: Riot has given up on LoL
Game companies making more games and products? Wow, imagine that! Totally unheard of!
: GD, can we make a story together? One word per post.
: GD, can we make a story together? One word per post.
: GD, can we make a story together? One word per post.
: GD, can we make a story together? One word per post.
KongGod (NA)
: im just a sub right
Yes, but the issue is that our support will be unavailable to play with us this weekend due to his college finals, so we need someone to be our support during that time. After that though you will just be the general sub.
KongGod (NA)
: im a gold 3 player but my tier is 4 so hmu
Your OPGG says you play ADC/Mid, which isn't what we are looking for at the moment. If you are willing to play support, though, then yes, we can probably take you.
: GD, can we make a story together? One word per post.
: [NA] Destiny's Embrace Still Needs A Sub Support(Bronze/Silver)
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Yes. A lot of concept art and splash illustration is done by contractors. Often, the contractors post their League work to Artstation! (Does your gf have a page?) And not to be harsh. I'm at least half joking. Okay... maybe 45%. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Drawing professionally for a game is as much a craft as an art. We couldn't ship "Starry Night" as our next champion, though it's stunning AF, to create the most ridiculous example possible... If you said your gf has created concepts with great readability from in-game camera angles, clear thematic, etc., I think I would've spit out my Kool-aid, and then a bunch of $100 bills to hire her (and I'm just a writer, lol). There are very specific things we'd be looking for from concept artists in particular, skills that are sometimes as rare as broader artistic talent. Anyway, if your gf has a page or sample work online lemme know, I'll pass it on!
Does narrative writing work the same way? As in, can I work from home as a narrative writer or do I have to move to LA or whatever and chill at Riot HQ? I keep trying to figure out myself but I don't think you can check when they're not hiring for that position(and believe me I check frequently).
: * Based on the colors, it seems to be Ionia again * They seem to be fighting something big That's literally all I can tell from that short clip we see. Also, just a few seconds earlier someone was playing Awaken on his screen so that points towards the S10 cinematic as well. Of course, the new champion could be in it, but it doesn't need to be.
If it is actually Shen fighting it, it is entirely possible that he's fighting a spirit of sorts. We saw in the Zed comic that they can take on some pretty messed up forms, that specific example being influenced by the return of Jhin. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something like that rather than Sett.
Rockman (NA)
: Pay your cat tax
Like this? https://i.imgur.com/eefB8rj.jpg[]
BBKong (NA)
: Champs That Are Underrated Design-Wise
I think Jhin's skins, particularly SKT, PROJECT, and Dark Cosmic, are pretty underrated. Jhin is a very high quality champion with very high quality skins(all epic+ tier), but the skins I see used the most are his base one, High Noon, and Blood Moon. SKT I feel is underrated mostly due to the wings and the lack of a unique song for his ultimate. The wings are simply stagnant, golden light as opposed to the more organic, white feathered wings in the splash art. The wings are especially underwhelming when compared to the wings of the recent iG skins, which were beautifully done. Then there's the lack of a unique song for his ultimate, which could have been a number of things, such as the song from his recall or even the theme for that year's Worlds. PROJECT I feel is underrated because his voice is too high pitched, and I honestly find it hard to understand him sometimes when using that skin due to the way the voice is. I suppose that's the intention, its supposed to sound weird/distorted, but its just a bit too drastic of a change. Dark Cosmic I feel is underrated because the early gameplay lacks the fluidity that other Jhin skins have. His auto-attacks lack the dramatic flair and poses, so it feels less natural to AA, move, AA, move, ect with this skin. The only time you'll feel you're moving smoothly when you attack is late game if you build crit, as your crit animation is a graceful twirl through the air. Moving after getting a crit every shot late game with this skin feel amazing, but otherwise the movements just feel forced. I feel this makes playing with this skin a bit jarring/unappealing, and I actually won't play with this skin in ranked most of the time for that reason. It just feels off to me, and probably for other people too.
