: Can we Please fixe camille interaction with yummi ? it Doesnt make any sence
Yuumi can Leap mid Ult of Mord and he will go into the death Realm but Yuumi will get on her target and NOT go. So Mord is standing there alone. I reported it as a bug but it has not been fixed. This was when Yuumi was on the PBE
: revert malzahar (and aurelion sol) I
I do miss playing AD Malz Junlge. Was sooo fun!
: Shaco still needs nerfs
Yes he does. His Stealth needs more then the "poof" as a indication he is around. Eve is the most healthy stealth in the game.
AZ Frost (NA)
: Can we fix Matchmaking for ranked please?
GankLord (NA)
: I don't think she's broken I think shes OVERLOADED
Her animation locking really holds her down in upper ELO
: can we talk about Vlad for a second?
He is like Yasuo and Akali, Lots of people play him and play him BADLY while those that learn him can stomp without any real counter play. So his win rates are bad and his p/b are like that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sageace,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=g53JK9pg,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2019-11-16T00:07:04.347+0000) > > Actually, I disagree with the OP. > > What we ACTUALLY need is Yuumi to be more INTERACTIVE as a champion. > > A solid nerf I can think of is a slight nerf to her Q range. That way, she will sometimes RISK an unnattach to land her Q. > > OR, possibly on top of my previous statement, nerf the slow. HOWEVER, if Yummi is unattached, the slow is current to LIVE. > > _**We need Yummi to have ALTERNATIVE REASONS to have to unattach more often. She's too safe of a champion, which while intended and thematic to her kit and rightfully so, is quite frustrating to play against for this very reason as well.**_ Her nuke is not the problem, the massive heal and speed steroid while being untouchable and a lanewide aoe root that also does damage is. Try to kill a halfway fed Jinx or Draven or Kai'sa with a Yuumi on them, she virtually makes them outheal and outrun a Fiora. Making high threat high octane ranged damage champs so utterly survivable ruins the game. ADC's HAVE to be squishy and making it through their frontline onto them should yield an impact, not be something utterly trivialized by some supports.
Riot even said that the Dragon with the highest win rate was Air Drake because Movement speed is HUGE, Take note of that with all the toxic Champ in S class.
: This would be good. Grounding effects knocking her off would at least give a few champs an option to interact with her.
So who could do that? I know of only one champ wtih grounding {{champion:69}}
: Isn't yuumi attaching to a target a gameplay mechanic? Yuumi-garen screamed Demancia at my pick'ems and blew them up. I think that's a gameplay issue when a high damage squishy champ gets infinite safety.
These was even really good suggestions too. Best one IMO was flip her passive and her E. Make it so her E is a shield with small speed boost and to actually heal she has to jump off and auto then jump on.
Rioter Comments
: Why is no one talking about Ezreal next patch?
Ez is not the only champ that takes Klepto 90% of the time. Illaoi is getting hit hard too. People say "Oh take Conqueror" but its not really good on her. Thats why we took Klepto over it. Grasp is the same.
: A Ranged scaling monster like Kayle shouldn't allowed to have both slow and self speed up
She is like ChickenDyr. 100% Binary fights mid game+ Ether she can kill you every time or she cant.
: Poll: Is the Current State of Matchmaking Desirable?
I feel that the number of trolls we have is in part because MMing is so bad. People have said "Fukeit! Im going to troll because Im pissed at the system and I might as well show them how screwed up it is by screwing it up even more" I report at least one player from my team EVERY game now. 3 years ago it was one player from both teams every 5 or so games.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: Riot makes iron division for new accounts and new accounts still end up in gold hmm.
No The shifted the ranks by adding Iron and GM. They still drop new accounts into Silver 1 Its the most stupid part of the MMR "Ladder". Who starts climbing a ladder from the middle and not the bottom?
Tolinar (NA)
: The argument against Omnistone - a pointless rune.
They just changed it to 4s for Melee and 8s for Ranged. The issue is that if it becomes useful it will be OP, if it is not useful it is trash.
pwc2016 (NA)
: Why Akali is ACTUALLY broken
Its the same reason why Lee also is OP early
: Senna's unblockable autos
Her R should not be blocked. Its like Lux Ult
: Problem with Ziggs
There are a TON of Bugs like this. Its very annoying. I just had a game where I was playing Illaoi and my E got blocked by Ekko's BUBBLE!!? Like WTF Riot fix your damn CODE
: Or these champs can just do whatever they did before runes reforged came out and suck it up
Illaoi cant. Before she would get DFT a Rune that had no replacement. She also got HP/5 and a bonus flat mana to increase she pool.
AZ Frost (NA)
: Why has Garens damg not been addressed yet?
His Ult is really not needed to do true damage
: I think Qiyana is a cool champ, but wtf is that ulti?
