: I don't like this new "anti-counter something" design philosophy.
All I can see that they have done is the "soft countering" you apparently approve of. No?
: Prorate for my pro view?
Can I get Riot's comment on this please?
Rioter Comments
: I honestly hate the idea of banning champions in an all random mode your still going to get stomped either way. It's just stupid if you can't even pick your champion.
I personally have been just choosing "none" as my ban option. At the start of the event I never saw anyone else do it, now it's not uncommon to see 1-2 others do so as well. Hoping it catch's on and has a snowballing effect on removing bans from ARAM. All the other changes...Well I'm willing to give them a try, even if some are slightly unpalatable to me. But banning in ARAM literally removes the central theme of the mode. If people desire a mode/map that allows bans, or certain champs or whatever, more power to them. Just don't take away the ARAM mode to get it. Some people were perfectly happy with it being exactly as advertised, not riddled with except-for's and caveat's. One of the big reasons I unlocked every champion was to make ARAM incredibly varied, something now tamed by these changes. If I want a meta that evolves patch to patch, I play rift. If I want one that evolves match to match, I use ARAM. Adding in bans removes that, and I personally won't use them. I would be fine continuing to do so without comment, except for the fact that this lengthen's the time from queue to match, which previously had been one of the strength's of ARAM.
: Esports in the League Friends app!
I would love to be able to set a minimum quality level for vod's. When I use the watch lol esports site on mobile it will automatically reduce video quality if I hit a slow connection. I would rather it just paused to buffer, like I can set youtube to do. Another thing I think would be great as a long term idea is the ability to route to stats pages for pro players. For instance if I'm watching TSM beat Team Liquid, and I want to see how often Broken Blade has a positive CSD @ 15, it would be cool if I could hit a few buttons and suddenly I'm on Broken Blades page, with season stats, career stats, maybe even stats vs the matchup he's currently facing (vs the player/team/champion/etc.) Also being able to do this for org's themselves, not just players. I know it's a kinda big idea, but I would certainly use it. It would also bring something no other VOD source brings to the marketplace.
: @Riot: Kayle, Morgana and the "Aspect Influence"
Everyone's assuming their mother is dead. As yet, unconfirmed.
: I'd like to report Diana for sexual harassment in my last game
: Kayle change ideas
I am fine with her trading a bad early for a great late, but imho she still needs to play early. My idea is give her q a partial mana/cd refund on minion kills, that way she can at least farm safely until level 11 when she's playable.
: Don't gut AP ez just remove double tear
I think just make IBG melee and give it some compensation buffs while you're at it, almost no melee chooses it as is. Maybe increased slow, increased aoe size/duration, and/or increased slow duration. I'm personally fine with him farming until late to get double tear items, its low CD ranged aoe cc, never meant to be in his kit, that annoys me.
: Cannot unlock skin permanent in looting
RiotBok (NA)
: Are you running any third party programs while running League? We've been seeing a trend this patch with programs such as LoLReplay, BaronReplay, etc. causing various game crashes/failure to load into game properly. Otherwise, it sounds like a pretty specific issue. I'd recommend checking out our article on [Bug Splats/Game Crashes](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201761974-Bug-Splat-and-Game-Crashes) (I know you're not specifically getting either of those things, but the steps in the article should still help for this type of client error). If you still run into errors afterwards, I'd go ahead and send us a ticket with the logs listed at the bottom of the article. Let me know if this helps!
No, no third party programs are running or installed, guess I'll review the article...
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: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
Please don't soft-lock mastery levels behind a pay wall by only charging rp for champion shards. There needs to be an ip option.
: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
Can we finally get mastery in aram yet then?
: Illoi Is super OP
auto win during ult, fun. Just played a game where I forced her recall three times before my first during laning, crushed her in cs, she hits six and then just can repeatedl;y dive me under tower and win. awesome
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: Cannot log into chat
: FPS Stuttering! FPS and ping is fine, but champ stutters
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
: Meet your nemesis (draft)
7 dodged games in a row. Is this even possible to play?


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