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: My issue with that video is they act like Aatrox was the only champ to ever been remade {{champion:3}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} were treated the same and kept as much as Aatrox did as well
> [{quoted}](name=Jimmy Rustles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Vh6WrATY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-07T02:35:21.676+0000) > > My issue with that video is they act like Aatrox was the only champ to ever been remade > > {{champion:3}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:6}} were treated the same and kept as much as Aatrox did as well Well you're flat out wrong because Galio: still has an AOE taunt, and still has elements of an anti-mage in his kit (Spellshield, etc.) Sion: still has his W shield that he can pop for damage, Sion still has a stacking mechanic for killing minions. Old Sion is hands down the hardest champion Riot has had to rework while still maintaining SOME facet of his original playstyle/identity because his kit was literally like 2 different champions smashed together with literally nothing tieing the frankenstein together to the point where his 2 build options (AD tryndamere-esque skirmisher, or AP burst mage) always left you with 2 abilities that were more or less useless Yorick: still functionally plays the same as before his rework relying on his ghouls for damage, his Q is almost the exact same ability as original Yoricks Urgot: Still is a ranged bruiser, still maintains his unique "lock on" mechanic that interacts with other abilities, still has a shielding ability, still has a way to AOE fear enemy champions (when he kills someone with his ult) All of these champions still maintain facets of their original iterations be it playstyle, actual entire abilities more-or-less being carried over, or through passives and interactions The only thing current Aatrox maintains from pre-rework Aatrox is that he relies on sustain gimmicks (Which isn't a unique characteristic for only Aatrox and thus doesn't count) and his AOE damage ult that gives him a steroid (which was among the least cohesive and characteristic parts of Aatrox's kit BEFORE rework so again, it's not part of the actual identity Aatrox had to players)
: Too many champions are left in really awful states because they were OP at a certain time.
The problem is how Riot pushes out clearly overloaded kits, kits that are so janky and variable dependent that it's impossible to find a balance sweetspot for them, or when Riot clearly doesn't do nearly enough experimentation in testing to see if there is some unintended strategy that is actually better/far more cancerous to deal with than the strategy Riot originally intended for said champion. Champions like Kalista, Reworked Aatrox, Azir, Kassadin, etc. who have since their release either been A) Top picks in their roles and are essentially meta defining/warping or B) Bottom of the barrel trash bordering on unplayability Then there's also the camp of champions that Riot just refuses to nerf because of perceived skill-cap, which is not to say that nerfs don't happen to champs like this they just take years of begging and complaints before anything gets done and even then oftentimes it's barely much of a nerf such as Yasuo, Riven, Lee Sin, Zed, Yi Another albeit smaller group is champions that had an undeniably toxic strategy associated with them that Riot clearly didn't think about before releasing them and the unfortunate side effects of the eventual nerfs to that strategy made the champ terrible in the role they were intended to be played in originally these are champs like Sylas (Nerfs to Jg Sylas hugely effected lane Sylas), Tahm Kench (repeated nerfs to toplane Kench have made sup kench almost unplayable), and probably soon to be Senna (who is being played in literally every role pretty much because her passive alone is like half a champions kit)
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: Bots in PVP doesn't piss me off; Bots ruining the game for new players does though.
The unfortunate reality of the situation is Riot actually benefits from bots existing because they artificially lower queue times for less popular modes (like CO-OP VS AI and TT before they removed it) It's extremely dumb but Riot just doesn't have an incentive to do this anymore because LoL's playerbase is mostly comprised of normal queue players and it's no longer like back in the day during season 1-4 when the games playerbase was in a state of rapid growth and there were lots of players at all skill/experience levels that were able to populate all the modes. Now with the lower numbers of new players coming in and the reasonable amount of pre-30 accounts being smurf accounts of existing players anyway those lower level queues need bot accs to remain populated and queue times to be in a range Riot deems ideal for player satisfaction. It actually wouldn't surprise me at all if many of the bot accs you see are actually being run by Riot themselves to accomplish the goal of shortening queue times
A very cool idea! Not sure how you feel about it but another option to think about would be Debonair Zac as that skinline also involves fancy suits! They could give Zac some funny voice-lines for it of him trying to say classy things or act refined but messing it up because of his not-serious and funny personality! "Why yes, mom did help me with my tie" "I finally got a suit!" or something would be really fitting for his attitude and the second one would be a perfect callback to the original voice-line that inspired the skin to begin with!
: Question......Why is Lee Sin in every game?
It's because Lee Sin suffers from the "Overloaded kit syndrome" where they released a champion with just way more crap in his arsenal than there needed to be, but because the champion has existed so long his niche in the game now revolves so much on the fact that he IS overloaded that they can't properly remove any of his utility without having to massively change the champions playstyle or outright rework them without facing huge backlash from Lee Sin players.
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: For the same reason you cant buy king rammus, human rzye, silver pay me etc. They are limited skins.
Rusty Blitz isn't limited, he was not released as a limited skin nor should ever be considered one for that reason. All the other skins you mentioned were explicitly stated to be limited upon their release and were obtained through special means (special limited bundles, playing in BETA/ALPHA, playing in season 1, etc. whereas Rusty Blitz was released in the shop as just a regular skin no catch or special event attached)
: I believe the reason why Rusty Blitz was given it's **LIMITED** Status was because of how similar it looked to classic blitz. On launch, both his Classic & Rusty skins looked identical, only difference was the color scheme was changed slightly (we're talking bear minimum, like a 0.001% difference). I think the only way Riot would be willing to re--release Rusty Blitz would be if Blitzcrank recieved a VGU (ala Ezreal). It would give them a chance to give Rusty a whole new theme and differentiate him from Classic Blitz. Hell he could probably fit right in with Scrap-yard Trundle.
Rusty Blitz doesnt deserve to be limited, he was not originally released with the intent to be a limited skin unlike literally every single other limited skin. Give original owbers of the skin a fancy border for being there back in season 1 when it came out and move on. There's no reason why Rusty Blitz gets to be some arbitrary outlier compared to every single other super rare limited skin
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: I hate meta, except when it's come to champs that i like to play <3. #hypocritasf No, but i love Ahri because yeah, despite the fact that she is meta and in the top 5 mid laner for years, she is one of the only champs that allow me to lane correctly without being bothered a lot by the jungler. With others champs, even if i ward and everything, i can get surprised and get killed. Also you can get dived. With Ahri, no one can dive you with your ulti. This jungle meta is actually very toxic. Only dashing champs are present and it's make the game horrible for people who like to play other things than "safe picks". One game, i played with Kayle vs Shen top. He was in premade with Lee sin. I played very safe, Shen was pushing so i was under my tower. Lee sin tried to dive me lvl 4 but he failed, he wasn't killed but i left tower because low hp and they got some plates. He was constantly here, at some time he managed to kill me with a dive when my ulti was in CD. Thanks, the others lane won and he go punished for ganking the same lane too much but you see, it's horrible. Being locked under your tower and try to farm as much as possible, knowing the enemy jungler is always on your side to dive you is horrible. Thanks champs like Ahri exists. I would play her anywhere just to make a big "fck you" to the enemy jungler.
So what you're saying is you suck at mid and need to rely on a crutch character to not feed? Also I don't main J4 or even jungle for that matter, and Jungle has ALWAYS been about ganking so your point is moot. You gank and you control objectives.
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