wabal (EUW)
: Champion Select layout feature that should be fixed/changed
I agree with you, the lock in button should be seperate from any other button and not share functionality with the champ list button. I've made this exact same mistake!
: Racist Against French, ##LE QUÉBEC FAIT PARTIE DU CANADA ##
: Can we please, for the love of poros, get a patch for hitboxes.
: Why is the AP from Corki's Q being hit as well?
This will hurt the strength of triforce slightly :(
Nayzumi (NA)
: Wrong, I'm level 19 with 3 chests and no key fragments. https://image.prntscr.com/image/MBp3oYQTRFe2tHAJRuRvAA.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/Pj48YyE_QLet6SCnouRSvQ.png
: Key Fragment Drops Compared to Chest Earn Rate
If you're low on key frags, that may have something to do with your attitude. After all, key frags are awarded for consistent good sportsmanship.
: Why do people have multiple accounts?
Lots of people choose to refuse to follow the basic rules Riot lays down, get accounts banned and need a new one.
: > My chat ban is over but this thread for my honor lvl becuase it dropped from honor lvl 5 to 1 i was never toxic i was honor lvl 5 :( You only got a chat restriction, and are pretty lucky your penalty wasn't more severe. You were absolutely toxic. Why do you think this penalty wasn't deserved? Since you posted logs, I will post the full logs below and you can tell my why you think it wasn't deserved. Why do you think you should have honor level 5?: Game 1: [0:46] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): nice skin yasuo [0:57] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): Who else have a skin ? [1:05] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): nice skin vald [1:16] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): nice skin sona [1:54] Hider Only (Yasuo): wtf [1:55] Hider Only (Yasuo): blitz [1:56] Hider Only (Yasuo): one q [1:58] Hider Only (Yasuo): u had one job [3:15] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): ? [3:20] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): what [3:20] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): Wtf [3:25] Hider Only (Yasuo): talon no flash [3:30] Hider Only (Yasuo): talon maybe scripting [5:21] Hider Only (Yasuo): ww [5:22] Hider Only (Yasuo): no f [5:23] Hider Only (Yasuo): talon [5:24] Hider Only (Yasuo): gank [6:32] Hider Only (Yasuo): go [6:33] Hider Only (Yasuo): blitz [7:09] Hider Only (Yasuo): lol wasted top tp [7:09] Hider Only (Yasuo): nice [7:26] Hider Only (Yasuo): ward dragon [7:30] Hider Only (Yasuo): talon [7:31] Hider Only (Yasuo): ss [7:32] Hider Only (Yasuo): ss [9:50] Hider Only (Yasuo): gj [11:02] Hider Only (Yasuo): jax [11:05] Hider Only (Yasuo): ganked me 5 times [11:07] Hider Only (Yasuo): got 2 kills on me [11:07] Hider Only (Yasuo): ww [11:09] Hider Only (Yasuo): ?? [11:11] Hider Only (Yasuo): counter gank him [11:21] Hider Only (Yasuo): dont let him farm [11:22] Hider Only (Yasuo): dude [14:23] Hider Only (Yasuo): WARWICK [14:27] Hider Only (Yasuo): GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK [14:27] Hider Only (Yasuo): ME [14:28] Hider Only (Yasuo): ONCE [14:29] Hider Only (Yasuo): U FKING [14:30] Hider Only (Yasuo): FK [14:43] Hider Only (Yasuo): WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARWICK [14:45] Hider Only (Yasuo): I LEAVE MID [14:45] Hider Only (Yasuo): IDC [14:53] Hider Only (Yasuo): STFU [14:54] Hider Only (Yasuo): STFU [14:57] Hider Only (Yasuo): JAX [14:58] Hider Only (Yasuo): GANKED ME [14:59] Hider Only (Yasuo): 5 TIMES [15:02] Hider Only (Yasuo): EVERY 1 MIN HE GANK ME [15:07] Hider Only (Yasuo): TALON GOT FED [15:14] Hider Only (Yasuo): go mid [15:16] Hider Only (Yasuo): vlad [15:54] Hider Only (Yasuo): VALAAAAAAAAAAAAD [15:57] Hider Only (Yasuo): FUCK [15:58] Hider