: I've only been playing for a year now. Found out I've spent $955 already... Its not about the money with refunds. You already spent it when you bought the RP, which has no monetary value as stated by the [TOU](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/termsofuse) that everyone accepts.
Fair point, Fair point. South Park has taught me nothing. Anyways, I'm off. Got an account deletion support ticket sent. Thanks for letting the last person I talked to on Riot/LoL based things be a good person. Have a good life!
: You can request your account be indefinitely suspended, or deleted, through a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202647784-Account-Deletion-FAQ
Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll get the robot in charge of doing that. Still wanted to air my grievances and say goodbye either way, ya know?
: Why would they ruin the one spell that people are actually happy with on his kit
Again, I think Riot activly wants to die, maybe because they're sick of this game, maybe because they want to get out of their contract to Tenecent..I don't know. But they're doing a good job.
: >Don't believe me? So if you have a subscription to Netflix, and then suddenly, it changes to an all scat porn service, you don't want your money back? Fun fact: When you stop wanting to use Netflix, you can **cancel** your subscription but you don't get all your money back. Like, seriously, do you have any idea how rental works? If you stop liking the service, you end the payments, but you don't suddenly get all your money back from all those payments. It's a rental service, not a bank.
Do you? Did I say you get your past payments? It's a terrible analogy, I admit, due to the difference of licensing to renting, but it was the only one I was willing to spend enough thought on for you, since I figured you'd just plug your ears and say riot is right...which you did. If you cancel your sub, you are saying I am done. If you demand a refund because they changed their product, you'd likely get that month's subscription back, as it is NOT what you paid for. But, as I expected, you're fanboying over Riot, assisting in this games death. So, I'm done dealing with you. You can come back when you can think for yourself.
: Considering the shere number players now compared to then even its skyrocketed. And still growing. The problem then becomes validating every single player who submits such a ticket... Might become even higher compared to their original base of just a few of the die-hard mains of the champions since it jumped so high when it went public. I wouldn't be surprised if now it might be twice or even triple the increase from back then.
But they weren't selling merch, or making as much bank off Esports as they are now back then. Regardless, I don't mean to make this an argument. I did delete my "It shouldn't matter." part, since I realized that was retarded.
Villiers (NA)
: Using all the analogies in the world won't make your argument anymore valid. Time to get over it and move on.
No, but that's ok. Because it's valid to begin with. You can go away now. Continue being the cancer killing this game.
Vesarixx (NA)
: > "being fabulous." has been attributed to gay men for years. I'm a fabulous individual myself, doesn't mean I'm gay, and what does it matter anyway? A lot of people in the gay community find the over the top flamboyant behavior liberating as sort of a counterculture to the established gender norms, and the idea that only women or gay men are allowed to care about their appearance is ridiculous.
So, you're not gay, but you speak for the gay community? Cus, trust me, no they don't. And no one said "caring about one's appearence." Again, you're being Naive, or being a blind fan. I'm called the DAPPER changeling for fucks sake. I adore suits. But there's a difference between caring for one's look, and being OBSESSED With being "fabulous" and/or "beautiful." Jhin is obsessed with his looks, but he never comes off as gay for even a second.
: Actually, no, that's not at all what it is. They had a product. They allowed you to unlock and use the product, all without it leaving their possession. They then decided to change their property. Important thing to realize is that you don't own anything in the game -- Riot does.
Even with your argument. I rented an object, and then part way through the rental, it was changed. That is not what I rented any longer, and I should be entitled to a refund. Plain and simple. Don't believe me? So if you have a subscription to Netflix, and then suddenly, it changes to an all scat porn service, you don't want your money back?
: Your welcome for giving you this info. They did this because people (once they found out that they kinda did this) would suddenly jump at the chance to refund the champion... When they BARELY had any games played as that. Went from a tiny handful of people (like 2 up to 5 maybe? IDK the exact amounts) to a riduculous amount. When it spikes by 10,000% for a refund on a champion ONLY because they got reworked that was the problem.
Fair enough, but it doesn't seem like it'd be that hard to check the players play rate.
Rioter Comments
Astôlfo (NA)
: Would you say it's worth buying Fifth Age Taric skin?
Not unless you have the RP on hand. Don't give these fucking shits, or their communist overlords a fucking penny.
