: It depends on how you play, the highest you can I believe is S3, and the lowest is B5. Odds are you will get bronze seeing as it is your first season, even going 10/10. I went 10-0 in my placements, and I got b5. I was silver last season. Took me all but 3 days to get oout of bronze haha.
My first ranked placements were in Season 3 and I went 10/10 and was placed in Gold 1. I've heard of others not placing that high so it may pull from your Normals MMR for your first placements or maybe they've changed things since Season 3 and you can no longer place that high but I was stoked lol
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: Gold V has got to be the most elo-hellish division.
> [{quoted}](name=TheThundersRoar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=19ZKqEsB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-07T17:50:25.587+0000) > > It's so incredibly difficult to climb out of it unless you're _**significantly**_ better than the others around you. And I mean like, a whole league above them. > > This division just collects whoever got here somehow but keeps losing and sinks. It's all: > > * Players who made it to Gold and stopped trying. > * Dynamic-queue boosted Bronzies. > * Meta-abusers who don't know jack about the game but got here by spamming Ekko a few patches ago. > * Stuck-up assholes who think they are good for getting here and refuse to listen. > * Players who wanted to keep going but are disheartened by all of the above. > > I think I'm starting to fit into that last category. It's so stupidly hard to play. I've done it last season and know how to deal with careless and asshole players, but given DQ and the crazy balance state this season, it's honestly really hard to deal with all the players who have no game knowledge but got here by spamming an overpowered pick or getting DQ-boosted. Hey man, Just got back to Gold myself last night and I remember the perils of low gold from last season. I know DQ is a buzzword right now but if you ever want to duo with me for some ranked games then feel free to add me :) Regardless, best of luck fellow {{champion:101}} player
: You are now on a date with your highest female Mastery Champion
{{champion:51}} Since we have a common passion for guns and long range shooting, we go out to the county to have some fun at the range together. However the fun is short lasted when she begins laying out bear traps in the bushes and baiting them with cupcakes. After she smugly remarks, "Boom. Headshot." when she takes out the first little squirrel, I promptly tell her that I think we should see other people. I'm never heard from again...
Norgoth (NA)
: Log in Queue!!!
I am too :( suckssssss EDIT: Nvm I'm in now
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: More like... https://media.giphy.com/media/RZ7ol9EhKwTN6/giphy.gif
Then you make your escape through the nearest wall. http://imgur.com/gallery/y11fb7G
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Doaenel (NA)
: had a dumbfuck bard that did that today while we were baroning, enemy aced us and stole baron (ranked)
Most likely a double or quadruple agent working in secret with the other team. Them Bards are a shifty bunch...
Rioter Comments
: Nah buddy, you are. If someone says something mean to you irl you wouldn't report him to the cops and then never have to deal with your problem again. You are part of the problem why the instant feedback system is ass
Well I definitely wouldn't respond with, "Hey I know you were just an ass to me, but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you'll have a miraculous change of heart in the next 5 minutes about how you've been acting. Let's work together!" I would tell them that they are a doucher and I won't be working with them.
: Please don't down vote if I'm thinking of another game, but isn't there a block option somewhere? I would assume if you don't want to play with someone anymore, you would block them...
I don't think I've used that feature since I first started playing in S3. Really you have to be pretty dang bad before I would even remember that I could block you. I figured I'd report him and that would be that, but getting him then on my team just seemed counter intuitive
: worst thread i've seen in my life. this kid is angry at someone else for saying things in a match and then when he gets matched with him he becomes toxic game wise because he can't be reported for being a douche who purposely watches teammates die. if you wanna stop negativity in this community, don't become negative yourself by "placing the power in your hands". maybe if you were nice to him he'd realize how much of an ass he'd been and apologized.
Not going to sugar coat this for you but you are living in a Disney Dream World. Assholes like the Xerath/MF in the story don't just realize the errors of their ways if you're nice to them. Sorry but that's not real life, especially not in a video game where they have zero face to face interaction and never have to see the people that they are being a jerk to. I'm not about to be kind to someone that doesn't deserve it. If you are going to ruin my game or my team's or the other team's game, then I will definitely not be helping you enjoy yourself. And I realize that all you have to go off of is the story that I wrote above but I didn't elaborate on them as much as I could have. He was being an ass to everyone the first game, and then he was being an ass again to everyone the second game as well, that's when I decided I was going to do my best to not do my best just for him. Everyone else I was very cordial with and helpful :)
ßoy (NA)
: What is everyones favorite thing about their main?