: I am in s1. Add me if interested. Ign Penngamer101
: Hey guys i'd love to be a part of the team, been playing since S2 so I have a very good understanding of all the champions. I prefer the mid lane so that's what id be applying for, but I can always flex if needed. Silver 4 rank, and i'm not a troll or anything i'll be taking the competition serious, I've always wanted to play a competitive competition. >:)
Friend request sent. We also now have a Discord server group thing which you will be invited to upon accepting the in-game friend request(if you have a Discord that is).
Rioter Comments
: _Incomprehensible screeching in the 4th octave_ https://i.imgur.com/FYzb7hd.png
: My skin wishlist
_angry Jhin main noises_ https://i.imgur.com/z6cMDAQ.jpg[]
: she just came out, no she didn't. champ just comes out doesn't mean they need a skin. Most champs released don't get skins within a few months of their release. > the champions that need skins don't fit the theme for this skinline Fact of the matter they said they LOOKED at that, which they clearly didn't. there are plenty of champs we have that fit that same theme {{champion:254}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:15}} just off the top of my head. and honestly, you ALWAYS say a skin can't be used on a champ who's "not human enough". So what CAN they have? or do you just hate champs who aren't fully human for some reason? frankly I don't think that is ever as big of a deal as you think it is.
Literally none of the champions you listed outside of Syndra need a new skin, and they also don't represent the singers at all. True Damage is comprised of a black woman, an Asian woman, a Hispanic woman, and 2 black dudes. You suggested 3 "Asian" champions, a white champion, and a "middle eastern" champion. And when you're representing real life **_humans_** you need **_human_** champions to represent them. Why would you pick a giant space dragon to represent a black dude when Ekko, Lucian, and Pyke exist for that exact purpose? Why would you pick a ram god to represent a Hispanic woman when Qiyana is a thing? Why would you make the singer from K/DA sing for someone besides Akali and have her represented by 2 champions? Makes literally no fucking sense.
: Insight on True Damage skins: We tried to pick champs who needed skins
Qiyana just came out, so yeah, she needed one. Or do you want her to end up like Ornn and the others? The person that voiced Akali for K/DA came back for True Damage, so they're going to pick Akali for her again. Its called consistency. They don't want the same artist representing 2+ different champions. I can find literally no excuse for Yasuo. They could have easily made him Lucian or something. At the end of the day, though, the champions that need skins don't fit the theme for this skinline. They're mostly not human, not young, and don't fit the hip-hop/rap thematic at all. They also don't represent the singers all that well either. I really don't see what's so hard to understand about that.
: Why is the Poro King Random now? riot?
Because the new poro snax have really good synergy with certain champions, like Yasuo. Can't have people constantly picking him and either feeding their asses off because they can't play him or ending the game in 5 minutes cause they get fed. Really not fun at all.
: This is pure speculation, but could this mean the new Champ is somehow rodent-like? He looks to be associated with the next Lunar Revel after all. Otherwise I'll be extremely disappointed if Twitch doesn't get a skin.
Is Sylas pig-like? No, but he was still in this year's Lunar Reveal for year of the pig. Just because they're being released during an event associated with an animal doesn't mean they have anything to do with said animal. And rats aren't really known for, you know, being jacked, fire-wielding fist fighters that work alone. And since the Vastaya seem to have personalities reflective of what animals they are, I would imagine that a rat Vastaya would be more timid and stealth oriented, yet social.
: New Ionian Juggernaut "Sett" Theories
That's probably for Lunar Reveal and its a rat head because next year is year of that rat. It likely has nothing to do with the juggernaut's design or anything, with only the name having any significance.
: I know that they stated this, but I really gotta ask.... how did they split her into Camille? Because she is a hitman? Because Husk was paralysed while Camille replaced her own legs with blades? I can see the resemblence with Kai'Sa, but I have a hard time finding Camille in Husk. Both their appearance and personality are pretty different, it seems.
I think that Husk was originally Camille, but they iceboxed the idea for whatever reason, leading to us getting the Camille we have now, who has no resemblance to her original concept. This is similar to CeeCee and Braum, Jhin and Cyborg Cowboy, Aurelion Sol and Ao Shin, ect. Then they revisited Husk later on and somewhere in development she became Kai'Sa.
