Wåffle (NA)
: Coolish sounding idea for Yasuo that probably won't work but...
: Per game I don't know, but reaching a higher MMR is something I think some people are capable of when they just have a second account. The second account gives you way less stress as it's "not your main". This only works for a couple people though.
I don't get stressed playing ranked at all.
: Champs that will need compensation because of massive fervor nerfs
When you take Thunderlord's on Jax anyways because of how easy the cheese is.
GigglesO (NA)
: 1643 Games
I pretty much have to agree with this considering I'm seeing the exact same thing right now. Just witnessed my friend crawl from Bronze I to Platinum V and still plays like a Silver.
Shıma (NA)
: I like the plants in the jungle.
What's it like having an opinion?
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: I have officially done it, I have made my smurf get a higher rank through only provisionals
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: Urf with Zed, Fizz, Soraka, Vlad, Hecarim, Alistar, Sona disabled probably a few others I forgot that really just ruin the game
: So as riven I can survive and not die, the problem I have is that I can never kill her. I find if I try to go in on her she just destroys me with how much damage she does. and getting help from the jg doesn't help much either
If you're a good Riven you can kill her Level 2. You just rush level 2 and all in her once you hit 2 and get W. She'll still be level 1 and probably only has Q so she can't make use of her tentacles yet.
: I'm reminded more of everyone's favorite sea lion. https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/743663086834434048/AjBuhWGc.jpg
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ybuR (NA)
: if you get outganked and outfarmed as a jungler
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Critmaster Garen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Am8nFKul,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-21T14:55:16.728+0000) > > what the heck? we already did that once, remember? Didn't it actually work really well? I thought the only reason they changed it was that they hoped they could remove that element of asymmetry on the map. It turns out they really couldn't so we're going back to what works.
What previous patch did they remove fortification in bot lane? Out of curiosity because I forgot which patch you're talking about that went so well. Because all recent patches have been pretty bad. (post preseason 6)
: Kalista is too weak.
Kalista needs a straight up update to be balanced. Riot made a champion that can kite to well and works extremely well in LCS, but was only decent in Soloqueue because it needed so much communication to fully utilize Kalista's kit with the support. Now they nerfed her to make her fair for LCS, but garbage for Soloqueue.
resumed (NA)
: the only thing this does is prevent laneswapping which is so prevalent in the lcs and will have minimal impact in the casual scene apart from the turret first blood, which impacts the lcs much more as it makes laneswapping even more disadvantageous for the professional scene. pros dont want the enemy team to get free gold. its 5 mins into the game. if you honestly cant hold your tower for more than 5 mins then you're clearly playing at a level that you should not be
I know this isn't affecting casual, but it seems like they're trying to enforce how the pros play, which honestly feels a bit stupid. Unless they wanted LCS to feel relatable to low elo games. I'm pretty sure some team is gonna create a strategy around those changes though. Like Graves Jungle, Trundle Support, Jinx ADC.
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: Leblanc is probably the most favorite champion for Pros
Just fyi, Leblanc and Orianna aren't only played because they're good with the champions. They're played because those teams usually have coordination so they can set up plays with those champions, not as easy in soloQ with no communication. Unless you play DynamicQ then it's easy.
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: > [{quoted}](name=8BitDap,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eT2VpUNH,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-07-17T17:53:28.500+0000) > > Lmfao that these posts are still upvoted. The only thing that makes Lee Sin good is his early pressure, and his ultimate to catch people out. This literally makes Lee Sin garbage tier. Not only that, but it's not like he's overcrowding other picks or anything, maybe in Diamond+ but Lee Sin isn't played at all below that. what hes like the 8th most played champion in all elos
With a 46%~ win rate average in all elos. He's not even a threat unless this Lee Sin has played 125+ games, and if somebody dedicates that much time to a champion they deserve to have an above 50% win rate.
: Or you could actually practice wardjumping for the same effect without some bullshit "mechanic"
You do realize, Lee Sin has to blow a 5 minute summoner cooldown for this "bull shit" mechanic right? It's a game changing mechanic that's for the most part only effective at high elos.
