: I don't understand how Riot can be so obsessed with champion classifications
They do class updates and make items designed for specific classes
Soen (NA)
: Cause Amumu doesn't just need a friend, he needs a good friend.
Wholesome meme content right here
Ulanopo (NA)
Not much to say here, pretty clearly negative.
: I go AP champs what does that item do?
It makes your 0.5s burst into a 2.5s burst
: What do you even do in this situation?
You have to grind it out, because there are times the same will happen to the enemy team instead of yours. Sometimes you get a free win, sometimes you get an unavoidable loss. It still sucks, for sure.
: Fun fact: Kennens E gives more def stats than wu's passive
: Same for {{champion:82}} third Q.
Escheton (EUW)
: Because he has a teamfight ult that they don't want in it?
Or maybe it's because he has a defensive steroid that gives him bonus resistances ######kappa
Die4U (NA)
: but he only gets 1 item with %ms boost...not to say it wouldnt have an impact just you make it seem like he stacks them lol
Epicurus (OCE)
: Zed is literally stealing all their magic. But Xayah isn't picky, she hates all humans equally.
: > [{quoted}](name=2V Nox,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=ULbqGnkx,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-06-24T01:06:52.651+0000) > > That's an odd looking minion. :^) League was never the same after they changed the purple team to the red team...
Purple team lives on in Howling Abyss and Twisted Treeline.
: Please give Redemption heal amount after level and Heal Power calculations in the item description
It'd be nice if there's a way to see how much your heal/shield abilities heal/shield for, after accounting for heal/shield power.
: The healing amount it is good for is based on the targets level... > Unique: Target an area within 5500 range. After 2.5 second, call down a beam of light to heal allies for 30 - 370 (based on target's level), deals 10% of maximum health true damage to enemy champions and 250 true damage to minions (120 second cooldown). Can be used while dead. > So if you have a fed mid laner 2 levels up over youre ADC, and youre 2 levels behind the ADC and youre all in the AoE, then you all get different healing amounts base, then that base healing is increased by the increased healing/shielding stat. So to add that into the tool tip for the item description it would have to have it for every level level 1: x healing level 2: x healing level 3: x healing . . . level 18: x healing and that would be a huge description... so you wont be getting this any time soon since the "description" would take up half the screen.
Maybe at the very least put how much it would heal you for? You can get a better idea of how much it will heal your allies from that.
: Its okay guys i'm reformed {{champion:157}} move speed reduced by 5
tbh with all the %MS he gets from items, flat movement speed reduction might actually be pretty impactful
: I've used this image twice in the last month
Oh. I don't know why you got downvoted then.
Cryo00 (NA)
: Hey man, at least Draven has to burst down people one at a time while twitch kills your entire team in one go.
Well, Twitch generally doesn't oneshot your team. He just attacks multiple times very quickly instead.
: i dont see whats wrong with that
It's not against the rules, but it just gets boring after a while.
: Some sites list him above 100%
I guess it's based on how they measure it. Some sites probably measure how many games he is not available to play, and others measure by how many times he got banned divided by the number of games analyzed. If Zac is banned in 70% of games, and assuming red and blue team has the same probability of banning Zac (which seems like a fairly reasonable assumption), each team has about 55% chance of banning Zac. That would put Zac at 69.75% (1-(.55)^2) by the first measure, and 110% (.55*2) by the second measure.
: I have yet to see those comments lol, but maybe you're here more than me
Also, if you mostly just check Hot, you'll most likely see none of the gameplay tip posts. You have to stalk Recent or New for that.
: The Nexus is waaaay to important and needs a nerf
Ugh, typical "it's broken in LCS so it needs to be gutted" argument. In solo queue, a lot of games end without the nexuses taking a single hit. You can win by getting a ton of kills early game, then you don't even have to hit the nexus.
Kloqdq (NA)
: Yes because lets make adcs, the ones that are the problem with the item, the only ones who can use it. Classic balance from the Rito Balance team.
: Flashing at the right time is important
: people hate me :(
: Actually, the ADC/Support bot lane only became meta around the Season 1 Finals ######Remembers this is a joke post
It's posted on gameplay so it's srs biss
: well Kindred is a marksmen , yasuo a skrimisher (supp calss of assasin) and VI is diver (sublcass of fighter)
Skirmisher is a subclass of slayers, which assassins belong under. Technically skirmishers and assassins are separate, but there's a lot of overlaps.
Skorch (NA)
: I know hes classified as an assassin, but i feel like out of all assassins he has the hardest time getting to and instakilling a priority target, his attacks are more delayed, and his ult isnt usually a priority killer like most other assassins. To me he feels more like a mobile mage.
Besides he's not AD, so your point still stands
: Lethality does that, but because it's not real Armor penetration until level 18 while Magic penetration is the same at all levels, so it needs to be explained what "Lethality" stands for. Changing it from "10% heal and shield power" to "10% Grace" accomplishes nothing, it just shortens the name. I'll give you that it would be easier to communicate outside the game, but it looks something that's not really urgent for RIot if they ever feel the need to implement it.
