: So how has Annie bot made it to masters/ challenger playing Annie? In my experience annie still works in low plat you just need to get better as well.
Because he's a really good player who knows how to position, kite, maximize dps, play around cooldowns, and do well in every match-up. Annie's not bad, but there are better champions for most situations.
: Part of the reason ADCs are so "strong" is that defensive tools across the board are too strong.
It's funny how people go back and forth on this. "Tanks are too weak! Please buff armor items and give us actual options!" - - - "Wow, I can't get past these tanks because they're too hard to kill! Please nerf the items for these boring characters!"
: Reasons for playing midlane Annie
Annie is god until you get to around Gold or Plat, where people finally understand how powerful mobility and range are. That's when Zed can start outplaying you by poking you from range and dodging your ultimate. Then it really becomes about who understands the matchup better, and who's less predictable.
: Meta is disgusting and terrible
Don't worry, the season is ending in 2-4 weeks. Meta is bound to change in some way.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Season 1-2 was a learning time so somewhat understandable. Season 3 was pretty alright but the meta was really stale as you got higher up. Season 4 was better and starting dealing with the staleness. The game overall was great and although there were a bunch of lame things it was alright. * A lot of people say season 3 and 4 are best seasons. Early Season 5 was pretty alright as well. New things to learn and stuff and for the most part it was okay. End of Season 5 & every season after. Just replacing horrible metas with horrible metas. A lot of the fundamental problems in the game come from patch 5.22 and have not been addressed since than. Ergo we see the same complaints every year. "Game goes to 35 minutes". Oh yes people bring this up all the time. The game is DECIDED by 10 or 15 minutes and the winning team just bullshits around until the game they feel like ending. "People say champion pick decides game too much". Unless you're refering to meta champions like Hyper Carries with Ardent Censer supports I don't understand why you'd be confused. People are pissed off that these champions are the best strategy every game. And usually when there is one class that is the best you pick the same champions every time and it feels bullshit to go up against. Going back to before, "replacing horrible metas with horrible metas".
The game isn't entirely decided in the first 10-15 minutes if you're willing to work as a team. The biggest fundamental problem is people's give-up attitudes. I'm pretty negative myself, but in the games that I stick it out we are usually able to come back if we're all cooperating.
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: I blame Ghostcrawler. He ruined WoW, and now he's ruining LoL. LoL's dev team worked really hard to reduce snowballing so both teams have a fighting chance and that mistakes are less punishing, but since GC joined, the direction of the team took a 180 turn and they're actually increasing snowballing for the sake of ''shorter games'' Suuuuurrrre.... a 25 minute stomp is so much more enjoyable than a 40 minute fair match that could go both ways, thanks GC *rolls eyes* Seriously, i'd take a loss in an hour long fair game over a 20 minute win in a game that we stomped the enemy. Whoever takes an early lead is almost garanteed to win.
What? Games nowadays are longer than ever. Comebacks are pretty likely due to catchup XP. That's why Tanks are back in the meta and the game is played around the ADC.
mauyoa7 (NA)
: because riven one shots the carry before the tanks can peel xd
Locket, Knight's Vow, basic CC, basic shields + heals prevent her from doing this most of the time. Fiora doesn't need to delete the backline to be effective, and isn't completely reliant on snowballing. She can roll over tanks in a side lane or find and kill isolated squishies. Riven can only do the latter without being massively fed (which is hard to do because of how unkillable Maokai and Cho'Gath are).
: > [{quoted}](name=Charles Nut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I29xsKpy,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-10-10T19:37:26.030+0000) > > It's the tank meta. She's not that good. Fiora is far superior to her. since when is fiora a tank killer O.o? fiora is a skirmisher, although riot doesn't know what that term means, fiora isn't supposed to kills at all, but go in 1 vs 5 and leave in an undecided engage. she shouldn't be able to 1 vs 1 a riven O,O
Do you not understand how MaxHP True Damage works? You obviously don't understand Fiora's job. She would most likely win a fight against Riven, since she has built-in sustain, the ability to reflect CC and slow attack speed, and gets hyper movement speed to avoid the rest of Riven's spells. Riven can burst a Fiora if she's already ahead, but Fiora has room to make more mistakes, and will win a perfectly even 1v1.
mauyoa7 (NA)
: TANK META L U L right now is peel the adc meta.
