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: Statistically, if you were better than the ELO you're in, you'll climb. It means that it's guaranteed you'll be a 'good' player in the game you're playing. You take up one of the spots on your own team, leaving 4 spots left for potential trash players. The enemy doesn't have you as a guaranteed good player, in fact, they have no guarantee for a good player at all. This means that there are 5 spots left for potentionally trash players. Even if we assume that there is 100% chance for each spot on your team to have a trash player, we have to assume the same is true for the enemy team. Your team has 4 trash players and 1 good player, while the enemy team has 5 trash players. If you try to tell me that Riot is intentionally picking you to match you with trash, keep in mind that it's most likely because you yourself isn't that good. If you try to tell me that you're a good player but Riot is picking on you, that's some crazy conspiracy shit, I can't deal with that!
you cant carry a whole team of idiots. and no im not saying that riot is picking on just me lol
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: where did you hear this?
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69 my shwanz

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