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: We dunno if what was listed here as toxic as fcking riot doesn't post the entire chat log to know what this player was responding to. So it is most likely the Rakan was the toxic one in a duo(as duo have more leverage in reporting a player) and was ping harassing him. The player admitted to muting the ping and probably the chat. Yet they got banned. Riot doesn't ban. it's an outdated automated bot. They need to bring back the tribunal and let the players decide if this player warrants a 14 day. And trust I got a chat restriction by a feeding illaoi, at the of the match all I said was in caps no is to blame but yourself, look at us on bot we didn't get a gank and we're not raging as bad as you. I got reported for that. Riot tried to justify it with my entire chat log which wasn't even directed at them but just me communicating with my adc and team. such as MIA or Ultron when I lit or focus this player of I get pulled. I feel you. You weren't toxic as the LOL community does not know what toxic is. It's a misused term like SMURFING.
I agree with you on having a duo/trio report as they have more leverage than a solo player in a single game. It is sad that they had to shutdown the Tribunal as I was one of the many players that participated in the Tribunal and looked at the reports that players made on games.
: you should not have been suspended. wtf riot have a BRAIN. this rakan is clearly INTING hard as hell.
: No, there are no justified reasons to defy the policy you agreed to. You were not experiencing anything unique as we all have gone through the familiar or exact same thing. If you hate the game, for any reason, find a new one. No one is keeping you here.
You're funny Zombie Gerbil. I don't hate the game, as the game is great for testing my strategies and challenges me to be a better strategist. It's the players (myself included, I admit) that give this game a bad reputation. And yes, nobody is keeping me here.
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: No. The position of Riot, based on the vast majority of players, is that toxicity is never justified.
So let me get this straight, correct me if I'm wrong. Since toxicity is never justified, the other person, who in this case is Rakan who also was toxic, gets justice because he's been trash talked. Because hypothetically right now, I am in jail for 14 days and this Rakan is running free reporting people that they are toxic towards him, but he himself is also toxic. Toxicity is never justified. . . {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: trying to relog right now so ill let you know if it helps
I tried it too. You don't lose LP if ranking. Back to normal though.
: stuck in champion select
Yeap, it's happening to me too. Probably something wrong with Riot's servers.
: Why? just why this happened? it almost made me lose the interest in the game
This just happened to me earlier! I said I was brb'ing because of life interruptions and came back in the game around 5 minutes or so. My team was great just doing their thing and we all came out victorious. And this popped up, "You are ineligible to earn loot due to leaving or AFK behaviors." I was like okay, "loot just means chests and whatnot", but as I looked at my LP, I lost some. I am totally upset because I too did good in that match. So all in all, I guess, in my mind, Riot is making it clear that you can't have **ANY** interruptions within the match to even "earn loot" which is bullshit. Thanks a lot Rito :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}


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