: This should explain why the no longer do this. >[SquidmoX: Player Support Manager](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4572524) >06-03-2014 >Hey all, >Over the past two years we've been ramping up our ability to steadily modernize champions' art, background and gameplay, to the point where champion updates have become an integral part of the overall evolution of League of Legends. When we first began making these updates we were mindful of the fact that we were altering content to which players might be very attached, and with that in mind we agreed to the handful of refund requests from the passionate players who owned updated champions and who sent a ticket to Player Support. >Back then we could do these individual gestures of goodwill because the number of refund requests was pretty low. Requests came largely from players who mained the champ. Once the policy was made public, there was a 10,000%+ spike in requests. We looked at the data and found that a very large majority of requests were from players who weren’t actively invested in the champion pre-update, but were trying to get back RP or IP without using a refund token. >To give you an idea of the impact, every recent champion update has resulted in a storm of support tickets larger than what we typically see from a full day of major server instability. Combine this with the fact that we're on pace to double our annual number of champion updates (6 in 2013, already 7 in first half of 2014) and it begins to significantly impact Player Support's ability to handle critical issues like account recoveries and tech support. >As a result of these factors, we've decided that beginning with the Karthus champion update, we will stop processing refund requests for updated champions. It would be awesome to have a process that specifically targets those players significantly impacted by an update and doesn't interfere with Player Support's ability to quickly solve vital support issues, but we are far off from a good solution to this. >We know this may be disappointing for some players, particularly those actively playing and invested in updated champions. To help address this issue, the champion update team is working on increased transparency ( http://community.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-skins/txxQETbY-champion-updateupdate ) when it comes to which champions they're working on. Additionally, the Player Support team has created a central hub ( https://support.leagueoflegends.com/entries/40116190-Champion-Rework-Schedule ) with info on past, present, and future champion updates. These efforts should both help you plan your purchases and use of refund tokens and give you better places to voice your feedback and help us fine-tune updates. >If you have any questions about this change, please leave them below and we'll do our best to address them. FYI this is from the Forums which is really old and can longer be chat on.
AKA, back when Riot gave a shit. This is such shit to. "We can't figure out how to make a dedicated refund channel, so eat a dick." Edit: For the record: MAKE A FUCKING BOARD/FORUM FOR IT YOU SHIT HEELS, or a button specifically for refunds. This is so clearly a lie it makes my head spin. It's almost like you should STOP SHITTING ON CHAMPS... Still, thanks much for sending this my way.
: I love playing {{champion:112}} ... If this passes pbe.... I probably won't be playing him anymore {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
Welcome to our world. {{champion:72}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:44}}
Rocka (OCE)
: Paladins closed beta codes
Oh, Hi-Rez. Thanks but no thanks. Still, dropping a comment to say you're a damn hero sir (or miss.)
: So, with Taric being reworked as well, I say again: Allow Rework Refunds.
Really, it's simple customer care. You sold me something, I bought it, you changed it, I don't want it. I would have never bought it if you sold it to me in the condition it is now. So, other than "Riot is bestst, can do no wrong!", how is this a bad idea?
SikhRS (NA)
: All Players Should Be Concerned; Can Riot Please Address?
I'd say they should be more clear with EVERY ban. When they punish you, they should send you an email with your chatlogs, or proof of your offense.
: how so? I think the purpose of paragraphs is just to organize points. Visually I see it doesn't really make it easier. I mean sure my points are everywhere cuz i digress. But have you not seen books or bibles? They have paragraphs too but still are a pain on the eyes
Books aren't. Bibles are, but that's because of the content. An they do space them out. Line Break after a sentence.
Rioter Comments
: Traditional Taric
I'd say Taric should just be returned to being good.
: yeah sorry just didnt wanna do a standard intro main topic supporting details conclusion structure. I was just having a random rant and writing things as I thought while in a league game before minions spawned
I'd still recommend spacing it out. It's murder on the eyes.
: Ty for the input. On the issue of shifting lore, that's sort of why I headed with an alternate arc using the trailer so the legit lore can be different and it works because I'm taking my own twist on the timeline. Prior events and interactions need to be used accurately though, so I don't intent to make Vi a pansy or anything like that. I appreciate the input of a person who's passionate about the character; that's kind of what I was hoping for. :)
No problem. If you need anything else I can help with, lemme know.