: So a skin designer who **plays league of legends** quit the company because of **critism?.** I don't think she was working in the right franchise if this is why she truely quit. She plays the game, right? Regardless, she seems a very soft shelled about the subject, she did amazing work with the KDA skins but now quits because after reaching expectations she's too pressured to continue making quality? If I got an ultimate skin for my main, solidifying thats the only ultimate skin I'd ever get for it, and it was so clunky and bad that riot themselves wouldn't charge full ultimate price on it, I'd be pretty upset about a missed opportunity too. Idk how many MF mains are happy with just getting the skin in the first place, but majority can agree that low quality ultimates shouldn't become a standard and they should push for full price quality each time instead of pump out whatever they rush for the deadline. Take your MF skin, and now imagine if it had more development time to be full price.. yea it could be that much better if you already love it. Riot especially showed that mediocrity in skins does warrante improvement; I didn't hear anyone cry about the feedback for 2015 SKT skins being redone after collective feedback from even SKT said they were trash, they owed up to it, remade them, even created an additional skin, and everyone was pleased. > Another thread came up over the new AAtrox ranked skin. > > A new Rioter was given the opportunity to design it and took to social media to exclaim her excitement. Many folks responded well, with encouraging words and useful feedback, but others attacked her for being inexperienced, despite the fact that the project went through many hands before reaching the final product. Ok no, vic aatrox is inexcusable lol. Not only was it a poor choice just like the recent past victorious skins (fucking maokai?), but what they pumped out only reflects to riot that free skins don't deserve the same quality as regular skins, and that season rewards will just be mediocre and not worth grinding for year after year. That's not even getting into specifics such it just being a justicar clone. I don't agree with attacking the designer directly, but whoever ok'd the final product or came up with the idea does deserve to be criticized for it, and refraining from that to show we'd be ok with even victorious amumu next year with just blue and gold bandages isn't acceptable. By giving the "you tried" sticker you're just proving they don't have to try very hard to make a product, push it out without harsh backlash, and get a paycheck.
Both Victorious Aatrox and Pulsefire Thresh were designed by interns. Both interns provided amazing concept art for the skins teams to work with, but the other people involved with the skins either chose the worst of the concepts or threw them out entirely and started from scratch with something far worse. It is 100% not their faults that the more experienced designers fucked them over. Both are extremely talented individuals with the potential to make amazing skins if it weren't for the interference of other people.
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0yc3EimR,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-26T18:26:03.973+0000) > > Pyrite. isnt that fools gold?
> [{quoted}](name=Rowanstar,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0yc3EimR,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-11-26T19:09:43.935+0000) Its also apparently a gemstone. It also sounds like pirate, which I thought was fitting as your kitten is apparently a little thief.
: I think the frustration comes more from a place of why these champions are not getting model, kit and art updates. Nothing these Developers do will be good until the art, kit and model is modernized. Old models, art and kits are the problem and take away from the potential of what talented artists can do. Stellari is actually a sweetheart. I didn’t mind Gun Goddess MF. I have more of a problem with MF’s outdated model and VO then anything else. It’s the same thing with that new Karma skin. Players are frustrated her art, model and kit problems are not being worked on. No decent looking skin is going to make players feel better about their champions being flat out ignored, when champs like Lux and Ryze get something every year.
Unfortunately, the skins team doesn't have a say in who gets updated and who doesn't. That's for the champion developers to decide, and a lot of them want to rework older champions and such. They just get put on different projects, often times ones that they don't really want to work on. Example, Riot August wants to make a bunch of highly requested champions from the community, but he's already been assigned his next project, which I'm sure is none of those things that he wants to work on. Another big example is that he is a support main, but he has never made a support champion until Senna, and she's only a support so she can lane with Lucian. They work on what they're told to work on, not on what they personally want to work on. The skins team just makes skins, unfortunately. A lot of them have expressed frustration with working with champions with outdated models and such, but there isn't really anything they can do about that. They suffer with it as much as we do.
