Wolfbook (NA)
: Illaoi is the most toxic champion I've ever played against.
: When they say that Dota 2 is more balanced than League of Legends
That's Fucking Sven not some pussy ass champion....
: You acquire your fav champion's passive
{{champion:24}} Lets do this.
: thats a whole lot of evidence you provided there bud
Dashes on 2 second cooldown and percent damages everywhere?? and you all aren't complaining??? it's because lamb is a girl ain't it??? Unfreakingbelivable.....
Visigoth (NA)
: Shout out to Kindred for being the only release champion to be remotely balanced since Bard
Arabed (NA)
: Riven's ult goes on cooldown when she uses windslash
has the bronze clouded the fact this is a buff?? come on man........
Rioter Comments
: When you are stunned by a 2.5 second Ashe ult. . . .
that's a Chuck Norris punch im not gonna last long man..
Totalis (NA)
: Please, I'm begging you here, give Lucian 550 range again. Please.
I agree with any buffs that comes his way since he was put down for so long like that....
9001 (NA)
: Who Do You Main And Why?
Jax: when I first played league I wanted a badass champ out of the gate so I played with yi until I could buy a 1350 champ and then I saw jax... He fit the bill then I read his lore and...Imagine if I had a real keyboard while typing this.. My thumb is tired...
: "Garen/Lee Sin/Riven/Shyvana/Darius has no counterplay!"
Idk anymore they say zed is op anything is possible on this damn forum..,
: Make Garen's Villain mechanic apply to clones as well
"Properly Playing" "point and click" you're trying to say shaco is harder than garen and you hate the fact he can kill you so easy but yeah I guess this is a bit too much
Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Two reasons for DotA 2 having about 3 times as much champion/hero diversity than LoL
Everyone has a counter,everyone is unique in their own way,varied items etc
: Jax buffs that would in my humble opinion, make him more viable as a top lane pick (or even mid)
If they give him his health back jax will hit 51-53 winrate again all those buffs sound a bit childish to me. But I won't downvote you tho
: When A Teamfight Starts And You Are At The Other End Of The Map
: What does Kha'Zix needs to actually be a good option? (without being broken of course)
I just want e to have 0.5 ad dammit wtf 0.2 on a assassin??? Really???
Ionian (EUW)
What a time to be alive.
: Which champions have given you too much bullshit over your course of playing League?
: Tristana is back to 100% pick/ban rate, just like the old times.
Nifoylo (EUW)
: Your opinions on Corki
He's ok I guess he's a reliable adc like trist not the best but workable
: Can we please stop buffing lux?
Win rate eh?? Let's look at galio 52% winrate and lux has 51% you can't look at everything in a winrate vacuum
: Garen Needs to be Nerfed. Period.
Garen isn't a tank anymore the tenacity removal insured that..second of all he is the most kiteable champ in the game and third of all you did nothing but make garen shit in your "rework" take your salt somewhere else
: Can we please nerf Thresh, this is ridiculous.
Yea no I get the joke but thresh isn't op and people don't like learning shit anymore
: Judgment now deals 25% reduced damage when hitting multiple units
Riven doesn't lose damage at all tho.. I'll just play her instead shes way better than garen after this change goes through
: Garen's update seems cool, but he got too much unnecessary nerfs.
I'm really upset at these changes too.. at least make him playable not this gutting of a rework.. but fuck it I have to play gnar everytime I go top now..fucking riot...
Elfezen (NA)
: Deadpool Shen and Deathstroke Zed Skins (Shenpool vs Zedstroke)
when shens ult gets interrupted "curses foiled again!" ill buy this in a heartbeat
: "Talon, I hope Ezreal won't see us here..."
haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! (ez ult for context)
DropFill (NA)
: Zed is the first disabled champion
> [{quoted}](name=DropFill,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=NbmFUXY7,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-14T03:36:20.332+0000) > > That pretty much a huge portion of** the boards** doesnt't want to come back at all Fixed that
: Keep Zed disable we enjoy the game
I hope they fix him soon to make you salty again..
: "keep Zed disabled, please it's helping me out so much"
This board is stupid and only likes telegraphed shit like {{champion:432}} {{champion:161}}
: Champions that you refuse to play and support
{{champion:92}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:23}}{{champion:429}} wont play them nope.
: Has anyone noticed not a single Zed main has complained about him being disabled?
no ill play something else in the meantime.. no big deal.
: 'He's hard to play' is hardly an argument to not nerf him...
didn't say anything about nerfing him
Meep Man (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WhensDestiny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WFR4etli,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-07-12T03:34:23.145+0000) > > cause rumble is hard as shit. i mean without 50 heat all his moves besides ult does shit dmg. and he has the hardest,most game changing ult in the game.. i mean in solo que no one knows what a choke point is. so yeah His Q deals 315 (+100% AP) without Danger Zone and his E deals 290 (+80% AP) without Overheat. Hardly crap damage. (although he is me main Top)
fine late game hes good. doesn't change the fact he's hard.
: Why no talk about Rumble?
cause rumble is hard as shit. i mean without 50 heat all his moves besides ult does shit dmg. and he has the hardest,most game changing ult in the game.. i mean in solo que no one knows what a choke point is. so yeah
: What would your LCS name be?
: Petition to get 3 refunds at level 30
1 every year is good enough for me
: who else voted bagel thinking "hehehe im so hipster" only to realize everyone else did too?
Bagels are delicious..better than some league rank IMO
Ceredor (NA)
: Fuck Master Yi
what? was he fed?? did you have zhonyas?? why were you 1v1ing yi??
: If you spent less time complaining about champions and more time thinking you'd be good at this game
: Thresh, the Jack of All Trades
Where the fuck is none???
: So sick of seeing Thresh every game..
he has low starting armor so poking him down usually works...
: Can we not turn Rek'Sai into another Elise?
Seriously this is getting out of hand rek sai isn't op.....why are they doing this?
: PBE: Sated Devourer?
WW buff..not sure how i feel about this
: You're supposed to heal your carries or whoever is being focused. This isn't always your ADC. Sometimes it's your jungler, mid-laner, or top laner. You are supposed to heal the target that will keep your team alive and your damage-dealers dealing damage.
you must main Soraka....meh im usually with my adc most of the time so maybe thats why i think like that..
J Gríd (NA)
she means nothing... the lcs is beyond safe..
darkdill (NA)
: Soraka's heal isn't very effective on tanks
im beginning to think your meant to heal the adc in fights rather than the the tanks..i mean your ult heals more when a person reaches a point below 40 percent.. so try the ult heal and see if its more effective on tanks.. as for the basic heal its for adcs..no doubt in my mind on that
SelkuS (EUW)
: Who or what is Jax?
Dylvish (EUW)
: Is Katarina even worth playing now??
If she's fun to you yea keep playing her, nerfs won't stop me from buying the warring kat skin tho.
: garen with black cleaver = fun time for everyone.
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