? Yea and tanks peel the adc much better than carries. Fiora can kill these tanks a lot easier than Riven. what's so hard to understand about that? Either way Riven doesn't need a nerf.
: 3200 is INSANE for the new steraks gage
...they're not removing the shield. They just aren't doubling the %Base AD during it's Lifeline Trigger. Do you realize how good 30% tenacity is, especially for 8 seconds? This is exactly what Juggernauts need, and increasing the cost is necessary to make this item balanced. This is a good change. Stop griping so much about it because you misread the notes.
: Patch 7.20 notes
BTW, Jax has a pretty high base AD.
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EL Nacepin (EUNE)
: Help me!
Mute everyone. Focus on yourself. Play hard carry champions. I know your teams suck. Mine do too. Everyone's do. You need to overcome it despite their best efforts to fuck you over. Even if it's clearly their fault in every way, you need to always say, out loud, "I fucked up. I can do better."
: request a nerf like everyone else^^ she really needs one.
It's the tank meta. She's not that good. Fiora is far superior to her.
: How to Deal With Riven?
Riven destroys Jax until around level 7, when Jax has his Ultimate and can pick up Jaurim's Fist and Ninja Tabis. Before that point, focus only on farming. Buy as many health pots as you need and just work on getting items. Don't let her kill you, and you should be fine. If you get a chance to punish her for missing a Stun or Knockback, jump on her with Leap Strike and give her an Auto + W. After level 7, she'll still believe she's stronger than you. If she wastes her Shield or 2 Qs trying to close the gap, you automatically win the extended trade. Turn on your E, get an Auto + W on her, then use Leap Strike when she gets out of range. The damage will scare her off. If you get a kill due to her messing up or your Jungler ganks her, then you'll rule this lane after level 6. Wack your minions twice, then jump onto her and use your empowered Auto + W. Turn on your E if she starts to fight you, because she'll lose. Take either Doran's Shield or Cloth + 4 first. Rush Titanic Hydra after getting Tabis. Hug your turret if you fall behind. Finally, Malphite is a really good counter-pick to Riven, especially with his new buff. Maokai is good as well. Renekton will work if you want a carry champ, but a skilled Riven can really embarrass you if you screw up. Same with Jayce.
Nasuuna (NA)
: literally the only thing she has going for her. Anybody with a quick burst of damage > her
100% unavoidable damage. Targeted gap-closer. Ridiculous burst. Built-in sustain. Stealth.
: So tell me, what kind of hard CC does that decoy offer?
It allows him to avoid damage if you know what you're doing. It can also engage a fight from unexpected places.
: Almost every Fighter has [Shield] or [Healing] in their kit..
Oh yes Mordekaiser doesn't need a rework because he has heal in his kit. Same with Aatrox. I understand Wukong doesn't really fit into the game well right now, but saying that he needs a rework above other champions "because he lacks a shield/heal" is utterly absurd. He can be made better without adding something that is recycled among all other fighters. His clone makes him a unique blend of a Diver and Assassin, and I think adding more quirks like that would make him unique. How about instead of just complaining and demanding that Riot work on your favorite champion before any others, how about you provide some suggestions on how to improve Wukong? For example, tell us where you think the heal/shield should go in his kit. Yelling at Riot doesn't make the problem go away, and it definitely doesn't incentivize Riot to work at making you happy. Understand that they aren't ignoring Wukong as a champion, they're just working on other things at the moment that have been scheduled for quite some time. Be patient, like I'm being for the Rengar re-rework.
: i swear to god if lee sin will be strong again next season like every fucking season
Why are you upset that a very versatile, early game dominant champion will probably be strong when everyone is adjusting to the pre-season and new runes? Why is Lee Sin being strong the be-all end-all of keeping you happy?
