I am playing a melee, tanky support like Braum or Taric, the mana regen from Mikael's Crucible is usually overkill, so I feel like my only other option is a Frozen Heart or Iceborn Gauntlet - it would be nice to have some other options. {{item:1027}} **Mana** I have mentioned this already, but I wish that mana pool items were more accessible to supports. There are already plenty of mana regen items available, but for mana pool, the options are much smaller. Glacial Shroud into Frozen Heart or Iceborn Gauntlet, Tear of the Goddess into Archangel's Staff, or Catalyst into Rod of Ages. While the Tear at least can gain stacks before you upgrade it, it still gains power over time, and you generally have to upgrade your starting item once, buy basic boots, a sightstone, and upgrade your sweeper before you can buy anything else. :( {{item:1058}} **Need for AP** Most supports scale very well with AP, but you hardly get to buy any. For example, if you build Talisman of Ascension, Mobility boots, and a sightstone - that is half of your items slots, and you still have not bought any AP. Then, if you build another non-ap support item, such as a Locket or a Crucible, you are down to two slots, you have probably reached late game, and you still do not have any AP. {{item:3023}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3060}} **Similar Stat Overload** These three items all offer AP and cooldown reduction. This is not a problem since those are two of the most important stats on most supports. However, since I am only going to have a few slots available, could we make them more slot efficient? Maybe even including a needlessly large rod in the recipe? There is nothing stopping a support from building a Zhonya's or a Deathcap, but why don't supports get comparable items? If a mid-laner wants to build a team oriented item instead of a selfish one, is that bad? {{item:3050}} {{item:3056}} **Forgotten items** These items have issues. Ohmwrecker has an update coming up on the PBE right now, so I will not address that at the moment. Zeke's probably should just be removed. It looks like a support / bruiser item? But it does not give nearly the team support that Stark's Herald used to give. Or, it would be cool to give a healing/sustain active. Something like a high lifesteal / spellvamp zone.
: But wait, you forgot to make the case for support being undesirable in its current state! I know I'm biased, I love playing support, but we've also discovered that ~1/5 of players identify themselves as a support main (the same number of supports needed for a game of LoL). Also, this season, supports are earning more gold and buying more items than ever before. I'm not trying to knock your assertion, really I'm trying to understand what it is you want to solve for. It seems you want supports to get more assists and get more recognition for assists. But is that because supports are still gold starved or because supports need higher KDAs to stay satisfied with their role? When we have a better understanding of the problem we can do a better job of working toward the solution :)
I don't think that having about 1/5 of players identifying themselves as a support main means that about 1/5 of players **like** playing support. In team builder, it is pretty typical for me to wait 5 minutes to find on bot-lane support for my team whereas for a more popular lane such as mid, there is practically no wait at all. On the inverse, queuing as a support, I can get into a team instantly. And if I queue as a mid lane, I have to wait several minutes.
: We tried this in a bunch of different ways (depleting health bar like wards, circular timer like Yasuo E target indicator) and found that players don't ACTUALLY want this. You seem to think you do, but the information you're looking for is "will this soldier time out in the near future?" Information noise is a real thing and players were actually harder pressed to make decisions around soldiers with this excessive bit of information, so we stripped it out and decided to give the "about to time out" notice instead. You're picking up on that one, right?
To me, a lot of the notices on Azir's soldiers are far too subtle. I have difficulty noticing if my soldiers are near enough to attack (they change their stance) and when soldiers are about to time out (they start to crumble). It might partly be because the soldiers themselves do not stand out enough on the live version of summoners rift or because there are a lot of other things that you also have to pay attention to; but since the soldiers are so integral to his kit, I think that everything about them should be VERY obvious at least to the Azir player. Would it be possible to integrate color changes or pulsing effects on the soldiers attack range indicators to make these bits of information more readable?
: Full list of Azir bugfixes coming in 4.18
* KNOWN BUT NOT YET FIXED: Azir can leave the platform on the Crystal Scar by using W+Q+E. Hoping to fix for 4.19. Oh baby
: I want to feel like this when playing Taric: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHUi90ouqmU (From the anime adaption of the JoJo manga) Over the top flamboyant and at the same time cool, manly, even violent.
I like that. I see taric like this. However, I Taric as more gentlemanly like Jonathan Joestar.
: I expect something like this, with a crystal crust over his armor everytime his W is off cooldown and disappears when he shatters it.
: Honestly it's a legit discussion! Is that something that helps or diminishes? Is it too "on the nose" flamboyant or is it a sign of a well-groomed and fashionable individual? What are your thoughts?