Only (Yasuo): THIS GAME [16:34] Hider Only (Yasuo): ARE U [16:41] Hider Only (Yasuo): ww [16:42] Hider Only (Yasuo): dont play jg [16:43] Hider Only (Yasuo): again [16:43] Hider Only (Yasuo): ever [17:04] Hider Only (Yasuo): stfu [17:06] Hider Only (Yasuo): all my death [17:07] Hider Only (Yasuo): are from [17:08] Hider Only (Yasuo): jax [17:09] Hider Only (Yasuo): u idiot [17:11] Hider Only (Yasuo): jax keep ganking me [17:14] Hider Only (Yasuo): and u dont do this [17:18] Hider Only (Yasuo): u are useless [17:21] Hider Only (Yasuo): 1 assist [17:54] Hider Only (Yasuo): LOOK JAX [17:55] Hider Only (Yasuo): GOT RIFT [17:57] Hider Only (Yasuo): U USELESS [18:26] Hider Only (Yasuo): ww [18:28] Hider Only (Yasuo): keep farming [18:30] Hider Only (Yasuo): we lost from top [18:33] Hider Only (Yasuo): but who care [19:14] Hider Only (Yasuo): ww [19:16] Hider Only (Yasuo): go play minecraft [19:16] Hider Only (Yasuo): pls [19:33] Hider Only (Yasuo): \ [19:37] Hider Only (Yasuo): LOOK JAX [19:39] Hider Only (Yasuo): TOOK DRAKE [19:41] Hider Only (Yasuo): USELESS WARWICK [19:49] Hider Only (Yasuo): jax give his team [19:50] Hider Only (Yasuo): 1 rift [19:52] Hider Only (Yasuo): 2 drake [19:55] Hider Only (Yasuo): 5 kills [19:57] Hider Only (Yasuo): yesp ls [20:01] Hider Only (Yasuo): yes [20:01] Hider Only (Yasuo): pls [20:41] Hider Only (Yasuo): FKING [20:41] Hider Only (Yasuo): JAX [20:44] Hider Only (Yasuo): ALL OF MY DEATH [20:46] Hider Only (Yasuo): 100% FROM THEM [20:48] Hider Only (Yasuo): ARE FROM JAX [20:49] Hider Only (Yasuo): WARWICK [20:52] Hider Only (Yasuo): PLEASE UNINSTALL LOL [20:57] Hider Only (Yasuo): I WILL REPORT YOU WITH 100 ACCOUNTS [21:07] Hider Only (Yasuo): MEE??? [21:09] Hider Only (Yasuo): I AM PLAYING 1V2 [21:11] Hider Only (Yasuo): TALON AND JAX [21:26] Hider Only (Yasuo): WORST JG [21:31] Hider Only (Yasuo): I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE [21:46] Hider Only (Yasuo): STOP TALKING ABOUT SKINS [21:47] Hider Only (Yasuo): U IDIOT [21:49] Hider Only (Yasuo): WE LOST BECUASE OF U [21:52] Hider Only (Yasuo): KEEP AFK AT BASE [22:44] Hider Only (Yasuo): e vayne [22:58] Hider Only (Yasuo): E [22:59] Hider Only (Yasuo): VAYNE [23:04] Hider Only (Yasuo): WTF DRAVEN [23:19] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): REPORT WW [23:20] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): PLEASE [23:21] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): PLEASE [23:22] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): REPORT WW [23:24] [All] Hider Only (Yasuo): PLEASEP REPORT WW
https://media1.tenor.com/images/34a4ac6202248ac03d8265c73955e57c/tenor.gif?itemid=5112572 O.o
: Re:rolling 3 skin no longer gives me the skins i don't have
: In an ARAM game our team was Anivia, Kindred, Scarner, Wukong and Twitch
{{champion:72}} How dare you call me animal!? I am ancient!
Rioter Comments
: > They are not here to "support", hence they do not buy sightstone. I have even seen multiple occasions of them forcing ADCs to buy stone. Stop right there no adc is gonna buy sight stone because the support didnt buy it.
I would. But I'm a support main... \>.>
Quepha (NA)
: How much healing did "Ravenous Hunter" do in my last game?
Zelorxon (EUW)
: @riot, do i get banned if i type in allchat "CAW CAW MOTHERFUCKER" when playing Fiddlesticks?
: Champ in a nutshell guessing game!
I was going to try, but I realized how much i suck at finding gifs...
: Doing more damage than a full combo from any of those is an overstatement. It's a 165% AP ratio max range, all those champs listed deal way more than 165% in their combos.
Damage split up into multiple chunks is more harshly mitigated by damage reduction stats than one ability alone.
: If your top three champions could use the force which code would they follow?