: Wanted to write a Fan-Fic. Need help with details on champions, lore, etc.
Honestly, I wouldn't bother writing it with League. I don't mean to discourage you, as writing fan-fics are what got me to breaking into doing it for a living, so please do! But Riot has changed their lore so often, not to mention out right deleting it, your fic will likely be out-dated by the time you finish it. If you're ok with that, then read on, otherwise, skip to the end, where I'll lay out some general writing tips. What are the motivations for characters like Vi, Jhin: These are the only two I can help with, what with me maining Vi for so long, and being..frighteningly in tune with Jhin. Vi: Speaking from reading her lore, and hearing her voice clips, as well as analyzing her play-style, Vi seems to not care about redemption one bit. She appears to be on the force because she figured it was a good way to use her skills at beating people to a fine, red paste and NOT get arrested. She doesn't seem to care to much for procedure, law, or anything that gets between her and punching. Judging by her animations, this comes through in her fighting, with her swings being wild and powerful, but having no technique or form. She seems to be very light hearted, very devil may care. Her interactions with Cait also suggest she views chasing crooks as a competition, something done for fun. Tl;DR: I'd write her very fun loving, but with a short fuse, always just begging for an excuse to beat people, but very friendly with..well, her friends and allies. Jhin: Jhin is OBSESSED with perfection, and I've heard him being obsessed with four as well, but I don't think so. Every action he takes, every thing he does is all a means to the end of perfection. Every shot, a killer. Every murder, a masterpiece. Even his body, seems to have all been replace or covered, all to appear more perfect. He also seems very narcissistic, obsessed with his OWN perfection. He strikes me as someone who'd absolutly lose his mind if his face was damaged. He also seems to have a love of fashion (once again, serving to make things more perfect.) TL;DR: He wants everything, everywhere, to be perfect, whether they like it or not. What are the opinions of each character of the other? The biggest ones: Vi of Cait Well, you hit the nail on the head here. Basic lore and technology of Piltover/Zaun: Is a steampunk type of city for Piltover the generally accurate vibe? Is Zaun basically a mad scientist'a paradise type of metropolis? Judging by the video of 'Get Jinxed', Piltover seems past steampunk, but not quite super futurisitc. It seems very similar to our own technology, just with robots taking center stage on the technological field, primarily for ease of use, with a smattering of astounding weaponry, due to the Yordles. Zuan has been described as, to put it charitably, and utter crap heap, with toxicity and pollution everywhere. I personally imagine it very FF7 Midgar, lots of dark alleys, buildings packed together, and trash and sludge EVERYWHERE. It's been said that knowledge takes precedence over ALL in Zuan, so that'd be reflected in it's lack of visual appeal, likely everything being very utilitarian in design. Keep out the rain, keep IN the experimental horrors, and that's about it. Usage of Vulgarity: The big thing to remember here is character consistency. Vi strikes me as someone who'd swear more often than anyone else I've mentioned, and likely, than anyone on the roster. A very casual swearer, but not OVERLY so. Someone who won't hesitate to say something like "That damn killer." but not use the F bomb like a period. Likely, she'd be chastized by Cait for doing this, since Cait seems very by the books. Worry more about your story, less about the ratings, true? -----THIS ENDS THE LOL SPECIFIC TIPS---- General writing tips...Don't force it. It might feel like you need to sometimes, but your work WILL suffer for it. It's a passion project. Don't force passion. Remember the world is not our own. This sounds simple, but remembering the existence of magic and robots being so readily available likely means that culture itself would change around that. Maybe, for example, the thought of hiring servants such as maids and/or butlers is considered absolutely barbaric in Piltover, since Robots can do it just as well. Don't hesitate to build your world, but don't spend half your book on it. Readers may like knowing, for example, Vi has a hobby. Say, mechanics. And you can include that in a scene of her tinkering with her gauntlets. Just don't shoe-horn it in at every turn. Your characters need to be alive. They need to FEEL like they're real people. A line or two of hesitation, or worry for a friend can do wonders for that, vs a character who barrels into danger because why not. They need to have likes and dislikes, but that can't be their WHOLE character. You're a bit on an uphill slope doing fan-fic, being shackled to the characters, especially when they're so poorly defined, but not entirely so. You can still give them traits not shown in game, so long as they don't break the character, such as Vi being a pacifist. Vi could, however, enjoy gardening. It's not shown anywhere in game in ANY form, but it's not disproved either. That's about all I can think of. Have fun, and good luck!