: Getting out of silver
General Tips: Stick to 1-2 roles, with 1-2 champions per role. If you're a laner, learn each matchup so you always win, despite disadvantages. If you're a jungler, learn the best jungle paths and gank routes so you are efficient and catch your enemies by surprise. End games fast, don't fuck around. Group and take objectives. Watch your replays, figure out what you did wrong, and always blame yourself before your teammates.
: Question for Riot: Why favor AD?
If you go ADC Soraka in my game you're being reported, win or lose.
: Hard for me to fully understand why people think trundle's ult is such a hard counter to tanks
Thornmail and Adaptive Helm don't prevent the HP and Resistances from being sucked off of the tank, dude. Trundles Ultimate counters *Single Tank Team Compositions* because it completely ruins the role of that one player.
Dukues (NA)
: How do you stay motivated to keep climbing ranked?
Well, you really need to have a competitive mindset. I play Ranked to prove that I can beat my opponents when they're trying their best to beat me. My rank is sort of a trophy to show my improvement at the game. If you're just getting tired or playing the same role, then alternate between 2 or 3 roles. I've gone Jungle in most of my games this season, but I'll occasionally switch to Top Lane when I get sick of my lanes losing despite my pressure. Of course, I'm hard stuck Low Plat, and haven't been climbing much recently. I mainly blame that on toxicity, but I ultimately need to improve my gameplay.
: It's not season 5 anymore buddy when in some games you would go 20/0 and carry the fuck out of your teammates. Nah , now if ONE LANE IS BAD YOU LOOSE. Bot is first time adc? GG you cant carry no matter how hard you try
I mean that's not true but go ahead and convince yourself of that.
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: Don't worry, it's just a _small_ buff. He'll only get a _little_ stronger from this. His playrate may rise, but it'll be _short_-lived.
Niyumi (NA)
: Why do I do better playing trolly champions?
...Taric is really good, what are you talking about?
: The misconception that A HUGE AMOUNT of people has is that a Assassin or diver should be able to dive into the enemy team, do their combo and kill the marksman. Even if the support is there. Meaning they expect to be able to win 1v2. That's just so much pure bullshit. You don't kill a marksman by sending a lone assassin to try and jump past all their tanks, shield bots and magic plasma cannons, you send in a a tank to cause a mess, then when they are starting to focus a little on the tank the diver or assassin can go in. I see so many people playing assassins jumping in 1v2 or 1v3 only to chunk the marksman but fail to kill them thanks to the lulu or Janna saving them then the assassin dies and starts crying that marksmen are OP and impossible to kill. Misposition? They aren't mispositioning as long as they are inside the supports range and outside the rest of the enemy teams, if only the assassin gets ontop of the marksman but the support is there ready to prevent it then the assassin is.......quite frankly a dumbass for going in. There is not going to be a discussion that assassins should win 1v2 when the enemies are ready, because they shouldn't. And the only marksmen that win 1v1's in this game without being massively fed or having reached 3-4 items are {{champion:18}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:67}} and sometimes {{champion:236}} . This thanks to them possessing either/or/and mobility,CC,high speed and burst. No other marksman can even hope to beat something like a {{champion:24}} or {{champion:238}} rushing them. And a {{champion:24}} actually beats any of them except the Vayne even lategame i think. But i digress, marksmen do not win 1v1 in all but a few cases and specific match ups, and thinking that the support shouldnt be able to prevent the marksman dying in a 1v2 or a 2v3 when they both play well is kinda silly. They are two classes meant to work with oneanother, their strength together is naturally higher, complaining about is like saying it's unfair that mages like {{champion:63}} can delete clustered teams. ( Not actually instagibb the tank but everyone around the tank)
{{champion:81}} {{summoner:11}} wins 1v1s against most others.
: What am I missing about Riven?
