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Yenn (NA)
: Nocturne's ultimate should not completely remove champions for the entire duration of team fights
Porocles (NA)
: Heya, your ticket was likely picked up by Blitzbot and sent to the account team. If you have a ticket number, I'm happy to check on the status for you. In the meantime, I've locked your account for safe keeping!
My account was hacked again by another Russian hacker. How is this happening? I have not used my account for about 5 days but today I tried to log in and agaim it was changed and now has a Russian email. I can see it on my phone which is still logged into the forum but not from my PC. Please lock this account again. I'm trying to get this fixed. I need this to stop happening . I changed my password to somwthing different and more difficult and they still hacked me.
: Account hacked. How do I get it locked till it is resolved?
Thank you. I was helped just a few min ago and back into my account. Russian hacker had my account but it's fixed now... I hope.
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: Rune Refunds and why I quit
Not a fan of this change to the game. I rolled with all changes over the last year or so but this one makes me a little tilted. I like building champs to play different.
: Nocturne's E QoL
Yeah e on minions shouldn't happen. It's a waste and hapoens way to often, especially when using your not to hit a weak champ killing a minion wave in lane.
: So umm what the deal Nocturne....
Noc is a good champ as he is. He's just a little slow till 6. But once he hits that level he can take over lanes and help struggling champs pick up a quick kill or two. He's just one of those champs that are very strong mid game. Some of the newer items like duskblade work wonders in his kit.
eevileye (EUNE)
: REWORK Nocturne
Love him as he is. He's a good champ.
: So Ornn's item upgrades are only meant for late game according to Riot
It looks that way as they don't give a huge advantage for the 1000 extra gold they cost. Not worth the upgrade early.
: Leblanc 45'61% winrate got nerfed again
I never see her played and have not seen her played in a long time. Better nurf her...
: If Riot won't nerf Cho, then they should-
Cho is not hard to kill if you build right.
Eanruig (NA)
: Why aren't Item Sets coming back?
Item sets are amazing. They save so much time messing around in the shop for me. In and out on a second instead of 10 seconds can be a big difference.
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: Seeing how good the Dark Star mode is makes me want to say just one thing to Riot Designers.
: Seriously who came up with the dark star mode idea ?
I find this boring. It was fun for the first game but I have ZERo urge to play again.
ponchey (NA)
: perma-banned for one semi-toxic game
Love these post where the guy forgets and leave out that he was just on part time ban and just got his game back then flames again right away. 5th penalty? Really? I am mad a Riot! Mad they didn't ban your ass earlier.
gottrjr (NA)
: Turrets are garbage
I just think turrets should be played with minions close to them and not as tankable as they are even at mid levels.
: When is the items set coming into the new client?
May be in PBE in 7.10 but then a little while till it hits new client.
: I'm getting really tired of the "better jungler wins" meta
: The mode is awesome and probably the best one Riot created. Black Market fanbase is crowded with masochists, you know it's not happening and you still persist.
Awesome, then you are like the only one. enjoy. it won't be back. And filled with "masochists" like URF is? yeah ok.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: God, I fucking suck at this Darkstar gamemode.
This mode sucks in general. Bring back Black Market.
: Whats up with the new voice in the game for the annoncer?
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: Why is it ALWAYS the Yasuo-Player that feeds and flames the hardest?
Truth. I don't get this. There could be a psychology experiment on this. Riven would be the second champ that has players in that cat as well.
Samandar (NA)
: Easy Champions to main
WW is easy to learn. He takes some time to learn to play very well but the basics are easy to pick up. Eventually you will learn the combos and when to use his abilities. Here's some great WW advice from lvl 7, try not to use your ult to start a 1v1 fight. Save it till you at a little below half health then ult you opponent. You can gain back most of your health then Q right when your ult ends and you will be full health and you opponent should be dead or very close.
Dukues (NA)
: Anyone else struggilng to climb this season?
AFK's and trolls most games. And if I can get a good game I get one player how is playing a first time champ and feeds way too much or a JG they just gets CS till they are level 10 before they decide they will help the any lane. Really it takes some luck to get a team that won't leave and works together.
Weland (EUW)
: flamed on for playing heim supp
I played a lot of hemi supp . It works. But just can't place turrets in the middle of the lane or they steal farm. But if played right it works very well.
: "I'm a fed Rammus/Malphite against full ad comp, I guess I will be fine"
Rammus need CD armor and magic pen. Against an ad comp he's king.
: Junglers dont gank the losing lane...
Disagree. You need to give pressure on that lane even if it's not a real gank. Never showing up is a disaster for the est of the game. JG need to make rounds and show themselves as mobile and everywhere. Pressure on a weak lane will make it last a little longer even if it is a loss.
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: Thoughts On Nocturne?
Never liked playing him in JG. It has its moments. But I would rather WW or Voli. But I have been playing Noc top for a few days now. I have not only won but crushed everyone top with him. The only champs that beat me out of like 30 games is Draven with his poke and speed and Tahm. Some of the really tanky champs are annoying once they get going but I just keep hitting mid with an ult for an easy kill then go back top. I have been carrying most games. Look at match history. Also his early game in lane is great due to his Q extra damage on marked champs.
: Any Intresting Builds For Nocturne?
look at my match history. It's broken.
: Any Intresting Builds For Nocturne?
{{item:3078}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3147}}{{item:3142}} {{item:3117}} I play top Noc
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: there is actually 0 fun to be had in the top lane.
Top is great. And if you can't figure out how to stop these champs then sorry bro. But they all have weaknesses you have to exploit.
: When you're peacefully farming in your jungle and then a ward appears...
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: That new Adaptive Helm or whatever is gonna be a pain. What I want to know is, where is Adaptive Helm and the new Abyssal Scepter getting CDR from?
Both the new Items are very OP for tanks. Abyssal Scepter is going to shake things up a lot. it's a staple on a lot of Ap champs and will now be subbed out for the new Banshee's Veil I think.
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I you are hearing this a lot then maybe you are the one doing something wrong. Just saying.
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: Rakan is trash
His Q distance is way too short but other then that he's ok.
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: Can we do something about life steal?
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