: Yea {{champion:420}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:10}} are gonna be in a rough spot once its gone, curious if they'll compensate them the same patch or leave them to be bottom tier for a patch or 2 and then see what changes to make to even them out. Im also very interested to see what happens with {{champion:58}} {{champion:24}} when {{item:3161}} gets removed. I know I know, a lot of the board absolutely hates that item, and I understand, I think Jax will still be in a decent spot just because he already scales incredibly well Shoin was ust the icing on the cake, the one I'm really worried about is {{champion:58}} B/c its arguable Shojin was the primary thing keeping him viable even to the point he would rush it many games, IMO without it he is gonna end up in a really bad spot.
: people saying the item is broken but all you need is to group up or stay next to minions to make it worthless. but on morde with his ult you can take full advantage of its passive, sounds nice except its an ad lethality item instead of ap or hp or mpen.
Thats why you get {{item:3115}} so your AP per auto is even more so. I Ran {{item:3115}} Sanguine Blade{{item:3157}} {{item:3165}} or {{item:3146}} {{item:3065}} + Boots
KSGHook (NA)
: As fun as the preseason looks, it doesn't look as fun as if Riot started punishing inting and afking
HalexUwU (NA)
: Why does no one buy last whisper
Is a BAD item and BAD build path JUST to get GW. I actually like it when {{item:3147}} had GW on it on the PBE. I picked it up on a lot of champs and didnt feel like "Damnit I have to buy this"
: Senna could be concerning
He heals a TON. On the PBE I ran Overheal on her and it stacked up for like 5-8k damage blocked. Its Crazy.
Kai Guy (NA)
: It's pretty core on multiple champs. Worth keeping an eye on how they do post removal.
Iv been testing all kinds of Runes on the PBE for Illaoi and nothing is a good as Klepto was for her. Its really frustrating.
: Add .5 seconds to Poppy W and grounding effect, make her W movespeed decay rapidly to 20% from 40% over the duration.
We need a lot more "Grounding" effects in the game. {{champion:143}} Ult zone should be grounding for one.
Kivolan (NA)
: What Is Being Done to Address Mobility?
I just played a game vs {{champion:41}} who was running around like Jhin in URF. Between his STUPID OP slow from Kegs and his Bonus movement speeds he literally just Q'ed people to death without getting hit by melee champs without a dash. I mean it was stupid how mobile he was.
Kazekiba (NA)
: agreed and encouraged Illaoi buffs. However her Q healing was fine before Reforge so that can stay not buffed. I'm betting on Support Illinois next season though
> [{quoted}](name=Kazekiba,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ghPnOkEo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-12T22:37:36.001+0000) > > agreed and encouraged Illaoi buffs. > > However her Q healing was fine before Reforge so that can stay not buffed. I'm betting on Support Illinois next season though The issue is that to heal you have to hit Q's or Tentacles. Her W does not heal. With all the mobility creep it has become very easy to dodge her SLOOW ASS Animations so she does not heal. I used biscuits and Pots from Klepto to heal in lane a lot same with her mana issues.
Rioter Comments
: How to play ezreal without kelpto next season?
How to play any champ that 90% use Klepto. Illaoi has to pick up Conqueror or something...... Still not as good as Klepto
: > [{quoted}](name=LightswornLance,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MEVaxFMl,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-11-12T20:28:53.611+0000) > > Quests only happen in nonranked games BTW. Just so everyone knows. I can confirm that this is false. Just got the event in ranked flex.
Senna also gains this if she kills Thresh IIRC
: Ekkos needs one of two things nerfed.
He has a 2.5s AOE stun that yes is "Dodgeable" but most stuns now days are. Yes it needs to be 1.25s
: Why is Matchmaking so terrible
Reasons #1) Smurfs #2) Duo's #3) New Accounts placed in Silver and not Iron All of these screw up Match making by making a player look like some MMR they are not. It #1 and #2 create Boosted accounts (most of them in Silver), #3 creates boosted accounts in silver by design. This all makes Silver and Gold full of Boosted accounts and Smurfs. If you are a SoloQ player you are fuked.
: Seems like the only way to climb is to play jungle.
Better Jungler wins 90% of the time
: Let Urgot W crit for each shot to deal 50% bonus damage
Why 50%? Garen is allowed to full crit
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: What the fuck is sanguine blade????
This is an BROKEN AF item for auto attack based champs (or those that can become auto attack based)
: > [{quoted}](name=5050BS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gipFRkn5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-11T09:25:26.361+0000) > > It is so good on any champ that gets some damage from auto attacks. Its stupid. > > Conqueror + Ravenous Hunter + Sanguine Blade = 45% Life Steal (30% from all damage) lol Yasuo will be so busted with this item, and so will Jax and Tryndamere as well as Kled. Irelia too, just what we needed.
On the PBE I have been abusing {{champion:82}} with this item. Yes MORD. First item {{item:3115}} then Sanguine Blade. I Ult someone and win ALL fights that they cant keep away from me. I mean ALL fights. {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:86}} If that try and fight me I win.