{{champion:267}} - Jedi {{champion:40}} - Jedi {{champion:201}} - Jedi {{champion:28}} - Sith {{champion:83}} - Grey {{champion:90}} - Sith First 3 are my top 3 mastery, the latter 3 are offrole champions I enjoy.
: Banned for 14 Days
Why don't you pop in over at the player behavior boards and see what the community there has to say about your plight. Nice to have, Fun to use, If you abuse, You will lose. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
GIJose65 (NA)
: .
: I know this topic pops up like 3 times a month but
I feel like I used mine with no regard for discretion, lol.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Making yugioh referneces with TF is soooo much fun!!
: The new player behavior look is kinda awesome
Yes. I believe this is a widescale boards overhaul that just got tested in GD first. Wuks seems to really like using GD as a guinea pig for some reason. Maybe it's just how annoyed they get at any little change he makes...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: As soon as I get to Honor 3...
You mean you actually have to have good sportsmanship to earn honor? Wow. It's almost like the system is working properly and you should be livid with yourself.
: Should S-rank boxes still be restricted from punished players?
If you're dishonored you can't get keys, so what does it matter if they get boxes when they can't even open them?
: Ghostcrawler and tower "buff"
Alternatively... You could always alter your strategy to adapt to the way the meta is shifting... {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Why aren't we allowed to dodge in promos?
Dodging isn't really something that Riot advocates, if dodging instances were to rise sharply, it would negatively effect matchmaking, that is why there is a punishment for it.
Akaash (NA)
: Ok Seriously. The wind blowing "sound effect" when you're not queued up is stupid as hell.
Literally all riot needs to do to fix this is add an ambient volume slider and swap that noise over to that knob. Would take few hours work to get it done I think, 1 or 2 staff at most.
: @Riot. Listen. Don't touch Zoe for at the very least a month or two.
I believe her R is much too exploitable by a knowledgable enemy team. I can see Zoes feeding really hard right now as we speak because of her ultimates major flaw. New Zoe players will use R way too much and for the wrong reasons, it's a newbie trap lol.
Ironwill (NA)
: RIOT!! Remove my Honor Status and We'll call it Even!
con·de·scen·sion ˌkändəˈsen(t)SH(ə)n noun **an attitude of patronizing superiority; disdain.** {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Did Better In All Aspect. But Got Rated Worse. S- vs A+
Is it maybe your vision score? Did you place less wards in the second game? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Sorry I agree with your point but... its "emphasis."
: Toxicity is high because of the match making system if someone goes into a match and goes 16 0 on {{champion:105}} and loses the game because of the "so & so" player, that average league player is likely to rage and blame his team because he felt like he did something, the effort was wasted anyone in that situation would FEEL something outta place its the damn foundation of match making that will always keep the game with toxicity, until "effort" is actually taken into consideration after matches players will never feel at ease.
You can either continue to try to convince Riot to change their rules to suit your attitude, (extremely unlikely) or you can suck it up and learn to follow the rules like the rest of us. Claim some maturity, my dude.
: Afking
Spool32 is right, any sort of solution you propose you should ask yourself: "Is there a way this can be abused by cheeky fuckers?" If the answer is yes, then it's probably not going to be used.
: Harsher punishment for leaving game needed
I understand your frustration, I hate leavers too, but this is just way too extreme.
: Call me biased but receiving a 14 day ban for typical rage is uncalled for heres why
> honestly **whenever i did receive just a in game chat ban**, the punishment was definitely justified like i felt like i deserved the punishment to an extent Emphasis mine. If you received chat restrictions before this ban, it's just the way the punishment system escalates naturally. If someone is flaming or harassing their teammates consistently enough to get reported a lot, they will move up the punishment tiers, even in the absence of hate speech or other zero tolerance behaviors. So the issue here is most likely consistency of your behavior more than extremity. A lot of us get frustrated at this game, but it's important to remember to keep useless whining and flaming out of the chat.
: but this makes no sense god dammit about being aggro in chat and being unsportsmanlike uuugh
Well, asking for players to report another can be considered harassment. Besides, it doesn't matter how many people report someone, it only takes 1 report to flag a game for review. If you want someone reported in the future, just do it yourself.
: so honestly ive been waiting.
Your story is very confusing, so which is it? Did you get banned for playing on a Mac or for people calling you tyler1? Afaik, no one has been perma banned purely for playing on a Mac, that makes zero sense. The tyler1 thing... pretty sure Riot would do their research before banning someone accused of being tyler1. This story sounds weird and smells fishy, there's gotta be something else you're not telling us.
