: Pantheon has had a 53%-55% win rate for about 6 months now if not more
>Are we ever going to talk about this champion? When his pick/ban rate becomes 20%+ sure.
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: blinds...
Bruh, kyan is lower on the champselect so it's not just a matter of marking your screen to click spam, you ethier have to scroll or type it in. If you have a laggy client, which a lot of people do now, it's actually impossible to get him in blinds. You legit have better chance in ranked
Poske (EUNE)
: Can we disable/remove Duskblade.
It's pretty insane on nocturne actually 100% oneshot at 20 min
: > [{quoted}](name=9kPluzZ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BT8fZIbW,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-12T15:37:57.707+0000) > > Everyone just perma bans them because they are no fun scrubs, where else am I supposed to play him? Gee, if only there were queues dedicated to trying new things out... Something like a Practice mode, Bots, Blind Pick, Normal Draft, or Featured Game Modes...
well excuse me fir wanting to play a new champ in a competitive enviorment
: i feel conflicted, cause i need to ban kayn every game now, but i also have to ban yasuo every game. Easily the hardest decision of my life.
Zac is higher ban priority
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: Never before seen footage of Kayn as a baby
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Glory97 (EUW)
: 8 games is not much. Disconnects with more than 1 minute lenght can trigger the afk-punishment systeme.
But like literally the last time I afkd was 8 games ago
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: League of Legends in the BIBLE?!?
Quepha (NA)
: Playful/Trickster is a dash that changes Fizz's position. Champions can't cast mobility abilities while rooted. Featherstorm only makes Xayah temporarily untargetable. While it still allows Xayah to move as she normally would be able to, it is not actually a mobility spell so she can cast it while rooted.
Fizz: press E, Jump up, become untargetable, choose if you want to move in a directiion, Fall, become targatable. Xayah: press E, Jump up, become untargetable, choose if you want to move in a directiion, Fall, become targatable. I'm really not seeing the difference here. No fucking way you can say Xayah ult isn't a "movement" ability with a straight face
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: Gentleman Zed, Jhin, and Shen skins concept!
: How many times is Kennen going to start building AD before he gets reworked?
Build Diversity??? Do you want every champ to only have one build/playstyle? Ap Kennen is still viable
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: Are we going to stop pretending Pantheon isn't a problem right now?
No ones "pretending" anything, we literally just haven't noticed...
: Laughing Fish's 175,000 lifetime upvote spectacular (Come and get your free skins!)
http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/823/680/882.gif Laughing Fish, better than your average memester
: Their Taliyah vs Our Taliyah
When you and the feeder Tali start flaming each other and someone tells you both to chill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBaiNNVgZVs
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: You literally said those 3 are better AP supports... lmao.
better AT ap supporting dumbass
: She is in a perfectly fine spot, don't know what you are talking about. Lux isn't a support, She is a mid laner.
Not my point, learn to read, neither are vel, annie, and brand.
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: fuck the early game meta
Keyru (NA)
: Looking for Wardens - Volunteer Moderation
I got banned from the boards for a week recently, is that a deal breaker?
: When a teammate pick intends Yasuo
Seems like a good idea until hes trolling your game with ap zed
: LoL Reddit Best Moments 1 - #Reddit Community Montage
You dare speak of reddit in these realms?!?
: Dont stand in Illaois ult
Not that easy when half your team dives her thinking we caught her out
: I completely agree with this post. Nothing makes me hate playing this game more than those kind of a players. Yea, you beat us.. good for you, there is no need to be an ass about it. I can still enjoy the game even when I'm facing a better player than me, it sucks to get beat but I appreciate what they are able to do. I'll applaud the good plays. Why ruin it and be a jerk? I will report players who poison the game with that kind of chat.
Because cause its fun to be mean
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Oelyk (NA)
: Flaming does not help you win games.
Sure, it doesn't. But, at a point it becomes either flame evry now and then, or straight up afk and do something actually enjoyable. And leaver buster sucks ass
Ceol (OCE)
: Let's discuss Lux
I think the problem is her worthless shield, it needs to be scraped completely. Brand, Vel, and Annie all are better support than her with no sheild, even tho we are in shielding support meta. Rly says alot. The good mages all have decent about of sustained damage to compliment their burst, so I would start there. Full on burst mages all suck unless they oneshot you with little effort like Syndra. So my idea would be to get rid of the sheild and replace it with something that synergies with lichbane and her passive. Something to give her sustained damage. [W] Blinding Barrage: Lux gains attack speed and deals extra magic damage [% of ap] for the next 3 auto attacks.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: This animation is a cure to my eyes
Zed= Madara Uchiha confirmed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1wVZ1lsqA8
: Please take CS out of the mastery calculation in ARAM
It's a fucking letter dude, who cares?
: Why can't Yasuo get locked out of his house?
Are we really doing dead baby jokes now?
: does anyone have a few champions that tilt you with their very existence?
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: Yasuo ult trying its hardest to stay away from turret
*Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personal, Kid
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: All Star except it's a song about maining Stoneplate Cho'Gath
hey how do you get a picture to appear in the thumbnail, but not the actual post?
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: "Don't worry I main Yasuo I will carry"
If only there was a actual dodge button...Riot pls
: > [{quoted}](name=ninjablood2,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lwftn1tu,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2017-04-24T18:19:23.424+0000) > > If you nerf fizzes base damages because of tank fizz how will that leave ap fizz? I am a ap fizz main never played him tank and if you remove his base damages he loses his level 3 all in....he already is garbage level 1 has to give up so much cs 1 to 2 and if he loses the kill pressure 3 he'll also have to give up cs then...The reason tank fizz isn't just instantly gutted is because you will gutt ap fizz to do that which is currently 'somewhat' balanced. AP Fizz will be fine, because the tradeoff for lower base damage is higher scaling to balance it out.
That's a rly shit trade off considering how hard it to get a kill off as Fizz in those late game team fights
: But he doesn't have safey. Both kata and talon are safer than him. They have range and low cd blinks.
He actually does, he really doesn't need his jump to oneshot you.
: Fizz needs a base damage nerf
You idiots don't understand that assasins need decent base damage so they can actually snowball, or do you want every assassin to be a feast or famine shit show? Fizz needs his risky lvl 3 and 6 all in. Tank/bruiser Itemization is the problem, not base damages. Pls Rito, don't let these retards rekt another champ like they did to akali...
: This is why we love Huni
Fuck Huni, why he have to go back to KR? Q.q
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