: Maybe it's time they change his identity? Not fully, but this "shotgun" or "machine gun" mage identity clearly isn't healthy. Dude has never been balanced.
I wish Riot would learn we dont want Carpal tunnel from playing this game.
: Cassiopeia wins against Ryze, and outscles him after she gets tear. No seriously, Cassiopeia into Ryze is FREELO.
Because she can spam faster then him doing the same thing (standing there spamming 1-2 spells)
: Ryze in high elo has no counterplay
And Smurfs abuse the shit out of him in low ELO
: Anybody else feel like top lane is going to turn into the Sanguine Blade rush lane?
It is so good on any champ that gets some damage from auto attacks. Its stupid. Conqueror + Ravenous Hunter + Sanguine Blade = 45% Life Steal (30% from all damage)
: We're supposed to have a ranked ladder, not a ranked slide.
Riot added Iron and GM to shift the majority of players down in rank. Too many were getting Gold for Riots Carrot/Stick/Whip setup.
Rioter Comments
Warmas (EUW)
: Toplane lanebullies
I think the issue with top lane is that Minion aggro is busted. They just dont aggro when you are poked with auto attacks or single target. Then there are all the AOE poke that Minions will never aggro on. Teemo can be RIGHT in the middle of your minions and Q you at max range and back away and Minion will do nothing because the Missile travel speed is sOOOOO slow he is out of aggro range when it hits.
Sneakeh (EUNE)
: Remove duo from solo/duo
Would fix SOOOO much just by doing this. Would not fix everything but it would go very far.
Håppy (NA)
: Oh, you must be right! There are absolutely no Challenger players currently complaining about the state of matchmaking and how it's locking them out of Challenger for extended periods of time, or how unbalanced the system is in regards to consistent and enjoyable games! You're 100% correct, I'm so glad that Moe/Yassuo didn't just have a breakdown on stream _this week_ about the number of autofilled players destroying the quality of his game. Let's not forget the amount of players who currently exist in ranks they _don't_ belong in, still, because of the failed "role ranking" idea Riot had that people quickly learned they could abuse. "You get the rank that you deserve" is a bad mindset. It would be a good mindset if the matchmaking system wasn't designed to shaft you, but it is designed to shaft you and throttle any kind of progress you make. There's a reason why "Unranked to Challenger" videos are called challenge videos. And the _only_ reason these videos even start to work is because they play exclusively hypercarry face-of-the-month champions to climb. Your mindset is broken.
"Role ranking" fuked soo much up. Also the "Unranked to Challenger" videos are all Duos too. Games would be way to inconsistent to support a channel if it was solo.
: You do have to be able to carry your teams at least some of the time. While it's true you need to make yourself carryable for others, you also can't always depend on them. If you don't step up and merely play to the average of your team, when your team is bad you're going to lose. Gaining elo is about winning consistently. It's impossible to 100% match 10 people who are exactly at the same spot in a short frame of time. That's the problem with challenger, there's not enough high elo people playing at the same time so the system pulls from diamond 1 but it still takes 45 minutes. Elo is also a best guess and was designed for chess, which is 1 on 1. League is often 10 strangers going at it who'll never play with each other again. That complicates things. What also complicates things is people can be having good days, or off days, or get a teammate who is on 500 ping for the first 10 minutes of the game. What complicates things even further is how you gel with your teammates. Take bot lane. Even if 2 players are of the same skill level, if they don't pick champs that work well together, if they have 2 different play styles, it's going to be rough on them. You can't expect the system to know these things.
In Silver it should 100% be easy to match 10 people exactly at the same skill level. Its the biggest pool. There are 100s of thousand to pick from. Even Bronze, Gold and Plat have massive pools to pick from. There is not reason games should not be 10 even skilled players.
: The most obvious problem with matchmaking is the starting point. There is another thread where everyone is justifying the start point for these MMR systems being in the middle? Which is insane, the average starting player in these systems is typically quite near the bottom of the skill curve. If they aren't at the bottom of the skill curve, _it's because it's not their first account_, not because they are some kind of super genius. LoL has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of players(80 million monthly apparently) playing regularly. Placement should start outside of normal matchmaking, smurf/secondary accounts should be seperated from actual new players in a first round of placement by themselves, and then actual new players should be starting at the bottom of bronze without any fancy lp boosting. Dropping them all into pool assuming any of them can be Gold or better is insanely stupid. This isn't what happens though. Anyone who plays regularly can show many matches where they get matched, in Gold, with accounts that have only won a single ranked match in their entire account history. That's ridiculous, and should not happen.
I love how they call it a "Ladder" but start new people in the middle of it. THATS NOT HOW LADDERS WORK! New accounts need to start at the bottom and climb up. Those that learn something will climb. Those that dont will stay at the bottom where they should be. Placing people in Upper Silver makes Silver a complete shitfest. Riot like this tho. It fits their carrot and stick for Gold 4.
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