: Help me with a name for my Kitten!
: Zilean main - supremely disappointed w the upcoming Zilean skin
At least they put the effort into making him look good and fit the theme. In terms of quality, this is far superior to Dunkmaster Ivern, which was basically just Ivern and Daisy in sports gear. Fuck, they even said they were delaying the release of Zilean's skin so that they actually made it a quality product instead of half-assing it like they did for Ivern. Also, Sugar Rush isn't a new thing. This skinline has been a thing for a long time, and its far from being cute and innocent. Candy King Ivern is a cannibal, Dark Candy Fiddlesticks is just evil, Bittersweet Lulu and (old) Lollipoppy are terrifying on their own without any lore, and Evelynn impales and eats 2 sentient gingerbread men in her recall. Just because something looks cute doesn't mean that it is. The Sugar Rush universe is just as fucked up and edgy as any "serious" skin line.
: Goofy skins suck, sorry I agree with the OP and disagree with you completely on this. Goofy skins are _ok_ sometimes at best, but they need to be done well and make sense, like Draven's Announcer skin and Darius Dunkmaster. The Candy corn skins are silly and degrade the game making it a silly joke instead of a great game people take serious. Why do we have these joke skins? To allow untalented hacks to make garbage for the game, so they can get credit for something they have no business participating in, just like that untalented hack to made the Malphite 10th anniversary splash art I hated.
I'm sure you can do much better. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: And here we have a prime example of someone bringing up something that no one was talking about. In case you hadn't noticed, you're actually the first person to bring up gender or sex in this entire thread. Go ahead. Try using ctrl+F to find any use of the words "female", "male", "women", "men", "boy", "girl", or any other gender/sex-related term in this thread outside of your own comment or this one. You won't find any. Also, gender/sex argument aside, I can tell that you've never run a business before in your life with that attitude, and I'm sure any potential employees who know you are glad you don't.
This is the same person who raised holy hell over Malphite's temporary 10 year anniversary splash art and called the artist a child because they're a cartoonist, even comparing the art to them shitting on piece of paper. They are always extremely confrontational, negative, and toxic, and I'm surprised they aren't banned yet. Best to just ignore them cause they aren't worth your time.
: rioters are people yes but they are not immune from criticism lol and thinking so because of "muh feels" just promotes mediocrity.
Criticism =/= insults. Saying something is bad and giving genuine, good feedback on how to improve it is fine. Its calling the skin a worthless piece of trash and demanding that it be scrapped/replaced and saying that whoever made it should be fired that's the problem. And its not even the criticism or the insults that bothered Stellari. Its the knowledge that she failed to deliver a quality product to a community that she cares deeply about(if she didn't care she wouldn't feel that guilty about it).
Its a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I'm glad they when with a more vanilla/chocolate theme for him as apposed to the cupcake pink and such. It fits him a lot better.