: Excuse me 14 days ban?
You shouldn't repeat any hate speech other players say, the IFS picks that up instantly if you get reported, which is likely what happened here.
Knalxz (NA)
: Alright GD so here's the plan to keep downvotes.
You guys realize this plan will backfire hard when someone like laughingfish comes here to farm upvotes from you right? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: > [{quoted}](name=3SheetsTotheWind,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=m3vrunwV,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-08T07:54:42.952+0000) > > I'm just surprised at how awful you guys are behaving despite receiving updates before the rest of the boards. You guys get to try out the new features first for crying out loud! > {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} We are trying to be vocal about our dislikes for some of the changes. Just because it is an "upgrade" does not mean it is an all around improvement.
> [{quoted}](name=Kinkou Order,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=m3vrunwV,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-08T07:56:23.703+0000) > > We are trying to be vocal about our dislikes for some of the changes. > > Just because it is an "upgrade" does not mean it is an all around improvement. Asking for someone to be fired from their position because of a couple of changes that they're trying out is overreacting just a _little_, don't you think? You can demonstrate without pitchforks and torches you know.
: Are people satisfied with Wuks having admin power after the removal of downvotes?
I'm just surprised at how awful you guys are behaving despite receiving updates before the rest of the boards. You guys get to try out the new features first for crying out loud! {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Eedat (NA)
: Wanna stop following me around? Its weird how you cry like a little bitch about that other guy yet you stalk me around everywhere. Drag your ass out of your mom's basement for once
Just ignore him, he's a classic troll.
: > [{quoted}](name=blasterpro12,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=AT5v76Ok,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2017-11-06T15:58:08.614+0000) > > It's actually pretty sad (not crying sad, but sad sad) that Faker would do that after the finals game. it shows he as no respect for opponents and thinks he has to win every time he plays, proof? when misfits got their first win off of SKT, you could just see Faker was triggered already (and every game he lost after that). they then started to get worse after that (almost losing in their next match up) and i wonder why. Exactly, he thinks that SSG didn't deserve to win this, just look at his attitude after final game when he doesn't even wanted to look at opponents team. He acted like douchebag
At least show a little empathy guys, don't you think he was a little embarrassed that his team got swept after he said all that cocky shit? He was probably extremely embarrassed. That was the first time he's not won worlds and his first time crying on stage. Any man with an ounce of pride is going to try not to show his crying face to millions of people. It wasn't about him disrespecting SSG, it was about his pride.
nGio (NA)
: Well, the problem with playing 25 games of Doom Bots to lift your chat restriction, is that you have to play 25 games of Doom Bots. Fuck, where is One For All or URF at?
Just play Lux. Easy mode. Doom bots don't dodge skillshots.
: Except for when he played for the Wizards. He didn't win much then.
A lot of us like to pretend that never happened. >.>
: UnBan
Nice to have, Fun to use, If you abuse, You will lose.
: > [{quoted}](name=2Spicy,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=KpQkZbQE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-01T19:06:49.261+0000) > > I'm talking about someone who gets their main account permanently banned but then creates a new account and Cleary has reformed and is a sportsmanlike player. Riot still wont give back their main even if they have invested a lot of money and time into it? Maybe one day they will. but its too profitable to ban players atm.
Because banning someone's main account for breaking the rules, making them less likely to make purchases in the future = profitable, right? =/ They ban because people aren't reforming, not for profit reasons.
: is venting your frustration with the enemy team in your own team chat count as toxic??
Yes. https://res.cloudinary.com/teepublic/image/private/s--Jatf_pqF--/b_rgb:42332c,c_limit,f_jpg,h_800,q_90,w_800/v1487554430/production/designs/1241989_1.jpg Jk. But seriously, no one wants to hear your whining, just play the damn game.
TrioCyro (NA)
: My only issue is that something that took months of positive play can be removed from a single negative game. Sure demoting an honor level is deserved. Resetting to the bottom from 1 game, and adding to it by taking away rewards just seems like overkill.
Wouldn't be much of a punishment if it was just 1 honor level mate. You guys need to learn that there are real repercussions for being an asshole.
TrioCyro (NA)
: Reward loss honor 5-1 after 1 bad game & 10 game chat restrict
In the opening lines of your chatlog you ask for each of your teammates to get reported. You whine too much. https://res.cloudinary.com/teepublic/image/private/s--Jatf_pqF--/b_rgb:42332c,c_limit,f_jpg,h_800,q_90,w_800/v1487554430/production/designs/1241989_1.jpg
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