: I'm a player who derives a lot of my fun from playing highly engaging, mechanically difficult (and rewarding) champions. My favorite things about Akali and Sylas were learning their more difficult mechanics, and feeling like I was rewarded with an edge over my opponent for my effort put into learning. I understand that I'm in the minority, the "small group of players", but I've noticed an overall design philosophy that seems to avoid this kind of complexity -> power paradigm. Azir, Ryze, Irelia, Akali, Sylas, I understand that efforts (lots and lots of efforts!) have been made to balance them without reducing their complexity, but it feels like we've given up on that now, and the new plan is to reduce complexity and make these champions more boring and easier to balance at the expense of skill expression translating into a power advantage. Is that the case?
Complex champion design isn't inherently bad, but there a few big problems lol needs to over come for them to be fair and balanced. The first, and probably biggest, is ping. If a champion has trick or combos that require button presses with exact timing, you essentially need to disable the champion for anyone who has too high ping. The second biggest problem is clarity. This is a problem I routinely have with Sylas, especially the now removed e-q combo. Champions with a lot of animation cancels and/or similar visual effects have times where it's impossible to understand what the champion did that caused you to die, you just see a flurry of 'something' and then a grey screan. The last problem is counterplay, the Akali, Kalista, Azir problem. A lot of the time the reward for playing a mechanically complex champion is that they are inherently more flexible, have more options and utility, compared to other champions. This leads to situations where the complex champions essentially hold all of the cards in a matchup. This is extremely frustrating to play against because it means weather you win or lose is entirely dependent of the enemy's ability to not screw up, and has nothing to do with you. So, tl;dr, mechanically complex champions can totally exist in lol, you just gotta solve a few problems first.
Meddler (NA)
: I also think it's likely she'll need buffs somewhere to compensate. We've cut a lot of stuff off Akali post VGU though and she's remained an ongoing problem, despite concerns that each round of nerfs would definitely kill her. For this round would much rather cut hard and then see where she lands rather than speculative buff at the same time and increase the odds we buff incorrectly and extend problems further.
Just don't forget to come back to her within a patch or two and not like... Next year....
: >avoiding ratio buffs at least at present to avoid heavy AP builds late game being as effective as we've seen in the past When was ap karma mid ever a broken pick? Besides that one patch where you troglodytes decided to double her e duration for no reason, I dont recall her pick rate or wr getting above 50%. Also how is karma doing damage with item investment problematic? It is central to her champion design. I dont understand why her q needs to have a worse ap ratio than nami bubble. I dont understand why you want to relegate the champ to being a shield bot. There are other ap utility champs like zil and morg, why is karma the only one of these champs you are giving the shaft?
Because of how hard she bullies everyone out of the top lanes if she's has good solo damage.
: One big important question, Since Riot has been delaying the creation of truly dedicated AP Bruiser items for years now and the last time I got a response about why AP Bruiser items were not added this preseason like originally promised last year I was told that we would get them sometime this season, but since you have just started that there would be no big Mid-season patch does that mean AP Bruiser items have to atleast wait until next preseason? I just want clarity since these items have been delayed for years and you guys have admitted that Mordekaiser and other Bruisers are giving kits that have to have ways to make up for the lack of itemization.
As much as I also want ap bruiser items I think a question we need answered before the items exist is: why do we want AP bruiser items? For me, personally, I wanted ap bruiser items to help bring champions like Diana, Mordekaiser, and Skarner into viability. However, all 3 of those champions have received varying degrees of reworks so that those items are unessesary for their viability.
: Personally, I like the new Jungle. Sure I'm not high ELO, and sure I don't touch ranked a whole lot, but playing around camps and objectives instead of chain ganking actually being a viable playstyle is what I've wanted from the jungle since they practically killed farm Jungling in s7 (with the introduction of catchup XP killing counter jungling). I like the fact that if I steal that Shyvana's Krugs twice it does something to her, I like the fact that wasting time in a lane to not get a kill ACTUALLY puts you behind now. Sure there are some things you can make the role more rewarding and more approachable, you can say that about the whole game. Jungling should be about farming as much as it is ganking, and from my thousands of Top lane games from the duration of the catchup XP mechanic, it was just gank until you get something from it the whole year. Maybe riot should raise the XP of some camps mid game, maybe there should be more gold on buff camps. I don't know, but what I do know is that S10 jungling brings me back to the days I actually liked playing the role (S4- late S7), where poaching was a required skill of the role. But hey, different strokes for different folks you know.
