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...wtf do those standings even mean? 65 "what"??? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Reav3 (NA)
: Currently we don't have anything planned. We have discussed giving a little love to him in the future, though nothing is certain yet. If tanks end up being the next class update we work on there is a good chance we give him a little love around then.
While I agree the floating sword concept would have fit better elsewhere potentially (cough-{{champion:39}}-cough), after getting used to him now, I adore {{champion:98}}'s new kit. He's immensely more powerful, more consistently relevant throughout a teamfight, and those new splasharts? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} I think that, adding to the "ninja" feel of Shen, maybe instead of a floating sword, Riot could change it to an insta-block type mechanic on Q and W, granting some kind of bonus effects? (e.g. Q granting the slow, W the AS buff) just a thought.
: I dont understand why everyone on here is crying? i am a support main and get S+,S and S- nearly every game i win. It's simple, support your team, get your adc fed, ward and dont die unnecessarily. There you go mystery solved!
It hasn't been explored too much in-depth, but the calculations basically give you a percentile rank for certain metrics. Where do your scores, in this match, compare to everyone else in your region who played the same role/lane? Scored more kills than 80% of players? Added to your final avg. More CS than 60%? etc. The margin between 0/2/19 and 4/0/22 isn't large, but given it went from A to S+, you can see the difference. Dying seems to be a pretty stiff penalty; Getting ~20 assists is hitting that sweet spot; Kills seem to count more than assists (normal KDA measures); 4x2 + 22 = 30 KDA 19 - 2 = 17 KDA S+ - A = ~4 grade levels 13 KDA points / 4 grade lvls = ~3 KDA points / grade OBVIOUSLY I'm just shooting in the dark with a ballpark analysis (& ignoring all the other measures like wards by assuming they were equal here), but these numbers might help frame the current benchmarks for NA supports. Or at least Janna.
: I do not want to be rude to the riotstaff, but I think this update is a major problem. You are saying that the biggest problem with an assassin is that there is no counter play to dieing in one hit. But there are champions that can do that just as easily as assassins. If they are fed such as jhin and draven. I am personally an assassin mane and have ran into the problem were a fed jhin can one shot me with a crit shot faster than I can kill him. So if your saying assassins are champions that can 100 to 0 someone to fast then why aren't champions like jhin draven vayne and kindred (vayne and kindred late game) being classified as assassins and being changed drastically. I don't believe assassins need a nerf right now. To me they seem in a very healthy state. If the enemy mid lane is not bronze 5 then there is counter play to assassins. Let's say it's katarina vs lux. If the lux hits a q Kat can't win. Or for that matter any champion with cc. Although I am heavily disappointed that you are going to change assassins into a class of master yi's, if you must go forward please don't change Akali and Katerina into fucking bruisers, because that's what it sounds like your doing. If this comes out with a new type of champion that is more useful then go ahead. But if it just changed them into light brusiers you are waiting your time. Pardon any misspelling I had I am on my phone and auto correct is a thing.
You're ignoring the key premise answering your question: - fed adc If a carry is fed, they should hurt you. This update is trying to address the reality that even without feed, assassins are challenging to escape due to small counterplay windows, smaller than adc carries and even mages sometimes (who fall off anyway). You may be justified that some carries push the envelope, but you have to first acknowledge that as a class, assassins to date have been **designed** to violate their stated goal of offering opportunities for counterplay.
: @Riot So looking at this list and taking from some of my experience, I'm going to assume Akali will be one of the bigger updates as she can be frustrating to fight against (Not that I see many Akali players) or to fight as (She is almost entirely feast or famine) so my question is, How are you going to make Akali different from other assassins? I own Kat, Dia, and Akali and personally they play practically the same, kill every living thing in sight. Well maybe they are a bit different but Akali seems the blandest and most binary of the three (U could argue Kat but she actually contributes to a team fight) So how will Akali be changed?
Personally, as an energy champ I think she should have the most relentless feel, just progressive chips wearing you down. I think her assassination potential should come from her limitless chasing rather than explosive burst, so she can hunt stragglers, wounded, or anyone isolated. I guess we'll see how they iterate upon her.
: I can see it now... Katarina's E merged with her R and a new spell shield E lasting 1 second with a 6 second cd Wait wut.
PureCancer (EUNE)
: when is it coming?
Pre-Season 2017, so probably this Nov - Dec.
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
**Question:** Since {{champion:69}} gets benefits from opponents facing her ult, why not give her a skill that grants a bonus against fleeing opponents? _e.g. Make Twin Fang slow opponents running away {{summoner:3}} _
: Dev Blog: Building a Better Bio
So, here's a thought... **Zaun vs. Piltover?** {{champion:53}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:154}} vs {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:115}} Lots to cover there, and isn't so expansive as Demacia vs. Noxus, which could easily be a game-shattering plot (last time saw the ret-con of the League OUT of LoL)
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