: Premade groups don't have any extra power in their reports; they actually are reduced to only count as 1. Mute them if they are bothering you in chat. Report them if they are trolling or harassing. Don't worry about their reports, because they won't affect you unless you decide to retaliate and make them legitimate. Communication is not limited to chat; pings are more than enough for most situations.
And then pings are abused by people spamming them non-stop, making players mute them. No, he's 100% right. Riot needs to do something about this. The fanbase made them as big as they are, not Esports, and they need to remember that.
: > [{quoted}](name=TDChangeling,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=HJVAQvm6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-21T02:48:00.959+0000) > > Prancing, obsessive attention to one's own image and "beauty.", 'Fabulous.' are all stereotypical depictions of gay men. > The first two are known as the Fop in classical literature, generally meant to invoke a preening noble, more concerned with his looks than anything else, but was also, at the time, meant to invoke homosexuality, as in a highly puritan time period, this would be considered vile trait. > > And "being fabulous." has been attributed to gay men for years. You're either being naive, or blindly defending Riot. > > The only thing they could do to make it more overt is make him trail a rainbow when he runs. And you sound like someone who throws a hissy fit if someone hurts your feelings... ITS A GAME i didn't know gay people could stun people. or make people invincible. oh wait .... they can't because its a game.. who cares.. i say goodjob gay people have made it into the game world.
Ok, after translating your god fucking awful typing.. How? How does pointing out literary tropes from multiple years and generations make me sound like a hissy fit?
: > [{quoted}](name=TDChangeling,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=HJVAQvm6,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-04-21T02:49:24.948+0000) > > This just in, Lucians next update to replace Lucians potions with Fried Chicken. > Riot comments: It's fine. Sounds like you're a racist homophobe.
By calling out Riot for making a sterotype, and joking regarding an unfortunate implication with a black character having a drive-by for an ult, I'm a racist homophobe. So..you're a feminist, ne?
: Real men wear pink. I'm sorry you don't feel comfortable doing that without feeling like people will think you're gay. Taric is fabulous. Let the man be.
Real men wear whatever the fuck they please. Real men do not, however, prance.
: {{champion:236}}'s ultimate is a drive by.
This just in, Lucians next update to replace Lucians potions with Fried Chicken. Riot comments: It's fine.
Vesarixx (NA)
: New {{champion:44}} has an interaction where he flirts with {{champion:131}}, also what gay stereotypes are you referring to? Wearing open chested shirts and being fabulous? because you don't need to be gay to do that.
Prancing, obsessive attention to one's own image and "beauty.", 'Fabulous.' are all stereotypical depictions of gay men. The first two are known as the Fop in classical literature, generally meant to invoke a preening noble, more concerned with his looks than anything else, but was also, at the time, meant to invoke homosexuality, as in a highly puritan time period, this would be considered vile trait. And "being fabulous." has been attributed to gay men for years. You're either being naive, or blindly defending Riot. The only thing they could do to make it more overt is make him trail a rainbow when he runs.
: When you've been a Taric main since day 1, now everyone wants to play him.....{{item:3070}} {{champion:44}} {{item:3070}}
Those feels. I have them...
: PSA: Typing "..." after a teammate dies is Toxic Behavior
So..what you're saying Is you think SILENCE is toxic? Holy fuck...
Rioter Comments
: why did they do this ? why not just release him as a new champion? they ruined taric for no reason. they could have just kept him and released this monstrosity as a totally different champ. give him blonde hair or something. just so whack what is riot doing
Right? I don't get how people aren't pissed at him being a gay sterotype that's worthless in battle.
: Goodbye, old Taric... gonna miss you, buddy.
: Lol just like how riot listened when players kept saying the juggernauts were weak on PBE until riot listened and hyper buffed them on release? Yes players are retarded, no riot had no right not compensation nerfing xin but because of said players who caused major issues with the juggernaut patch riot doesn't want to rush to listen to said retards.
It's almost like Juggernauts was just a huge fucking mistake that is still ruining the game to this day.