I'm not a Riven expert, but the amount of hours I've spent watching Dekar173 and BoxBox is enough to give you these basic tips. I recommend watching these two if you want to learn about her in depth. Riven, despite what anyone may tell you, is an extremely mechanical champion with both a high skill-ceiling and a high skill-floor, the latter being the most important part. It's going to take a lot of practice to be able to play Riven at the same tier that most people can play champions like Renekton or J4, which is why a lot of people never touch her (like me). The first thing you need to learn as Riven, however, is managing your cooldowns. You're a relatively fragile champion who relies on mobility and a 1 second shield to keep you alive. This means that you're extremely vulnerable when your spells are on cooldown, and thus need to get associated with the amount of time it takes for every spell to become available again. Once you've got this down, you'll be able to exploit her strengths like winning Top Lane trades by using your long combos, backing off or absorbing damage with your shield, and re-engaging when you're about to have your spells available again. The biggest thing that separates a good Riven from a great Riven is animation canceling. Before you can even think about playing Riven at a high level, you need to spend a significant amount of time in the practice tool working on things like "The Fast Combo" and combining your damage abilities with your Shield. Look up all videos about how to properly accomplish these, and spam Adrian with "how do I shy combo" donation messages, then perfect them in the practice tool and norms until you're ready to take them into ranked. Finally, you need to understand your role as Riven. You're a good combination of a Skirmisher, Diver, and Assassin all packed into one, with a unique mix of each class's strengths and weaknesses. You win most 1v1 fights, and are also great at 1v2s and possibly 1v3s, but only if you're snowballing. You have high mobility, meaning you can chase and escape with relative ease, but you also are completely useless if you're locked down. You have a healthy amount of CC and AoE burst damage, making it easy to set up team fights, but you're usually too squishy to survive if you're the only engager on you're team. So where does that leave you? Well, you have different jobs depending on the state of the game, with variables including team compositions, early/mid/late game, ahead vs behind, and who's individually fed on each team. If you're the only fed person on your team, you could split-push if your team is able to hold off the enemy, or team-fight if you're confident in bursting down the squishy backline. If you're behind, you should build more defensive items and work on holding the frontline or suicide diving the backline for your fed teammates to follow up with more damage. It's up for you to make the right decisions based on how the game is going. Look up guides on how to play as a diver, assassin, and skirmisher. This the best I can give you from my limited experience with the champion. Sorry it's so much text :P. I hope it was helpful.
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: Why is Janna popular? Because Lulu and Karma got nerfed. >.<
Doozku (NA)
: Note that almost every other laner you mentioned has some kind of ability that deals damage outside of their auto-attack range. Vayne has no such ability other than maybe her E? But that isn't a poke, so if she wants to cs a minion from afar or poke and enemy, she has to tumble in which puts her in harms way.
Okay, then say something like: "She's weak early because her kit lacks the tools to compete with other Marksmen in lane." That's really the truth, since even lower ranged ADCs like Sivir have a way to reliably get CS and poke the enemy laner.
UF Dan (NA)
: How to make a Vayne QQ Thread (9 EZ steps)
{{champion:22}} 600 {{champion:51}} 650 / 1300 {{champion:119}} 550 {{champion:81}} 550 {{champion:104}} 425 {{champion:202}} 550 {{champion:222}} 525 / 600-700 {{champion:429}} 550 {{champion:203}} 500-750 {{champion:96}} 500-710 {{champion:236}} 500 {{champion:21}} 550 {{champion:133}} 525 {{champion:15}} 500 {{champion:18}} 550-669 {{champion:29}} 550 / 850 {{champion:110}} 575 {{champion:67}} 550 {{champion:498}} 525 To summarize, Vayne shares the same range of 550 with 5 other Marksmen, and outranges 5 other Marksmen. This doesn't include champions with varying range like Tristana/Jinx. So to say that she competes with Lucian for the lowest-ranged ADC isn't really true; she's actually pretty average. This doesn't mean her lane isn't weak, but saying "her low range makes her a terrible laner" is leaving out the majority of the reason why she seems to usually struggle in the early game.
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: I don't really spread myself apart from any other roles. I mainly play top gangplank or just top lane in general. I only play other rolls if I get autofilled.
