: At this point, he does it to be stupid. My Girlfriend left me after this one! My parents disowned me after this one! Its a running gag.
Yeah I used to hate it but at this point he's not even trying to claim these things are actually true. He's actively trying to make it not look truthful. Also, my parents divorced me after reading this thread.
: That's exactly right! Her superior range negates her entire poor early-game! However, she also beats both Gnar _and_ Urgot in-lane. The only ranged champions I see her having problems with are ones with lots of burst damage in the early-game, such as Quinn.
The most commonly picked ranged top laners are Teemo, Jayce, Gnar, Kennen, then Quinn, in descending order (according to lolalytics.com). Others exist, but Quinn has a pick rate of 2.7%, so anything lower than that seems pretty pointless for the discussion of top lane matchup. Of these, I think only Jayce and Quinn would give her any trouble, if at all. Have you played Jayce matchup? What do you think about it? Also, I think Irelia might be troublesome. Is she a hard matchup, in your experience? What about Yasuo?
: Maybe he could have a mechanic where he dies, but sticks around at 0HP for a few seconds like Karthus. Only he anchors an enemy to him so they can't escape. A "Drag you down with me" kind of thing. Seems like a good thematic fit. Now just how to make that not basically be Camille ult. Maybe it automatically refreshes the cooldown of his Q when he dies, and he has to actually land the hook. So it can be bodyblocked by a tank.
Slowly pulling them at a steady speed would be such a cool mechanic. It wouldn't break channels, and you'd still be able to cast spells and AA, but not dash or blink out.
Neamean (NA)
: Japanese Taric is the best.
: A meta-breaking guide to: TrisTOPna. Yes, Tristana Top
Given that other lanes have frontline, I think top lane marksmen are generally a strong pick. Her weak early game (in bot lane) is also mitigated with the range advantage. I don't think she'll fare well against other ranged opponents, or possibly divers, though.
: At the same time, Malphite and Amumu are really _good_ in Bronze because CC can dictate games to a crazy degree down there. Diamond players all think that their opinion on when to engage is the right one and if you engage when someone else doesn't think it's a good time to do so, you can bet you just ulted into a free kill for the enemy team because rather than work together, they like to toss insults at each other and flaunt their egos. I've used it in other elo levels and I understand that the skill of a player can very much dictate how a lane could go. If two players are matched up and are around the same skill level, however, Tristana should usually come out as the victor of the fight, I feel. Immediately writing off the guide like that seems silly just because he hasn't even attempted it for himself yet.
Maybe that's a bad example, but the point still stands, right?
: > [{quoted}](name=WinTheWarOnPants,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=IekpeaI6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-25T22:19:41.633+0000) > > literally just finished this episode when i saw this lol but what's this "armor" thing you speak of? {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} > can you eat it? Sad thing is, that's not even the tank shred build.
I mean, you still need to kill squishies. (also, what else do you build other than BC and LW?)
: Common League Player Does Math
This is one reason why I stopped watching brofresco. Something along the lines of "my Q does X damage, W does X damage, so I do total of Y damage? That's more than enemy HP so I should be able to oneshot them" Except he's ignoring all the damage amps, AAs, and resistances and inevitably fucks up
Ralanr (NA)
: I think all his abilities do.
When attacking towers, Lucian players literally shoots his W in a random direction instead of the enemy minion wave. That should say something.
Zarvanis (NA)
: {{champion:45}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:117}} http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/icarly/images/4/44/Star-wars-darth-vader-no.gif/revision/latest?cb=20130512192557
: {{champion:89}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:98}} Ok. Ok. NOT OKEH!
> [{quoted}](name=Arcus Diabolus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=9QX9vI4V,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-03-26T12:30:06.829+0000) > > {{champion:89}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:98}} > > Ok. NOT OKEH! Ok. FTFY
: {{champion:44}} Will make your Ashe arrow curve like Diana's Q.