My opinion is that Taric is not the right champion for the open chest look. I think he should be more armored.
: So what do you guys wanna do with Taric?
Just my 2 cents... I hate to start off by linking to TV tropes, but that is the easiest way for me to explain where I am coming from. I see Taric as a [friend to all living things](http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FriendToAllLivingThings) or even an [all-loving hero](http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AllLovingHero). He has an understanding of magic that is lost to most of Runeterra. **"Magic has ruined this land." ** While most Runeterrans will reject and abhor "black" magic such as Noxus' necromancy, fewer recognize the perils of magic used by the noble Demacians and mystic Ionians. Even "white" magic subtly corrupts the land. Accidents such as Maokai's transformation and perhaps even the incarnation of Nocturne can result from even the most "proper" use of magic in this world - because these magics are not meant for this world. **Gems are truly outrageous** Earth magic, which is frequently channeled through gems, is the only known magic to not have ill effects on the earth itself - because it draws power from the earth and can even have a cleansing effect on the earth. Taric is on a quest to cleans the land from the effects of improper use of magic on Runeterra. However, he is held back to his his awkwardness, foreignness, outrageousness, and somewhat comedic obsession with gems. In addition, he still lacks a complete understanding of earth magic. The combination of these problems makes it difficult for him to explain earth magic to the few people who have been patient enough to try to listen to him. **From coals to diamonds** Taric is a pure, loving character who sees the good and potential in everyone. He strongly dislikes violence and will take any measure necessary to "convert" an opponent instead of fighting them. He believes that it is his duty to enlighten and refine everyone that he comes across to save Runeterra from being corrupted by magic. He sees himself as a protective leader, and this is reflected in game by his use of auras and heals to protect his allies. In his current version in game, his stun also serves as a beacon of what to target or as a final line of defense to save an ally.
Udyr (NA)
: eCommerce Q&A
Will you every increase the number of champions in the free to play rotation? I've been playing since beta, and 10 free champions was really great when there were only 40 champions at release. Now that there are 120+ champions, it is pretty typical for a champion to be in rotation about once every three months. I thought that it was really cool to have an additional 10 champions in rotation during the Shurima event.
: Let's Talk About Ward Skins!
To me, most of the ward skins seem really out of place and more silly than cool e.g. the Draven bust, the soccer ball, and the Riot fist bump. Not that silly things are never appropriate, but they are hard to pull off. Even the Snowdown Showdown wards have not appealed to me, even though I would normally be all over Christmas themed things. There hasn't been a **Christmas Tree ward** yet, though. ;) Of the skin wards that I have seen, I do like the Dragonslayer ward and the Spider one from the Harrowing. I am not really a fan of any of the champion themed wards yet, but I would like to see my skin themed wards such as Commando and maybe some more faction themes. The Ascension ward is ok, but I would really want to see a **Zaun or Void ward**. I would also like to see my animal/pet themed ( smaller versions of jungle monster) wards, so it looks like your pet is spying for you - or maybe an **eye stalk ward** that looks like one large underground creature is spying for you!
: **Christmas Skins** {{champion:120}} Reindeer Hecarim: Hecarim has antlers, and he holds the North Pole. His jingle bells make noise when he takes flight {{champion:92}} Riven Claus: Riven wears a Mrs. Claus dress and apron, and she wears half-moon glasses {{champion:154}} SnowZac; Zac is completely white, except for his coal facial features and a carrot nose {{champion:37}} Angelic Sona: Sona wears a long white dress and a halo, and she plays Christmas songs. {{champion:28}} Christmas Eve: Evelynn has white skin and wears a suggestive Santa outfit, and she creates icy Stalagmites where she goes. **Halloween Skins** {{champion:17}} Little Devil Teemo: Teemo wears a devil costume, and he shoots candy out of his trident. He leaves behind candy corn/licorice traps {{champion:35}} Shrieko: Shaco wears al black, and his face appears to be screaming {{champion:14}} Skeleton Sion: Sion is a big skeleton, he wears a viking helmet, boots, and holds a big axe {{champion:107}} Kitty