The ideas are solid, but the executions is still shit! Why do i fall massively behind if i kill the stone bros. Why is it impossible to ever catch up if i do fall behind even a little bit. If i fail to get a kill in one gank (but did get their flash) while the enemy jungler succeeded one gank i'm now at least one level behind, and because of how the jungle camps scale, I will never catch up. Jungling this season sucks.
Kuponya (NA)
: Forcing Wukong to take conqueror?
He's only as forced to take Conq as everyone else in the game is.
: ***
Sterak's Gage gives Bonus Ad like every other item does. it hasn't given base ad since patch 8.12.
: why are any of these hitboxes a rectangle? No wonder they're bullshit.
: "Jhin R displays two different indicator cones while firing. The enemy sees a smaller cone so when they are "on the edge" they're safe. Jhin sees a larger cone so when enemies are "on the edge" he can still hit them" I'm confused with what you mean by this, wouldn't this mean that the enemy thought they were safe because they were misled by an inaccurately smaller indicator, while Jhin sees the accurate indicator? That is, if the enemies cone is smaller but Jhins is larger and he can still hit them on the edge, they shouldn't feel safe on the edge because they aren't.
I think he just typed it backwards. Jhins ui shows smaller while everyone else sees bigger.
Void2258 (NA)
: Item sets with the new support items are a problem. You cannot set a preferred spot for it at all and it moves around when it upgrades. Both of these are problems. We need to have the active show up on the key we expect, and we need to use that key for something else (usually pots) before the ward trinket comes online. We need to be able to set preferred item slots for EACH LEVEL of the support items. This is especially important since you are no longer having the upgrade happen in the shop; having it immediately in the right place can turn a fight if you need vision, whereas looking down to see where it landed can be deadly. It would also be nice if we could preferred slots for rune items, ie boots, biscuits, and especially stopwatch. We need to know that our invul is on the key it is supposed to be on or a game can be thrown on a bad teamfight. The shop equivalent items do NOT place the runes versions in their spot (ie if you set the stopwatch from the shop to slot 3, the rune stopwatch will still go to the first open slot (usually 1)).
This is a nice QOL suggestion i hope someone at Rito sees this and implements it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: No no no no, keep the DR. Remove the **damage**. Why does his W damage anything, it's a taunt! I know Shen's Shadow Dash does, but Rammus' doesnt so its not a required mechanic for a taunt. Removing damage from Galio and giving him in-combat sustain makes him more appropriate for a tank, and if the on-damage heal scales with his MR it gives him more incentive to build MR like he used to. Plus, maybe there can be a way for the effect to go on allies, **finally reviving Galio's synergy with {{item:3174}}** after almost 3000 years
IF they're gonna give a team heal to Galio, its gotta be in the ult. Justice is here to save the day or something.
Schuhbart (EUW)
: Literally nothing can go wrong when you remove the support item farm penalty, i am looking forward to 10.1 mates
ThIs iS enTireLY NEw AppRoach With No PREcedenT, hOw CouLD It POssIBLy Go WrOnG?
: > [{quoted}](name=CarnivorousSnake,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=ws7hu2EH,comment-id=0059,timestamp=2019-12-13T02:39:00.623+0000) > > I dislike the w since it can’t go through and trying to force him into top lane where he should be more comfortable in the jungle and plus his passive doesn’t make sense since you should gain a shield after you you’re spotted not when you’re invisible, with his e is no point when you’re building ad when it deals magic damage 1- This change list makes him considerably stronger in the jungle than he is on the live game 2- The shield is an incentive for re-engagements as well as emerging from brush (either in a lane or from the jungle) to attack someone 3- E will still scale with AD; it just deals magic damage. There are numerous champions who do this already (Lee Sin E as just one example).
That's interesting that you mentioned Lee. Doing my best to compare numbers and it seems like Wu and Lee have fairly similar ratios, so I have to ask. Is the intention to make Wukong follow a power curve thats similar to Lee sin? A strong early game where you can either outplay your opponents and snowball hard into a dominating mid game, or fail to snowball and only be able to contribute your R to teamfights.
