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: I totally agree. Riot is unprofessional as heck at this point. It was the same with the anniversary Stream which was at 23:30 my time. NA is always preferred instead of picking a better time for EUW Player they just don't give a fuck about them{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Welp, I give up. I tried for about 5 min to come up with _some_ way to side with rito, but I just can't. to start their stream at the same time CEST that they actually started it PDT, they would only have had to start their stream at 0900 (9 AM) PDT, which isn't that bad. All my quick research into how rito scheduled this anniversary event just led me to understand how brutally fked their scheduling actually was
: > BST PDT CEST it does nothing but cause confusion. what country? because every country has a timezone
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} They're not saying that any country is confusing. They're saying that the AM/PM time convention is confusing, which it would be having not been raised on this system. Their mention of BST PDT CEST is claiming that none of these time zones use AM/PM (though I cannot vouch for whether or not those time zones actually use AM/PM or not)

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