{{champion:101}} **Skillshots -** Feels really good when you're landing everything and I feel more involved with my champion rather than deciding who to click on. **Long Range -** I really like the challenge of positioning correctly as to not get jumped on and rekt while still dishing out damage to the enemy backline. **Burst -** Landing his combo on a squishy and obliterating them is my very favorite thing.
Nebuul (NA)
: Toxicity exists in a bubble. It doesn't matter if someone else is a jerk, there is no time that you being toxic makes the game anything other than more toxic.
Maybe it was more toxic for him, but felt dang good for me :D
: I'm going to be honest, you sounded more toxic than he did in your example.
Sadly I can't include the entire transcript from our matches but he definitely had it coming to him
: But why were you a dick to him? He might have been willing to put everything behind and try to win. But then you just intentionally let him die? That's pretty childish to be honest.
I have no regrets. If you're going to be a wiener to me or my team or even the other team, then I'm going to do what I can to dick with you. I had zero obligation to make his game enjoyable when he was ruining the experience for everyone else.
: There's no reason they couldn't give us at least a 1 match probationary period where we can't get matched together with someone we reported. If it was infinite, there could be problems in high elo where there are fewer players, but if it was like this we could avoid those 2-3 games in a row being matched with someone we despise and having it ruin the game for everyone. After 1 game apart the chances of being matched together again are super low, and even if you were queued together you'd have that 1 game to cool down. Being queued together is actually super likely right now. If you both leave the post game lobby and queue at the same time you stand a high chance of being matched with or against the same person.
: Trying to stop your teammates from flaming
Then you have that one teammate who's given up and want's to surrender 5 minutes in. http://giphy.com/gifs/the-incredibles-zHfL2GOikrokw
Raeyxx (NA)
: This would be awesome. I had a really rough Kayle game a couple of days ago. We had a very toxic Riven (I know, shocker) in the top lane that would NOT leave me alone about it. Kept calling me a feeder and telling me that I was trash. As expected, I filed a report on her immediately after the game and moved on with my life. Except I couldn't. Because I get into the next game and there she is midlane. She recognizes me immediately and instantly starts to tell my team that I feed and that they should dodge. :/ Like wow, just shoot me at this point, please. I didn't want to dodge because I didn't want to lose the LP I had earned. So I muted her the second we got into game and filed ANOTHER report on her as soon as it was over. (The silver lining here was the fact that I actually dominated toplane in this game and SHE fed mid. Oh, the irony.) TLDR: It's really not fair to get lumped in with someone that you already KNOW is going to give you hell. It's basically tilt before you even leave champ select. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I feel you man. Makes me sad at those moments that my name is easily remembered lol
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Wuks (NA)
: I understand that it's frustrating getting matched with players you've found to be toxic/negative; however, if the Report feature becomes used as a "Do not match me with this player" function, then it could potentially have a negative impact with regards to matchmaking and furthermore cause an abuse of the Report feature. Overwatch had rolled out this feature and recently removed it. For the story on that, check out the article linked below: http://www.polygon.com/2016/6/21/11992934/overwatch-avoid-this-player-disabled-matchmaking
That makes total sense, maybe give it a few games or a day or two for us to forget their name. It's just so irritating to have to deal with someone for one game, report them hoping to move on and enjoy yourself, and then immediately they are back again. Feelsbadman
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Alüe (NA)
: why go mid range when you should go long range my friend! you can be the cool kid on the block! playing {{champion:101}} , {{champion:115}} or {{champion:161}} makes you unique! Join the artillery mage squadron today!
I feel like I haven't seen another {{champion:101}} player in forever. Very underrated and after the update he is far better. Max range stun is respectable again, the zoom-out on ult is perfect, and 5 shots on ultimate at lvl 16 makes you feel like a God.