Rioter Comments
: I'm going to go over a few champions here Riven: I feel that her w deals too little damage and doesn't stun for long enough. Ezreal: Won't he be gutted with the current changes? Viktor: Why is his ability to top completely gone now? Yuumi: Why are there nerfs coming with the buffs? People love parts of this champion but I don't think it needs to be a "riot" buff. Where you take something away to give something. Mordekaiser: How is this champion not being touched? Yorick and Malphite are also in the same boat. I just want to hear back on some of these because morde having the highest winrate in the game and not receiving changes next patch at all is kinda a yikes. Some champions are just being forgotten as well..
Mord specifically will be nerfed when conqueror gets nerfed. they'll see if that's enough then adjust from there.
QMighty (NA)
: This one's really hard. I really loved the entirely of Demacian Heart... up until the ending. And I hate how they've followed it up, Sylas is boring outside of this story. Turmoil is great all-around, so I think I'll go with that because I'm not disappointed in it after the fact. I liked Demacian Heart more, but it's also disappointed me more.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 5: The Harder Path vs Fit to Rule
Is Qiyana supposed to be a disney villain? Cause that's the impression im getting from the story.
: And then there’s a Penalty against ‘poaching’ so taking CS isn’t an option either! :-/
THere was always a poaching penalty on the spealthiefs line. This one is actually fairer.
: Amen! Like I play as Sona and Nami and even Biscuit Delivery isn’t a proper solution to our Mana issue. Then they go ahead and take out both, Mana Regeneration and Cooldown Reduction from Spellthief’s which is like WHET :-/ The only reason I’m incentivised to play aggressive with that item and complete my quest in 10-12 minutes (depending on who I’m up against) is so I can get that Regeneration and CDR buff. + now they want us to make 1,000 gold instead of 500. The latter was also a pain in the ass if you ask me but now this is just worse. Then you have the whole thing about ‘Poaching Penalty’ which is like..... pretty sure the person who came up with this one was an ADC whose Support kept taking his/her CS and was mad about it. So hard so slow push now/ get my CS when ADC isn’t around or whatever! -_-
The poaching penalty used to be worse though. This one is actually more generous to actually taking cs.
: thats a solid argument. But Volibear is ONE being, you could say that the tribe of the Volibear could represent that collective apex predator(s), but when talking about singular beings as apex animals, humans don't cut it. And it might be difficult to have one being be able to represent the ability for collective group work. (BTW i knew about the sweating funny how Hippos can sweat too and they kill more humans than almost anything else on the planet...maybe its really hippes that are the APEX?)
They're herbivores and not predators though. Also they're sweat is different from humans'. Hippo sweat is more like an oil and its purpose is to moisturize their skin. It doesn't cool down the body like human sweat does. Humans can cover the greatest distance without stopping on foot out of basically anything. Some birds can out distance us but only because they can glide and stop exerting themselves during that time. Also also, hippos aren't even the ...apex herbivore?... of africa. That would be Elephants. Because they form packs. Also also also: the brain consumes more calories per weight then any other organ in the body (human or otherwise). This is what i was talking about in my first comment when i said we had to be effective hunter BEFORE we could evolve our large smart brains.
: im pretty sure its the other way around, its out intelligence that allowed us to become effective hunters and apex predators. But an aspect of nature should be embracing instinct and other attributes before intelligence, bc put most humans in a fight against other apex animals (not even predators) with just their own natural weapons and defenses (meaning NO TOOLS/traps ect) and the human will lose
NOPE. What made us apex predators is our ability to work in groups (lots of animals do this so it's not super special or a sign of advanced intelligence) and our ability to sweat. Yea, sweating makes us an apex predator.
: yeah they should aim for the middle ground, then most everyone will be cool with it, the only thing im worried about is that if they go more with the chilled out regal side of him that we won't get as interesting a kit, because unispired visuals can lead to uninspired game play. I ALSO have a sneaking suspension that Riot may pull the "monsters-aren't popular" card to justify going with a more tame design which we know is a blatant lie since they cherry picked the results for that study SUPER hard (like excluding Kha'zix and Nocturn from the monster category). Monster's aren't not popular, niche kits/gameplay, or niche personalities/lore are less popular. I don't want a humanoid polar bear, i want what Volibear is supposed to be a: demi-god of the storm (hopefully MORE than simply lightning) and the pure unforgiving wrath of nature (not just war), that takes the form of a monstrous bear. This isn't something that would mimic the form of a human; bc humans aren't apex animals (intellect aside). Don't give us some watered down version of volibear that comes with a uninspired kit pls.
