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: there is actually 0 fun to be had in the top lane.
Top is great. And if you can't figure out how to stop these champs then sorry bro. But they all have weaknesses you have to exploit.
: When you're peacefully farming in your jungle and then a ward appears...
MrHaZeYo (NA)
: That new Adaptive Helm or whatever is gonna be a pain. What I want to know is, where is Adaptive Helm and the new Abyssal Scepter getting CDR from?
Both the new Items are very OP for tanks. Abyssal Scepter is going to shake things up a lot. it's a staple on a lot of Ap champs and will now be subbed out for the new Banshee's Veil I think.
: You have to start a custom game in the legacy client, and then the item set will appear in the new client.
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Meteora (NA)
I you are hearing this a lot then maybe you are the one doing something wrong. Just saying.
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: Rakan is trash
His Q distance is way too short but other then that he's ok.
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: Can we do something about life steal?
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: How to not get camped, by a Jungler
As a JG myself. This is correct. If you are weak and push your lane because you want to farm at my teams tower then so be it, ganks for days. And of you have zero health and refuse to leave from under your tower and back then again I coming for you.
: X has no counter-play
Everyone has a counter. People just cry because they may not own said counter champ so they are screwed.
: Why does it feel like AP champs just keep getting screwed by every item change...
The next patch is going to shake up this game a little for sure. I do not like the AP item changes. Adding AP banshee's Veil is going to make that an item used on most AP champs now as well. The switch between Banshee's and Abyssal Scepter is just stupid.
: Fully Stacked Items For Sale In Practice Tool
practice tool need more added. I love it. It heped me a lot with playing. But there is still so much more that can be added.
: Random Champion Button
I would only like this is it gave you a random champ for the position filled or viable champ for position filled. I would nor want so a jg or blitz top.
: Patch 7.7 Balance
Cam does not need another nurf. I already crush her when she's top. Feels bad. Getting the Sol treatment. Another cool champ being nurfed to oblivion. I never see Sol played anymore and Cam is just a tasty treat when I see her top which is very rare now.
DeusVult (NA)
: Rift Herald is almost never taken
I always try for it around the 17 or 18 min mark. Usually by then I'm strong enough to take it and its just good enough to give me a slight edge.
Skyphic (NA)
: ive played 6 games of top today. of those 6 ive seen 2 renektons and 3 pantheons.
Just started playing Renekton abut two weeks ago. I love him. He's a great counter to a lot of champs that dominate top. He does fall off fast though if not fed.
: AFKers
Yep. People who just cause a problem. I realize sometimes there is a computer problem and out of the control of a player but there is a lot of rage quitters and players who just stop playing altogether.
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: Tryn is really unfun to play against and with
Going against him is certain death 1v1 for most champs unless you kite him which is not easy with his flashes and slows. And your only hope is to Ignight him before he kills you and take him with you. Having said that, his Ult cooldown is 1/3 the time that ignight is.
: FINALLY!!! Yasuo rework confirmed!
Saw the rework. Pretty sure that's just a visual of how it feels when he uses abilities.
Raiyza (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hunted9000,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v1ErAWcP,comment-id=000a00010000,timestamp=2017-03-30T14:57:26.598+0000) > > {{champion:164}} created to be a tanky, mobile, assassin And yet she also has true damage, healing, an inescapable ult, probably the longest ranged gap closer in the game? Really now. Camille is absolute bullshit and everyone knows it. No assassin should be tanky like that.
: I would like to see more boots in the game, or enchantments again. Anyone else?
This post made it a lot farther than I thought it would. Maybe Riot will take notice.
Chroyo (NA)
: I'm pretty sure i've died more to an enraged tibbers than a sion in passive.
Yeah tibbers should not be able to kill a champ that early in the game as he can. Annie can kill you with just tibbers at 10mins into the game.
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Bultz (NA)
: Remove Veigar's stacks on death
Learn to play the game. He's very easy to counter. You just didn't take the time to learn. Spent your time learning how to easily counter him instead of complaining on the boards.
: I noticed the predicted time went up, but I've been getting into games faster.
Yeah i have too. I am thinking the predicted time is broken and just defaults to 5 mins.
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: Can Morgana get a mid lane item set?
{{item:3165}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} Then choose wisely
: Thoughts on Galio's rework
I think he's not as good as old galio. Like the update look though. But he basically came back as a flying tank / support.
Lyseth (NA)
: How to beat these guys you mentioned. {{champion:45}} is countered by: {{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:75}} is countered by: {{champion:122}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:48}}
Morgana is also one of veigars biggest counters r. Her spell shield makes his stun useless.
: Stacking Champions are Broken
Bottles champs are easy to beat. Veigar is useless once his stun is used and Nasus is a sitting duck once his ult wares off.
: Veigar Rebalance
Lots of champs counter him and he's is easy to beat if you just east for his stun to go on cool own and then all in on him. Morgan can crush him as her she shield makes his stun useless against her.
Cykä (NA)
Easy champ to beat. If you can't beat veigar then you are a greedy player who just continues to run at him and getting stunned.
: Riven isn't an easy champion
Riven and Riven players can piss off.
: Anyone else want to play black market brawlers again?
I have read about this recently. It seems like an awesome concept. Would love to see it.
kolpy99 (NA)
: Can Heimerdinger get some love with some changes?
His turrets need a little love. Same with his E. His W is still relevant where it is.
: I play Lux and I'm not happy about her changes.
At 45% CD and a kill she get ult back in 30secs. That is just crazy. She can literally ult twice in the same team fight.
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: Yorick Q was on permanent cd
Never had that happen. But thats awesome. Good for you.
: 1000+ FOR REALZIES?!?!?!?!?
I do it on veigar all the time. He still can't one shot every champ and his Ult till scales off missing health of the target. So tanks are hard to kill unless they are below half health. But most champs that get stunned can have all their health taken and if the player is behind in game then yeah he can one shot you.
Bultz (NA)
: Nerf veigar already wtf
Veigar is easy to beat. Just wait for the stun to be used and you have about 10 seconds to defeat his ass before he uses it again. He's easy to kill as he has no health. But if you run at veigar on cool down then prepare to be deleted. It's your fault.
ToolooT (NA)
: Karthus is fun to play but has by far the most counters and it's ridiculous...
He needs a buff for sure on some things. His ult is countered a lot now days hard.
: Veigar? More like V-... Ctrl + Ult + Delete
Veigar is OP because you don't know how to play against him and teammates feed him. Once his stun is used hes a dead duck. His abilities are easy to dodge. If you are dying to a veigar then that's your fault. i watch my teammates continue to run at him, get stunned, then deleted over and over again. And i cant for the life of me figure out why they keep doing it.... Oh yeah, Bronze....
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