: Riot, we need a pants item.
: Why is riot avoiding urf?
it's because they want urf to be once ina blue moon to hopefully lure back players that's literally the only reason If it were here every other week, that "lure old players" thing wouldn't ever happen. If they lure in someone every so often, just maybe they'll buy rp and stick around
: How is it possible that ranked games are taken less seriously than normals?
well when people stop coming into normals saying "hey its just normals its kay if i troll and feed" maybe people will have a different opinion every time i see that i go into ranked and troll a game c: also Dscimmy sucks
: Everyone has a champion he hates more than anything. For me its Yasuo because he is overloaded and the most annoying shit by far and Lee Sin because he is again overloaded and the biggest team snowballer in the game. The last one to join them lately is Fiora because she is just absolutely broken as fuck plain and simple. I will ban those 3 champions no matter what you want to play because they are unfair to play against so I try to make the game more fun for me or for my oponents, I dont care what you main or what you want to play, I will always ban one of those 3. If you cant handle that I dont want to see a champion in my game then enjoy your permanent ban for int feeding :)
you underestimate how easy it is to int without it looking like it ;) so go ahead, ban them.
Ars3lyn (NA)
: why look into statikk shiv, Meddler please help me understand
energized things don't stack, so does that mean buying shiv completely nullifies the mastery (forget the name)?
: Why doesn't practice tool allow bots, to give bots an inventory, kill clones, or a rewind feature
Rioter Comments
: Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.
if someone bans my champ that I hover and doesn't see bans/play, idgaf. I'm afking the moment we get in game, and will start feeding if the game looks like we may win. I may even throw First blood to the banners enemy lane.
: No. You stepped in a trap, the Caitlyn should be rewarded for it.
: Can we nerf thresh yet?
I said this year's ago Thresh could deal no damage, and would still get picked for his utility alone
: why does nunu run at mach 2?
Quepha (NA)
: They've confirmed several times that refunds are not happening. They will be rewarding players who bought runes in some other way.
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Rewt (NA)
: He did have 150% ban rate in bronze during the first week of the event where yasuo was on free week. so yea...... stfu
: The reason why Lee is more picked/banned than others and how to fix him
: i think nasus is held back by the strength of wither
I think his insane lifesteal passive has more to do with it.
Jango Mage (EUNE)
: So if Spellvamp was unhealthy...
i honestly can't believe people still use the claim that vlad is why spellvamp was removed these people just have no clue what they're talking about
Durfain (EUW)
: The tank update left pure tank items so bad that people are buying support tank items instead
knights vow is legit retarded as a tank item I buy it every game as mundo. What's NOT to like about it? Health, CDR, armor, protecting your carry, and "pseudo lifesteal" and the items cheap as hell
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Thr34t (NA)
: He is pretty fun but if you are looking to pick up an off meta ADC jungler I would do Quinn over twitch. Early game your clear is kinda crap with both so you need to make ganking a priority. If you aren't good at pulling off ganks with them early on then you won't do great with them. Once you have items you can pretty much just power farm and invade with both and just demolish the enemy jungler. Once really fed you can just make picks to force 5v4s. That is the typical play style you want with those 2 champs.
hey delete this post!!! I hate quinn i don't wanna see more of that shit in the jungle my god my asshole took a beating last time i played vs one ._.
Rexxiee (NA)
: Thresh is nearing 40% pick rate with a 53%+ win rate...
: p r a c t i c e m o d e it calculates by who it hits
: Rakan buffs/changes?
rakan is very highly contested in high level play idk bout na but korea loves him
Eedat (NA)
: I dont understand why people dislike Zed so much
people hate him because the person playing against zed has to play nearly perfectly, dodging every Q and E. It's not like they can wait for zed to run out of mana the zed player just needs to not engage with his W while the jungler is close by as far as laning goes, the zed players has infinitely more room for error, or at least that's the way things are perceived
: Pantheon Shouldn't Block Tower Shots.
Rioter Comments
agbudar (NA)
: when is the last time a teamcomp without adc was viable?
just a year or two ago morde was terrorizing the lcs anytime he wasn't banned
Keyoshi (NA)
: Where is this yi/kayle trend coming from?
I've heard it's a strategy boosters are using
Kyunsei (EUW)
: [Gameplay] Krugs irregularity red/blue side
i never noticed this before. Ihave noticed that sometimes you can get stuck behind krugs if aggrod and you're behind them didn't realize till now it always happened on red side
KoKoboto (NA)
: Hey your loss buddy. Unless you feel by ganking other lanes or doing whatever else will help you win. Of course you're gonna have to deal with that other strong enemy later but you don't wanna deal with it so :s
I'd rather lose than reinforce their stupid pick
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: > [{quoted}](name=A Basic Island,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VlukJsea,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-25T07:39:44.016+0000) > > He says it has diminishing returns, which it kinda does. but it doesnt. each point of resistances increased your effective health pool agains the appropriate damage type by 1% that means the first point of armor you have is worth as much as your 300'th or 400'th point of armor.
again, nobody actually cares about the specifics other than the people crying that people that say diminishing returns is wrong let people be wrong, who the hell cares.