Good points all around except for the whole humans aren't Apex predators thing. We were (are) THE Apex predators. Even without our intelligence. It's more accurate to say we were such effective predators that we developed our intelligence as a side project cause hunting was too easy for us.
: It works for a skin but its basically scrapping what was originally there and doesn't evoke "Thunder God" at all I'm honestly getting tired of reworks that totally scrap the original champion concept. Sure, something like Sion works because he's still a muscular axe guy and they kept a couple pieces of the kit. Sure, something like Urgot works since he has a projectile Q that's similar to old Q/W and a swap, similar aesthetics as well. Sure, something like Fiddle works because it keeps the silhouette and core features like the fear but pushes more horror. I don't like shit like Swain or Galio where there isn't anything recognizable other than ravens or a magic resist shield. Even if people like the reworks, I think alienating the old fans in the process of making what's really a totally new champion is a bad idea. Scrapping everything about Volibear to make a monster "bear" sounds like something that'd just piss off all the Volibear mains and leave another piece of League history dead. Again, I'd be fine with a skin. But stop just straight up deleting champions. Its supposed to be a rework, not a replace.
I MOSTLY agree with you but disagree with Swain. They kept the most important thing for me which was the ult while giving him the tools to deal more like an actual tactical geinuis. Which I guess is the point, which reworks are successful or not are just really subjective. Like, if you looked hard enough you could probably find people who disliked the Sion or Warwick updates.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Rather than just tweaking the numbers can you please just redesign aftershock? The way it functions right now means it is just better for non tanks than tanks. Let me explain, imagine an op version of Aftershock gave complete immunity for the duration. While Tanks would run this rune (everyone who can, would, obviously) they would be that class that gets the least use out of it. Champions whose cc normally would allow for retaliation during the duration and who can lay down all of their damage quickly and then use the invulnerability to prevent any retaliation from the enemy would be the most abusive with this rune. Meanwhile, Tanks are the worst abusers of this rune. First off, because their cc does not allow for retaliation they're effectively wasting a large portion of the invulnerability. An Alistar that land the dream 5 man pulverize has essentially wasted 40% of the rune. Secondly, because tanks lack the mobility to engage and disengage (the can basically do one or the other) if they try to use the rune proactively, most other classes can kite them for the duration and then retaliate when the invulnerability wears off. At this point you might be asking, "If Aftershock is such a terrible rune choice for tanks, why do they all take it?" The answer is simple, but terrible. There is no other option. Any of the scaling damage options are out because Tanks don't buy damage, obviously. Press teh attack seems like it could work, until you remember that tanks auto attacks are so slow they might not even be able to proc the rune. Guardian would be a great rune choice, but it's so restrictive with its conditions that basically only Rakan can actually use it. Grasp of the undying seems like it should be a good choice but then you remember that's it's useless against a ranged matchup and that against other melee classes tanks lose hard if they take extended trades. I shouldn't have to explain why Kleptomancy and Conqueror are bad choices, and anything in the inspiration tree is problematic because they you have to take the sub-runes of the inspiration tree. Anyway, while I had some ideas for how you could fix Aftershock this post already went on WAY longer than I intended it to for something that won't be read or acknowledged.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Some ADCs care very much about levels. For example, Jhin. The bonus AD he gets from his passive scales with level. Will Jhin mid be his new role?
Well my full prediction was that all adc's would eventually be replaced by duo supports. So if Jhins lucky he might find a place in mid. If he's Lucky.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Jhin naturally falls back to a supportive role in the late game when he isn't fed, focusing more on snaring enemies and finishing them off with his execute damage than stepping up and 1v5ing like a Jinx or Kai'Sa would. He sucks at killing tanks, but he can blow up squishies like no one's business, which also makes him effective in the midlane, where he's far less likely to see a tank/bruiser in the early game and doesn't have to worry about getting caught by the enemy support. Jhin mid is already a thing, it's just not his best role. If botlane XP is going down and solo lane XP is going up, Jhin might move to the midlane simply because his early game is his strongest point. He needs to snowball at least a little bit, and that's easier when you don't have to worry about getting hooked and getting one kill means the lane is empty.
