DotA is much more toxic and people don't even be mean on the chat in DotA. I've only heard either nice people or people trying to shotcall on DotA, so I find it dumb that people say we can't add it because people will hurt our feelings. Even so you can mute them, or it could even be put in like HotS where you opt into chat. The people saying they don't want it literally don't even have to use it.
: Dear lux players
Someone's about to get predator lasered.
: Actually muting every single players in my team from now on.
The worst part is that sexism doesn't trigger riots no no word filter, so reporting them does nothing.
: Want to get out of a match without dodging yourself? Pick Yuumi
I'm more likely to get a Dodge hovering Yuumi support than Yasuo support.
Spotty (NA)
: why cant we press SPACE to jump in game like WoW?
: We presently have a 6:2 ratio of female:male proportion in prestige skins
: > [{quoted}](name=xPhantomDancerX,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ethY3X2M,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-22T00:51:19.662+0000) > > Yes. What are we changing manaflow band to cuz not every champ has mana
: Morgana got skinnified bring back miss thicc....
Wasn't she just a dress with cleavage at the top before?
: Isnt it time we nerf jinx now?
Man if she kills someone just once early, that crazy bitch turns into hyper-Draven with smaller boobs.
: Please change Shield Bash because only a few champs can use it right now
I think it's fine if a rune is niche. I wish some more of them were, but I also think the balance team is a bit out of ideas for what to put in the resolve tree since a lot of them are really uninspired. Not every champion has to use any rune. Garen can't use aftershock, and a lot can't use sudden impact but they're fine.
: He needs a rework
Make him better at punching.
: I like this aspect of Ryze. It's so hard to play around your teammates, mainly because they don't know how to play around you, but carrying as ryze feels like solving a rubick's cube.
: I just had this happen to me! He had a Yasuo username and told us he would carry because he was a diamond smurf. He died immediately in lane 1v1, got mad and quit.
All Smurf means is they aren't afraid to quit.
: haha you have yet to see Rengar/Yuumi bot.
: But we can hope. Honestly the function of this as it's always been is like if TF's gold card stunned you the moment he picked it and selected you instead of after the travel time.
That makes more sense though because I watched Yu-Gi-Oh and suckas deadass freeze when you topdeck that Egyptian god card. Ain't nobody scared of no wind. Especially not bullets.
Marqæz (EUW)
: MSI Trials: Mission bug?
11 dropped to 6 for me as well
: There is absolutely 0 information about houses after selection (Trials Event)
I bought the pass minutes after it came out. I had no idea what any of the factions were, and I even looked up what I could. I only really found the individual videos for them, which were on YouTube and unlisted at the time. Everyone in my club seemed quite confused about them as well throughout the rest of the day. I think it was a great concept and attempt to make choosing a side in a VS event actually feel personal, but people who either just quickly picked one or were early mostly are left in the dark. Closing off the information is presumably to remove some clutter, but I agree it should be filed away somewhere for those particularly interested. Maybe someone wants to know WHO they're against. I keep seeing blue, purple and green icons pregame but I don't even know how to BM them for picking the wrong faction because I hardly even know which one I'm in.
: "Here we go once again with the email, every week I hope it's coming from a female"
> [{quoted}](name=Hypochondria9,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=APUbfydP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-03T21:26:39.494+0000) > > "Here we go once again with the email, every week I hope it's coming from a female" Still say this every time I open my E-mail. I actually need help. Please. 😂
Moody P (NA)
: anime was a mistake and this brand of anime pandering is especially shit should have been Volibear
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=b0XwNZTr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-25T16:55:44.525+0000) > > Not if you're a furry. I said warwick not nasus
: What champion can one-shot players?
{{champion:142}} with electrocute can sometimes one hit a support or ADC if she's ahead and lands bubble into a long range paddle star and procs her passive at least once. If you're really fed, bubble paddle star can one hit on its own and you almost feel bad. But you picked Zoe, so your empathy is questionable at best already. Ludens and lichbane are good for burst. Game's usually over before you finish Rabaddon if you're actually exploding people.