: Always shove the lanes as far as you can, without getting killed.
this should be common knowledge if after the laning phase
: Because in a game like this, it is important to know when and when not to buy resistances. If someone thinks Armor has diminishing returns, when the protection it gives doesn't, they might make the wrong decision of a buy.
if they're looking at the % of damage reduction, they already should have a good idea of when to stop buying armor/mr regardless of the wording. It already gives a pretty good idea on the effectiveness in comparison to the previous purchase Unless someone is just stupid, they should know that a boost in health that is say 10% of your healthpool should be better than a 4% reduction in phys damage. These people can't be helped regardless of whether or not they have the terminology right
: Vayne's Q Proc's taking out 60-80% hp at once?
was it an ie+static shiv crit? cus that's normal unfortunately
: Help me prove to my friend that Armor/MR do not have diminishing returns...
why do people care so fucking much about the exact terminology of what's being said? He says it has diminishing returns, which it kinda does. You say it doesn't. Does it honestly matter? Does armor/mr have a diminishing return? Only in a sense that the pure damage reduced gets lower and lower the more you get, which is exactly what a diminishing return is Unless someone goes and looks for the formula, all they have to go off of is the % they see when they buy armor.
Rioter Comments
Darkwind (NA)
: Originally, it was an infinite stacking mechanic similar to Sion. It gave like 4 hp per minion, 50 for a kill and 25 for an assist. Numbers fudged from memory. Once they capped it, it was at like 1500 hp for quitea while. This item has been nerfed a LOT lol
was never infinite unless there was a small period when it was. It was like 1300 minions i believe to get it to max power. And unlike other stacking items, you didnt lose stacks upon death unlike Bloodthirster, for example
: > [{quoted}](name=Themyscira,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=6GEvRNXP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-23T13:58:06.595+0000) > > As a Riven/Darius player it's kinda sad I can tank a Tryndamere better as Riven with Ninja Tabi/Death's Dance then a Darius with Ninja Tabi/Deadman's Plate No you can't. Death's dance doesn't provide nearly as much damage reduction against physical attacks as an item that provides more percent damage reduction than the damage delay of death's dance as well as more health. And imagine if you had a randuin's, which cuts into Tryndamere's damage harder than both deadman's and death's dance.
keep in mind DDs is healing you as well.
: i need to play mundo now (dont ask why) any tips?
Been playing alot of mundo lately, and this is how i build him AS reds/Scaling hp yellows/MR blues/1 AS+2 movement quints. 0/12/18 Q>E>Q>W, Q>E>W max, but at 8 go W instead of E so yuo farm a bit easier. i play jungle and start red buff and ask for a strong leash. Kite the mob in between hits/clevers and kill it. Kill wolves, Q big wolf auto+e+a the small wolves down, throwing a clever at the big one on cd. Kill blue and smite it but not till the end, kill gromp. From here either invade or kill the scuttle. Depedning on where the scuttle ends up when you killed it you may be able to invade vs some slower junglers. You'll still have smite, and can win duels with his Q and E. now im a terrible junglers, so i farm and only gank if the oppurtunty is there when im at the camp by that lane. I'l rarely run across the map or run to that side if no camp is there unless they're pushed way in. Prioritize farming you need to get tank stats. A fed/even mundo can be a big threat, but a behind mundo is almost worthless most of the game. for a build i do machete+3pots>ruby crystal+cloth armor+boots+Refillable potion (optional), giants belt/boots upgrade, boots/giants belt, giants belt (a 2nd one), then i build spirit visage, warmogs, deadmans plate, in no particular order, but I may get kindlegems for the 10% cdr, and blue/red smite somewhere in there early, color depending on team comps. Lastly get a phantom dancer if you wanna have fun ;). Get it early
: Are you really reallly really killing hybrid Shaco....
I'm going to be super sad when this goes too used to go bloodrazor gunblade ludens, tank up/ad from there. Was by far my favorite build, and soon it will be a dead build
: really? ive also seen them build it 1st item and go crit after i mean {{item:3072}} {{item:3086}} {{item:1018}} and then finish {{item:3046}} but sometimes they finish it first
zeal item, cloak, vamp scepter is a great starting path
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: The problem is that now when there's less hp and more resists, you're going to get bursted down by the opposite damage type you're building against. I've seen it a lot of times me being the only ap/ad in the team and I just melt the enemy tank's hp bar with a single combo. Playing safe and staying under turrets does not help when turrets are currently made out of paper.
For this exact reason I almost always start off with 2 giants belts when playing Mundo
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: "Target Champions Only" needs to work with Attack Move Click
tfw you've never used attack move in game feelsbadman
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=FrenchBanana,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ukPA2w0N,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-06-20T20:41:20.173+0000) > > People don't realize how low his defensive base stats are and that you can bait the wind wall. If you open with the cc projectile, knowing very well that he has windwall then you shouldn't be surprised when it gets blocked. A lot of champions can avoid cc by going untargetable (ex. Fizz's E, Master Yi's Q, Xayah and Zed R). Also something I see almost all the time is people don't counterbuild. Early Tabi's severely screws over any semi-auto attack reliant champion. you seem to be confused... it's not possible for a mage to buy ninja tabis
Unless your name is cass than this is so far from the truth If champs like fucking adcs, yi, and tryndamere like tabis then mages can buy it
Moooose3 (NA)
: Is sniping illegal?
Why would it be? All you're doing is watching a particular stream and queing up at a particular time There's no way rito should be able to dictate what people watch or when they que
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