This is exactly what happened to Corki so it's very possible it can happen to Jhin.
: > [{quoted}](name=A Frisky Jacket,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EO5ZbA9J,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-16T18:58:53.012+0000) > > WE don't actually know how the support items will work mathematically, we just know how Riot THINKS it will work. And, based on riot track record here, there will be massive exploits that will go unfixed for a long time. At least until 1 month after pro teams start using the exploit. Exactly. If Riot thinks it'll work in a balanced and/or fun way? It probably won't.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: With Senna it will be duo marksman for a long time.
Pika Fox (NA)
: It will likely be very hard to exploit the gold from support items, as if you CS too much, the gold gen itself turns off, and you need that to advance the item tiers. ADCs will still be popular bot, as they physically do not care about levels. An ADCs only job is to kill objectives, which is item based, not ability based level based.
WE don't actually know how the support items will work mathematically, we just know how Riot THINKS it will work. And, based on riot track record here, there will be massive exploits that will go unfixed for a long time. At least until 1 month after pro teams start using the exploit.
Quáx (NA)
: The one thing that I was unsure of in the preseason notes.
Isn't the whole point of elder to be that if you get it now you can win the game? IMO, the real problem is that you could potentially get a pre 30 min elder dragon and how powerful the 4th dragon "soul of the dragon" buffs will be.
Rioter Comments
: Some of the new routes are actually kinda awkward
Man THIS is a quality post I with riot would see and respond to.
: > [{quoted}](name=BigFBear,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LQAEEnFx,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-10-16T11:55:38.044+0000) > > "We’re increasing base minion XP slightly so solo laners level a bit faster, and we’re reducing the amount of bonus XP generated when allies share XP so bot lane levels a bit more slowly. We're also slightly decreasing jungle XP." > > http://www.surrenderat20.net/2019/10/riot-pls-10th-anniversary-edition-senna.html > > That mean the gap between Jungler lvl and solo lane lvl will be even bigger? lmao > > R.I.P. solo lane ganks. > Hello botlane camping (even more) This whole preseason in context literally reads "Well Conquerer was breaking the game but we didn't want toplaners to quit... so have a bunch of changes that will make your role important this season." Like the game is still going to revolve around mid as the backbone of the team and they benefit from this change with no penalty. But given we're in a meta where adcs are optional at pro level and the games are decided by fighting, we're basically going from a solo lane meta into another solo lane meta. Except you might actually be allowed to play tanks top this time.
Weirdly enough this might force mages out of bot lane, because mages scale with levels more than marksmen do. There would be no reason to have a Heimardinger that's 3 levels below a Darius, he'll barely tickle him. That said I don't think this is a good thing for marksmen either. They're already such a week class that they're getting forced out of their lane by everything else. Given all the changes we're seeing I'm anticipating duo support bot as being the new meta. Hopefully when that happens Riot will realise how much they fucked up and revert these changes. So that will be half a year from now I'm guessing.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Im more worried that reducing duo lane xp will lead to supports forfeiting xp to the carry even more. Jungle xp is being reduced so solo lanes get more of an inherent impact and jungle impact is reduced. Hopefully this wont lead to a rise of early gank junglers relying on kill xp to make up for the deficit.
It probably will, especially since the solo laners get more exp now getting top one kill ahead means gg at 3 min.
Ekoth (NA)
: The only thing I'm worried about here is my boy Thresh. I understand why most ranged champs are pushed away from targons, but with spellthiefs being a pretty bad choice for him, I'm worried he won't have any good options for support itemization.
targons will work for ranged champs now so he can take that. the ms from coin will be missed though.
Larriet (NA)
: I don't agree with skins. The rewards should be for TFT players, not for League players. That would feel bad for people who play only TFT, because they couldn't use the rewards. It would also feel bad for people who play only League, because they would have to play a game they don't care for to unlock something they want. I personally like the arena skins a lot, and I also think getting Little Legends through the pass is GREAT. Currently, Emotes, Little Legends, Arena Skins, and Icons are the things you can use in TFT for player expression, so those things make sense as rewards. But if there's anything else that can be added for TFT players, I'd be all for it! Since this pass will mark the end of the "Beta season", I wonder if we can expect a new Set (that is, a set of ALL new units) to replace the current one for next season. I'm excited to see it!