Zethro (NA)
: New gamemode idea: Laning Phase
This is similar to the 1v1 queue some people want. I think as a 1v1 the frustrations you're trying to alleviate probably work out betterment there won't be any roaming, for example. DotA's rules for 1v1 is win by getting 3 kills first or first tower which I think would work fine in this game because that essentially encapsulates Laning without any of the macro. I know some people on smite only play 1v1 as well for similar reasons as you posted. That one goes all the way to the Nexus, though, I think. It only being one on one doesn't really work for supports learning or junglers, though.
: nO OnEs eVeR ReAlLy gOnE
: Lets be real who would want any of theses back
: > [{quoted}](name=The thigh guy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=khrUOBEK,comment-id=000b0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-09T18:50:42.226+0000) > > Kayn has a pretty good lategame tbh. No he doesn't. He falls off like a damn rock by the expense of having one of the godly midgame performance in the whole game. If performed by a experienced player, he closes off the game by the 25-35 min mark. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/kayn Shadow Kayn's passive which does magic damage is designed to fall off by level MR. (There was even a serious debate of buying sorc shoes to bypass this problem to get magic pen. Some people did the math and tried it out including myself) One of the 2000IQ builds I ever seen on Blue Kayn at the subreddit. {{item:3147}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3812}} The sorc boosts amps the shiv lightning (magic dmg) and the passive on top of the duskblade and IE crit bonus (which makes perfect synergy with shiv that is already boosted with the passive). The results are glorious. ...The downside of course is that you will be dedicated to Blue Kayn even from boots selection. But some people worship the blue rectangle of death.
: You can do any crazy shit.
: Another Wait do what now Mission
Can we get some more dog icons in here boys
: In love this game but no friends to play with it's getting stale
You could also check out the League of Legends subreddit Discord to find d people to play with. That always helps a lot for most people. The subreddit has a lot more people than here and some resources to find players if you don't get anyone interested here.
: Thanks to Riot, I lost my first ever bot game for a giant meme.
Bro can you even say that on the boards that's the _mother fricken_ **sex number.** 😮😳😥
: This community is so shit
Moody P (NA)
: me next, OK?
> [{quoted}](name=Moody P,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1kvz8AdX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-31T02:55:36.695+0000) > > me next, OK? Will you sign my replica of Darius's right bicep I'm a big fan
: We're reaching levels of low effort shitposting that shouldn't even be possible
I think the only thing worse than a dumb post is a post about a dumb post.
Plz. I have like 200 friends and run a club with 100 members. If I log on just to do first win of the day, I don't want to have to tell 20 different people who invite me that. 😔
: Probably because it's a dead mode. Maybe next season they replace its two queues with Solo Queue (no duo) and Team Queue (5-man premade only) to go with Solo+Duo Queue and Flex Queue. {{champion:78}}
> [{quoted}](name=Kroy Khasis,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IETFyOov,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-03-23T02:47:51.734+0000) > > Probably because it's a dead mode. > > Maybe next season they replace its two queues with Solo Queue (no duo) and Team Queue (5-man premade only) to go with Solo+Duo Queue and Flex Queue. > > {{champion:78}} Wtf where's my yasuo only qeue
: Idea: Wishlist
Riot has said that they know people want this, but due to how the store is designed, it is surprisingly hard to implement right now. "Maybe some day." I think it would be cool, too.
: Is there a place or website to find people to play with?
https://discordapp.com/invite/LoL League of Legends subreddit Discord. Has looking for players channels, and also links to other discords that are role specific that are good to look into for example if you're looking for a support check the support one.
Rioter Comments
Prună (EUNE)
: Nerf Yasuo Passive
I feel like making his bonus critical strike scale with the rank of his wind wall would be an interesting compromise if it's ever necessary.
: Thats you tossing them into the enemy team right? Lol
: What would you expect from a Melee ADC
Melee carries in any other moba tend to have mobility of some sort, and very strong damage steroids in their kit. They typically end up in a design similar to Yi, which I doubt anyone really wants in this game. But, other mobas have additional checks and balances to keep melees viable as carries that league lacks. For example, BKB and Blink dagger in DotA help a lot for melees to not get chain stunned or kited for ever, and so does the way the very stats work in the game like armor giving agility, or strength giving raw hp depending on the hero type. Stuff like turn rates being in the game also help keep melees from being perma-kited as well. Furthermore, talents in DotA and League help melee heroes adapt and scale in a way that League is sort of missing as well. I don't think this game's really designed for it in its current state. They'l most likely either need to be overloaded to stay viable like Yasuo, or just delete everything once they spike due to the way the game plays out right now. Fundamental item changes would have to be implemented first in the very least, and that'll throw everything else off more than anything.