: When You Play Bard Against Jhin
I remember when it first dawned on me that I could do this >:)
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: I've reached 10k upvotes
http://giphy.com/gifs/upvote-dbz-DijEjLSgJhEcM Props on getting over 10,000!
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: Show of Your Draven Face!
http://imgur.com/WtvXWN8 Woke up this morning looking like this...Rito....thank you. I'll be sure to get all the grills now
: Thoughts on the state of Vel'Koz
I feel like our tentacled friend is in an okay spot atm. At the beginning of this season I went 6-0 with him in my placements. 1 time support, 1 time mid, and 4 times top. He has lots of pros and few cons as well which makes him a solid pick. Sadly though I think that the higher elo you are, the better your opponents will be at taking advantage of your lack of mobility and he becomes a little less optimal of a choice.
: > [{quoted}](name=9001,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NVopoFTf,comment-id=000200000001000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-01T16:44:15.749+0000) > > Because age=grown up? Why would I tell someone to do something physically impossible? Idk, I would think a good parent would be a grown up to secure good learning and guidance for their five year old kid.
When telling someone to "grow up", you are referencing their maturity level and that it doesn't match their age. Throwing fits because Riot didn't bring back a game mode (especially when they told us it would not be back for today) indicates that the person throwing the fit is acting immaturely. I'm immature for my age in some ways and more mature in others. But securing good "learning and guidance" for a child has more to do with responsibility than with maturity overall. I've accomplished this for my kids
: > [{quoted}](name=9001,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NVopoFTf,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2016-04-01T16:31:20.448+0000) > > Never claimed I was the grown up, only telling it how it is. I actually have 3 kids so don't be an assuming moron. -9001 So, are you younger than 18 because you are saying you never claimed to be a grown up. How are you playing this game? Go do your homework and work to feed your family.
Because age=grown up? Why would I tell someone to do something physically impossible?
: > [{quoted}](name=9001,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NVopoFTf,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-04-01T16:10:30.437+0000) > > I actually have 3 kids so don't be an assuming moron. Why are there so many of you entitled idiots who throw these hissy fits whenever you don't get what you want. Grow the fuck up. You keep insulting then as if you are any better. Then you say you're the grown up in the situation.
Never claimed I was the grown up, only telling it how it is.
: > [{quoted}](name=9001,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NVopoFTf,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-01T15:58:56.967+0000) > > My 5 year old understands this better than a large chunk of this community. So you take your life advice from your 5-year-old?
: Why are so many of you stuck up assholes who side with riot for NO REASON other then its funny to start fights on the internet. A huge chunk of the community is pissed to the point of boycott , you being a bitch and lying about having children isn't going to make us NOT mad, you only serve to stoke the flames.
I actually have 3 kids so don't be an assuming moron. Why are there so many of you entitled idiots who throw these hissy fits whenever you don't get what you want. Grow the fuck up.
Elwynn (NA)
: Thats not how you treat your customers. Bottom line.
Yeah. How dare they tell us ahead of time that there will be no URF. The bastards
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Rioter Comments
9001 (NA)
: My Reaction When I Found Out How Much I'd Spent On League
How much I've spent: http://imgur.com/pio3cku
Rioter Comments
: Me trying to peel
It's confirmed. Laughing Fish is really Tom Brady IRL We know your secret.
: isn't {{champion:154}} flexible? So wouldn't he just flex right through the minions?
Rioter Comments
: Got Gold V after placement matches
>...only playing Vel'Koz... 6-0 in my placements right now, 4 of which are with Vel'Koz Knowledge is power my friend. Best of luck with your ranked endeavors!
Hamxmy (NA)
: Help with Rank!
