: Rift Rivals Hits the Rift
This is a completely tone-deaf event in regards to Riot preaching for better conduct from its player-base.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lamontius,realm=NA,application-id=osqw6G4M,discussion-id=89wckcsi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-13T21:50:32.065+0000) > > Any update for peering with Verizon, for the Los Angeles area? It is all up! LA Area is showing an average of 63ms.
Thought so, had noticed a slight change, but hadn't seen any announcement about that specifically. Thanks for confirming!
: AT&T Peering Coming Online!
Any update for peering with Verizon, for the Los Angeles area?
: Meanwhile In Top Lane… [Weekly roundup - November 6]
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
As a fairly new player who has struggled to find assistance with getting better, this is almost entirely useless, not to mention mildly patronizing. Yes, we know bad players buy less wards. We know. We get it. Buy more wards. Okay...where do you put them? Why do you put them there? Where do pinks go? Why pink instead of green? When to switch trinkets? Where to use a sweeper? When to use it? Why? How to place a ward properly for maximum benefit from it, rather than limiting its vision? Why ward in the middle of a lane? When? When to ward in your base or at the enemy base? Why? Which upgraded totem and when and why? Now, many of the above questions I've already answered for myself in the few short months I've been playing this game. I've done a LOT of reading, forum searching, question asking and friend-bothering to get those answers. Of those answers, very few have come from official Riot sources. I'm learning everyday and getting better and better at warding. Not just buying them and throwing them wherever, but having a specific plan for them. "So what?" is not the question new or poorly performing players need answered. They need the how, the why the where and the when of warding.
: Into the Mists: Creating Shadow and Fortune
While I am stoked to read all of the new lore and love the direction Riot is taking with making Runeterra feel like a compelling world, I don't really understand how Summoner's Rift and the actual game modes fit in anymore. What is the canonical idea when my bot lane in Summoner's Rift is Miss Fortune and Thresh? What are they doing there? What is Summoner's Rift, now, in the context of the world theme?
: You want to know what I think? https://i.gyazo.com/4a34031ccbc06ec685b35fe4521a2500.gif
: Starter T3 runes on permanent discount in 2 weeks
Just started playing this past June...I...I have already bought all of these. RIP IP.
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
This looks amazing, but I'm also guessing that someone is a fan of Chiara Bautista's art. And if they're not, they soon will be.
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Jynx (NA)
: Bilgewater Community Creations!
WE CAN HAVE AN AWESOME BUST OF {{champion:104}} BUT {{champion:104}} CAN'T HAVE HIS CIGA-oh...oh, nevermind. There it is...uh...carry on, I guess. Sorry.
: Team Dignitas EU and Renegades are your new 2016 LCS teams
The NA CS broadcast was very....awkward...mostly towards the beginning, like there was this huge elephant in the room that no one wanted to acknowledge. All in all, though, I am stoked for Renegades and hope that their current team player comp stays just as it is. Oh, and for Renegades future opponents....you better ban Thresh, or you'll pay.

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