: Sassy Space Dragon
: I'm sure. I play really aggressive and love to invade, and I used the vision from Tracker's + Oracle's to be able to constantly be aware of the enemy jungler's position (which was important on Kindred especially, since it helped me secure marks). It was also my go-to when behind, since I became a warding machine in games where I couldn't snowball out of control with the Smite upgrades (like a game where I was _really_ far behind as Kha'Zix, but buying Tracker's helped me get map control for my teammates that did manage to do well) Being a former support main helped. Tracker's was a large leftover from my playstyle before swapping to jungling full-time.
I'm currently a support main, and when I play jungle, I like supportive junglers like {{champion:20}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:427}} , and having no trackers knife makes me really sad. Especially when the {{champion:17}} support doesn't upgrade his {{item:3303}} and the mini-map looks like someone turned the lights off. :(
: oh yeah because that's what we need in LoL, more boring sexy/hot characters, not like we're already drowning in those...
I don't find any of the male characters in this game attractive. I definitely don't find any iteration of captain space aids attractive, but you have to consider some people probably did. Everyone has different tastes, so maybe they don't care for the other 'sexy' characters. Regardless, there's a lot less sexy male in the game than female, and the people in this post don't seem to want sexy for sexy like Kai'Sa.
: Bless your heart, it's an M&G post that's not laughing fish
The Laughing Fish recession is over. The Memes and Games economy can flourish again.
: My boards profile doesn't work
Have you changed your name, and have you tried logging out then back in?
: Update Clubs ? Maybe?
I own a club with a hundred people in it. There are no moderation tools at all other than kick. Can't delete messages if a new member spams a bunch of profanity. Officers can't mute to stop something before asking what to do. People in clubs can't even add each other from the club, and I don't think they can invite one another. I can't even view member profile from it to see who's inactive. It's really nothing more than an extra chat box you can fill with a hundred people. Any other community related stuff you want to build other than that you have to do elsewhere like Discord.
: Font of Life rune, aka stoneborn pact. Question bout animation.
https://puu.sh/CUX1U/b88eeb3c33.jpg It might just be the replays. It works fine for me on the practice tool on medium-high settings. If it's not showing up in game at all, maybe it's a bug. The ability doesn't show up on the enemy status bar regardless, though, I think. It doesn't for the dummy in the screenshot.
: I use to use support ziggs. and the Mines and Satchel would proc it. (slow from the mines, and displace from the satchel, and the exhaust summoner). I'd build out ardent censer and use it plus FOL rune with locket and redemption, and mines/satchel/exhaust. One other option I never went with would been frozen fist to add in aa aoe slows. When FOL was called Stoneborn Pact I'd get the Green V tags on mines, satchel and exhaust. I rewatched a recent video wherre I have the correct runes, but i'm not seeing anything early in laning when i'm tagging with the slow from mines. U see the slow effect. I'm not sure I seen any leafs. Also paused on that and satchel displace and not seeing any effects. Maybe I can rewatch it. Maybe its bugged. I guess could rewatch another video. Sometimes wonder bout my client. Everything worked fine when it was called Stoneborn pact.
> [{quoted}](name=EstebanElGuapo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2pWt8BBY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-04T12:31:10.215+0000) That should work as long as it's selected. It's most likely that the replay is bugged. Replays act wonky in any game, really. Even if you're not seeing a marker over anyone in game, you can also check the extra information panel that shows you all of your rune information instead of champion stats and it should tell you how much healing you've given from it, which after a couple minutes should be above 0 if it's working.
: Font of Life rune, aka stoneborn pact. Question bout animation.
https://puu.sh/CUW5e/81e5f3be15.pngP It can be hard to see at some times, but it should be a little leaf over the head of the person you impaired the movement of. See the little green symbol over Alistar's head in the picture. Shen just CC'd him, proccing it. Who and what are you using to proc it? It may not actually work any more for some reason, or the replay may just be buggy.
: Honestly though...
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