PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
25% crit zeal items is good, works better with IE passive. 5k gold IE is not good, costs way too much for 1 item and full build ADC's will feel like 6.5/7 items. Energized stormrazor is interesting; incorporating "Energized" into more ADC items seems like a good idea. No MR on Hexdrinker kinda sucks but a normal shield instead of a magic shield makes it much less niche. Phantom Dancer seems strange. Don't know if current passive is better than that new passive but the bonus AD it gets is nice. Have different starting items for auto-attack focused champions been explored? I feel like a new Doran's item with attack speed or a revamped Cull would be very nice additions. I think changing Cull from this weird niche bonus gold item that ADC's only buy if they die level 1/2 to an actual starting option would offer a lot more variety. Possible options for ADC starting items include: * [NEW] Doran's Bow: 5 AD. 50 HP. 5% attack speed. 3 health-on-hit. - Less AD, HP and sustain (life steal > health-on-hit) than Doran's Blade in exchange for some bonus attack speed. - Gives health over the Cull options * Cull option 1: Scrapping the gold passive. Leaving AD as is (7). Upping health-on-hit from 3 to 5. 6% attack speed. - 1 less AD and no HP compared to Doran's Blade in exchange for more on-hit sustain and more bonus attack speed. - No HP compared to Doran's Bow in exchange for a little more AD, health-on-hit and attack speed - 2 more AD, 2 more health-on-hit and 1% more attack speed compared to the 2nd cull option in exchange for no Energized passive. * Cull option 2: Scrapping the gold passive. Lowering AD from 7 to 5. Leaving health-on-hit as is (3). 6% attack speed. Adding a mini "Energized" passive to it for 25 bonus magic dmg(?). - 3 less AD and no HP compared to Doran's Blade in exchange for more bonus attack speed and a passive that allows windows for a little extra damage. - No HP compared to Doran's Bow in exchange for the "Energized" passive for 25 bonus magic dmg. - 2 less AD, 2 less health-on-hit and 1% less attack speed compared to the 1st Cull option in exchange for an "Energized" passive for 25 bonus magic dmg. Another potential option to help smooth out the power curves of crit ADC's is to add "crit scaling" to their abilities like Xayah has. This would ensure crit ADC's abilities stay relevant while they build crit chance over AD in the mid-game.
: Chad eSports looking for some Chads to fill out our roster
This sounds really interesting, what rank do I have to be to apply?
ItsLowbo (NA)
: Changes to Sightstone/Support Items coming to PBE
Losing all the cool actives to free up 800 gold for supports and make sightstone free. Not a fan of these changes at all. I understand FQC and Talisman will come back in the future but until then this just sucks lol. No more move speed on spell hit, no more bonus team move speed, no more active shield that slows. I don't even feel like supports get their items late what so ever (coming from a D1 support main). Not to mention we also lose the +20% item CDR that Ruby Sightstone gave so the 60% item CDR build won't even exist anymore. This whole change just feels like a heavy nerf to the way supports function. We will now have to change the way we play just to enjoy a bonus 800 gold lol...
Sparkle (NA)
: But restarting the client fixed it? Thank you this is very helpful
Yes, restarting the client fixed it. I could upload logs but I'm not sure of which log it'd be in. There are several created (About 5) at I believe the time I logged in earlier today. If you want all of it what would be the easiest option to share them with you?
Sparkle (NA)
: Was this the first time you were in champ select trying to edit your runes?
Yes. The first time I edited runes in general was right after logging in for the first time today. I made 1 page, queued up and played a game with that page. Game after that, I forgot to make a new page so I tried editing in champ select. Pulled up the runes panel after locking in my champ, glanced over the default pages and decided I'd make my own so clicked "Create a new Page" and thats when the bug happened.
Sparkle (NA)
: Preseason & Runes 7.22 Update
Just had the "Runes panel crashes in champion select" bug. If I knew how to submit logs I would but otherwise, the bug appeared to happen right after I clicked the "Create a new Page" button in the runes panel. I can have (I think) 12 pages right now so it shouldn't have been a problem. The bug also seems to persist into your next games until you restart the client.