I don't recommend Gangplank just because of how easy it is to lose with him. You're going to get destroyed early, and probably dove a lot since you play him top.
: I can basically play every roll, but I cannot adc no matter what I play.
Focus on 2 of them. Mathematically speaking, you're going to get better at a specific role based on the amount of time invested in playing that role. Spreading yourself out will prevent you from really improving at any of them. I will note that it's easier to carry with Mid and Jungle, but I also think those two roles are the most difficult to play.
: {{champion:1}}
Speaking from experience, no. Diana's shield prevents her from being bursted down, and Diana can literally poke from out of Annie's range. Levels 1-5 will be fine I guess.
: A little less damage for way more utility: EZ PZ lol
Well... Diana is really hit-or-miss. Literally. If you hit Q, you all-in for a free kill. Miss it, and you wait for another try. Ekko is ridiculously versatile in his approach. You can go all-in and use your ult as an escape. You can fake an all-in, back off, then ult for a surprise re-engage. You can do a bit of both. That's why Riot loves buffing him tho, because he's incredibly fun to watch due to everything I just said. This also makes him annoying to face.
: Stuck in low silver
**Practice CS** Go into the Practice Tool and work on last-hitting minions. Do this until you can get 100 CS in 13 minutes. **Play Simple Champions** Pick 2 roles you want to play. Pick 2 simple champions for each role, and a spare Support champion. Play them in EVERY game. Here's a small guide: Top Lane: {{champion:75}} {{champion:58}} Jungle: {{champion:19}} {{champion:57}} Mid: {{champion:1}} {{champion:99}} ADC: {{champion:21}} {{champion:15}} Support: {{champion:37}} {{champion:89}} **Constantly Check Your Mini-Map** Ganks suck. They're the soul reason for my tilt. Check your mini-map frequently to see where the enemies are. If you don't know where the Jungler, nearby solo-laner, or Support are, then don't try and fight.
: Well he is the upgraded version.
: Zed is a binary stat check champion that clicks on the opponent to delete them from long range
Sebbo (EUW)
: What's that my lane opponent has bought a Hexdrinker?
The shield is the problem. Increase the cooldown or decrease the amount received.
: Speaking for a majority of the Leblanc mains...
From a Rengar player who also hates the new version of my champion...the old version was super toxic for the player on the receiving end. In my experience the same goes for LeBlanc. Don't revert them. Give them a BETTER rework. Please.
: Who on Earth beats Diana?
{{champion:245}} He can engage on her before she gets her ultimate, and his ultimate undoes her all-in. Plus, his poke and waveclear is better in my opinion.
: whelp. looks like sion mains are going to have a lot of fun next season.
: I don't understand why these situational offense/defense hybrid items have CDR... anyone else?
I'm guessing they provide CDR instead of more defense because more defense would equal an absolute shut-down of the champion you're looking to protect yourself from. Riot has always adopted the philosophy of "_No one thing should 100% hard-counter another one thing._" This is why 'counterpicked' matchups can still go in the favor of the champion who's unlikely to win, or why QSS no longer removes things like Death Mark. Because of this, items that seem to solve all problems, such as providing damage and defense, cannot provide high or even mediocre numbers for those stat increases, or else they'd provide a giant advantage over their opponent. However, the items still need to meet their gold value, and the value needs to be enough to hold an inventory slot. To accomplish this, they tack a perk onto the item which can provide an increase to both offense and defense without simply being a stat-check. To summarize, adding raw magic resist to Maw or flat armor to Zhonya's would make the item too powerful, but the numbers as they are now are too weak. That's why they add CDR, an incomparable stat, to theses item, in order to make them a valuable purchase if the situation demands for a pseudo defensive item on a damage character.
: Can't wait for the Cassiopeia circle jerk
I've never liked champions like her and Vlad that are classified as "late game hypercarries", yet have an extremely obnoxious lane phase.
: Good meme. +1.
Oh put this on Reddit please.
: urgot's new ult has too much happening
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