CatSith (NA)
: It isn't an argument? its the fact.
I mean, it's kinda both. That is the reason why we have this system, but it's also a bad reason to keep it if we were to argue for making all summs available at level 1.
Lyseth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Truetobi91,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=A2xnLfX6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-26T16:57:59.545+0000) > > It's those players that absolutely KNOW that THEIR main will be perma banned from then on. Well if they rely on an op champ like {{champion:91}} or {{champion:107}} that's their problem
Ban is usually due to perceived frustration than actual power, though. Not gonna argue those two specifically aren't broken (mostly because I don't know enough to argue for or against it), but 10 bans will most likely result in permabanning champions who are frustrating to deal against, such as Yasuo, Riven, or Lee Sin, with 3~4 actual OP picks.
: > [{quoted}](name=Melledoneus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ohQjPrL1,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-03-26T18:33:08.463+0000) > > {{champion:126}} *Charges up hammer* Face the fut- > {{champion:112}} *Casually tosses gravitational field under Jayce's feet* > {{champion:126}} I-I can't... moooove... JK FLASH BB > {{champion:112}} *Dies noisily* > {{champion:126}} I'm balanced FTFY
: lee sin no longer blind, teemo got a devil skin diana a blood moon skin, next stop urgot no longer ugly and ryze no longer in need of a rework?
KilljoyX (NA)
: I finally discovered the source of my toxicity.
Basically whenever you're not at your top condition, you should not play ranked. For your own sake.
: Level 8 green, Level 10 Black-golden
You mean blue and white
: https://i.gyazo.com/09bf2c46e62c488798aab12c64063d64.png choose one. Secret tipp: It might very well be Taliyah.
Hmm, since your username is TaliyahToMaster, and since a lot of one tricks have their champion's name or title in their usernames, I'm gonna say Master Yi.
: What do you call a Zilean and Sion Bot
Pun aside, Zilean/Sion bot lane is really fun. Sion can yell at a Zilean bomb (when it's put on enemy minion) to pretty much guarantee the damage. When Sion dies, he can be revived. When Sion dies again, Zilean can either speed him up or slow the enemy down to secure the kill.
: Actually there are four spellcasts involed in Jhin's ulti, each being single target. only one in Morde's case. Speaking of which, Fiora's E might count as a multi-target spell.
Fiora E is probably self buff that doesn't apply spell effects.
JZ Jora (NA)
: What's the difference between autofill and support?
What's the difference between support and support main? {{item:2055}}
Mogarl (NA)
: Sure? But we don't really know how old Vlad is. Last we knew he was somewhere in his 20's (early 30's at oldest) and we're talking about someone who killed Garen's uncle when he was a kid, and Garen is in his mid 20's now. So the event happened around 10 - 15 years ago. So you could make a claim that Vlad could have been a teenager when Garen's uncle was killed.
But not all characters are necessarily contemporaries in the new lore. Vlad could have been born long after Garen's death, even.
Mogarl (NA)
: \#3. Vladimir's particular branch of blood magic (at least according to old lore) also involved consuming your teacher, so the blood mage that killed Garen's uncle could have been Vlad's teacher.
It could have been simply before Vladimir learned/mastered blood magic, no?
: {{champion:50}} really needs his current passive though to not always be oom when he is in lane/teamfighting and if they added that it would be even more powerful because he would have a doulbe passive. Its a cool idea, but it would probably fit better on a new champ (or maybe they can use this passive idea for {{champion:127}} lul)
I get that he's balanced around having that passive (his mana costs are insane if you don't CS), but it's still a fairly boring passive. Veigar also had a mana regen passive that helped him get more stacks in the early game, but it got changed so Veigar can stack his passive faster but run out of mana more easily. Maybe something similar can happen to Swain? Not really sure how this can be implemented, though.