Hey man here are a few tips for you! * Don't play ranked quite yet. I mean this very respectfully. Your CS every match is pretty low and this is true of a lot of newer players. Farming is incredibly important and can get you "fed" without even needing kills. Go and play custom games by yourself and focus on getting those last hits and maybe even watch some videos on how to do it. * Work on your items that you build. On your Kalista game you are in the middle of building 2 or 3 separate items which is alright sometimes but you hit major powerspikes when you can complete a large item. * When you play ADC and you hit level 9, you should switch out your yellow trinket for the blue one and make sure to use it. Also buy a pink ward whenever you have the extra 75 gold after backing. I would definitely steer clear of ranked for a while just to make sure you have a chance to improve some of your more fundamental skills. When I did my very first placements in Season 3, I waited maybe 50 games after level 30 so I had time to practice a few roles with different champs so I could be comfortable playing whatever I had to. Turns out I only ever played jungle and support. I know it's hard to wait but it will pay off, I promise you! Good luck out there man :)
: I know I'm not super good at the game and probably should be in bronze, but I'm still a little confused. Last season I won less games than I did this time (and did worse in KDA too), yet last season after my placements got Bronze III
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that when you are placed, your KDA in your placement games are not considered at all. Everything hinges on your hidden MMR, how many games you won, and I think the MMR of your oppenents. Generally though everyone drops quite a ways. Last season I went from Gold 5 to Silver 3 after going 6-4. This season I ended Gold 4 and so far I am 6-0 on placements so I am very interested to see how far I drop this time when I complete them. I'd imagine I'll drop to low Silver :/ But you can make it back to where you were! Just focus on yourself and try to improve each game, even when you play well :)
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: Stop building Rylais on Vel'koz
It's actually not bad. I've been playing a lot of Vel'Koz recently and in perhaps half of my games I'll end up building it at some point. True the passive slow is somewhat wasted on his abilities that already slow. But the fact that it makes your wide AoE W now apply a slow is extremely useful. I usually buy it as a 3rd or 4th item if the enemy team is particularly mobile and dives a lot to our backline. It turns you into a peeling God and makes landing your combos ez-mode. I especially like it because your w now is hard to run out of and you will often get the 2nd explosion damage off on them meaning they are slowed a second time from the same spell. Also allows your w to proc the extra burn from {{item:3151}} All in all it's not as bad as it seems. If nothing else, the extra chunk of HP does make a difference when I can get to late game with a ton of AP, true damage, slows up the yin yang, damage over time and over 3k HP.
: Xerath Build S6?
I have played quite a bit of Xerath and I fluctuate my build quite often depending on the enemy team comp. Generally though this is what a final build would look like in order of how I build: {{item:3174}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3157}} Here are your situationals: {{item:3165}} (instead of {{item:3174}} ) _I build this first if the enemy team has healers_ {{champion:50}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:36}} {{item:3001}} _I build this early if I'm needing some survivability against an AP assasin_ {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{item:3157}} _Obviously rush this against AD assasins_ {{champion:238}} {{champion:91}} {{item:3116}} _This is my favorite item to whip out later in the game for my 4th item or so. Xerath is already pretty good at peeling when played well. This item makes hitting skillshots and peeling stupid easy. Best feeling is landing your first ultimate and then the next 2 are easy thanks to the slow. Plus the health is nice for survivability. ALSO, now your ultimate can be used as a long distance catching/ initiating tool._ {{item:3092}} _ I haven't been able to play test this yet but I see it being used by others and I think it suits Xerath quite well. Extra money, extra damage (champions and towers), more peel during ganks. Also I imagine the active compliments your ultimate extremely well seeing as they will likely need to blow flash to avoid your ultimate shots if slowed by the ghosts._
La Spork (NA)
: My opinion on Xerath in his current state in the meta.
As a Xerath main, I approve this message. If you are enjoying Xerath, you should pick up my new love {{champion:161}} . I am really enjoying Vel'Koz right now because he procs thunderlords very easily with his spammy nature. Can peel like a boss for himself and his team. And he is a GOD when ahead. I think right now I like him a little better than Xerath even and mainly due to his insane base damage on abilities and his true damage. With Xerath, if you're not even or ahead, your damage can feel somewhat insignificant. With Vel'Koz, you're true damage passive helps you stay relevant no matter how far behind you might be. Plus your amazing "MY EYE IS A LAZER HUE HUE" ultimate will destroy your enemies even when behind due to it's 900 base dmg at full rank. I love my boy Xerath and have carried many a game with him, but IMO Vel'Koz is in a better spot atm and worth playing if you like that Siege Mage playstyle :)
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