Well yeah, shortening the name is kinda the goal of this post. We're not asking for the stats to be changed. It's just easier to say "I'm stacking grace" than "I'm stacking healing and shielding power." It's not urgent, but at the same time it's a very small scale change. The game engine can support it already (we have lethality doing the same thing). It's not going to take much effort to slightly modify the wording on like 6 items. They do things like dance speed scaling with movement speed, so it's possible they may do this.
: It helps when you finish your sentences. When your playing Yasuo does what? Also, how do you own Yasuo and why is he playing?
: Why? Is the tooltip going to be "Grace: for every % of **grace** your shields and heals are increased by the same % amount"? What's the point?
It could just say "10% Grace" and only explain what that is when you hover over grace or something like that. It also makes communication easier.
: Lethality scales with the target's level, so it's basically scaling armor pen. You get some flat benefit (I think it's at 60% of the number right now) and the rest depends on the target's level. So say there's an item that gives 20 lethality. You get 60% of that straight off (something like 13) and the remaining 7 is divided up and added in depending on what level the champion is that you're attacking - if it's level 1, you probably don't even hit 14 leathality. If it's level 18, you get the full 20. After that, it works just like armor pen. Please note, the 60% number is a guess - I don't actually remember what they set it to (and it's been changed a few times for balance)
Just to add, this was done to make AD casters less snowbally--if you have so much flat armor pen that you're ahead of the armor growth of the enemy carries, then you'll blow them up easily (which is understandable, but small leads could snowball out of control), but if you're behind, you're completely useless. Scaling armor pen helps with that. It had some balance issues for a long time, but now it's mostly okay.
Escheton (EUW)
: How about JUSTICE! Then add a nearby ally shield on Garen ult (completely making him viable again).
I guess Soraka healing that's boosted would be called "justice rains from above"
RK N0va (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuzbfAuR,comment-id=0007000100010000,timestamp=2017-06-22T21:08:03.263+0000) > ...we should strive to hear all opinions when making decisions. Again, I would like to reiterate, you are describing freedom of speech. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/freedom-of-speech?s=t > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuzbfAuR,comment-id=0007000100010000,timestamp=2017-06-22T21:08:03.263+0000) > > No such thing as validity in regards to opinions. By definition opinions are personal preference that cannot be argued against unless you point out contradicting opinions the arguer has and even that is debatable. So many contradictions in this statement. "An opinion _cannot_ be argued against".....unless of course _there's another opinion by the original person contradicting it_....meaning it _can be_ argued against. So **which** is it? Also, if I use this logic you have provided, I can technically say "plants are green because the color blue was already taken" and you can't argue against that because there are no prior contradicting opinions from **me**. (_See how stupid that sounds?_) > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuzbfAuR,comment-id=0007000100010000,timestamp=2017-06-22T21:08:03.263+0000) > Opinions are not strong or weak, relevant or irrelevant. There are only opinions that are well-informed and opinions that are misinformed. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/contradict please read this word, know it, _understand it_. _"Opinions are not measurable, there are only opinions that are strong or weak"_ - Tobias Brackner So, humor me for a minute, and let's apply your level of rationale to real world scale: If every single opinion that can be formed by a person has no inequality or value to determine how good it is, _**why do we have a minimum voting age?**_ Why do we elect government and commercial leaders to govern people? If everyone's opinion matters, we should not discriminate. LET THOSE 6 YEAR OLD'S VOTE DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!
It's not about accepting everyone's opinions. It's about hearing everyone's opinions. 6 year olds can still write a letter to their representatives to be heard. Likewise, if a bunch of low elo players are complaining about Yasuo or whatever, then there's clearly a game health issue specific to low elo playerbase. That isn't an excuse to nerf Yasuo outright, since he has issues in higher elos, but power can be shifted so that he's not as frustrating in low elos instead of straight buffs/nerfs.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tobias Brackner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuzbfAuR,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2017-06-22T19:10:46.344+0000) > > No, everyone's opinion matters. That's not the problem. > > The problem is when people discuss facts that are wrong. The problem is when they are forming opinions based on false information. well their opinion doesn't matter if they base it off of inaccurate info
If their opinion is wrong because it's based on wrong information, then we should hear them and try to solve the issue. For example, by presenting the correct information. We still need to hear their opinion.
Speedweeb (EUW)
: Thanks. Yeah a response from a Red would be nice, but they rarely frequent the lore hoard it seems...
I can see bioluminescence dropping in and giving her usual warnings (what I'm saying isn't necessarily canon) and then talking about it.
