: Can we do somthing about this shit please.....
I think I'm the potato. But remember, I can also be FRIES!
: they took away urf
URF was used to pad Riot's NA viewership of World's. It all made sense as of this afternoon. My ass hurt from the reach around, my legs are weak from the kiting and my wallet is empty............and who said being raped wasn't fun! :D
: yes because bringing a new meta where any champ can succeed is a bad thing
> [{quoted}](name=Rick Yiordan,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RIY3E5As,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-09T05:07:25.949+0000) > > yes because bringing a new meta where any champ can succeed is a bad thing But that is just the thing, so many champions are just useless right now with the current changes. useless. the snowballing effect is just stupid touchy and very punishing to the team on the receiving end. Plus, when I snowballed it wasn't fun either.....there was no challenge. no challenge, then what's the point of a 30 minute game if you just end every game before 20 minutes. its broken, and not on the testers side of things....its broken because its development team just missed its chance to improve the game, by remaking the core of the game. BAD move. Just watch what happens in Game of Thrones when the wheel is broken by danny...just remember you read it here first...its not the turn of events all happy and cheery like everyone thinks they are going to get. Its ugly and you'll find out the wheel should have just been left alone to make its revolutions.
oh, this isn't experimenting my friend. this is here to stay. Open your mind my friend....this is the industry at its worse..this is a cash cow in the making with its latest form: morphing into a FREEMIUM zone.
Spotlite (NA)
: New Rune/Mastery System: A Mistake?
No, this new update just destroyed league. gimmicky ass toonish BS. I blame Ghostcrawler!
: Runes reforged cancer
Ghostcrawler Cancer!
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LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
I NEVER leave comments and RARELY ever visit the forums, but today is a really really really sad day. Change is tough at first, always. But, this update/change has completely affected/effected the game play mechanics at its roots. For many months now I embraced that change was coming to this game, but to change fundamental game play mechanics and overall pacing and 'feel' is just way too far gone and downright wrong of Riot to do such a thing to such a large fan base. And all I can do is piece all of the warning signs: champion overhauls, cutesy toonish new champs(ivern) and all the other new craptastic useless crap as well, to one thing: Ghostcrawler ----the epitome of grubby-ass-developer Everything he gets his grubby troll hands on....he destroys. And he does this because he envisions way too large of things, to things, that never needed envisioning or improvements on in the first place. I'm sure building his 'cause' by Preaching to Riot "sustainability"....."we must make changes for the future of the games' success".......yeah, ....OK. ??? 30 million worldwide, right? something like that. well, maybe half that, but still....I think League has been pretty successful! withOUT Ghostcrawler. ..and up until now, had a bright future. But people just gotta touch stuff! Just gotta touch touch touch touch touch! -KaBoooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!! The rune system took away choice, makes good players exponentially OP exponentially faster, makes players that are not good/behind exponentially worse. Every game I have played today went from not fun to just downright disgusting. Win or lose...the key success to league was in its pacing and gameplay itself. ....And Ghostcrawler just took the game play and threw it out the window and replaced the entire game with cat memes to make the game really flashy and tootsie and cutsie! yay! poro's get mustaches too! oh wow! F*******************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Money and Time....just completely destroyed to yet another semi-decade of promises only to turn to ashes and reveal lies. League just destroyed what made LOL fun. Really simple straight forward mechanics with a HUGE variety of freedom of choice on how you played and built your champion. Now, all that choice has been completely abolished for a cookie cutter gimmicky ass rune system that is completely and utterly unbalanced and has no place in league. This is NOT Heroes of the Storm and that's what made League just what it was; League of Legends. A fun very simple MOBA. The simplicity is what makes this game so much deeper than others and makes the replay so much fun. I don't know what you call it now: An updated pile of hopes and dreams turned to ashes.
: Champion Insights: Ivern, the Really Swell Guy
{{champion:35}} ...the aftermath of their first meeting... Dirty Dirty Jester! https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/articles/2016/september/ivern-ins/3.jpg
: AR "URF"
I so back this. This was done just to piss on us as players. I honestly do not understand how AR did anything positive to URF.....Other than the fucking fanboys who are going to argue the old and wise tales of champion knowledge and diversity.....and they can shove that shit! {{summoner:11}} No, This was not fair and no it didn't fix the same old champions that were broken before, because I saw Wukong and Sona in so many of my games that I couldn't even understand at the most primal level how the FUCK this was RNG! Random my ass. Random as fuck you mean...as in randomly every other 30 games you might get a champion you WANT to play. This was piss. I'm done supporting this trash ass company.
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Hakumele (NA)
: URF continues to confuse me from the developers' side that I can't seem to grasp exactly what's going on as it relates to design. Every comment I've seen about URF from the players has never been about stagnant metas, or 'perceived best champs' but more so just having it available to play. URF, in my eyes, isn't meant to be balanced into this finely crafted game mode that should be catered to be a level playing field. The beauty and appeal of it is the zany, imbalanced, off colored gameplay that allows you to spam abilities like crazy and then play a traditional Ranked game and forget what your cooldowns are and that having mana costs are a thing. URF is a beloved game mode for a reason, and, from where I sit, that reason has always been about taking my favorite champs from 0-10 in a way that I can't achieve otherwise. Are there people that tend to abuse the same champs as they believe them to be "OP?" Absolutely, but that's why we have a ban system. You've been talking about possibly adding more bans (up to ten total); why not allow it in URF and use that to test the time difference between six bans to ten? You'll kill two birds with one stone (kind of) without sabotaging the ability to play whatever champ we'd like in URF. With that being said, I think there will be a new level of excitement for most people playing and not knowing what champions they will get, until someone ends up with Soraka and ends up healing/wishing eternally. :'D
I like this post. More bans equals more freedom of choice. All- Random equals more freedom to dodge. More freedom to dodge equals more crap we all continue to eat while we still haven't been served what we asked for to begin with. Just bring back original URF as a mode choice and leave it alone and leave it stick around for a while nuff said.
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
I've read tons of players' comments in here. One after the other, all backing the same overall consensus: Why make URF Random? We never asked for that, one, and two, we never wanted URF balanced to begin with. URF is a joke. Literally, it was your April Fool's joke on the player base like what 3-4 years ago now?! Anyways, I'm not trying to make any real points here, but just chime in with the rest of what I can see; a passionate player base that keeps getting gimmicky half-assed ideas and bandaid patches thrown in their faces rather than get what they seem to be asking for: Freedom of Choice. I know I saw in more than a large number of comments, that more Bans would be a great idea. I've always really wondered, why only 3 bans in all game modes still really even exists. I mean honestly, if you really want to make a strategy with compositions given the number of how many champions there are now, you really should just add the option for like 6-10 bans. Trial different amounts and see what you get for reactions and results. But, maybe that is just too easy an idea. More urf is cool, but I'll miss just selecting that champ I want to screw around on vs now being dealt champs I just simply have no interest in playing. Plus, I think all random is going to create major issues with leavers and dodgers way more, not just because of champions they don't want to play, but rather take a look at this one step closer and.....well, people will leave because it will throw them into positions they don't like (support character, jungle character, mid character, etc.)


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