Cat Rengar: Rengar is a small kitten that meows instead of roaring, and he throws balls of yarn for bolas. {{champion:86}} Garen Voormacia: Garen wears a hockey mask, and wields a big machete. He whispers "Demacia" a lot {{champion:150}} Titan Gnar: Gnar wears a khaki shirt and transforms into a big, muscular Mega Gnar without skin, revealing its muscles. **Black Friday Skins** {{champion:27}} Black Friday Singed: Singed throws customers behind his back to get the item he wants {{champion:4}} Credit Card Twisted Fate: TF throws a variety of credit cards during his November shopping spree {{champion:201}} Shop Clerk Braum: Braum wears a store outfit, and holds part of an aisle. He tries to break up fighting customers. **New Years Skins** {{champion:236}} Fireworks Lucian: Lucian shoots fireworks with his guns, and his ultimate is the grand finale {{champion:79}} Baby Gragas: Gragas wears a diaper and drinks from a golden barrel {{champion:26}} Grandfather Zilean: Zilean is dressed in white, and he is riding a giant Hourglass **Thanksgiving Skins** {{champion:34}} Turkeynivia: Anivia is a giant, flying roasted turkey that shoots food: mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and when she dies, she lays an egg on a silver platter {{champion:42}} Pilgrim Corki: Corki rides in a floating boat, and he wears pilgrim attire and a pilgrim hat {{champion:22}} Native Ashe: Ashe is dressed like a Native American, and she shoots with wooden arrows and a wooden bow {{champion:9}} Autumn Fiddlesticks: Fiddlesticks is a farm scarecrow that wears farmer attire and is smiling. He holds a corn stalk. {{champion:113}} Sausageuani: Sejuani is a pink pig riding on a bigger pink pig. She wields a sausage link whip with a ham on the end **These are just a few I came up with.**
I lost it at the Little Devil Teemo.
: Azir, the Emperor of the Sands, Revealed
: Avarice Blade; what purpose does it serve?
I think the main problem is that it is an old item. My guess is that it was designed to be a "high-risk / investment" item - you spend more gold now on an overpriced item in order to farm up a more powerful item, more quickly. But, the items that it upgrades into aren't **that** powerful - especially for carries that have the best chance of making use of the Avarice Blade. {{item:3005}} Atma's Impaler really is a fighter item, and the original recipe didn't even have an avarice blade. It should have attack speed instead of critical chance anyway, since fighters like attack speed and don't care much for critical chance. {{item:3123}} Executioner's calling really isn't that powerful. It is gold efficient and has a useful passive, but it is really not slot efficient for an ADC. It needs an upgrade path or something... but it also relates to the problematic state of heals in LoL. That's a another topic. {{item:3142}} We're getting warmer. I could almost see you getting an early Avarice Blade for this - but Brutalizer is so much better. {{item:3087}} Statik Shiv - the one time it can be useful. An early avarice blade sometimes works as an investment item if you plan to upgrade it into a Statik Shiv. I don't play carries enough to know how viable of a strategy it is; but if you can get away with a lot of farming, you can possibly get away with buying an Avarice Blade shortly after your first BF Sword and then upgrading to a Statik Shiv after upgrading your BF Sword and possibly buying a Last Whisperer. In my opinion, Riot should just dump the item, modify existing recipes to use Brawler's Gloves or Cloak of Agility, and do a rework on Atma's Impaler. On the other hand, Riot could embrace it and include it in more recipes to try to push it as an investment item and try to make a farming strategy more viable. I am not sure if that would be healthy for the game, but at least it is a pretty horrible item to rush for farming since Critical Strike is expensive, does not add sustain, and does not make last hitting easier.
: Gangplank rework as stated from @GMang
He is not currently on the [top priority list](https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/40116190-Champion-Update-Schedule).
: {{champion:39}} I would play this every game,every time.....forever....ever http://th09.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2014/003/0/b/neo_assault_irelia_skin_idea_by_kumagzter-d70mw04.jpg {{champion:157}} It would be nice to have Naruto based skin in LoL and I think Akatsuki Yasuo is the winner (something like this) http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/sasuke-akatsuki-naruto-shippuuden-452637_1280_1581.jpg {{champion:412}} Like you didn't know it's going to be that one!? http://i.imgur.com/RHXyL8t.png 2/3 and I'm going to rename my acc to IronStylusIsAGod
I really like that Irelia skin concept.