Ralanr (NA)
: This may be why I hate playing her top. Her being a peel champion designed for a solo lane just feels counterproductive. Shen at least has a global ult, and a lot of peeling tanks are good junglers or supports (I know Maokai is played top as well, but he was also designed with jungling capability). So a heavy team focused defense champion is designed for the most solitary lane with the least impact without the use of teleport (which was also nerfed) is supposed to work out well how? I feel she'd work better as a jungler instead of a top laner. It fits her theme in constantly searching for a hero as well!
She used to be able to play jungle but they nerfed her Q damage, they should just make the 1st hit weak, but the 2nd one stronger. She'd be able to jungle better and be a better top pick too.
Woook3r (NA)
: Thats not true. You need a utility ult like jhin or ashe or sivir. You cant always properly position with a 550 range auto attack.
I mean you're correct on that, but most 550 range ADC's have something that make them a good ADC. Sivir's utility and wave clear, Miss Fortune's insane ulti and trading, Jinx with 525 range has rocket form to give her extra range to position (same with Twitch). Most of the bad ADC's right now are bad because they don't have utility or reliable damage (Draven, Vayne, Corki). I know you can't always position at 550 range, but most of the ADC's right now can.
aítch (NA)
: Poppy Buffed!
She's only weak and has a 46% win rate because... 1. People play her as an engage fighter instead of peel bot. 2. Being a peel bot requires more coordination. Poppy is and always has been good since her rework, she's just lack luster in solo queue because she is used as a fighter with low damage. Maybe some more damage buffs, but that'll just put her back into top tier, especially in competitive League where it's more coordinated.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Can we remove lee sin's ability to flash during his ult animation?
Lmfao that these posts are still upvoted. The only thing that makes Lee Sin good is his early pressure, and his ultimate to catch people out. This literally makes Lee Sin garbage tier. Not only that, but it's not like he's overcrowding other picks or anything, maybe in Diamond+ but Lee Sin isn't played at all below that.
: Fix The Ranking System
This is fake unless you have proof.
: ADC's without escapes
What's the point of this post? Ashe, Jinx, and Sivir are all extremely good picks right now, even without escapes. Having escapes isn't a problem with ADC, the only problem picking an ADC without an escape is you need to position better.
: I want to apologize to my last team
Wow, owning up for your own mistakes. That's the first step to getting better. Good luck.
: ***
This, that would be a lot nicer for Taliyah players and give more clarity in general.
RockUpper (EUNE)
: I actually want to know more about this. So far I've only heard from people who hate it (myself included). Has it been working out for you so far? I'm finding that the inability to cast past max range and the time it takes to drag the initial cast makes it impossible to use the way you want to, but if you can use it reliably I'd like to know your methods. I'm really trying to continue playing Taliyah and will take all the help I can get.
Well, if you're used to old Taliyah you will hate it, and I can't stop that. However, I have gotten used to vector casting on other champions such as Viktor and Rumble, so for me it feels more normal to use it (I also use smart casting no indicators). It will come in time with practice and it will eventually feel smoother, you may still not like it, but that's probably the only way to get used to it. For me I can usually do the combo exceptionally quick with Vector casting, and usually just input buffer the command so it's not slow, but it just takes time to get used to.
: I think Riot is in the process of slowly killing off Twisted Treeline
Well, Summoner's Rift should be the only fun and competitive map (obviously). Seriously though, hopefully they just keep Twisted Treeline around and add a new map to replace Crystal Scar.
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Eedat (NA)
: Not enough answers on the poll. Feel free to steal some of mine from my thread last week http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Bix5dtg9-poll-what-is-your-biggest-issue-with-lol-currently I would also add "Urfification (cdr on everything)", "Snowballing" and "Clearly defined Meta"
Well I can't change the poll now, but if somebody makes a comment about it and gets a ton of upvotes I guess I could consider that another big problem. For the most part, I just wanted the SUPER big ones that I see commonly complained about on boards, not saying that those choices aren't common, but these posts pop up daily~ with multiple upvotes.
: Riven is easy and op, trust me
kek, seriously though. I'd play Riven if I could learn the combos or knew what to do.
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: This game needs a 25% damage decrease across the whole board.
I agree with the part for the damage decrease, I'm just waiting for someone to come along and disprove it, or for Riot to fix it.


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