Stacona (NA)
: DO NOT IMPLEMENT DYNAMIC QUEUES!!!! Just have solo queue and ranked 5s; because the solo experience will be filled with toxicity with 3 mans and 4 mans (the system will only match 5 mans against 5 mans) both being with the 3/4 mans and against the 3/4 mans so "dynamic queues" will just turn into ranked 5s and solo queue will be atrocious, that or the place will create an insane amount of toxicity with bullying the solo players and there is nothing they can do about it, in fact not only would the solo player be bullied out but he would also get reported and banned because the pre made obviously out mans the solo player because pre-made do mean things to solo players because "it is fun" (for them)
Or get friends to dynamic queue with
IMO, Challenger Ahri should be available the same way it was last year. At the start of the next ranked season; not in the Snowdown legacy sales
: haha no. she was _just_ nerfed last patch. and the across the board armor nerf was technically an adc buff.
Except Marksman actually will be receiving buffs during the preseason. An update like the Juggernauts patch
: It’s time for October bundles!
: I'm impressed with the splash art overall for the upcoming skins. Give the artist(s) a raise or bonus for their outstanding work! {{summoner:1}}
That too, those new splash arts for the upcoming and even existing skins are stunning! {{champion:44}}
: Patch 5.20 notes
Like all these changes, good patch. Also.. those upcoming skins OMG <3 They're all so beautiful I can't choose
Praeco (NA)
: Riot Music Team - Update
Who did the Thresh piece? That's probably one of my favorites. It really captured the whole "creepy/spirity/no escape" vibe he's got going on. Makes it feel like Thresh gets what he wants no matter what and no amount of running etc. will save you The suspense it built <3 Gives me goosebumps when I listen to it
: Update: Refer-a-Friend now retired
Instead of closing it down because "no one used it" or because the other social events were more effective.. why not just give the system more exposure? Those other social events are plastered everywhere on the launcher/news page etc. so of course people will know about it. The R.A.F system? It's just been collecting dust obviously because no one even bothers mentioning it. But you expect people, new or old, to use something that you don't even mention. And well, I don't know about everyone else but I don't bring new people to the game because there's Party IP lol. It does it's job by getting people to play with their friends, but I think that's existing friends (Or maybe new friends because you both want the extra IP) and not actual new players.
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Have Xfinity in the Chicago Suburbs 15 -17 ping but I get a lot of packet loss that I never had before. No ping spikes or anything, just a lot of unresponsiveness if that's what you want to call it.. really annoying
: Find your favorite past login screens!
Thresh's will always be my favorite <3
: Join the team for an URF Q&A
URF should be another game mode for our ARAM play list. Wouldn't really be too "out of control" since it's just going to assign us random champions to urf it up as
: Fewer fancy hats but even more rapid fire
Should just put URF on ARAM
: ikr i want to play anyone who doesnt use mana or energy {{champion:266}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:30}} ?{{champion:55}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:157}} and guys that have cc..................not gonna list them :P
: Please stop updating the flowers in mid and fix your shitty servers. Your client freezes and makes us dc randomly and we get prosecuted because leaver buster. Please rito if I get banned after spending my cash on this game and i didnt even want to leave any of my games but because your client freezes before champ select every time i want to play aram.
Cause the people working on the SRU are also responsible for the servers and client right?
: Music Team Q&A on 1/29
I want to know more about Thresh's song... Gives me chills every time I listen to it. I'd say they did a pretty good job with it
: Music Team Q&A on 1/29
I want to know more about Thresh's song... Gives me chills every time I listen to it. I'd say they did a pretty good job with it
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Haven't played that many games recently and I don't know how positive they might be.. But I don't mind having my chat logs shared ;)
: Dev Blog: Champion Animation
Didn't know Braum was so stretchy. {{champion:154}}
: Warriors
....I hate Imagine Dragons. But this.. this is ok.
: Face off in our fanart contest!
Am I the only one that thinks Kha'zix is missing his left eye?
: Patch 4.15 notes
New yasuo skin but no new zac skin? :(
: Patch 4.11 notes
Now Butcher Urgots splash will look a little more different :)
: Patch 4.10 notes
Essence Reaver will probably become my new favorite item
: One For All is back with a twist!
Still better than ARAM
: Get Two Rune Pages for the Price of One
Silly me.. I just bought a rune page thinking the sale was already on
Wrekzzz (NA)
: Braum Q&A - Gameplay [Completed]
If I'm correct.. the way Braum's Unbreakable works is by blocking the FIRST projectile then taking reduced damage from subsequent ones... while also redirecting them to attack him? Also, lasers (Vel'Koz R, Lux R) are not blocked but just have their damage reduced when aimed at Braum? If I understand this correctly.. then I'm sort of curious about how some other ults might work. Since his Unbreakable redirects things, if lets say, a Urgot ulted Ashe who was behind Braum then Braum activates Unbreakable, will it cancel the position swap from Urgot's ult?


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