TFG Fuzzy (EUW)
: {{champion:92}} **Nano Riven** A more futuristic approach for Riven, equipped with a Nanosuit and a high-tech Sword. Q: When Using Broken Wings 3rd animation lightning strucks the ground where she lands, which looks kinda like a circuit. W: The Ki Burst itself won't look any different, but instead of the normal sound I would love to hear a small thunder sound implying that electricity emitting from her sword stuns nearby foes. E: Upon using Valor a Forcefield forms around her instead of the normal shield. R: When activating Blade of the Exile her sword expands kinda like a lightsaber would and upon using Wind Slash the sword unleashes an electric Shockwave alongside with a kinda electric sound(if you played Links Awakening and got sapped by the Shopkeeper then you have an idea of how i imagine the sound to sound like) Her Passive would overcharge her abilities whenever she uses a spell making the blade glow in a blueish tone. I know that this skin would require loads of work, but this might end up being one of the coolest skins ingame. **Reasons why I think that this skin fits Riven perfectly:** 1. Riven is a born fighter, being a futuristic fighter only complements that. 2. All her skins have some sort of Armor(well almost :° ), a futuristic set fits just fine. 3. If Riven would live 300 years in the future what would she do? Right she would work as a freaking High-Tech-Elite-Soldier 4. Lightning is cool
I like it. The theme reminds me a little bit of Neon Strike Vi, but it definitely would work on Riven, too.
: Community! Tell me your skin ideas.
{{champion:111}} **Mecha Nautilus** - He is a big, lumbering dude with explosive abilities, a shield, and a heavy melee weapon that could have LASERS IN IT! I think it would turn out really cool. {{champion:84}} **Dragon Slayer Akali** - As a Monster Hunter fan, the Dragon Slayer skins remind me of Monster Hunter armor - and Akali could fit them theme as a Dual Blade wielder as well as adding an AP mid to the lineup with Braum support, Vayne marksman, and Pantheon and Jarvan fighting over top and jungle.
Grimm159 (NA)
: Mecha {{champion:111}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:3}} Please rito AT LEAST ONE OF THEM
I second Mecha Nautilus!
: Favorite Skins?!
It's hard to pick, but my top 3 favorite skins are Arcade Hecarim, Armor of the 5th Age Taric, and Nunu Bot. I don't like all of the silly skins, but I think these pull it off pretty well. In general though, I like the Mecha, Battlecast, and Dragon Slayer skin lines. I am still dreaming for Mecha Nautilus and Dragon Slayer Akali - and a Poppy skins that is more appealing to me - something that more closely resembles [White Knight Poppy](http://leaguecraft.com/skins/2455-white-knight-poppy-v2.xhtml) or something actually cute.
: I'm glad you like them! Who else would you give a Mecha skin to?
Just popping in, but I would want a Mecha Nautilus. He reminds me of the Zaku from Gundam.
exec3 (NA)
: But what if his identity is the cause of his problems? What do you do then? It was kind of strange his original rework because all anyone (myself included) hated about him was his few second CD flash which you guys buffed.
I think that is when they get the Karma or Skarner treatment. A rework that makes the champion more balanceable and usable in most situations but loses quite a bit of their previous identity/niche.
: Will placing the "Scarra Ward" be possible on the next Summoner's Rift?
I was wondering about this, too. It is a rather frustrating point on the map right now.
Gaspari (NA)
: actually, doesnt matter the polygons, its the navigation mesh that matters, and it remains as it is.
They said that before, but I think they changed their mind a little bit. You can see on [this post](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/dev-blog-srs-gameplay-updates) under the terrain changes that a few minor changes will be made to the navigation mesh, as shown in this screenshot: http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/images/news/June_2014/SRDB2/srdb2-1_thumb.jpg
Kybre (NA)
: ADCs in 4.10
Here are my thoughts. The champions that got "hurt" the most by the 4.10 patch are the ones that do a lot of damage based on their spells. The ones that are helped the most are the ones who do most of their damage based on auto attack which basically are the ones who focus on critical strike as you mentioned. {{champion:22}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:236}} {{item:3139}} I think you are spot-on with your analysis on these champions. I also think that the buffs to Mercurial Scimitar helps Ashe, Draven, and Kog'maw who do not have an innate escape. However, the higher desirability of the Scimitar might hurt Ashe more than it helps since her main attractive point is her ultimate. {{champion:51}} {{item:3072}} I would say that Caitlyn actually suffers from the change a bit since a large part of her playstyle is poking with her Q - Pilltover Peacemaker. The reduction of AD on the Bloodthirster hurts that. {{champion:67}} {{item:3153}} Vayne, is actually helped a bit with the changes on Blade of the Ruined King. The nerfs to the active and the build path hurt, but the improved sustained damage is quite the help to Vayne. {{champion:18}} {{item:3031}} Tristana is one that you did not mention yet. As a the most auto-attack focused marksman in the game, she benefits A LOT from these changes. I expect that she will see a lot more play, especially with the other direct buffs that she received.


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