Eedat (NA)
: I think he doesn't get full gold on Krugs, but full gold from the rest. Either way his income is much higher than a support
That's back when krugs gave more gold/xp than raptors, I think. Now that it's normalized, that issue is gone.
: So Riot can ignore it for a few years and then delete it. (I'm totally not biased in this opinion ok)
: Intraocular melanoma is nothing compared to the Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis he gives me.
How do you even know what that is Who are you
: Did he get lost?
Wait... was he there the whole time or did you add that in?
: I agree, although I found Goethes Faust (is it Goethes Fist in english?) fairly impressive.
It's just Faust in English, I think. Maybe the author's name is included sometimes, but I usually hear it without the author's name. The only exception to this (from my experience) is Dante's Inferno, to which the author's name is included pretty much all the time.
Lapislaz (EUW)
: Is it possible to remove the "Godlike" message and the sound?
You can probably edit the game files to remove/edit the sound, but I'm pretty sure that's against the Terms of Use. Something about "as is." That said, why do you want to change that? There is a way to mute the announcer under sound, but I'm guessing you only want to remove the "godlike" announcement?
: https://i.gyazo.com/0c714f9bccb4ab9c9d590ab7ef1d86f0.png https://i.gyazo.com/e5ef847519a2c4e73c5b0ea4ea4b0117.png BREDDI GUD DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE >Why do you love your main? bard lets me queue up vaporwave and I don't have to mute him while I play, very relaxing time. (I do the same when I play Karthus, actually) very fun playstyle between endless kiting through meeps, Qs and portals, strong chase, team mobility, and ult for big plays. probably one of the most versatile supports, and everything he does is extremely obvious, so when you make a big play everyone's going to be sucking your dick for it. And people still think he's bad, so I get my dick sucked even harder when I have the best score in the game. he's a nice break from the adrenaline rush i get from playing juggernauts all day and going as aggressive as I can be >What are your gripes about your main? his heal being shit outside of lane phase despite being a massive mana sink. It annoys me how Riot emphasizes that they don't want Bard to be a good healer; I would rather they either make the max time scale down with level/rank in W or R or replace it with a selfish ability that gives me SPEED so I can roam better. The fact that his Q stops his chime MS as soon as he casts it instead of when he hits something. I'm pretty sure this is a bug because I only recall this happening recently unless it was a stealth nerf. oh and how I'll get teammates that do stupid things and then get mad I didn't ult them. tilting >What was your favorite moment playing them? It's a toss up between when I ulted on Baron when the enemy was taking it and then stole it over the wall with a Q and the time I ulted on the enemy at the exact same moment our Wukong flash E-R'd into the enemy and my entire team MIA pinged me after we got aced >If you could give your main one skin what would it be? Jazz Bard >Who do you ship your main with? I like to think he's good friends with {{champion:136}} and they float through space together reminiscing about the old days. >If you could make one reasonable change to your main's kit, what would it be? Yakety Sax playing after an enemy chases him through at least two portals >Finally post your favorite image of your main i can't find the one I REALLY liked from a year ago because I lost all the shit on my laptop, so have two other ones http://i.imgur.com/dxRlcpO.png?1 http://cdn.leagueoflegends.com/apollo/content/bard-fanart/blusteps.png
upvoted for saying "Yakety Sax" instead of "Benny Hill Theme"
: ...Or it's just his fist?
When you try to meme but some guy comes in and stops you http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/021/018/Ine1AkaF_400x400.jpg?noredirect
: what if you could BUY a bird for 75g? Except its red
Illâoi (EUW)
: I wouldn't want him to lose his current passive, though, as that's equally terrifying (and useful). Maybe he could gain the bird when he puts a point into his ult?
Swain passive is just mana regen, so that has room to become more interesting.