: You're misreading what I mean by the first part. If you're a magical construct, you're probably looking for the most powerful warriors. People of immense power, skill, etc. Many of league's champions are just "normal people". Sure, some with lofty goals, but champions like Graves, Vi, Jhin, etc lack any real "power" to their name. They're normal people with some decent-but-not-extra-ordinary skill. My point there is that why would a magical construct put someone like these normal people facing gods, demons and otherwise? From a game perspective, think of it by power scale: If I always had a 90% win rate champion who I could first pick available to me, why would I bother with the 45% win rate champion? It's about who is WORTH bringing into the simulation, especially if it's a contest to show who is right/wrong in the context of the world.
Maybe the power of champions are limited by the power of summoners? Like you would be able to harness the full power of Graves, but not of Aurelion Sol. Heck, it explains runes and masteries, too.
: i'm fairly convinced he's just joking.
Why didn't you tell him to ward? Why didn't you tell him to play safer? smh, what a bad jungler
: I laner's reaction to the item already: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2015-04/27/3/enhanced/webdr05/anigif_enhanced-16399-1430121412-16.gif
Gotta make the tent invulnerable then
Ra1uga (NA)
: The tent should be for the enemy jungler because "need a tent?" is too common.
Of course, the item will only be available to the enemy jungler.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Balancing Black Cleaver: A Page of Essence Reaver's Book
Riot has been in favor of stat binding, so I can see them doing this.
: Pink Wards need an extra slot
I agree for the most part, but Kha'Zix in ultimate doesn't get revealed by control wards.
Jo0o (NA)
: There's a line to find, and it'll never be perfect. The Support Nunu was a unique example, by my estimation. He's a player that found a way to break away from the meta with some real success. However, he was also not good at explaining himself or communicating his intentions well, which was part of the reason why he got so many reports (I think. I admit that those threads were so dense and confusing that I only skimmed his story, so I might be wrong). I specifically mentioned "testing" because I don't accept that somebody should try a random way-off-meta pick for the first time in ranked. That's simply not fair to one's teammates. It may not be officially wrong in Riot's eyes, but it's wrong in mine, for whatever that's worth. If the OP found that he can make Lulu jg work in his elo, he's welcome to try it in ranked. I hope that he didn't make that discover IN a ranked match.
I think it was actually the opposite: he defended himself well, but what he was doing wasn't really that good. When you watch the gameplay, he just went straight into their jungle and started to mess with their jungler and wasted their time, while bot lane was getting completely denied in a 1v2. It wasn't very successful, but he convinced a huge portion of the community that he was being innovative.
: Will there be a hide and seek gamemode?
Could it be balanced for 5v5 instead with buffs? For example, hiders could become invisible after staying still for a few seconds (or maybe activating an item, which has a long cooldown), and upon being hidden, either become unable to move, or gets heavily slowed. Seekers will get a notification when they are near an invisible hider (similar to old Rengar ultimate), which then they could use their AoE/skillshots to try to find the hiders. With some creative buff effects, I think Hide and Seek can be played as a 5v5, and not necessarily as 2v5. And if they really don't want to bring back dominion, maybe at least we'll get a modified SR.
: thats the point of the reference ... as dante continues on his journey he comes across more more difficulties and hellish states
I mean, Dante goes down lower and lower in _Inferno_.
ss1300 (NA)
: Need an opinion
There's a limited bot pool, so it's possible that you never encounter Diana if you only played PvE matches. And tutorial is pretty bad so it's possible you never end up learning what jungling is.
Elikain (EUNE)
: I remember my one game in TB where i picked Morde mid. I was sitting in queue for 2 hours (no freaking joke) and was declined multiple times. The queue time was so freaking long that at one point, the matchmaker didn't find me a game after some longer time period and since i was doing other stuff on my computer, I ACTUALLY FORGOT I WAS IN THE GAME. The moment someone did accept me, the rest of the teammates, once taking a look at our team comp were just leaving as no one would want to play with a Morde mid anyway. I never got to play that Morde game. And i was a player who played TB exclusively but off meta champs were absolutely not allowed in there. And since i was a support main at the time (still are), you can bet your ass that my position was guaranteed to be a part of a team really fast as very few people would want to play supports anyway. So yea, TB experience, although fun, was flawed which i believe is now fixed with role selection.
That's probably because you queued as mid. I did all kinds of off meta supports (pretty much any conceivable mid pick), and I was accepted because they didn't want to wait for another support. Mid lane was one of the most popular.
: guess you don't play em then
Isn't this post about how unfun it is to fight against them?
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: Good thing that I always say "bg ez" instead. ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Yup, it surely is a good and hard match when one of the team is 1 or 2 members short.
: > [{quoted}](name=Velzard of Koz,realm=EUNE,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=EEsEGPNU,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-18T11:17:25.688+0000) > > It's not a question of where he grips it! It's a simple > question of weight ratios! A five ounce bird could not carry a 1 pound > coconut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIlW-ovx0Y
Base movement speed of 325
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