Based on how it was previously explained the current roster will form the "core" set of the champion poll and won't change. Then every season they will add a decent chunk of temporary seasonal champs and/or items that should spice things up for that season.
Jurdn (NA)
: The type of anger and energy people put behind absolute speculation in this comment section is a direct reflection of the same reason league of legends is an insanely toxic game. Wowie.
I hate you comment. Because it's accurate.
Hotarµ (NA)
: It's sad that you're actually trying to use that as evidence for him being broken. Three things. **_*~~1~~*_** - 0.7% playrate. So _even_ if that winrate was accurate (which it's not, I'll explain in point 2/3) it's ultimately irrelevant as it's such a laughably low rate. By that logic, [**Kled is broken because he's got a 59.76% winrate in the Support role, right?**](https://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.winPercent&order=descend) If that's the way we're doing things now? **_*~~2~~*_** - Look at your sample size before citing things as evidence. "4,943 matches (Last 2 days)" is way too low to make any assumptions, and again I refer you to that Kled comment. _**Low playrate + high winrate is not enough information to go off of in terms of buffing or nerfing.**_ **_*~~3~~*_** - As someone who actually plays Pyke and interacts with Pyke mains frequently, Pyke mid is more reliant on his laner misplaying than anything else. Any competent laner knows how to shut him down, zone him out of CS, and stop him from roaming. Pyke mid, Pyke top, and Pyke jungle are not consistently good anymore.
First, i'd like to point out that you never addressed how the win rate was inaccurate in your second point, you just restated your first point that you believed the sample size to be to low. So, points deducted for stating the same argument twice but claiming it to be two different arguments. But i guess you can have them back because you got some nice html markup formatting skills? ANYWAY, I think there's a bit of a difference between the 1000 kled games and the 5000 pyke? IDk. What WOULD be an acceptable sample size for you? Doesn't really matter honestly because of the final point, which is THE point. Pyke will punish mistake way too hard but at the same time has the tools to undo any mistakes of his own that he makes. Meanwhile his snowball potential is insane because he essentially gets 3 kills for every one kill.
Hotarµ (NA)
: > 1. He can build resistances. He _can_, but isn't going to do so until his 4th or 5th item. Building resistances any earlier significantly kneecaps his usefulness. When he finally does build those resistance items, it's pretty much never **pure** resistance items like Spirit Visage or Randuin's Omen, it's damage/resistance items like Maw or GA. None of which actually make him that tanky. > 2. He can heal with items just like any other champion. Assassins shouldn't have innate healing. _Support_-Assassin. The tradeoff is that his damage output is laughably low in comparison to other assassins and even regular Enchanter supports. > 3. He turns bonus HP into AD, so he has a passive, why does he need 2? The HP limiter and Lethality scaling act as a leash to keep him from thriving in other lanes. Both times when those leashes were circumvented (tank Pyke and solo-Pyke) they were quickly shut down. I see your most played champion is Garen. Why should _he_ get two passives? Surely if Garen already regens insane amounts of HP, he doesn't need the bonus armor and MR right?
> [{quoted}](name=Hotarµ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7Hl3arA4,comment-id=0002000000010000,timestamp=2019-09-17T20:50:08.564+0000) > > _Support_-Assassin. > > The tradeoff is that his damage output is laughably low in comparison to other assassins and even regular Enchanter supports. > > > The HP limiter and Lethality scaling act as a leash to keep him from thriving in other lanes. Both times when those leashes were circumvented (tank Pyke and solo-Pyke) they were quickly shut down. > https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/pyke/middle yea thats a healthy mid winrate for a SUPPORT -_-
: Hes not the problem: The entire team's current view is. They have two buttons in front of them: First one is Fix Jungle and Toplane Second one is Love Tap Kai Sa Which do you think they pressed?
: I quit this game due to balancing around pro play. Every problem with balancing has to do with pro play. The moment Riot started to balance solely for them its the moment game quality for the average player decreased.
Soooo, you quit this game 9 years ago then? Weird that your still on the boards 9 years later...