: The boards repeatedly complained the Skarner's juggernaut rework was "too weak" on the PBE, so riot gave him several buffs. At launch he had something like over a 63% winrate.
Yeah, but it was still a super bad nerf for the bug. Just might as well have deleted him.
: People did, several in fact
Ok, several people may be right. Maybe, MAYBE, four people asked for it. Good for them.
: Mac Framerate and Sound Lag Worsened with 6.8
Here's how you fix it: Get a fucking worthwhile computer. Macs...Ha..
Lux is cancer.
: UNOFFICIAL Solo Queue UPDATE (via Ghostcrawler)
"While it would be a very easy solution for us to say ‘Yeah this is a failure, let’s just turn it off and go back to what we had before’ there are a lot of players that love dynamic queue." http://static1.squarespace.com/static/532b6f68e4b063a5e1050cc1/t/551b64d4e4b056e120bdc6be/1427858649252/
He's a fucking fairy. He PRANCES while going on about how fabulous and beautiful he is. If you want to make a gay champ, please do, but holy fuck!
Kei143 (NA)
: forums are being modded by a 3rd party company that riot hires, not riot themselves. Also, a forum ban is not an ingame ban. But if it is serious enough, then it can splash into your ingame account. also, what you were doing can be seen as name shaming on the forums, which was why your posts were removed in the first place. What you need to do in the future is to black out the names in your video. Then you are just reposting things, which is spamming. So far nothing wrong with what they did.
Because Riot is fucking garbage, and cares so little about this fucking game.
: The Worst Type of Trolling
What Riot's been doing these past 4-6 patches.
: Mac sound NOT resolved patch 6.8!
Best fix: Get a worthwhile computer.
: Taric is a good character. Elemental dragons look fun and can make new strategies then the boring dragon and most of the mage update is a lot better than what's here currently. Just a few things in the mage patch shouldn't go through such as viktor clunkiness, jungle showing red/blue buffs to everyone without effort, and aside from that it's nerf/buffable and a good addition, although hopefully rift herald's numbers aren't high.
Was. Now he's a prancing stereotype with a fucking JOKE of a heal, a worthless W (unless you're supporting), a highly telegraphed E, and a decent, but delayed Ult. You can't stratgize with the elemental dragons, because it's purely luck. Period. You have to HOPE something worth a damn comes down, and whoever gets elder wins. And no, it's not. Look at the PBE. It's fucking awful. Veigar's ult is gone. Cassie gets a free item slot. Zyra just spawns seeds and can't use them to be strategic. Fuck Riot. They want to die, I say we let them.
: It's April 20th, Riot just had a chill day is all. These should be reverted by the weekend.
I fucking wish. Taric back to being a good character, and not a walking gay sterotype Elemental Dragons gone. Mage update gone.
: people say taric is to OP now
His Ult is actually pretty weak IMO, what with the slow ass charge. Hard to use it very efficiently if, as said below, you don't have a premade, which is all Riot cares about. And his heal is fucking pathetic now. Shocker, Riot fucked up another champ.
McKeifus (NA)
: That's exactly what it's about. Now you have to make more decisions, instead of following your farm route. More decisions = more strategy. Granted, jg is hard enough as is, but this will hopefully help laners get more engaged in the objective play at lower levels. Right now most lanes are just farmville.
No it isn't. Here's what they changed it to. Spawn, walk in jungle. Press tab. Wait for camp to turn to hourglass. Get your team to kill. Win. But of course, the other Jungler will be doing that to, since why would you show your position by taking a buff, so all you can do is get the tiny mobs, which means you'll be behind, and junglers are effectively worthless. And how will ruining Jungle help laners take towers? That makes no fucking sense.
Axxuka (NA)
: To those that think that Riot Listen to our balance feedback...
Wish granted, jungling is now fucking worthless. Riot will never listen to us again, because they're becoming Blizzard at this point.
: Here are five other examples of when they actually did listen to the boards. {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:72}} Remember these monstrosities? Riot buffed them because we asked them to.
What the fuck are you talking about? Fucking NO one asked for any of that...
: You could have extended that to around 52 seconds where you can replace their machines with Dynamic queue and Kojima with solo queue-ers. Edit: Apparently that's censored.
I like to think it's because they want to stop making this game, but the chinese communist overlords who bought them won't let them just quit, so they're trying to drive it into the ground.
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