: Wait, this is a nostalgia thread now?... Uh... Old sion! Heart of Gold and Philosopher's stone! Uh... Tank meta! Urf! Uh... Force of Nature! Dunkey! Old SivHD videos!
ty dfg (although tbh what I miss most is the old Zz'Rot Portal when it could auto push lanes {{item:3648}})
: Solution to the armor issue: Play rammus win games. EYYYY
uh Rammus buys a lot of bonus armor to be effective, but all that bonus armor gets reduced by black cleaver and last whisper. Last Whisper doesn't reduce the damage on your spells, but it will reduce the effects of armor a lot.
: I'm going to assume we're talking about assassins when we say lethality. It's not inefficient really. Assuming they go full lethality, they are basically doing true damage to you. If you build armor, sure they still ignore most of your armor, but at least they aren't doing true damage. You'd be surprised how much damage 200 armor can block against even someone with full lethality. The only saving grace is that they don't ignore 30% armor unless they build a last whisper item. If they do that, then they are either an ADC who finds far more efficient values in other items, or they're a Rango player, or an idiot. Rengar is retarded no matter what, but any other champion going full lethality build basically explodes after they get their single kill in any other situation other than a teamfight, or someone on your team being a moron and not staying near the team when there's a retarded jungle assassin on the other team. Also, it's not hard to get 40% on tank supports. Then again I"m one of those people who have 20% cdr from runes no matter who I play so I can build literally whatever I want and still get full CDR and be as beefy as I want.
%armor pen? I'm talking about likes of {{item:3071}} and {{item:3035}} on fighters and marksmen, not lethality on assassins. I know armor is good against lethality. But when they shred 30% of your total armor and ignore 45% of your bonus armor, it's more efficient to buy more health (including things like Locket and Redemption) instead of armor, since you'll be losing like 50% of armor that you paid for. Also I have no IP to buy CDR runes :(
: Did Leona just become obsolete?
Galio doesn't get much defensive steroid, which you need to be able to engage and survive early on.
: If you have 40% cdr, your stun has a cooldown of 3 seconds. It lasts for 2 seconds. You're playing support, you're going to have 40% cdr or at least close to it (Assuming you're like me and have CDR runes). Add on top of that something like frost gauntlets, and you have the best CC auto attack in the game, in my opinion. Sure galio's teamfight CC is better, but that's in 5v5 fights. any other time? Leona will trump galio.
It's pretty hard to get 40% CDR on tank supports, with items like {{item:3190}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3109}} not giving any CDR. And going straight armor is pretty inefficient with all the %armor pen available.
: I've never been a fan of this design choice. Like why does someone grow clothes? it makes no sense. either make them naked or give them clothes. How do they go to the bathroom?!?!?! these are the questions that keep me up at night....
Maybe it's just something that helps them camouflage in different situations, if the character in question travels a lot. Different cultures, different clothing to fit in better. I mean, it's still silly (what's the point of being "technically naked"), but I think the choice can be made without creating serious issues.
: Nearly naked, tentacles, oh boy, the lenny spam will be real.
Maybe the her clothes will be extension of her skin in lore, but still look like she's wearing clothes
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: 1. Play Syndra 2. Pick up the blob disregarding the teleport 3. ??? 4. PROFIT!
: What's this? Can't hear you over your Shenpai having his knees shattered by the nerf hammer! Shenpai? More like Shenpain, am i right? ~~Pls don't kill me.~~
: I can live with this.
Tides of Blood didn't make it, so I think it's a good thing.
maikokk (NA)
: mechanically maybe? gameplay-thematic-wise you could think of his stars as his primary attack, but then wed have to let karthus q CD decrease with attack speed
I mean, at that point might as well disable his regular AAs and make his stars apply on hit effects
: Now that you have been enlightened, you may now be called Dr. Sona X Rubick the Wise. Also I would avoid sleeping anywhere near your students from now on. Otherwise... Only your tale will live on...
: But his % damage is awful.
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Faemles (NA)
: To be fair if anyone gets a pass on being edgy, it should be Aatrox.
Aatrox, the Darkin Edge
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