: He doesnt have that much mobility tho
Low cd dash (that used to be able to store multiple charges) and a big ms boost on his ult. He's got very decent mobility
: I genuinely believe they should revert the rework Oldtrox was never the problem child newtrox is, newtrox has been in nearly every patch since his release with so many things being removed from his kit to the point he shares basically nothing in common with the original champion other then name, while oldtrox was a viable toplane pick for nearly a year with basically no presence in any patch notes Their reason for reworking him was he was a "stat check" but he actually had skillshots and timing/strategy in his kit, while there are champions still in the game like yi udyr Olaf and others who can do litraly nothing except stat check So yes, imo aatrox should be reverted Oldtrox wasn't the patch notes problem newtrox is He wasn't so disparate in pro/solo as newtrox Nothing that made aatrox unique has been kept in newtrox as his kit is so problematic they couldn't afford to keep it Etc etc etc
Old trox was only not a problem in that he was always severely underpowered. There was one time where they brought he's numbers up to be comparable to other champions and he became just as much of a problem child but in different ways. He was just easier to nerf back then.
: In all honesty, Aatrox is the worst rework to date, and it sucked up a ridiculous amount of balance team's time over his existence. It is a lost cause by now. Since the Q is a fundamentally broken spell, but also the core of Aatrox's kit, they are slowly stripping him of everything else. First the second E, then the iconic revive, and many other little things. What's left to remove is: - any form of minion sustain, because honestly he doesn't need it. - his E going through walls - the reset mechanics in his ultimate
Abandon (OCE)
: @RIOT You cannot balance the new Aatrox for Pro Play and Solo Queue at the same time.
God this post speaks so much truth. Like, why can't riots balance/design team see this? Strong wave clear and mobility on the same champ has always led to toxic in pro but useless in normals. And they keep making this same mistake.
Bazerka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ywFy01Ku,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-08-21T19:49:24.314+0000) > > Playing any games besides league lately? > > Playing any good smartphone games? Yea! I'm always playing lots of games. League is certainly the only game that has stuck around for this long (I've been playing since ~ beta), but besides league I play a lot of driving sims (Forza horizon 4, F1 2019, Dirt rally, etc). I recently got done with Celeste which is a fantastic platformer, and I'm about to jump into Final Fantasy 14 with some of my teammates from work. As for mobile games, been playing Archero and Epic 7 mostly. I don't play a **ton** of mobile games since a lot of my time is spent at or around computers, so the accessibility is there for me to play on that platform :). However if a good game comes out on mobile I'd definitely pick it up :D
> [{quoted}](name=Bazerka,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ywFy01Ku,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-08-21T19:58:20.727+0000) > > Yea! I'm always playing lots of games. League is certainly the only game that has stuck around for this long (I've been playing since ~ beta), but besides league I play a lot of driving sims (Forza horizon 4, F1 2019, Dirt rally, etc). I recently got done with Celeste which is a fantastic platformer, and I'm about to jump into Final Fantasy 14 with some of my teammates from work. > > As for mobile games, been playing Archero and Epic 7 mostly. I don't play a **ton** of mobile games since a lot of my time is spent at or around computers, so the accessibility is there for me to play on that platform :). However if a good game comes out on mobile I'd definitely pick it up :D OH, OH! You should check out Sdorica then! It the only game with gatcha elements I would ever recommend. (not the only one I play which says something).
: Twitter, and the #LifeOfAPatch, I do believe, tends to have a lot of the discussion Rioters are putting out on changes or questions.
I thought the life of apatch thing ended? i followed it when it was around. I dont really use the chirper and who would i even follow is a question.
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: Yeah, Rioters tend to be on the forums a lot less and more on other platforms nowadays. Where people choose to engage is something we tend to leave up to the individual Rioter in question. From what I've seen they usually make the decision based off where the most players are, what platform they have a personal preference for and how they can reach the particular parts of the LoL community most interested in the subjects they'll cover. Back in the earlier days of LoL (2009-2013 ish?) a lot more of the LoL playerbase used the forums, so Rioters were more likely to be here too. Nowadays Boards composes a much smaller proportion of the playerbase than previously and tends to significantly over or under represent different segments of the playerbase.
Where might be a good place to look if one wanted similar content what your putting out here?
: I have to somewhat disagree with this. TFT is suppose to be based off of RNG, just like poker. A more skilled knowledgeable player out a hundred games will win more than some inexperienced player will. TFT = play with what you're given.
I agree tft is a lot like poker that's a good anology. So it should be easy to understand when I say random amounts of items in tft is like if in poker you were delt a random amount of cards.
: that mechanic will be removed so it shouldn't be going on anyone really.
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