: > even though it’s supposed to be his strongest phase wrong, nasus shines mid game. late game he's garbage.
He does shine mid game which is why I said that late game is "supposed" to be his strongest because that's what riot intended when they released the champion.
remakoro (EUNE)
: I do as well but sometimes when im playing versus team comps with 4 dashes and/or speedups i feel like shit. In some games i had it so bad that i built {{item:3152}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3078}} cuz i just could not reach anyone even though i could kill them in two hits.
Well he does need some counterplay. It's normal if a few team comps just hard counter him like how cc counters Master Yi.
: While I appreciate and agree with most of the changes it just won't work in this meta. Frankly speaking a Nasus q maxing already has problems laning against most popular toplaners with some equal to being suicide. In higher tiers of play e maxing is much more viable due to the changes to his ult making his stack requirement to do damage around the 200 mark with sheen while giving much more reliable and safer laning/gold and gaining the ability to have lane priority/management earlier which is huge in this game now. In order for these changes to work something else needs to be added to enhance his survivability early with some conditions that can be exploited and some serious mana scaling since he already has some mana problems and with those changes he'll be a sitting duck lol. Edit: Also if it were up to me I would just straight up remove the mana cost on his q when he hits lvl 16 or 18 since laning phase is long gone and he would be splitting or looking for other opportunities on the map since he is a duelist and his teamfighting will always be lackluster. It would also give that final oomph of "I've reached my lategame" spike feel. If it were anyone that could get Riot's attention on Nasus's problems it would be Sirhcez.
I just really want Riot to recognize that Nasus has a problem right now so i'm legit praying Sirhcez or Angormus reads this and tells Riot.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: It's quite a lot on the buffing side, probably too much. If i recapitulate Buffs - Higher base AD, early and late - Higher lifesteal on tanks and scales a lot more considering every champion gains armor with level and it heals in premitigation damage - +20 flat damage on Q (equivalent to : you start the game with 20 stacks) - Lower CD on Q, not only early but also at max rank ! Also slightly less manacost (barely does much, I don't like mini mana buffs I believe champions should manage their mana more, when you think in s2 Nasus Q rank 5 had 40 manacost we've gone a long way) - +3 armor and mr - 1 less second on W cd at rank 5 - E better against squishies - R which is already overloaded af gets on top of that tenacity Nerfs - Lower lifesteal earlygame - Wither is quite nerfed early ranks, also manacost higher - E manacost is higher, it becomes weaker against people with more than 50/100/150/200/250 armor (depending on E rank), else it's a buff to the shred. At the same time that I like the premitigation damage heal, it's absolutely crazy in lategame, with a SV and full tank (lifesteal buys being a trap and halved anyway). I guess that's the goal, buffing his lategame. I think that the base resist + q damage + q cd buffs compensate the lifesteal nerf + wither nerf earlygame so it won't be that easy to bully nasus. I however LOVE manacost nerfs to E and W, I think it's important that Nasus should not be able to spam earlygame and choose between spending mana on farming or trading and that is good for differentiating good Nasuses from bad ones. I could even nerf Q manacost. But I'm a nostalgic from s2 :P In any case what I would love from Nasus is to feel again that aspect of "I get shit on earlygame, but if I manage to stack despite that, I become a ticking time-bomb that will scale hard lategame "
Yea that's exactly what I was going for.
remakoro (EUNE)
: I think his biggest problem in the late game is heavy mobility and damage creep that went completely over him. As hilarious as it is his stuff in actually got mostly nerfed. So his damage output does not feel that crazy as before. Everyone killing each other in couple of hits just as he did. But without stacking like idiots for 30 mins. Yet he goes down extremely fast as well. And he also cant keep up with anybody in speed/mobility. Especially if you cant take/proc phase rush or something similar. If he was released today rito would surely give him some way to fight that problem. Like ability to disable dashes in aoe or on particular champion.
Yes I do agree but I don't really want a rework for Nasus because I like his playstyle. With the Q cd being lowered he should be able to get 500-600 stacks by 20 like he did before and his new passive would help with sustain. Usually I take phase rush and ghost to remove the mobility problem.
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