: > [{quoted}](name=4 Step Cadence,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9BXdAENn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-25T18:05:18.009+0000) > > {{champion:141}}???? Is not a transformation champion, he does not transform. He turns into an upgraded form once, that is not the transformation champion. A transformation champion replaces their ultimate with the ability to have six moves, 3 melee, 3 ranged... though theoretically you could be a juggernaut who turns into an assassin or a mage who turns into an adc
Kayn is a Fighter that can either become an assassin meant to take out squishies(Shadow Assassin) or a fighter meant to shred tanks(Rhaast). He most certainly does transform and it very much changes his playstyle based on what form you choose. Just because you can't willingly change between his forms doesn't mean he doesn't transform and it doesn't affect how you play him.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Djinn,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y2A8qz1k,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-25T17:42:02.681+0000) > > I mean, part of the community gets mad when we show signs of not being professionals (which we aren't), and part of the community accuses us of having "rods up our asses" when we *are* professional. In some cases it's the *same individuals*. So sorry if the way we behave bothers you, I guess, but there isn't much we can do to make our actions, choices, and behaviors approved of by everyone. > It's more of an inconsistency where it seems like some people get hit for stuff that literally everyone else is doing while others get away with murder. > If you have more specific complaints or concerns I'm happy to listen to them, but I'm afraid *this* comment isn't especially actionable. Look, nobody likes people going around policing fucking microaggressions. How about you guys back off unless people are posting porn or threats? Just fucking stop, you're really fucking poisoning everything you moderate, you shut down so many constructive conversations because there will be like one or two annoyances in them with arguments around them. It's really fucking aids to the concept of a community when we're not even allowed to disagree with each other in any way that involves minor arguments (Which is status quo here on the internet). Like I get it, there are some things you can't have on here What I don't get is how you guys regularly delete threads and ban people for things that don't really merit it. I also don't understand why you don't take regularity into account with your 3 strikes system. Someone who posts many times a week is much more likely to slip up than someone who posts once a year, yet they're held to the exact same number even if the % thresh hold is completely lopsided. Like, if you make 10000 comments you're going to get banned, because the perception of being 'snarky' or 'too critical' is somehow bannable. Even if you don't intend on being insulting you still wind up with that perception. Ever been to one of those parties as a kid that got ruined because the parents fucking sucked all the fun out? Not just stopping the kids from drinking but like stopping the kids from playing games or singing or doing anything with energy? Yeah that's you, you're those parents, the entire fucking mod team exists to just be a cancer on these boards which slowly bans the life out of it. I assume someone will dig through my posts and find a five month old sarcastic joke response and promptly ban me for harassmen or something because that's what y'all do.
> [{quoted}](name=KABLUMP,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=y2A8qz1k,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-25T18:05:38.696+0000) You seem like the kind of person that breaks the law and disrespects the police simply because you don't think they have the right to control you. The world has laws, the boards have rules. Police enforce the laws, the mods enforce the rules. Don't like it? Get out. You're ruining the boards more with your toxic mindset than the mods ever will by removing your toxic content.
: @riot @meddler October 31st 2012 was the last day a True transforming champ was released
: Cool, when do we get a simple champion?
Literally all the champions over the last 2 years or so have been relatively simple and easy to understand.
: Idk Mordekaiser's kit is pretty simple, too, is it not?
Yeah but he was a rework, not a new champion. People specifically want new champions that aren't overloaded who are easy to play and understand. Morde was always pretty simple IMO, so he was nothing new. A lot of the champions in the last few years have been pretty simple IMO. Ornn is pretty straightforward and probably the easiest out of all of them, lacking any real skillshots and having a very simple concept and combo.
: How is Certainly T still working at Riot, let alone still having so much input into champion design ?
He's not. This was his last champion, and he didn't even finish him. Another Rioter did.
: Yuumi
The upcoming Ionian Juggernaut is supposed to be pretty simple too.
: what the fuck
My thoughts exactly.
Don't forget [this](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-preview/aphelios-kit-primer). Its very important. They were not kidding when they said he was difficult omg.
Falkeal (NA)
: GarenxKatarina is canon and it's a pretty big problem in a serious setting
Oooo. Another Xano alt. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468671979269128194/646789463254499363/Zed6.png
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Okay, good for her and all, but I'm sorry, what exactly is the point of a chief diversity officer?!? I agree with boric on this one. This seems like a waste of money and completely useless. Unless she makes an impact on game balance, champion design and perhaps lores, then that's a different story.
> [{quoted}](name=DalekZec,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=mfj9QGx8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-11-23T00:39:15.916+0000) I guess that means that everyone who isn't in the 20% of Riot employees that work on League are a waste of money too. Fuck you security guards, janitors, contractors, ect. You're a waste of money because you bring nothing important to League. SMFH boards logic is some crazy shit.
: Break A Champion
{{champion:142}} Her R is now global.
: Riot has no excuse for the state of League
The 20% of Riot working on League is not a recent thing. That's been a thing for *years*, probably since the company got even somewhat big enough to support that much people. What, you think all these projects just magically popped into existence for the 10 year anniversary reveal? Absolutely not. They even said they've been working on these other games for years.
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